"Think Before You Shake"
Season Survivor: Terra Nova
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Episode Number 5/13
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Terra Nova

Previously On Survivor...


Reward Challenge: Sumo at Sea
One member from both tribes face off in an arena surrounded by water. Using their sandbags, or any other body part other than their hands, they must try to knock each other out of the arena.
Reward: Surf and Turf dinner on a remote island.
Winner: Cabot

Immunity Challenge: Lock Step
The tribes race against each other through a series of obstacles, while attached together by a rope. In this challenge, a tribe is only as fast as its slowest member. The first tribe to successfully complete the course with all of its members across the finish line wins.
Winner: Beothuk


Night 12

The members of the Beothuk Tribe return form Tribal Council. Urban thanks them for seeing through Angelo’s bull and getting rid of Angelo. Paul assures Urban that there was never any chance of him going home and that getting rid of Angelo will only make the team stronger.

Tonight was the first night in the game where I truly felt like I was a true member of the Beothuk Tribe. Before I felt like an outsider looking in but tonight’s vote made me realize that I am not.

I am just so glad Angelo is finally gone from this team. Maybe now we will win some them there challenges.


Keeping Urban and getting rid of Angelo was really the biggest no brainer that will probably happen in this game. There was never really any serious talk of getting rid of Urban, I mean Zelda brought up the fact that she don’t trust him but at the end of the day the dude goes hard at challenges and that’s all we as a tribe can ax out of anyone.


Day 13

Day thirteen begins at the camp of the Cabot Tribe, it is early in the morning and Kyle is the only member of his tribe up.

So I had a really rough night last night man. I just couldn’t get my forty winks in. Because of this I decided to get up and make some rice…I mean hell I don’t do much around camp anyway so I might as well do something to earn brownie points with the people who think I am lazy.

Anyway, I open up the lid to the rice container and I notice some weird ass symbols on the bottom of the lid. The minute I saw this thing I knew exactly what it was. I put my fist right through the symbol and I found this baby!


Kyle shows the Hidden Immunity Idol to the camera.

I guess it pays to do nice stuff for others every once and a while. Who knew?

I said I was the alpha male out here and this just proves that fact. Ain’t nobody going to be able to get me out of this game now son!


Over at the Beothuk Tribe camp Molly bemoans the fact that she has not allies on her tribe and that nobody even bothered to tell her that Angelo was going home the previous night. She then says that it was lucky that she went with her gut and voted for Angelo to go because if she had voted for anyone else she would have risked pissing them off.

We now see Molly talking with Pearl and Zelda, trying to see exactly where their loyalty lies. Molly thinks that the three of them should form an alliance because if they do not then the guys are just going to pick them off because they are women and the men always view the women as being weak. Pearl and Zelda humor Molly but neither one really shows any commitment to Molly’s cause.

Molly is grasping at straws right now. She knows that if we lose another challenge she’ll probably be the next to go.

I would have had more compassion for her if she hadn’t sat quietly by while her friends Octavia and Lauren degraded me while we were on the women’s tribe. Now she’s all about girl power but back then…not so much.


It sucks to have to plead my case as to why I should stay in this game. I know right now my standings in this tribe are not very good and I am at a loss as to how to improve my position. Maybe I will go idol hunting because I know there has to be one out here because Jeff always brings it up after we vote at every Tribal Council. But even then that would only buy me an extra three days out here.


Back at the Cabot Tribe Jocelyn and Billie-Jean talk about how Octavia, Violet, Andy, and Kyle sit around and do nearly nothing all day.

Quote1You know it would be one thing if the four of them at least pretended to do something. But they just sit on their asses all day long and almost flaunt the fact that they are lazy.Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Can you blame them? I mean it is not like anyone has had the balls to confront them.

Pearl got into it with Octavia about Octavia’s laziness on our old tribe and that led to Pearl becoming an outcast. That was after Octavia went on a half-hour tirade about Pearl. Trust me when I say this, it is just not worth getting on Octavia’s bad side because she will make your life hell out here.Quote2
- Jocelyn

Quote1You are right, it just bothers me to be busting my ass to make camp life better and they sit around in the shelter all day and joke around. I would love it if we could get rid of one of them should we lose a challenge.Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Well I am not sure which one we would get rid of. Octavia is a bitch but she is pretty good at challenges and the two guys have helped us win. I guess Violet would be the only expendable person out of that group but the numbers are just not there for that kind of vote.

