The Warunta Four
Astrid BeaumontDennis Coleman
Lester GreeneXavier Griffith
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
Founder Astrid Beaumont
Members Lester Greene (Day 2 - )
Remained Loyal
Astrid Beaumont (Day 2 - 27)
Dennis Coleman (Day 2 - 21)
Xavier Griffith (Day 2 - 21)
Day Formed Day 2
Enemies Keena Flowers
Quinlan Bartholomew
Tevin Southern
Swap Six
Lowest Placing Member Dennis Coleman (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Lester Greene (7/16)

The Warunta Four is an alliance in Survivor: La Mosquitia. Originally the majority alliance on the Warunta tribe, the tribe swap swapped the entire alliance to the Segovia tribe where they immediately gained control over that tribe.



The alliance was formed after the four members helped construct the shelter. The four of them decided to create an alliance to help them gain the upper hand on Warunta.

Tribal Phase

On Day 7, the tribe swap occurred. The whole alliance was moved to Segovia where they immediately took over the tribe. The original Segovia members soon had to join forces against the Warunta Four for the necessity of survival.


The Warunta Four Members
Astrid Beaumont
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Dennis Coleman
Lester Greene
Lester Greene
Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith
Member Member Member