"The World Will Be Divided into Two Tribes"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 1/14
Episode Chronology
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This is the first episode of Survivor: Tarutao.


Reward Challenge: Follow the Leader
A designated swimmer would swim out into the ocean to retrieve a set of keys and swim back. The swimmer would hand the key to the designated athletic person to run deep into the jungle to find a cage with puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle pieces are retrieved, the athletic tribemate will hand the puzzle bag to the most intellectually gifted tribemate to assemble the puzzle, which would reveal a riddle. The answer to the riddle is a combination to a safe containing a hatchet, which he would use to chop a rope, releasing a flag. First person to raise their flag, wins reward.
Reward: Flint and a crate full of fire building essentials
Winner: Naak

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Row Your Boat
Eight tribe members must row toward five platforms to retrieve five items: four bags of ladder rungs and a flag. Once the boat reaches a platform, the tribe leader would collect the said items. Once all eight rungs have been collected, the tribe must go back to shore and the eight members must assemble the ladder, while the tribe leader waits on their tribe mat. Once the ladder is completed, the tribe leader would then scale the ladder and must prop their flag on top. First tribe leader to prop their flag on top of the tower wins the challenge for the tribe.
Reward: The shelter that all 18 of them made during the first two days, and tribal immunity
Additional Stipulation: If Jarakay wins, they will win flint.
Winner: Jarakay


Day 1

Aboard a large fishing boat, eighteen castaways are set to the beautiful, but treacherous Ko Tarutao, a former hiding place of pirates in Thailand. Reaching shore, the castaways disembark and meet Jeff Probst. Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways to their new home, but warns them that the game will be played during Thailand's monsoon season. Straightforwardly, Jeff then announces that the tribes will be defined by gender. Jeff christens the men as the Jarakay tribe, while he calls then women as the Naak tribe.

Okay, I got flabbergasted by today's events. But seeing how competitive and athletic-looking these women are, I know I'm in good hands. we can take these men out.

–Helena, on being in an-all female tribe

Jeff instructs the tribes elect a tribe leader. Handing out makers and parchments, Jeff then instructs the castaways to vote which member of their gender is leader material. Beside from first impressions alone, the survivors have basically nothing to judge on. After a 3-2-2-2 vote, the men deem Brody Bright as the most capable as leader for the men, whilst a landslide 8-1 vote assigns Helena Albertson as the most capable leader for the women.

I am definitely leader material. I maybe a newbie in the military, but I know I can lead the women to victory. We're gonna whoop the men's asses. I will never bow down to any men.

–Helena, on being Naak's tribe leader

I don't know how I became the leader! Like I am not leader material! If anything, they didn't got past my rugged looks. They think i'm this gung-ho, hunter-type dude, but i'm not! I'm a weapons dealer...the legal variety though.


Jeff calls Helena and Brody, and gives them each a sealed box which will only be opened at the first Immunity Challenge. Jeff then immediately subjects the castaways to their first Reward Challenge, where the tribe leaders' leadership skills will be put to the test. Swimmers: Paul (Jarakay) and Naomi (Naak)
Most Athletic: Colin (Jarakay) and Gabriella (Naak)
Most-Intellectually Gifted: Aries (Jarakay) and Megan (Naak) During the race for the key, Paul and Naomi are neck and neck. Paul reaches shore few seconds ahead from Naomi. Gabriella gets past Colin by finding the cage first. A dismayed Colin rushes to the cage to catch up. It comes down to Aries and Megan. Megan figures the combination first, winning the challenge for Naak. After the challenge, Jeff then hands the tribes their maps to their camps and asks them to walk in opposite directions. As the tribes reach their camp, they discover their tribe flags standing next to each other, confirming the idea that the tribes will live together in one camp. Under each tribe flag is a chest containing a machete, a pot, a sack of rice and their buffs.

We got divided into tribes divided by sex, we got tribe leaders, we had our first challenge, the men got their asses handed to them, then we discovered the tribes will live together on one beach. This game turned into a mouthful, after 10 minutes!


Log cabin owner Henry finds a plethora of lumber and a fully-stocked Sears toolkit stashed beside Tree Mail which contains a note and a plan for an elaborate shelter.

Welcome survivors to your new home. Your first order of business if to build a shelter to help you shield yourselves from the elements. Here are pieces of wood, rope and a Sears toolkit at your disposal.

