"The Trojan Horse"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 8/14
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The Trojan Horse is the eighth episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Lock, Load, and Light
Three members from each tribe would race to assemble a boat from five pieces and five planks and then paddle the boat out into the ocean to light their torch from the fire pit floating atop a platform. Once the three members return with the fire and the five planks, the remaining two tribe members would solve a combination lock using the planks, which have corresponding numbers on them, and opening a box containing a miniature tiki. Then, the five planks from the boat would then be used to assemble a ladder to the top of a platform and place the tiki in a slot halfway up. The first tribe to have their whole tribe at the top of the platform and light their fire barrel wins reward and immunity.
Reward: Pizza, soft drinks, and the right to choose which camp would be used for when the tribes merge.
Winner: Temotu

Previously on Survivor...

This season has been a tale of two tribes, the thriving Temotu and the floundering Fatutaka. Before the reward challenge, that all changed. "You can drop your buffs." The two tribes were jumbled up, leaving four original Temotus and two original Fatutakas on each tribe. "Now, the four of us are evenly distributed on each tribe to where the former Temotu can just pick us off one by one. Four versus two on each side...God, I'm just hoping for cracks...their side or ours, honestly." After the new tribes were formed, they competed in a physical reward challenge that saw Fatutaka change their fortunes around and win only the tribe's second challenge. They came back to camp to their reward and a little something extra waiting for them. "Hey guys, we've got mail!" Katherine's letter from her boyfriend, A.J., struck home. "Even though I had to downplay his and my fame, that letter still hit home. It reminds of what I'm playing for and who I'm playing for...and that's going to be my drive for the rest of this game." On both tribes, the switch changed the dynamics. Both Robert and Justin were separated from their alliances and felt endangered. At Temotu, Justin contemplated approaching the newcomers, Andrew and Jordan, about possibly drawing rocks. "What I'm wanting my gameplan to be is to get to the two newbies, Andrew and Jordan, before any of them have the chance to turn it on me. That makes it a 3-3 tie and would make us draw rocks. Best scenario...Derek or Jocelyn goes home. Worst scenario...Andrew or Jordan goes home. But if Derek and them decide to share the friction between myself and him and Jocelyn, none of that could happen, those two side with them, and I'm gonzo." At Fatutaka, Alvin and Gaby saw Robert as the potential swing vote of the four and approached him. He then went on to explain to Alvin and Gaby how Troyzan and the others have been gunning for him since the first few days. Now pleased with his options, Robert witnessed Alvin and Gaby target Mike and then thought about his options. "I can either stick with the Temotu script and keep knocking out the old Fatutakas...or I throw everyone a curve and side with Alvin and Gaby and we all vote Mike. The only hindrance is that would make three against three and that would put us right back where we were before the switch...deadlocked. Yesterday, I thought I was dealt a hellish hand. Now, I'm suddenly in the driver's seat." Back at Temotu, Andrew tried to discover cracks of the original Temotu from Amy. While being weary, she pondered her game going forward. "I like Andrew. He's definitely charming...but he's also definitely a schemer. Now having said all that, he could be of use to me. Even though we've been all 'Rah rah, Temotu Strong this. Temotu Strong that.', he could be the piece I need to change things up a bit. If I don't think it's going to line up the way I want or need it to, then he needs to axed from my plans and the game cause I am starting to view him as a threat." At the immunity challenge, Gaby took the fall, Mike was tied up, and Temotu dominated Fatutaka to win another challenge. After the victory, Andrew saw a chance to work on his fake idol. "This idol...I mean, there's no telling how many angles I could play this with. I mean, really, the possibilities are endless. I can honestly do anything with it if I'm given the right situation." With another Tribal Council looming, Troyzan and his alliance targeted Alvin in the hopes of weakening the original Fatutaka and continuing in their plan to wipe them all out. "Let's nail down who we're voting first. Gaby or Alvin?" "I say Alvin. If we vote Robert tonight, there's no doubt in my mind Derek and Jocelyn and them go with them when there's a merge. So, if we vote Alvin, it weakens us for the next challenge and we just take Gaby out if we lose again." After that, Troyzan went to Robert to make sure everything was still according to his plan. "Alvin tonight. If we lose the challenge cause we're weaker, that's when we take out Gaby. That way, we stay Temotu strong, we all go to the final eight, and play it from there." "But you never know what could happen, though. We don't know what's going on their side." "The more those four, those two and the other two on Temotu...the longer they stay in this game, the more dangerous they become. We've got to keep picking them off, man." "I'm still up in the air on Robert. He hasn't given me a solid yes on anything, and we're about to leave for Tribal Council! Come on! It's making me worry, y'know?" At Tribal Council, Robert's spot in the middle was discussed..."Why would Robert be more prone to flip over the other three that came over from Temotu?" "Well...he's told us how he is." "That's the truth, though. You all have been after me since I simply glanced to see if there may have been an idol around tree mail or not." "Can you blame us?! What if you actually found the idol?!" "So wait, Mike. How do you know that I didn't find it?" "Cause I did!"...and Mike stunned everyone with his idol revealed. "Unbelievable..." After the votes were cast, another development arose. "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so." "Play it. Something just doesn't feel right about this vote, man." "If you say so." "I think the best play is Katherine." Katherine received no votes as Mike was their target all along but ultimately, Robert sided with his original tribemates and voted out Alvin, making him the first member of the jury. "The tribe has spoken." Eleven are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 18

The camera transitions to some shots of the waves gently crashing against the sands of the Fatutaka beach. It then cuts over to the now five members of the blue tribe setting their torches down and starting to unwind from another Tribal Council.