I think that Simon needs to be the first to go. He seems so lost out here and his social skills are far from great and so I think he is the most expendable person on this tribe and if we were to lose him it would not come back to bite us.Quote2
- Jocelyn

Quote1I like Simon…he seems like a very sweet young man but perhaps you’re right. Maybe it is best that we do not rock the vote and that we just get rid of him.

Not that I really want to think about such nasty stuff anyway. Hopefully we can win every Immunity Challenge until the merge and we will not have to make such awful decisions.Quote2
- Billie-Jean

Quote1Well we can hope but I am not sure how good that will do us.Quote2- Jocelyn

I like Jocelyn but much like Simon she is very hard to read. She tends to keep to herself much of the time so it is hard to get to know her and get a feel as to where her head is at in the game.


We are next shown a segment where the members of the Cabot Tribe complain about not having enough rice to eat.

Kyle, George, and I are big dudes and so we have to eat but now we have really had to ration our food out because we haven’t got much left to eat. Besides our rice there is not much else out here in the way of food so that is all we’ve been eating for the most part and now it is almost all gone. It sucks but sometimes you have to sacrifice a little in life.


The members of the Beothuk Tribe are not having that problem. In fact the exact opposite is happening to them, while making a pot of rice Paul gives us an update on his tribe’s food supply while also trying to put a positive spin on the fact that his team has lost every Immunity Challenge since the tribal mix-up.

It sucks that we have lost so many damn challenges. But the good thing about it is we have fewer mouths to feed and so our food stock is really holding up well. We should be good food wise for the next week and a half or so. If we lose more Immunity Challenges then we will probably be good for another two weeks…I just hope we don’t lose another challenge.


Day 14

Day fourteen begins at the Cabot Camp where George and Billie-Jean are talking about Simon. Billie-Jean notes that Simon woke up a few minutes after her; he then talked with her for a little bit before disappearing into the woods.

Simon is such a great guy but it is almost as if he does not have the wiring to relate well to others. He will talk to anyone who talks to him but he will never go out of his way to insert himself into any conversations that are happening around camp. Then he will disappear from camp for hours on end, nobody knows where he goes or what he does. Simon is a true enigma out here.


Simon can’t be in this game to win it like some of the others out here. The guy has next to no social skills and he is hardly around camp. I am not sure where he goes but what I do know is that he is hurting his own game because people find him to be very awkward and odd dude.

Right now if we were to lose Immunity I think that we would all just get rid of Simon. It is not like he has any ties to anyone in this game so it is not like there would be any reprisals if and when he goes.


We now see Simon out in the woods sitting on a log of a fallen tree.

I am sure the others on my tribe wonder where I go when I leave the camp by myself. Well I go on a nature walk. I love this environment and I enjoy walking through the woods. This might not be so conducive for me staying in the game but in all honestly that hardly matters to me because the people on my tribe have made it perfectly clear that I am of no value to them.

Therefore, I go out into the woods every day for a nice little walk. After all I might enjoy this experience while I am out here because who knows when they mob mentality will set in and the group will decide to get rid of me.


Reward Challenge:

The members of the Cabot Tribe enter the challenge area first and once all of the members of the Cabot Tribe are settled on their mat; the Beothuk Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the Cabot Tribe that Angelo was voted out at the last Tribal Council. Kyle looks at Andy and says, “It’s about time”, he and Andy then laugh over the comment.

Jeff Probst tells them the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways what the winning tribe will be getting. Jeff then informs the Cabot Tribe that they will have to sit two people out for this challenge because they have two extra members. He also informs them that due to the nature of the challenge they must sit one woman and one man. Also, Violet must compete in this challenge because she sat out the previous Immunity Challenge. After a brief discussion the Cabot Tribe decides to sit both Simon and Jocelyn out.

Jeff points out that the match-ups were randomly selected.

Match-up 1:

The first match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Marlon taking on the Cabot Tribe’s Andy. Neither man rushed at their opponent instead they circled around the challenge area for a little bit trying to figure out the best approach to this challenge.

Finally, Andy was the first to make a move going directly at Marlon. The much stronger Marlon was able to knock Andy out of the challenge arena and into the water below.