–Day 1 Tree Mail, as read aloud by Henry

The tribes agree to work together to build this shelter. Under the leadership of Henry, who is versed in building wooden houses, both Jarakay and Naak tribes cooperate to finish the shelter with no hesitation. While most of the men are busy building the shelter, Cam, a homosexual, decides to bond with some of the girls, who are mostly busy igniting a fire and collecting firewood. Cam and Helena whispers to each other, asking if they can make an alliance. Both parties agree. Minutes later, Cam and Helena ignite fire, thanks to the latter's survival skills she learned from being a military woman.

I know I don't have a place in the men's tribe. But I have to make bonds with both tribes so I know where I stand early on. If I' good with the men, I'll go with them, but if they piss me off too much, I'll side with the girls. But hey, for the viewers out there, I'm laying it out there right now, I'm not anything like Colton, but I will kick these guys' asses just like he did to his own tribe!

–Cam, on being compared to Colton

Cam's bonding with the women are caught by Donny and Colin who both shared the same sentiment toward Cam. Both guys speculate that Cam will act like Colton Cumbie did in Survivor: One World.

I know what Cam's up to. He's gonna side with the girls. But the looks of it, he will be like Colton, just that he wants to really bond with the women and pick us strong men, one by one. I won't let that happen.


By sundown, the shelter is already halfway complete, but Alexandria realizes a problem: the shelter can only fit one tribe, and deduces that it will be similar to what happened in Survivor: Fiji - where the tribes will compete for the said shelter. Both tribes agree to share the shelter, despite its minuteness.

This shelter is big, but not big enough for both tribes. I am guessing we have to fight this over in a future challenge. I'm not against sharing, but this is getting ridiculous. I'd rather sleep on sand tonight.


By nightfall, the tribes decide to circle around the bonfire and get to know each other. Asami reveals she was a product of a broken family, and she suffered from a bad relationship. She adds that ever since she and her husband realized their child has autism, her husbands relationship with her grew cold, and turned for the worse, because not only she caught her husband cheating on her, he also physically abused her.

I will show to my a-hole husband that an autistic child is not a disability. Him being "special" made me stronger everyday. Since my son needs special attention, he needs a father more than anything, but instead, he left us so he can "live normally." He can shoot all the bullets he wants at me, but to mock my son, I will never forgive him for it.


Uncomfortable by the idea of disclosing his secrets to the women, Henry pulls tribe leader Brody aside. Brody guarantees Henry they will not disclose much, especially in terms of strategy. Unconvinced, Henry goes to sleep.

Early on, Henry can't take the fact we are living with the enemy. Though I understand, but we need to gain intel on the girls because they may be sexy, but hey, they're still competition, and they need to go down.


Day 2

Early morning, the tribes wake up early to finish the shelter. Before noon, the shelter is finished. In the depths of the jungle, Brody, Aries, Colin and Donny agree to form an alliance, saying that keeping eyes on Cam is a priority.

Cam's public enemy number 1 at this point. if he gets too chummy with the girls, he either be a spy for us, or needs to go.


By afternoon, a thunderstorm forces the tribes to cramp themselves in the shelter. In the shelter, Vanessa complains about her hang nail. Her griping secretly infuriates her tribemates.

Vanessa's two years older than me, but she has a mind of a 12-year old. She overreacts on this hang nail. Girl, get over this!


Out of boredom, Gabriella opens up the topic of the sealed boxes. Naomi deduces that they might be clues to Hidden Immunity Idols buried at camp.

Those two boxes scare me. I'm friggin' curious of what's inside it, I'd pry it open right now!


The rains subside by night. Helena, Gabriella, Naomi, Megan and Lauren agree to form an alliance. Their options are Alexandra and Vanessa, who displayed outspokenness and immaturity respectively. While anticipating a future tribe switch, the women promise to be loyal to each other.

It is important to have alliances this early. We have to draw the line right now so we can determine who is worthy of trust, and who is not.


Day 3

Tree Mail notifies the tribes of their first Immunity Challenge. The mail also instructs the tribe leaders to take the sealed boxes with them.

The tribes meet Jeff Probst for their first Immunity Challenge. Before the challenge, Jeff asks the living conditions. Brody tells him they had an awesome shelter, but it only fits one tribe.