Tonight, after what I had seen and heard, I chose to side with Troyzan and the rest of old Temotu. Part of me was wanting to flush Mike's idol out, which it eventually was cause Troyzan was so damn paranoid about where I stood, he wound playing for him. Even though I'm not on their side and Troyzan displayed his lack of trust in me by playing that idol, this seems like the best move for my long-term future. Everyone else that was on Fatutaka is on a sinking ship and tonight was a fairly evident case of just that.


Troyzan (approaching Robert and high-fiving him over the fire): I know that was crazy tonight, but thanks for sticking with us when I know you could've easily had gone the other way.

Robert (stoically): Y'know, it's no problem. I'm just surprised you guys had that idol the entire time.

Mike (sitting by the fire, chuckling): Yeah, I mean I, honest to God, found it just right behind you that one day.

Robert simply averts his gaze to the fire.

Mike: But hey, what's done is done.

I'm honestly a little surprised that Robert voted with us tonight. After all the talk of him being in the middle or is he going to flip, I thought for sure we were going to be drawing rocks. That's why I was so quick to jump on playing the idol. If that was going to be a tie vote, that was my chance to strike. (smirks) Even though I played it on Katherine instead of Mike and we kinda let the idol go to waste, we've got numbers...and right now, that's all that matters! No idol? No problem!


It then cuts to later in the night as Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike are all seen sleeping in the shelter while Gaby and Robert continue to tend to and sit by the fire. The camera focuses on an awkward tension between the two as they sit.

Gaby (softly, after a few moments): So, what made you vote the way you voted?

Robert: After everything I had heard, I just thought was best for me going forward. I certainly wasn't trying to lead you guys on in any way, and I'm sorry that it played out the way it did...but it seemed like the best decision.

Gaby is quick to respond.

Gaby (slightly frustrated): But when you talk voting strategy with us and who we're going to vote for tonight...openly, then what do you think that makes us think?

Robert: But I never committed to you guys at any point! Discussing voting strategy with multiple alliances is normal for Survivor...especially if you're in the position that I've been in!

Gaby (somewhat accepting Robert's side of the argument): Okay. I'm just feeling betrayed a little bit, y'know.

Robert: And I get that, but I was never committed to anything on either side. I hope you understand cause I want us to be reasonable about this. I am sorry if I'm making you feel betrayed. Obviously, it's not my intention to do so...but in a game like this, it's bound to happen. So ultimately, I'm sorry.

Gaby (slightly nodding): Okay...

Gaby faces the fire once more and discretely rolls her eyes as she catches Robert looking away.

Tonight was full of craziness. There was an idol being tossed around and the votes went to Alvin instead of me, which I was surprised by. But then, I really thought that Robert was with me and Alvin. Like, I thought we were going to have the vote tied at three and we'd draw rocks...but no. That didn't happen. (laughs to herself) No, no, not at all. I felt like Robert went back on us when he voted with the people who's apparently been after him since Day 1...after we had agreed to all write Mike's name down. I may be sore about it, but I'm just tired of seeing all of my buddies get voted out...and they're all still here. just sucks.


Gaby gets up from her seat and wishes Robert a good night. Robert wishes her one as well as he stays by the fire.

I completely understand why Gaby is upset with me. She has every right to be, but that doesn't mean that she's right. My decision didn't benefit her game short-term or long-term, obviously, but I'm not playing her game. I'm playing to ensure my safety as the game wears on. It's all subjective. Of course, I never meant to offend or upset her but at the same time, it's a game. That's why I'm hoping she understands why I made this move for myself. It's to potentially further myself, even if it may not seem like it right now with the tribes the way they are. For that very same reason, she needs to be the next to go if we don't merge and we lose another challenge.


From his seat by the fire, Robert is seen glancing at Gaby and the other three in the shelter.

(intro plays)

Day 19

It fades in to a still shot of the calm, clear ocean with the sun's rays beaming down and reflecting off of it. It then shifts over to a closeup of a snake slithering along a thin tree branch and then to Amy, Derek, and Jocelyn privately discussing the game in the jungle.

Derek: Who do you guys think got voted out last night?

Amy: From over there? Um...

Jocelyn: Hopefully not Robert...cause he got kinda stranded when everything switched.

Amy (with more emotion): Oh, if they took Robert out, then it's fair game for us to take out Justin. I'm just sayin'.

Jocelyn: Troyzan wouldn't do that, would he?

Derek: I don't know. Now would've been the perfect time to make a move.

