"The Swing Vote"
TheSwingVote Jeff Probst is hosting the Survivor Auction
Season Survivor: Madagascar
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 10/13
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: Madagascar

Previously On Survivor...

Julian and Elsa struggled to get someone on their side. Previously, Carly and Corey had not switched votes. However, this time, Corey and Bobby changed their minds because of Nicholas's arrogance and ousted him, to the surprise of Jessica and Carly.


Reward Challenge: Survivor Auction
The Survivors would have $500 US dollars to bid on numerous items including food, comfort, and some love from home. Players may not pool money or share items. Auction will end without notice.

Immunity Challenge: Money Box
The final 7 castaways will be attached to a hitching rail. Once Jeff says go, you will maneuver over and under the hitching rail releasing rope. When you think you have enough rope, you'll run out and try to reach for a bag. The first 3 people to get their bag move on to the final round where they must solve a gold coin puzzle. First person to get it right wins immunity.
Winner: Julian


Night 27

Some shocked and some overjoyed, all 7 remaining survivors returned to their camp.

What the f***! Nick and I were counting on Drew! And he screwed up the whole vote! Because of cowardice! I'm amazed! He will not get my vote if he makes it to the end!


Elsa and I cannot be happier! We both are insured another 3 days. And one of us will get 6 more days! And Nicholas is gone! Finally! Something went our way! We owe it to Corey and Bobby!


Jessica and Drew walk off quickly.

Jessica: "What happened? Why did Corey and Bobby vote for Nicholas? Why!? And why did Nicholas and Carly vote for me? They threw away their votes!"
Drew: "I am just as shocked as you!"
Jessica: "That vote was way too ugly! And I had the second highest amount of votes! Shit!"

Nicholas flat out told me the Drew was with him and they were going to vote for me. But I didn't believe it. Now it looks as if Drew really did side with them. Or wanted to but changed his mind at the last second. Damn it! I shouldn't have trusted him. But he still stood by me so...


Day 28

Elsa and Julian wake early and tease about eating another chicken, Nikki. The others agree that they are hungry, so Elsa and Julian go and get 3 eggs and grab a chicken and skin it. The 7 split the chicken and eggs for breakfast.

Afterwords, Bobby & Corey head off in one direction, Julian & Elsa go a different way and Drew & Jessica go a third way leaving Carly alone at camp.

Very little have I felt alone out here. I usually have someone to talk to. Now, I see the tribe split into 3 groups of 2. Couples locked from the start of the game. And I'm here all alone.


Elsa and Julian are raving about beating their enemy Nicholas.

Elsa: "It just feels so good to not hear him gloating in our ears! We beat him Julian! We beat him!"
Julian: "I know, it feels great! But we need to keep thinking ahead. Do you think there is any way we could outlast the others?"
Elsa: "I really don't know, they all seem very tight. But we do have the idol. So one of us will get further than one of them."
Julian: "What if one of us wins immunity and the other plays the idol? Then we would defiantly outlast one of them. "
Elsa: "I've been thinking of that. I mean, we can only use it up to the final 5 anyway. Why try and save it for the end?"

Even though I was the official Fossa idol finder, Hanson and Julian were there when I found it. We agreed to use it together and use it strategically. I thought it would be best to save until the end but now I think one of us should use it soon. Like, next tribal council soon...


Corey and Bobby are discussing their decision to remove Nicholas from the end game.

Corey: "It was a good plan Bobby, he was with Carly. He had just as good a chance of winning as everyone else, maybe even more because of his physical challenge strength."
Bobby: "I just worry we messed up with Jessica and Drew. We should've told them. Neither of them have talked to us. What if they are mad now and are plotting against us."
Corey: "Then too bad! We have an idol! And Carly voted against them! She might join us! And Julian and Elsa would gladly go against them if we needed them!"
Bobby: "But that wasn't the plan. We were just going to get rid of Nicholas and go back to getting rid of Fossa."
Corey: "Firstly, Nick was a Fossa and secondly, the game changes every minute. Friends turn to foes. This is a game of backstabbing and if you aren't doing it, someone else is doing it to you!"

What happened to him? He seems so cutthroat now! I don't want him to turn on me next! I don't like where this is going...


Bobby worries too much! He needs to just chill out. Everything will work out alright.


Drew and Jessica were brewing over the boot order.