Quote1So, tribe leaders, how's the first three days?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Pretty good. Though the tribes live on one beach, both tribes really helped each other. No awkwardness whatsoever.Quote2- Brody
Quote1I agree. Like, there is no animosity between the tribes, though we are still trying how that shelter will fit us all.Quote2- Helena
Quote1What about the shelter?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1We had Tree Mail on the first day that gave us lumber, tools and a plan for the shelter, but apparently, it only fits one tribe. We tried to squirm on in there, but it's too small.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Speaking of which, the tribe that wins this challenge will have the right to live in that shelter. It is yours to keep, or you may let the losing tribe still live with you in that shelter. One other thing, Brody, Helena, open your boxes.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Buffs!Quote2- Helena
Quote1Oh no. What is the meaning of this?!Quote2- Brody
Quote1As tribe leaders you will remain members of your tribes. As for the rest of you, drop your buffs, we're switching tribes. Each of you will have an egg. Whatever color's in it will be your new tribe.Quote2- Jeff

At Jeff's signal, the survivors smash their eggs. Whoever gets the red paint will be the new Naak tribe, while the ones with blue paint inside will be the new Jarakay tribe. As the survivors don their new buffs, Jeff subjects them to the challenge, which is for immunity and reward.

New Jarakay
New Naak

Naak advances early due to Helena impressively instructing the tribe to row with rhythm. Jarakay struggles to paddle as they apparently go off-course. Naak's lead extends as they successfully retrieves all four flags. Unfortunately for Naak, their boat capsizes just as they are about to head to shore, evaporating their lead. Jarakay catches up by grabbing their flag, while Naak still tries to bring their boat downside-up. Jarakay is already at shore while Naak finally paddles back to shore. After the tribe finishes the ladder, Brody props the Jarakay flag on top of the tower, winning them immunity and the right to stay in the shelter. The defeated Naak tribe would then go to Tribal Council. Jeff informs them the tribes will continue living together on one beach.

We had a lead, we blew it. My entire alliance are now members of Jarakay. i have to convince the men that keeping Alexandra and Vanessa will tear our group apart.


Returning back to camp, most of the new Jarakay temporarily offer the new Naak their shelter until they make a new one. On the other hand, Henry is angry because the shelter was fought for at the challenge, and Jarakay prevailed, and they should not let the enemy share the shelter with them. Brody snaps back, telling him that both parties made the shelter. The rest of Jarakay agree with Brody.

Quote1I don't want the other tribe sharing the selter with us! It's ours to keep!Quote2- Henry
Quote1Look, can you at least let them stay until they make a new one?Quote2- Brody
Quote1No! It's ours and ours only. And for one, I led making that shelterQuote2- Henry
Quote1Doesn't make you the owner of that shelter; and we all made that shelter.Quote2- Aries
Quote1Do what you want, but I want you guys out by tomorrow!Quote2- Henry
Henry's a possessive ass. Given that we won that shelter from the challenge, we should also consider that Naak cannot finish their shelter immediately because they're going to Tribal tonight. He's really socially incapable.


While Naak makes shelter, Helena approaches Colin and Donny, stating it should be either Vanessa or Alexandra who goes home. Both guys tell Helena they are thinking the same thing. On the other hand, Alexandra goes to Cam, saying that a loudmouth with a hangnail would only complain her way through the game. Vanessa talks to Raven, saying that she wanted to continue further in the game, even with a hangnail. Vanessa continues that Alexandra's outspoken personality will hurt the tribe.

If Alexandra stays longer with that blunt mouth of hers, Jarakay will just walk over us, because that woman's gonna tear us apart.


At Tribal Council, Alexandra and Vanessa clash about the latter's childish tendencies. Vanessa fights back, saying that Alexandra's "shrewish" personality will get her nowhere. In the end, it is Vanessa who goes home by a vote of 8-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Vanessa (8 votes)
Alexandra, Aries, Cam, Colin, Donny, Helena, Morrison, & Raven
Alexandra (1 vote)
Vanessa Utter

Voting Confessionals

This is for your hangnail; a million dollar pedicure right there.


Final Words

Wow, what do you know? I was blindsided over a young beauty queen, Well I had 3 days out here and it was nice, but I hope Alexandra gets voted out next and I wish all but one Naak member the best of luck.

–Vanessa Utter

Next Time on Survivor

  • One unlikely contestant finds one of the idols.
  • One castaway hates the other tribe so much, he goes to desperate measures to not make contact with them.

Author's Notes

  • The episode title came from a Philippine promo for Survivor: One World.
  • The shelter is similar to Koror's shelter (made by the production team after winning a Reward Challenge) in Survivor: Palau.

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