Amy: If he did, I have no problem throwing the next immunity challenge...just so we can get rid of Justin next. Would you guys be fine with that?

Derek (chuckling): Just with how he feels about us...I have no problem with that.

Jocelyn: Same here.

Derek: But if it's just one of the other guys, we just keep going as we have been?

Amy (after thinking about it): Mmm...yeah. Stick with the old Temotu and see what happens.

Well, no challenge today, so that means we have time to figure out what to do going forward. Derek, Jocelyn, and myself played around with the possibility that Troyzan and them went ahead and took the opportunity to take Robert out. If that's the case, then we have no problem throwing the next immunity challenge and taking out Justin to even out the sacrificial lambs. We need the numbers as even as possible cause I don't want Troyzan getting a leg up on my alliance. Then, come merge time, we can see what happens.


Jocelyn: So, is that something we want to share with the other two? Andrew and Jordan?

Amy: I don't think so...unless you guys want to. Like right now, I don't see how it would help us if we told them.

Derek: Nah, let's just keep it between the three of us then.

Amy: Works for me.

It cuts to another part of the jungle, closer to the beach, where Andrew and Jordan are seen looking for various foods that hang from trees. They have scatters of success but for the most part, their search is to no avail.

Andrew (picking up plantains that fell from the tree): Eh, that'll be enough...don't you think?

Jordan (carrying plantains of her own in both hands): Yeah, that should be fine.

Andrew: Cool. Let's head back then.

They start collecting their finds and proceed to make their way back to camp. In the midst of walking back, Andrew, out of nowhere, picks a banana off a plantain and briefly acts like a chimpanzee, entertaining Jordan in the process.

Jordan (raising her voice, laughing): Oh my gosh! You're so ridiculous!

Andrew (grinning as he starts walking again): Oh, I know.

Jordan's my number one...anybody watching at home can see that. So, going into this game, I wanted just one person to trust completely. With how the switch worked out, it only solidified that Jordan's that person. We've shared everything about the game with each other so far...except for one thing. I just haven't had the chance to show her the fake idol...just cause it's happened so fast. When we were walking back to camp with the plantains and stuff, that seemed like the best time to let her in on it.


Andrew (as they continue walking): So, would you say that you're my confidant in this game of Survivor?

Jordan: Why yes, I would say that I am your confidant as you are mine. (innocently smiles) What's up?

Andrew: I have something to show you when we get back to camp.

Jordan (playfully): And that would be?

Andrew:'s a handmade (uses his hands as quotation marks) "idol".

Jordan (suddenly serious): Wait, really?

Andrew (with a chuckle): Yeah. It's in my bag.

Jordan is suddenly speechless as they walk.

Jordan (after chuckling to herself a couple times): That's awesome! Where'd you find the stuff to make it?

Andrew (grinning, shrugging his shoulders): Just stuff around camp.

Jordan: Here?

Andrew simply nods as Jordan shakes her head.

Jordan (with a grin): You're not pulling my leg, are you?

Andrew (laughing): No, why would I? I have no reason to!

Jordan (excitedly): Well, let's hightail it to camp! I want to see it!

Andrew and I are coming back from our little expedition to find plantains and whatnot and he's like 'I made an idol.' and I was just...speechless. Like, I didn't know we had the resources here to do that in the first place, so I was pleasantly surprised when he told me of his little arts and crafts project. (grins)


It cuts back to the two arriving at camp at a normal pace as Amy and Jocelyn are at the camp hanging the tribe's laundry out to dry. Andrew and Jordan make their way to the shelter, where Andrew's bag is, and begin quietly shuffling through the bag. The camera focuses on Andrew silently showing the fake idol to Jordan without having to pull it out of the bag. Jordan simply gives a thumbs up as Andrew stuffs it back into his bag, and the two then nonchalantly walk over to Amy and Jocelyn.

Oh baby, I'm ready for what's in store! A fake idol on top of a real idol? Come on, this is awesome! Ideally, I would like for Andrew to hold on to it as long as possible until we absolutely have to use the merge. If we make it to the merge with both the real and fake idol still in our possession, it expands our possibilities so much. It could be the trojan horse, like, miniaturized...just attacking an alliance within itself. (rubbing her hands together excitedly) Woo, I'm excited!


The camera focuses on Amy and Jocelyn continuing to hang the tribe's laundry as they make small talk with Andrew and Jordan. It then shifts focus to the latter two behind the former two as a smirking Andrew, with the fake idol still in mind, winks to Jordan, who smiles back. It then shifts to later in the day at the Fatutaka beach as the campfire, Robert sleeping in the shelter, and Gaby putting canteens over her arm and walking away from camp are all highlighted in that order. This leaves Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike sitting around the fire. The camera focuses on Troyzan silently looking at the fire.