Jessica: "So Elsa and Julian are 7th and 6th place. It all depends on if one of them wins immunity or plays an idol. Then its Carly. She gets 5th. All because she voted against me. Bobby is 4th. You me and Corey in the top 3? And if there's a bottom 2, its me and you!"
Drew: "...."
Jessica: "What?!"
Drew: "Ok, hear me out. I am going to be honest because I know you've been thinking that I almost turned on you."
Jessica: "Ok?"
Drew: "I wanted to vote you out because you have been making calls left and right! Don't you see? If we made it to the top 2, I'd be nothing because you've made all the plans, all the moves. So me people might hate you for it but I think more of them would praise you for having a plan. Here's my call. I stuck with you, but I want to plot. I want to have a say in this 'boot list'. Well?"
Jessica: "...You think I'm controlling?"
Drew: "....Yes."
Jessica: "Well...ok. Tell me who you think should go."
Drew: "Julian next! Unless he wins. Then Elsa. But keep Carly. No one likes her. She's bitchy. Corey is a much bigger challenge threat than Bobby! He is 5th and Bobby 4th. Carly is ok in our top 3. She has made no moves. She has only won immunity. If its a top 2, Carly is out."
Jessica: "Ok, we will see how it goes. Thanks for being truthful Drew!"
Jessica smiles and walks off.

It feels so good to have that off of my chest! I am so happy I came clean and told her about all that. I think our trust has grown.


!@#*%@*#%*@*!! I hate his guts! He thinks I'm controlling! HA! I am! That' what I want! And his boot order is aweful. Carly wins everything! She could beat us both in a final 3 challenge and screw me and win! Corey a bigger threat than Bobby! No way in hell! Bobby won the first reward challenge, against 9 others. Corey won the most recent reward, but he didn't actually win it, he was just one of the 3 left at the end! Drew is stupid! Crazy too! Why did I align with him!


The sun sets with many minds whirring.

Day 29

Corey and Bobby get tree-mail in the morning and come back to the cave, visibly excited.

Drew: "Well, why are you so excited? What does it say?"
Bobby: "It's the auction! "
Drew: "Really? Woo!"
The 7 survivors happily make their way to the reward challenge where they find 2 benches and Jeff behind a table. Probst explains the rules and gives out $500 to each.

Contestant Item(s) bought
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs ($250)
  • Chocolate and Peanut Butter ($350)
  • Pizza and Chips ($300)
  • Sealed item (glass of Iced Tea)($200)
  • Large Hamburger and Fries ($300)
  • Sealed item (Baobab fruit) ($200)
  • Letter from home ($300)
  • Sealed item (a new fresh pair of socks and underwear) ($400)
  • Advantage at next immunity challenge ($500)

Back at the cave, Elsa reads her letter from her younger sister and cries.

I feel like such a baby here crying, but this is what I needed! I miss my little sis! I wish I was home with her! But I have to stick this game out!


Julian comes over to comfort her.

Julian: "Hey, are you all right?"
Elsa: "Yeah, its just, by tomorrow it will be a whole month since I've seen my family. And it really just hit me how much I miss them."
Julian: "Yeah, I miss my family too. But it just fuels me to keep on going."
Elsa: "Me too. So, you got an advantage at the next immunity challenge?"
Julian: "I had to spend my $500 on it! If I win then you can play your idol and we will both be immune at the next vote. I have to win this next challenge."

The advantage at the next challenge has to put a target on my back. But It's not like I didn't have one already. I need to win it, because I don't think Elsa will give me her idol if she doesn't win.


Corey and Bobby are finally confronted by Jessica and Drew.

Drew: "Alright guys, no more hiding. We need to talk, why didn't you tell us you were voting for Nicholas?"
Corey: "Does it even matter now? We saw him as a threat and we wanted him out. Are we still good?"
Jessica: "We just didn't like being out of the loop. Its fine because it was Nick and he was going to go anyway."
Bobby: "It's good knowing we are still alright."
Drew: "Uh... She might be ok with your lying and sneakiness. But I'm not!"
Corey: "Excuse me?"
Drew: "Yeah! You heard me! We are a team. A unit. And if we all don't work together we will fall apart. So we will let this pass by now. But if you screw up again I swear you both are out!"
Bobby: "Sheesh..."
Drew: "Shut it Bobby, you have to see where I'm coming from."
Jessica rolls her eyes and walks away. There is an awkward silence left between the 3 men and Drew walks off. Corey and Bobby look at each other and laugh.

