"The Tale of Three Creatures"
Manote Thiha
The Manote Thiha, the tribal Immunity Idol, to be split in half for the two winning tribes.
Season Survivor: Burma
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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This is the debut episode Survivor: Burma.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Create Your Creature
One tribe member would sit inside a very heavy palanquin, to be carried by four blindfolded others across a jungle filled with obstacles. The palanquin rider must direct his/her blindfolded tribemates to carry her toward seven stations (the first six containing paddles and the final one bearing their tribe flag), which the rider will all collect. After collecting the six paddles and the tribe flag, the palanquin riders may remove their blindfolds; and must paddle to a buoy where they will retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. Once at shore, the remaining two tribemates must solve a very intricate puzzle of their tribe creatures. First two tribes to finish the puzzle and place them to their finish pedestal win immunity.
Reward: Tribal immunity and flint for the first two tribes to finish. Also, the tribe that finishes first will have extra supplies to set up camp, such as pre-cut lumber, ropes and fully-stocked toolkit from Sears.
Winner (in order of finish): Nagar and Sar Mayee

Immunity Challenge: Spelling Bees
With letters painted on their fronts and backs and standing on a balance beam over water, all five tribe members must race to spell a 5-letter word given by the host. To spell, each member must traverse the ledge across their tribemates (there are instances where they can or need to turn around to use the letters on their backs). They can only touch one tribemate at a time. The first tribe to form the correct answer wins a point. First two tribes to obtain three points would win immunity.
Winner (in order of finish): Nagar and Sar Mayee


Day 1

Aboard a fishing boat, eighteen new castaways are about to be marooned off the coast of the Burmese archipelago of Mergui for an adventure of a lifetime. Divided into three tribes, named after three Burmese mythical creatures, the castaways meet Jeff Probst, who is aboard a motorboat along with three cowled individuals. Jeff reveals that the three cloaked persons are returning players who were voted out first from their respective seasons: Francesca Hogi from Survivor: Redemption Island, Tina Scheer from Survivor: Exile Island and Jolanda Jones from Survivor: Palau. After a draw of buffs, it is settled that Francesca goes with the red Nagar tribe, while Tina and Francesca go to the yellow Sar Mayee and green Magan tribes respectively. As the three women are about to climb to the fishing boat to meet their tribemates, Jeff hands them the map to their respective camps. After untying the ropes that hold their tribe boats, the tribes make their way to their new homes.

It's good to be back to play Survivor after being voted out first. This will be no-holds-barred for me, since there is no Redemption Island to go to if I ever get voted out again. If I win, I'll gonna stuff the money in Phillip's face!


Being back for a second time is such an honor, given we were the first ones out from our seasons. I'm gonna use my camping skills to better my tribe, and I wish I will not be the first person voted out from the game.


I hope my tribe had the same wavelength as I have, and hopefully, this tribe will not fall to the same mistake as Ulong had.


At the Nagar tribe, Francesca states she feels awkward as the new players because she might be branded as a threat. Francesca disclaims that she is just as inexperienced as them, so branding her as an early target is pointless. Francesca tells the newbies that they should create shelter immediately, so they can enjoy the rest of the day off and get to know each other. While several members are receptive of Francesca, one member, Desiree, is suspicious of the returning contestant.

I am scared being around with new players. Like, how can I convince them that I am not threatening as it seemed?


Tina had a strong work ethic, while Jolanda is physically strong. Francesca on the other hand is a talker at heart, and talkers are actually the ones who make it to the end. I am guessing Fran was picked to come back because she had the social aspect of the game. I have to keep an eye on her.


At the Magan camp, the new players hail their veteran tribemate, Jolanda, who is ecstatic to have a seemingly enthusiastic tribe. The tribe then collects wood for their shelter. During the chore, Kendra secretly pulls Conway aside for an alliance.

Kendra: "Hey, can I trust you?"
Conway: "What?! This early?"
Kendra: "Yep, my gut tells me I can trust you, but can you do the same for me?"
Conway: "Well, I'm not expecting to make alliances this early, but okay. I'll let you know if there's anything brewing against you."
Kendra: "You see, Jolanda's a strong competitor, so we need to keep her for challenges. But impressions-wise, Barbie and Oswald don't seem to pack a punch physically. I know this is still quite early, but you seem trustworthy; so please, don't screw me over?"
Conway: "Fine."

I shot my own foot when I accepted Kendra's proposal for an alliance. For one, I don't even know if Kendra's really worthy of trust. Again, I am not exercising assertiveness as I should in this game, but let's see how it goes.

–Conway, on Kendra's abrupt alliance-making

I hope I got my point across to Conway, because he's the only person whom I can see going far with in the game. Everyone else, they bug me. But hey, it's just Day 1, so i'm not closing my doors to others.