Even with the frenzy that was last night's Tribal Council, I still think I'm in a really solid position right now. For Mike to give me his idol after saying like a couple sentences to him, that shows how much trust there is between the two of us. That's what Kim did in Survivor: One World. Like, I was there to see it first-hand. She had everybody trusting her all while playing a very subtle strategic game...and that's what I'm trying to mold the Troyzan 2.0 experience into. I don't want to be seen as just the jungle man who's yelling 'This is my island.' every five minutes. I want everyone coming to me with any info about the game: votes, betrayals, idols, you name it. I want to have total control over every aspect of the game to where I know what's going on all the time...but of course, I don't want to be obvious about it. Otherwise, they're going to vote me out! (laughs) But I think, as of right now, I've set myself up in really great position for the second half of this game. If I can keep everybody Temotu strong, then it's over, baby. I'm winning this game.


Troyzan: So, when do you guys think we'll merge?

Mike (poking at the fire with a stick): It can't be that much longer. Maybe after the next Tribal Council?

Katherine: That would seem like the time that makes sense. The halfway point's tomorrow and we're at eleven right now.

Mike: It could even happen tomorrow. Who knows?

We're all starting to get a little antsy for when the merge might be. It's got to be around the corner, though. We're at eleven people on Day 19...the halfway point of the game is tomorrow, so logically, it could be tomorrow. But that's can never nail anything down cause everything could change like...(snaps fingers)...that. We've just got to stay on our toes until we do, in fact, merge...whenever that may be.


Troyzan: But you guys know the plan until we do, though? Right?

Mike: Yeah. If we lose, then Gaby goes. And if they lose, I'm sure they know what to do.

Troyzan (in agreement with Mike): Just get rid of one of the other two...yeah.

Katherine: You never know with Derek and Jocelyn, though. They could get cute over there and change everything.

Mike: We need new names for them. Like...let's say...Heads and Tails. Just cause everything with them's a coin flip. (mocking Derek and Jocelyn) Do I flip? Heads, yes. Tails, no. (pretends to flip a coin up into the air) I mean, it was like that every single day.

As the conversation carries on, their volume increases, which causes Robert to wake. He lays motionless in the shelter as he listens to the conversation while trying to wake himself up.

Troyzan (still on the subject of Derek and Jocelyn): Oh, you should've seen them when Jocelyn came to me and told me that they were thinking about flipping. (chuckling as the camera focuses on an awestruck Mike) You can't make that stuff up, man.

Mike (chuckling as well): What a bonehead move! Geez...

Mike and I had some fun at Derek and Jocelyn's expense earlier, and it was a good laugh. We gave them the names of Heads and Tails just because every time they face a decision, they might as well flip a coin for it! Those two have waffled so much in this game already. First, they were with us. Then, they felt cast out and switched alliances. Now, who knows what they're thinking. That's why I'm so confident I can win this game. If everything goes according to plan and we're down to the final eight as all Temotu, I guarantee you they flip back to our side. That's going to be better move for them at that moment cause I'm almost one-hundred percent positive they won't want to draw rocks. They'd be crazy if they want to! There's no way they're that committed to Amy and Robert to take that risk! They've been playing the hand that suits them at that given moment and have not been afraid to move on to a better situation. Barring something like divine intervention, I don't think anything's going to change for those two.


The camera checks in on Robert as he listens in on the conversation and is still in the process of waking up. Not knowing that Robert's been awake for the mocking of Derek and Jocelyn, Troyzan approaches the shelter to grab his canteen.

Troyzan: Wait...damn it, Gaby's filling up our canteens, that's right...

Katherine: She should be back any minute, though. She's already been gone for a while now.

The camera shifts over to Gaby filling up the five canteens at the tribe's water well. As she finishes off the final canteen, she looks around, screws the lid on the canteen, sets the canteen down, and starts thinking to herself.

Gaby (to herself): I guess I can get a quick, little look in.

Gaby starts moving rocks and looking in tree holes for a potential hidden immunity idol.

Because Troy played an idol on Katherine last night, there's always the possibility of another idol being hidden around camp or just on the island in general. So, I was filling up the canteens and I thought 'Hey, why not.'. So, I start looking under rocks and in the trees to see if any idol may have been there or not.


Gaby (to the camera as she continues her search): Y'know, if I was a really bad person, I could just keep the canteens to myself. If they don't want to dehydrate, then they can help me look for the idol. (laughs) But I'm not a bad person, so I'm not going to do that!

As her search wears on, Gaby grows increasingly frustrated that she is unable to find the idol. She eventually gives up on the search, collects the full canteens, and makes her way back to camp with them.

I wasn't able to find the idol. I looked and looked and looked and looked but it wasn't there. No trees or rocks or anything...I just hope I was looking hard enough! It is frustrating that I can't find the one thing that may be my saving grace when my back is up against the wall. I'll look another time...I just didn't want the others to dehydrate because of me. (giggles) But time's running out for me...I have to come up with something soon. If I can't and we lose another challenge, then I'm out. It's unfortunately that simple.


The camera stays still as Gaby makes her way through the jungle with the canteens. It then fades to break.

Day 20

The camera fades in to multiple shots of the Santa Cruz Islands, both aerial and ground-level, as a pair of footsteps are heard during the shots. It then pans to the Temotu beach and then shifts focus to Amy and Andrew arriving at tree mail.