Well that's not cool. Drew just blew up on us! After all this time we thought he was a chill guy but now, well he looks power-hungry. He is just upset he wasn't in control of the last vote.


I just don't get him. He tried to vote me off but chickened out and even went as far to tell me. Then he just yelled at Corey and Bobby! He is burning all his bridges and he doesn't even realize.


They need to know who is in charge here. I want them to fear me. They wont dare try and vote me out if they're afraid of me. Things are finally shaping up in a way that I like.


As night sets in, Carly continues to watch the three pairs of 2 work on seperate tasks.

Day 30

The remaining survivors make their way to the immunity challenge. They all know Julian has an advantage but most aren't worried.

I don't like to brag but I am challenge queen! Julian has an advantage, but I dont think it will change much.


Jeff Probst says that Julian automatically advances to the final round of the challenge. He has a 1 in 3 chance on winning, depending on how well he does puzzles. Everyone else has to work to get into the last 2 spots.

The other 6 are attached to their hitching rails and rope. Jeff calls go and the challenge begins.

Jessica and Carly rapidly move over and under the post. Unleashing as much rope as they can. Drew is the first to run from the post but he doesn't have enough rope. He goes back. Corey tries next. He is too short as well. Another few minutes pass and Elsa tries. She is about five feet short. She starts to run back and Carly tries. When Jessica sees Carly going, she runs as well. Bobby runs when he sees the two other girls running. Carly and Jessica have enough rope to grab their bags. Bobby is about 2 feet short, but it doesn't matter, the other 2 spots have been filled by Carly and Jessica.

Now Julian, Jessica and Carly are left to solve a golden coin puzzle. Jeff calls go and they begin.

Carly and Jessica make quick work of the puzzle box, but Julian just seems to be staring at all the stacks of coins. Carly gets close to finishing, but her last few pieces don't seem to fit anywhere. Julian starts to work on his puzzle, flipping the coin stacks around and still observing the shapes.

Carly starts to disassemble her puzzle. Jessica moves quiucker, ending with just one piece, but it does not fit, the shape isn't even close to fitting. She groans and takes her puzzle apart too. Julian keeps working slow and steady.

Carly catches up to Julian and then gets to the same point where Jessica was, her piece doesn't fit either. She takes apart her puzzle for the second time.

Finally, Julian gets down to his last piece. Jessica looks over at his puzzle and gasps, it fits. Julian puts the piece into place and Jeff crowns him a victor. Elsa claps and cheers but everyone else seems upset.

I had to win this one! I took it slow and kept calm and I won! I won a challenge! I am safe for another 3 days!


It was my time to shine! This was probably the only puzzle challenge we will have for immunity and I lost! Damn it! I should've beaten him! I was so close too!


Back at camp, Elsa congratulates Julian and the two go for a walk.

Elsa: "I am so proud of you! You did it! You won!"
Julian: "Thanks! And it feels so good! I beat puzzle master Jessica and immunity queen Carly!"
Elsa: "Your just that awesome! Ok so I need to tell you, I am playing the idol tonight. Why risk keeping it. They might not vote for me because the votes will be wasted. Still, I don't want to take the risk."
Julian: "Great decision."
Elsa: "I can't wait to see these guys fall apart. One of them will be leaving!"

It feels great not having to worry today. Julian and I are both safe. We are just going to relax and let the others tear each other apart.


Elsa and Julian return to the cave. Just Drew and Jessica are there.

Julian: "Where is everyone else?"
Drew: "Out. The scrambling has already begun. We figure Elsa will play an idol. So we are thinking over who to get rid of. And so are the others."

Every three days, camp becomes a madhouse. People run around all over. You constantly have to check your back. It's insane really. I hate it. Tribal council days are the worst.


Jessica: "We decided we are voting for Corey. He is dangerous, but we think Bobby has the idol."
Elsa: "Good to know..."
Elsa and Julian leave again.

Jessica: "Do you think they bought it?"
Drew: "Yeah, I think they did."
Jessica: "Me too."