Beothuk leads 1-0

Match-up 2:

The second match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Zelda taking on the Cabot Tribe’s Octavia. Jeff notes that this is a rematch as these two women met in the last Immunity Challenge where Octavia accidently elbowed Zelda.

The women go directly at each other and neither woman seems to want to give an inch to the other. Octavia manages to knock Zelda, as soon as she does this Octavia starts talking smack to Zelda. She says, “You might as well give up cuz you know you’re going for a swim today” and “I going to beat you just like I did in the last challenge because I own you!” This trash talking seems to awaken something in Zelda as she gets a burst of energy and somehow is able to knock Octavia out of the challenge area and into the water. Once Octavia surfaces, the exhausted Zelda smiles and blows a kiss at Octavia.

Beothuk leads 2-0

Match-up 3:

The third match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Paul taking on the Cabot Tribe’s George. Prior to the start of the match-up George and Paul shake hands. This is something that Kyle and Andy are clearly not happy about as the watch on from the sideline.

George rushes at Paul and immediately knocks Paul down. George then pushes the nearly defenseless Paul off the platform and into the water.

Beothuk leads 2-1

Match-up 4:

The fourth match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Molly taking on the Cabot Tribe’s Billie-Jean. This was not even a remotely competitive round as Billie-Jean used her weight and strength advantage to knock Molly off the platform.

The challenge is all tied up and two wins apiece.

Match-up 5:

The fifth match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Urban taking on the Cabot Tribe’s Kyle. This was one of the most competitive match-ups of the entire challenge. Both men nearly knocked their opponent off the platform on numerous occasions. In the end Kyle managed to beat Urban after Urban lost his footing and was easily pushed off the platform by Kyle.

Cabot leads 3-2

Match-up 6:

The sixth match-up saw the Beothuk Tribe’s Pearl taking on the Cabot Tribe’s Violet. This was another evenly matched match-up as both women fought like dogs in order to try and take out their opponent. In the end the Violet was able to pick up the win as she knocked Pearl into the water. This also secured the victory for the Cabot Tribe in this Reward Challenge!

The Cabot Tribe wins Reward by a score of four to two.

With the challenge now done Jeff Probst informs the members of the Beothuk Tribe that he has nothing for them as the members of the Cabot Tribe gleefully celebrate yet another win for their tribe.

The dejected Beothuk Tribe returns from the Reward Challenge and the discussion quickly turns to the fact that they have lost yet another challenge.

Quote1I am not sure what is up with us…maybe we are a cursed tribe or something…Quote2- Pearl

Quote1Nonsense ain’t no such thing as curses. We were just outplayed…that’s all that went down. It sucks it happened to us again but it is what it is.Quote2- Urban

Quote1Yeah we can’t dwell on this sort of stuff because if we do it will only make us stink even more come next challenge. There is no need to psyche ourselves out right now. We lost and now we’ve got to move on from it and not look back at it.Quote2- Marlon

Quote1Did you guys hear the trash that Octavia was talking to me? She would not shut up…Quote2- Zelda

Quote1Yeah but you shut her up, so that’s all that matters.Quote2- Marlon

Quote1I was just shocked that she would try to use those types of tactics to try to get under my skin.Quote2- Zelda

Quote1I told you before that’s the way Octavia be. She’s not a nice person and she is someone we all better look out for.Quote2- Pearl

Well another day…another loss. Losing has become commonplace here on Beothuk. It is like it has become a part of the fabric of our team. We have to change our team culture fast because I do not want to lose another person.

On an individual note, I was so happy to knock the crap out of Octavia. First she elbowed me in my head at the last Immunity Challenge and then she started to talk trash at the Reward Challenge. When she started talking crap I saw red and I knew there was going to be no chance of me losing to her.


While the Beothuk Tribe discusses yet another loss, the Cabot Tribe arrives at their Reward meal via boat.

I may not like some of my teammates but we work together well. We get done what needs to be done and that is that.


The tribe members sit around a table and eat their meals. Kyle laughs over the fact that the Beothuk Tribe got rid of Angelo and they still managed to loss the challenge. Andy teases Octavia about losing her round of the challenge after talking so much smack to Zelda. Octavia tries laughing the situation off but it is clear that she is not happy with Andy bringing the topic up.

It is so weird, we really do sort of bond as a team when we win but when we get back to camp the entire team breaks up into different factions. I just wish we could all just get along like we were doing today.