Andrew (reaching into tree mail): Let's see what we have inside here...

Andrew pulls out the message from tree mail and unrolls it for him and Amy to see. They are visibly intrigued by the challenge message.

Amy: Ooooooooh, interesting.

Andrew: Muy interesante, indeed.

Going into today's challenge, my mind is on who was voted out at the last Tribal Council. It needs to be on the challenge, I know, but I'm really worried that Gaby or even Alvin is no longer in this game. That would confirm any suspicion I have of it still being an old Fatutaka versus old Temotu game. If that's true, then I need this win today. I have to fight to survive another day and hopefully make the merge. That would be another checkmark for me in this game: Don't be the first voted off, make the merge, make the jury, make the final three, win the game. That's my list and it would really suck if I'm only able to check one of these things off my list.


Andrew (as they start walking back to camp): So, who do you think they voted off the other night?

Amy (making sure she heard correctly): I'm sorry?

Andrew (repeating himself): Who do you think they voted off the other night?

Amy: Well, just going off of numbers from the old tribes, I would say one of your guys.

Andrew: And that's what I'm afraid of. I mean, I have no problem sharing that with you cause I've already told you that we were all tight over there.

Amy (now trying to go along with Andrew's part of the conversation): Yeah, you had mentioned that.

The two continue walking as they approach camp, which seen off in the distance.

I'm not gonna lie...I don't really get Andrew's open-book strategy. This is the second time that he outright has told me what his relationship is with everybody on the old Fatutaka, and it's giving me more incentive to possibly vote him out. Of course, that all hinges on whether Robert is still in the game. If Troyzan and them took the opportunity to bounce Robert out of the game, then we're going to throw the challenge and do the same thing to Justin. If he is still in the game, then there's a chance we may throw the challenge still...cause Andrew's making himself a prime candidate to go home.


It cuts back to camp as Amy, Derek, and Jocelyn distance themselves from the other three to talk about possible scenarios in the upcoming challenge.

Amy: So, if Robert's gone, we throw the question. Right?

Derek (slightly shrugging his shoulders): Mmm...yeah, I'm fine with that.

Amy: Okay, so now something else has come up. Andrew has told me, on two separate occasions, that he is tight with the other people from the old Fatutaka...Jordan and the other two.

Derek: But if Troyzan's been on the whole 'Let's get rid of Fatutaka' rampage, then it shouldn't have been any different at the last Tribal Council.

Amy: What I think I'm trying to ask we want to throw the challenge regardless of who they voted out? Cause Andrew's giving me plenty of reason to throw it to get him out.

Jocelyn (debating it internally): I don't think we should...if we lose, we lose.

Derek: I'm with Jocelyn. There always something karmic about throwing challenges. If we've lost Robert, then I'm with you, Amy. We can throw the challenge and vote Justin tonight. But if not, I think we should compete as we normally would.

Amy (looking back at Andrew, Jordan, and Justin): I don't know. There's a method to what he's doing. I just don't know what it is.

Jocelyn: He may not even realize that he's making himself a threat.

Derek (scoffing): Or maybe he doesn't know how to lie. But I think we should be focusing on the challenge. If we lose, we'll deal with it after the challenge.

Amy acknowledges Derek and Jocelyn's comments and turns back to the other three as the cogs in her brain continue to turn.

Amy thinks that Andrew is up to something with his, from she told me, no-lie strategy. I'm all for keeping the numbers in our favor, but there's just something wrong about flopping in a challenge. You look back in seasons past and almost every tribe that threw a challenge had something come back and bite them in the ass. I don't want that to be us. As I told Amy, I have zero problems with throwing it if Troyzan deferred from his Temotu strong philosophy and voted Robert out. If not, then we need to stay the course and let whatever happens happen naturally.


Derek (starting to walk back to the shelter area of camp): It'll all be clearer at the challenge today.

Amy (following Derek): Yes, it will...

The camera shifts over to a beach with lush greenery behind it as a couple sand obstacles, the floating platform with the fire pit resting atop it, and both boats are highlighted. The Temotu tribe of six file in first with the five from Fatutaka follow them in once Temotu is on their mat.

Probst: Temotu, getting your first look at the new Fatutaka tribe. Alvin voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Andrew and Jordan are seen trying to hide their disappointment and frustration as Fatutaka makes their way on to their blue mat.

Andrew (under his breath): Damn it...

Probst: Also, another note for you, Temotu. Alvin also became the first member of the jury.

Once Fatutaka's flag is staked into the sand, Probst goes on to explain the mechanics of the challenge. After the summarization, Probst then reveals the reward of pizza and soft drinks, much to the delight of the eleven remaining Survivors. Probst then goes on to explain one more piece of the reward.

Probst: There is one more added bit to this reward. Back at the winning tribe's camp, there will be a message in a bottle waiting for you. It will have all the details inside. Temotu, you have one extra member...sitting somebody out. Who's it gonna be?

The six members of Temotu huddle around each other to determine the sit-out. Jocelyn emerges from the huddle with her hand raised as Probst directs her to the sit-out bench and gives the other ten a moment to strategize. The roles are as follows:

Boat Builders and Rowers Combination Lock and Ladder Builders Sit-out

The three rowers for each tribe ready themselves as Probst is set to begin the challenge.