Drew and I both agreed to vote for Elsa. We want to make her believe she is not getting any votes. We want her to keep the idol. With any luck, she will. She will gamble her life again. Just like she has every tribal council since Hanson left. I think she will hold onto the idol once more, and that will be her mistake.


Elsewhere, Corey, Bobby and Carly are talking over votes.

Carly: "But why not vote for Jessica? She is so smart. She is the mastermind in disguise. You must see that!"
Bobby: "Carly...You are just as big a threat!"
Carly: "Come on Bobby! I'm really not! I mean, I've lost as many immunity challenges as I've won. "
Corey: "Yeah but some of us haven't won any."
Carly: "Jessica and Drew are in control. That's that. You have to be blind not to see it. You already weakened me by voting off Nicholas. I have no one to lean on now. Hear me out. Split up that couple and you'll be set! What do you think?"
Bobby: "Alright, let's do it!"

She is right. Elsa and Julian are a pair, but they are inseperable tonight. Jessica and Drew are just as strong. If Bobby and I want to make it to the top 2, we have to break apart the other pairs.


Carly leaves the boys and goes and finds Julian and Elsa. She tells them the same thing about Jessica and Drew being in control, but she tells them to vote for Drew, remembering the idol. Julian and Elsa agree.

I am the deciding factor tonight. I am the swing vote. I've already talked with Jessica and Drew. Corey and Bobby will vote for Jessica. And Julian and Elsa will vote for Drew. So that leaves a vote split 2-2-2. I get to make up my mind about who to vote out. This is difficult but at the same time fun. Because I am pretty sure I'm safe. Unless the jokes on me right now and they're all voting for me. That would suck.


Everyone is about to leave for tribal council, but Drew and Jessica have one last private chat.

Jessica: "Are you sure you don't want to vote for say... Carly?"
Drew: "I see what you are doing. No, I told you I want to take Carly further than Corey. You have to trust me in the decision making here. Julian and Elsa are voting for Corey, that's what we told them. And If Elsa doesn't play her idol, then she is out. Or at least tied with Corey. This is my time for decisions."
Jessica: "But you are forgetting people. What about Bobby, Corey and Carly? And what if Elsa and Julian don't do what you say. I mean really, why would they?"
Drew: "Jessica, you are letting this all get to you. Leave me in control. It's all fine. I told Corey and Bobby to vote for Elsa, they said "ok"."
Jessica: "Alright fine, I just think our votes for Elsa will all be wasted and Carly will make it close to the end."
Drew: "What do you have against her anyway?"
Jessica: "It's just that she is a big threat, challenge wise."

She really just needs to chill out. I am in charge now. She won't let go of her power.


Oh, I will listen to Drew. I will vote for Elsa like he said. It will make him happy. But I am worried about tonight. And I have a trick up my sleeve that Drew has forgotten about. No Drew, I am in control, not you.


At tribal, idols are brought into question. Jeff states that there were 3 idols hidden this season and he clues everyone in that all 3 were found. He also says that they cannot be played when just 4 are left, so the number of times that they can be played are lessening. The votes are then cast and he asks if anyone wants to play an idol. Jessica and Drew both watch Elsa to see if she does, Elsa stands up and plays it. Jessica gets worried that she is going to be blindsided so she quick stands up as well and plays hers. Drew mumbles "What are you doing?". Jeff says both idols are good, and asks if anyone else wants to play one. After a moment of silence, the votes are read and Drew is eliminated.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Drew (3 Votes)
Carly BElsaJulian
Carly, Elsa & Julian
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Bobby & Corey
(votes not counted)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Drew & Jessica
(votes not counted)
Drew B&W
Drew Garths

Voting Confessionals

You're a big threat honey, time for you to go.


You should've worked with Nicholas and I when you had the chance. Now I don't trust you at all! Goodbye!


The game is heating up now.


Your move, Elsa!


No hard feelings.


Don't play it Elsa!


I have an opportunity to get rid of you, and I am taking it.


Final Words

I did not see that one coming. I guess Jessica was right. I was not in control. I guess I never was. Best of luck to her, I don't know how she will go any farther though without me or the idol.


Still In The Running

Antonia B&W
Bella B&W


Hanson B&W


Kamila B&W

Nicholas B&W

Sammie B&W
Carly B

Drew B&W

Jasmain B&W
Rikku B&W
Sherbert B&W

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