I think it is great that my tribe keeps on winning. I want the other team to have no morale whatsoever. I want them to think that they will never have a shot at beating us in a challenge.

But the thing is I wouldn’t mind losing a challenge every so often because we really do need to thin out the heard on this tribe.


Day 15

Day fifteen begins with George praying. It is early in the morning.

I try to get away from camp every morning so that I can pray. As a Christian I feel like it is my duty to thank god. I thank god for allowing me to continue to compete in this game. I thank god for allowing me to enjoy this beautiful landscape. I also thank god for testing me and my will.

You see I may be a member of the Cabot Tribe but if I am being honest, my heart does not truly belong with this tribe. Besides Billie-Jean, I really do not have a connection with this tribe. That is why it is tough to beat my old tribe so often because it sucks to know that you are putting people that you like and trust in danger of being eliminated. I would hate to see any of my former teammates go, but I guess if we keep on winning these Immunity Challenges one of them probably will end up going.

That is what is tough out here and I think that is how god is testing me out here. In order for me to become a better man in Christ, I need to know that the road will not always be that easy and I am willing to go with whatever god has planned for me.


Over at the Beothuk Tribe, Molly and Urban go to retrieve the Tree Mail. Upon returning to camp Molly reads the clue to her tribe. We then get a voiceover from Molly voicing her concerns about if her tribe should lose the next challenge…

I have not been this nervous since the start of the game. Right now this team has no further fat to trim. If we lose tonight the vote will be between me and possibly Pearl or Urban. This challenge is so critical no only for our tribe’s morale but for me personally because I do not want to leave the game just yet.


Immunity Challenge:

The two teams enter the challenge site and Jeff explains the rules of the challenge to the castaways. Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Jeff informs the Cabot Tribe that they must sit out two members of their tribe. He then reminds the Cabot Tribe that that both Simon and Jocelyn must compete in this challenge as they sat out the previous challenge.

After a brief discussion the Cabot Tribe decides that Billie-Jean and Andy are going to be the players who will not compete in this challenge.

The first portion of the challenge is a sprint through the woods and the Cabot Tribe jumps out to an early lead. The Beothuk Tribe’s big problem seems to be Paul who keeps on falling over. The Cabot Tribe’s lead begins to fade as both Simon and Violet are having problems standing on their feet.

The Beothuk Tribe is now in the lead as they get to the next phase of the challenge. The next phase of the challenge has the tribes racing up a large staircase. Once all members of the tribe are at the top of the staircase they must use a large slide to slide down to the bottom. The Beothuk Tribe blows their slight lead as the Cabot Tribe gets to the platform first. Both teams slide down the slide within seconds of each other.

After another short sprint the teams come to the final obstacle of the challenge which is a brick wall. The teams must use their bodies to smash through the brick wall. Both teams are dead even coming up to this final obstacle. The Marlon lead Beothuk Tribe manages to break through their wall first and all of the members of their cross the finish line and are standing on their team’s mat. This means that the Beothuk Tribe has won Immunity!

The Beothuk Tribe celebrates their victory on their team’s mat. George goes over and shakes both Marlon and Paul’s hands and congratulates them on their victory. The camera shows Kyle’s reaction to this and he is none too pleased over this display of sportsmanship.

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity Idol over to Marlon. Jeff then informs the members of the Cabot Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the fifth person voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

A defeated Cabot Tribe returns to camp and Kyle and Andy immediately break off from the rest of the team to talk strategy.

Quote1Dude did you see what George did at the end of the challenge?Quote2- Kyle

Quote1You mean when he shook the hands of the other team?Quote2- Andy

Quote1Exactly…what the hell is up with that crap? He has done that twice now. I am thinking that old George might need to be sent packing tonight.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Really? I mean do you really want to risk getting rid of him when we can still use him? Shouldn’t we vote Simon or Jocelyn out? I mean after all neither one of them seems to have any ties with anybody and neither one has really made much of an impact in the challenges.Quote2- Andy

Quote1True but they can be taken care of at any time. George is one of those dudes that you’ve got to take out before the merge happens. That way he cannot use his ties to his old team to his benefit.