At Sar Mayee, Tina takes the time to introduce herself and tells the tribe whaet went down when she was voted out. After introductions, the tribe immediately goes to work by building a very promising shelter. By afternoon, the tribe gets enough time to bond at the beach to enjoy the warm Burmese waters.

I really hope none of my tribemates would pull a Cirie off of me and vote me out first. I was a hot mess the first time. I was going through a very sad moment of my life then because I just lost my son. Now, I'm gonna make sure I'll make it to the end, and thanks to Cirie, I have few strategic moves in store.


Back at Magan, Conway utilizes his own glasses to make fire. Successful, the tribe starts to boil water from the well. Nagar and Sar Mayee are not as lucky, after numerous broken fire saws, and snapped twigs. Evening at Magan, Barbie's peculiar demeanor (e.g. singing off-key, telling never-ending stories about her profession as a consumer rights advocate) irked her tribemates.

Barbra is a chore to live with. Her squeaky-high voice annoys the hell out of me. Like, she's can disturb a beehive by just being herself.


At Nagar, Donna and Desiree have a heated debate about the latter's constant complaining about her bug bites. Donna exclaims it is expected, but Desiree goes to the defensive and tells Donna to mind her business. Danny intervenes by placing himself between the two women, easing the tension.

Donna doesn't who she's messing with. She better watch her damn back, because I'm coming after her.


Desiree needs a reality check. I don't understand how a smoker like her can't tolerate mosquito bites, while at the same time, being tolerant of her smell after she smokes 10 sticks a day. Ugh, I'm done with her.


At Sar Mayee, Patrick complains about stomach pains. While water has yet to be boiled, and with no fire, Patrick drank a husk full of unboiled water that afternoon. Patrick goes to the woods to defecate, before finally going to sleep.

I never experience that kind of ordeal when doing a number two. It was the worst pooping session I've ever had in my life, jungle aside.


Day 2

With just two days in, the tribes receive a surprise Tree Mail, informing them of their first challenge. As the tribes assemble, several jaws drop, as Jeff informs them they would be competing in the first challenge will already be for reward and immunity, and the tribe that finishes last will go to Tribal Council tonight.

With the stipulation in mind, the three tribes frantically run through the course to get their collectibles. Nagar gets an immense lead thanks to Francesca's superb communication skills. Magan and Sar Mayee both struggle as Magan's caller Barbie is mostly quiet during the course while Sar Mayee's Molly nags her tribe along the way. The yellow tribe's lead evaporated when Molly abrasively accuses Rashad for steering the boat to the wrong direction, starting a huge conflict. To get the task over with, Tina grabs the bag of puzzle pieces using her paddle as the tribe nears to the buoy. Magan gets in trouble for paddling at the wrong direction, causing them to go off-course. While the two tribes perform dismally, Nagar wins the challenge in first place with ease, winning them immunity, flint and a crate full of materials to set up camp. Fighting for an apparently embarassing second place finish, the equally dismal Magan and Sar Mayee tribes fight to get to shore first. As Magan begins to for their puzzle, Sar Mayee just finishes theirs, winning them immunity and flint. Jeff notes that he did not know how Sar Mayee pulled it off. The visibly-upset Magan tribe is burdened to vote someone after just two days in the game.

At the Sar Mayee camp, Molly apologizes for her rude demeanor at the challenge, explaining that it was her nature to be abrasive under pressure. While several tribemates accept her apologies, Marshall feels anything but forgiveness.

I don't know how we won the challenge, but if Molly's gonna continue her bitch fits in the middle of a challenge, sorry, but she's gotta go.


At Magan, Kendra, Jolanda and Conway discuss strategy, where Conway prefers voting Barbie over Oswald, though both are in line for elimination due to their perceived weakness. Chuck and Kyle want Oswald out because they need Barbie at camp, despite her annoying randomness. Meanwhile, Barbie and Oswald, knowing both of them are in the chopping block, ask Kendra, Jolanda and Conway if they would consider voting either Chuck or Kyle because they are physical threats. In a confessional, Jolanda will make sure that history will not repeat itself.

Though Barbra and Oswald are good people, we need brawn at this point. They don't have much, so we need to make a cut out of them. Sorry, but it has to happen. Kendra and Conway seem to agree with me, but for all I know, the joke's on me. I will flip if my tribe throws a challenge just to get rid of me.


At Tribal Council, Chuck mildly castigates Barbie's timid performance at the challenge, while a consensus reveals that Oswald is also in trouble because he is the oldest and another weak member of the tribe. In the end, Barbie's peculiar personality sends her home after an unanimous 6-1 vote. As Barbie walks away, Jeff hands Magan their flint.