Probst: For immunity, pizza, and soft drinks, Survivors ready? Go!

The six castaways start running over the large sand mounds as Andrew and Derek are already having to help Justin up the first obstacle. The three for Fatutaka steadily make their way up and over the sand mounds and jog over to their boat and planks. Justin continues to be pulled by Andrew and Derek over the first and second mounds as Troyzan, Mike, and Katherine start piecing the planks together on their pulled-apart boat. Once over the mounds, the three from Temotu start on their boat as the three from Fatutaka struggle with their planks. Andrew quickly pieces the first two planks for Temotu while Katherine has placed the lone plank in for Fatutaka. By process of elimination, both tribes are able to eventually piece all five planks in to keep their boats together and begin to push their respective boats into the water. Temotu has a slight lead going into the water as the three guys for the orange tribe hop onto the boat and start rowing with Fatutaka not far behind. The two tribes stay even with one another throughout the rowing phase of the challenge as all six rowers are visibly putting a maximum amount of effort into it. Temotu is the first tribe to light their fire as Derek, who has the longest wingspan of the three, reaches the torch out and lights it from the fire pit. It is not by much, though, as Troyzan extends Fatutaka's torch and lights it mere seconds later. Both tribes row to shore side by side for most of the way back as Gaby and Robert and Amy and Jordan cheer on Fatutaka and Temotu respectively. The six rowers reach the shore simultaneously as they start removing the planks from the boat. Derek and Katherine bear the torches for their tribes while the other four carry the five planks back over the sand mounds. Again, Justin struggles with the sand mounds as Andrew has to drop his planks and help Justin up. Fatutaka is the first to make it back to the start as Gaby and Robert are given the planks and begin working on the combination lock for the blue tribe. Eventually, the three from Temotu make it back as well. Andrew and Justin hand off the planks to Amy and Jordan. Shortly thereafter, Justin keels over and breathes heavily for air as the two tribes work on their respective locks. In an extended period of trial and error, Gaby and Robert try multiple combinations but are unable to unlock the tiki box. Amy and Jordan go through the same trial and error methods and are unable to unlock theirs after the first few tries. Then, Jordan suddenly realizes the pattern of the numbers, which are 0, 6, 11, 15, and 16. If arranged correctly, they would spell out the coordinates of the Santa Cruz Islands themselves (11, 0, 166, 15). She takes charge and starts placing them in that order, which subsequently releases the lever and unlocking the box. She picks up the tiki as Amy jumbles the numbers around to where Fatutaka cannot copy them. Gaby and Robert frustratingly continue their trail and error process while Amy and Jordan start building their ladder. Plank after plank, Temotu's ladder nears completion as Jordan sets the tiki in the slot about halfway up the ladder. They finish their ladder as the five competitors of Temotu excitedly make their way up it. Gaby, Robert, and the rest of Fatutaka can only watch as Derek lights the fire barrel, winning Temotu immunity. Jocelyn climbs the steps next to the ladders and joins the other five in celebration.

Jordan (amidst the celebration): Thank you, internet!

It cuts over to Probst rewarding Temotu immunity once again as Jocelyn comes forward to retrieve the immunity idol for the orange tribe.

Probst: Temotu, your reward, which includes pizza, soft drinks, and that message in a bottle I had mentioned to you earlier, will all be waiting for you back at camp. Go ahead and head out. Enjoy your reward and have a nice night off!

The members of Temotu thank Probst as they start to file out of the challenge site.

Probst: Fatutaka, once again, I've got nothing for you. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. I'll see you guys tonight at Tribal, where one of the five of you will be voted out of this game.

Defeated once again, the members of Fatutaka grab their bags and proceed to follow the members of Temotu out of the challenge site. The camera zooms out, speeds up, and fades to break.

It fades back into a overhead fly-by of the Temotu beach as the sun shines brightly on the clean, white sand. The gleeful members of the orange tribe arrive back at camp to a couple pizzas, pepperoni and cheese, and soft drinks. In the center of all of it is the bottle that Probst described to both tribes at the immunity challenge. Before they consider opening it, the six gorge themselves in food to start with.

Food! I do kind of find it funny that I'm rewarded for my pathetic performance in the challenge today, but it's the tribe that won it. So ultimately, its purpose is just. I'm just amused by the personal irony of it. I take a break from smoking for this game, proceed to suck in challenges, and am rewarded with junk food. (laughs) Oh boy, that's...that's something.


It cuts to a little bit later as they are in the midst of enjoying their food and begin to wonder about the bottle.

Justin: So, who wants to open up the bottle of mystery?

Andrew: Eh, I'll take a crack at it.

Andrew uncorks the bottle and smacks out the tightly-rolled up message, which hits the ground. He picks up, unrolls the message, and reads it aloud.

Andrew (reading the note): This message is a congratulations on two subjects. One for your reward, one for your upcoming test. You have been rewarded the choice of which camp will be used until Day 39. This will determine the where, but the when is still undefined.