Returning from Tribal Council, Oswald expresses his worry in a confessional.

I am in serious trouble today. If we don't win the next Immunity Challenge, I am screwed

–Oswald, on his precarious situation.

Day 3

After receiving Tree Mail, the three tribes assemble for their next Immunity Challenge. Jeff states that the next challenge would be the similar spelling game on a balance beam challenge from last season. How the tribes fares are as follows (the letters are ERASTWMIFL):

Challenge Results
Word First Tribe to Answer Correctly Challenges Notes
"Aisle" Nagar
  • At Magan, Oswald struggles at the balance beam
  • At Sar Mayee Molly and Mirna both struggle switching because Molly has the "A" while Mirna has the "E"
  • Francesca leads her tribe using the same "female first" strategy the Tala tribe did in Couples' Showdown.
"Flame" Nagar
  • At Magan, Oswald jumps out of the balance beam for no reason, angering Chuck and Kyle.
"Metal" Sar Mayee
  • Magan continues to struggle, thanks to Oswald who jumps out again for no reason.
  • Desiree struggles when she reaches Donna because both mutually distrust the other.
"Miles" Nagar
  • Nagar wins immunity. Magan and Sar Mayee remain competing for the second half of the Immunity Idol.
"Flair" Magan
  • Oswald leads the Magan tribe in spelling their word out.
  • Molly and Marshall butt heads because of their conflicting strategies.
"Flirt" Sar Mayee
  • On Magan, Oswald loses his balance as he makes his way as the final letter.
"Smart" Sar Mayee
  • Oswald jumps out once again for no reason.
Nagar and Sar Mayee

A visibly-crushed Magan tribe returns to their camp dejected because they will be decimated to five members, having two members down just after three days. Chuck and Jolanda discuss that it is a no-brainer to vote Oswald out because he is the weakest member. Meanwhile, seeing Jolanda and Chuck, Kendra and Conway converse that Chuck is playing too early, and it may be come a detriment to them in the long run.

There is no doubt Oswald's going home tonight, but seeing Chuck controlling the vote this early scares me. He will either be a genius if he makes it far, or a jerk who gets voted out early because of his arrogance.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Oswald searches for a Hidden Immunity Idol in the woods as a last resort. With nobody wanting to align with him, Oswald scours the jungle's depths to keep himself in the running.

At Tribal Council, Oswald's dismal challenge performance put him on the hotseat, while Oswald rats Chuck out for his condescending treatment of him. When the topic of the Hidden Immunity Idol is raised, Oswald admits he had ample time looking for it. In the end, Oswald's search for the idol reveals to be futile, sending him home after an unanimous 5-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Day 2

Tribal Council 1:
Barbie (6 votes)
Chuck, Conway, Jolanda, Kendra, Kyle, & Oswald
Oswald (1 vote)
Barbie Lagerfeld

Voting Confessionals

Sorry Barbie. Tribe consensus.


We both are the weakest, but I have to save myself.


Sorry Barbs, it's either you or me tonight.


Your voice annoys me to no end, and your performance at the challenge says it all.


Apologies momma Barbie. There's no way you and Oswald will be saved, unless we win immunity.


Barbie, great person, but terrible survivor.


Don't worry, Oswald's next.


Final Words

I am so dissappointed I only lasted two days. But hey, not everybody can say they did this, and just to be part of the 21 is just overwhelming. Iwished i kept my mouth shut.

–Barbie Lagerfeld

Day 3

Tribal Council 2:
Oswald (5 votes)
Chuck, Conway, Jolanda, Kendra, & Kyle
Chuck (1 vote)
Oswald Olsen

Voting Confessionals

Oswald, I love you. Goodbye.


I may be gone tonight, but your pompousness tells me you're next.


Please go home.


We have yet to win immunity, and if you stay around longer, we're not gonna make the merge.


I came here to make the merge this time, sorry.


Great person in life, but not a good competitor.


Final Words

I kinda see why I'm leaving tonight, but I wish all but one of you the best.

–Oswald Olsen

Next Time on Survivor

  • With two members down, the Magan tribe hangs on to dear hope.
  • One of the biggest catfights in the history of the game.
  • Exile Island and the Temptation Reward twists return to wreak havoc in the game.
  • Only one tribe wins immunity, sending the two others to Tribal Council. Will Magan be able to make a comeback?

Author's Notes

  • This episode's Immunity Challenge was inspired from Survivor: Thailand's first Reward Challenge (entitled "Palanquin Slalom"), which was also the first Immunity Challenge from the first season of Survivor Philippines (our local version of the series which was filmed in Thailand).

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