A curious look comes across Andrew's face as the camera highlights the others' reactions as well.

Jocelyn: So, it's basically asking what camp we want to use for the merge.

Jordan: Yeah, basically.

Derek: Well, Jordan...Andrew, you two have been to both. So, which one's better?

Andrew (pointing to the ground): This one. Hands down.

Jordan: No question Temotu is better. Fatutaka is just synonymous for bad luck.

Amy: So, it's decided then! That was easy!

Justin (holding his glass of soda up): To the merge! Whenever that may be!

The others enthusiastically join Justin in his toast as they continue on with eating their pizza.

So, the added part to our reward was that we got to choose which camp would be the merge camp. That's actually really cool cause I don't think that's happened since like way early on in Survivor. Anyway, everybody turned to Andrew and myself for a decision cause we're the only ones here that have lived in both camps. Without missing a beat, we both chose Temotu's camp. There's more resources looks nicer...overall, it's just a better camp. Plus, I don't want to go back to a camp where I lost all but one challenge at. (laughs) So, all the superstition aside, Temotu just seems like a better camp. Now, if we can just merge already!


The six members of Temotu continue eating as the camera highlights Andrew and Jordan looking at each other with anticipation as they hope that the merge is sooner than later. It then shifts over to the Fatutaka camp and highlights of palm fronds scattered across the ground and the rickety shelter are seen. All five members of the blue tribe stand and sit around the shelter as an awkward silence fills the air.

Gaby (standing up from the shelter): I'm going to take a walk. I'll be back in a bit.

The other four acknowledge her as she walks away from camp and along the beach.

Mike (after Gaby is a decent distance away from camp): Okay, nothing fancy tonight. Vote her out and keep Temotu strong.

The other three acknowledge in agreement.

Troyzan: And we won't BS you either, Robert. You're not going anywhere. I can promise you that.

Robert (calmly): Cool. So, the four of us for Gaby and go from there.

The four members of the original Temotu silently sit around the shelter and fire area of camp as gusts of wind are heard in the background.

There's, like, no strategizing that needs to be done today. It's all set in stone that Gaby is the next to go and the four of us are going to write her name down to send her home. Nothing cute, nothing crazy. This is just the old Temotu showing our dominance and taking care of business.


Mike yawns as Katherine and Robert get up from their spots.

Robert: Might as well look for some food while we're just sitting here.

Katherine: Yeah, it won't be pizza by any means, but food'll be food.

It cuts into the middle of the jungle as Gaby frantically brushes through trees, leaves, and other foliages as takes another crack at searching for a hidden immunity idol.

Well, we lost today...which means that I'm, without question, the target heading into tonight's Tribal Council. I told everyone else that I'm going for a walk, but I know they're not stupid. They know what I'm doing. I just have to play it off if I find the idol...that's a big if. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. It could be anywhere.


Gaby (standing back up, taking a break from her search): Gah, where is this thing? Eh, I can try the water well.

It cuts to hours later and over to Gaby looking in and around the water well. Then, it shifts back to camp as the four original Temotu members are still occupying the shelter and fire area.

Katherine (in a slightly worried tone): Where's Gaby? I haven't seen her in hours.

Mike (laid back in the shelter with his eyes closed): If she's been gone that long, she probably looking for an idol.

Robert: I'm going to go ahead and guess that she hasn't found it if she's been gone this long.

Troyzan: I think it's safe to assume that.

It cuts back to Gaby continuing her frantic search of the idol in and around trees next to the beach. She exhales deeply and stressfully as she knows that Tribal Council nears.

Gaby (to the camera): I've got like forty-five minutes 'til we leave and...nothing. I haven't found a thing. I'm giving up here cause I searched this entire part of the island. Sand, rocks, trees, everything, and I've found nothing. I'm trying one last place before we leave.

I've been looking for this idol for hours. Who knows? It could be a joke on me and there isn't another idol out here, but I'm still going to try regardless cause I don't have the numbers to make a move. I've searched this entire island, I swear. Actually, the entire island...except for one place...tree mail. If it's there, I'm going to freak out.


Gaby sneaks through the jungle behind camp and proceeds to tree mail as the other four are seen catching a nap in before Tribal Council. The camera follows Gaby to tree mail as she resumes her search by looking in tree mail and around the various objects surrounding tree mail. The camera shifts back to camp as Mike is seen waking from his slumber and starts to wake the other three up.

Mike (groggily): Come on, guys. It's about time for Tribal.

Katherine: Still no Gaby?

Mike: Not that I see.

Troyzan (with a half-asleep scoff): Geez, did she fall or something.

Mike: Who knows?

The four of decide to take a nap just right before Tribal and pass some time by. We start our nap and Gaby's not at camp. We wake up from our nap...and Gaby's not at camp. That girl is idol crazy!


It cuts to minutes before the members of Fatutaka are to leave for Tribal Council as everyone but Gaby starts gathering their stuff to take with them. It briefly skips over to Gaby digging through the sand around tree mail.

I said before this game started that I am not going to lose because of dumb luck. If Gaby finds the idol after that much searching through this entire island, kudos to her...but I'm not going to be happy about it.


The camera transitions from Gaby continuing to dig through the sand to the Tribal Council area with the sun almost completely set in the background. Five lit torches make their way into Tribal Council as the members of Fatutaka set them down in their holders and take their seat.

Probst (with a grin): We'll now bring in the first member of our jury.

A clean-cut, well-dressed Alvin makes his way into Tribal Council and smiles to the others as he takes his seat on the jury bench. Gaby and the rest smile back at him and then shift their focus to Probst.

Probst: So Mike, after the last Tribal Council, was there any talk of what transpired after the vote?

Mike: You mean about my idol? Not really, there was more talk of Robert's decision to vote the way he did.

Probst: What was discussed, Robert?

Robert: Honestly, I think it was more everyone coming to me either thanking me or, in Gaby's case, wondering why I didn't vote the way she needed me to. Gaby felt betrayed by me even though there was never a commitment laid out between her, Alvin, and myself. It was simply a discussion.

Probst (as the camera turns to Alvin nodding his head in agreement): Gaby, what's your take on it?

Gaby: I think I was a little sore about it, but I was under the impression that when discuss strategy with someone and you agree on a name to write down, that's a commitment.

Robert (calmly): But I never shook on it. I actually never recall saying yes to vote with you and Alvin. It was just me exploring all of my possibilities and hearing you guys out.

Gaby nods in understanding as Probst shifts topics.

Probst: Troyzan, is this still a Fatutaka versus Temotu game? Or has the switch shifted tribal lines around?

Troyzan: Mmm, no. This is still a Temotu versus Fatutaka. That was evident in the last vote even with Robert being in the middle as much as he was. The original Temotus all voted Alvin and Alvin and Gaby voted Mike. So, I don't think anything has shifted. Gaby was looking for an idol the entire day if that's telling to the story any.

Gaby (raising her hand): Guilty as charged.

Probst: So Gaby, you spent the entire day looking for the idol?

Gaby (laughing): Oh yeah!

Katherine: She really was. From as soon as we got back from the challenge to right before we left for here, she was away from camp the entire day!

Probst (surprised): Wow! So Gaby, any luck?

Gaby (confidently): Why don't we get to the vote and we'll find out.

A puzzled look comes across Mike and Troyzan's faces as Probst matter-of-factly responds to Gaby.

Probst: Alright, then!

Mike (whispering to Troyzan): She didn't find it...did she?

Troyzan: I don't know...

Probst: Well, with is time to vote. Mike, you're up.

Sitting on the far left, Mike starts the voting as the others follow with their vote one at a time. Katherine and Gaby's confessionals are aired as the voting ends with Troyzan taking his seat on the far right.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

As Probst proceeds to the voting booth, Mike anxiously turns his focus to Gaby, who sits confidently. Troyzan, Katherine, and Robert are all seen waiting in anticipation as well.

Probst (returning with the urn): If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Everyone turns to Gaby as she sits upright without making a move to her bag or pocket. She shakes her head as Mike and Troyzan breathe a sigh of relief. Alvin dejectedly shifts his focus to Probst, who is about to read the votes.

Probst: Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Gaby (1)

Gaby (joking around): Aw, guys!

Troyzan smirks as the other three chuckle.

Second vote: Troyzan (1-1)

Troyzan nods his head in affirmation but does not worry.

Third vote: Gaby (2-1)

Fourth vote: ...

Probst: Seventh person voted out and the second member of our jury...Gaby. That's three and that's need to read the last vote. If you would, please bring me your torch.

Gaby hugs the four castaways that had just voted her out and bids them good luck and farewell. She places her torch before Probst with acceptance in her eyes.

Probst: Gaby, the tribe has spoken.

Gaby grins as she turns back to the other four and sends them one last good-bye before disappearing into the darkness beyond the Tribal Council area.

Probst: Well, it is clear that this is still very much a Fatutaka versus Temotu game. But with no more original Fatutaka members on this tribe, what do you do now? Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The now four members of Fatutaka collect their belongings and torches as they proceed to leave the Tribal Council area. With the sun now fully set in the background, the camera zooms away and four lit flames are seen departing from Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Gaby (4 votes)
Katherine, Mike, Robert, Troyzan
Troyzan (1 vote)
Gaby Moreno

Voting Confessionals

You definitely had me worried since you were gone for such a long time, but I hope your search was in vain. Sorry.


This vote is for you because you're dangerous. If your buddies don't realize that before it's too late, I may be writing this name down again on Day 39.


Final Words

Surprise! No, but really, I saw this coming from a mile away. I never had the idol, so...I am a little disappointed that I spent hours and hours digging through sand and unearthing rocks for a little necklace. But that's Survivor, though. You can't win them all. (laughs) Actually, I only won like one or two! But you get my point.

–Gaby Moreno

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

The two tribes finally merge...and a Tribal Council for the ages.


  • The episode title was said by Jordan as she went over the possibilities regarding Andrew's fake idol.