I don’t want to leave George in this game and then have him link up with Marlon or the old dude on the other tribe. If George makes the merge do you honestly think he would have our best interests at heart?Quote2
- Kyle

Quote1No I personally don’t think we can trust him as far as we can throw him. But what worries me is we have no idea when the merge is going to happen. So we could end up screwing ourselves if we were to get rid of him.Quote2- Andy

Quote1True…but we can afford to trim some of the fat on this team. Plus we could pick up the slack for our team if need be. I mean we are Alphas after all and so we’ll just go into beast mode and kick some major league ass.Quote2- Kyle

Quote1Honestly this isn’t a move I am comfortable making right now but if you heart is set on it…well maybe this is something we should talk to Octavia and Violet about. Let’s get their input and see where they stand if they like the move then we get rid of him. If they don’t like the move then we get rid of Simon. Does that sound cool?Quote2- Andy

Quote1It works for me bro.Quote2- Kyle

Meanwhile, Billie-Jean and George discuss which way they are going to vote.

Quote1So what is the good word?Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Well Kyle told me yesterday that I should vote for Simon unless I was told otherwise.Quote2- George

Quote1And that is something that you feel is the right move to make?Quote2- Billie-Jean

Quote1Well yeah…I mean it is not like there are many options for us. Simon is an easy vote, he does not really add anything to the team and so nobody will miss him when he is gone.

You and I should just go with the flow and not rock the boat. We should just go with the majority and see where that goes.Quote2
- George

Quote1Where is the fun it that? I mean Simon might not be the most sociable of players but he is a nice kid. On the other hand you have Kyle, Andy, and Octavia who would not be missed at all if we were to get rid of them. Or even Violet, who has not said much to me since we joined this new tribe.

The options are there we just have to use our heads and think what is best for us moving forward in this game.Quote2
- Billie-Jean

Quote1I hear what you are saying but correct me if I am wrong but you basically want to force a tie. Can you even get Jocelyn or Simon’s votes? If you could, just who should we get rid of?Quote2- George

Quote1Does it really matter? I guess it would have to be someone that we could all agree on. Though personally I would not mind seeing Kyle go because I am sick and tired of looking at is smug face.Quote2- Billie-Jean

Andy and Kyle talk to Octavia and Violet about getting rid of George. At first Octavia seems hesitant about it noting that Simon should be the first to go because he is so bad at challenges. Kyle assures Octavia that they can get rid of Simon at any time because he has no ties to anyone in the game but the longer they keep George around the tougher it will be to get rid of him.

Violet chimes saying how George has was very close with Marlon on their original tribe and she knows he will go back to working with him should George make it to the merge. Violet then tells Octavia it is too risky to keep George in the game and that the guys are right, George should go home.

Elsewhere, Billie-Jean and Simon discuss the vote. Simon says he plans on voting for Kyle because he cannot stand the way Kyle treats him and others. Billie-Jean says that she and George plan on doing the same but they now have to convince Jocelyn that getting rid of Kyle is the right move to make.

We now see the conversation between George and Jocelyn where George tries to convince Jocelyn that getting rid of Kyle is the best move for the tribe. Jocelyn does not seem to agree with this train of thought and she asks George why it would be in the team’s best interest to get rid of one of the most athletic guys in the game.

George says that Kyle is a puppet master and he controls Andy, Violet, and Octavia’s votes. He says that they should chop the head of the snake off so that the rest of the team has a chance of staying in the game longer.

You know I never thought that I would be trying to keep Simon in this game but he and Jocelyn are the keys to me making it to the merge. It stinks to have to rely on the two people that have no discernible social skills but it is what it is.

My lord god is just presenting me with another test and it is a test I cannot fail. I just hope I can pass this test so that I can make it to the merge and really do some damage in this game.


Tribal Council:

Jeff welcomes the Cabot Tribe to Tribal Council. Jeff waits for Billie-Jean, George, and Violet as they get fire for their torches (As this is their first Tribal Council). Once the members of the Cabot Tribe have all settled down Jeff begins the questions.

Jeff asks how Billie-Jean feels about going to her first Tribal Council fifteen days into the game. Billie-Jean chuckles for a moment before saying that she wished she did not have to come to Tribal Council until the merge but now that she is finally here she will adjust.

Jeff says to Kyle that the Cabot Tribe has an air of arrogance to it, he felt as if the Cabot Tribe did not expect to ever lose a challenge. Kyle says that nothing prior to today would lead any of them to believe that they would lose any challenges. Kyle goes on to say that that might come across as being cocky on their part but they have won ever challenge thus far so to an extent it was the truth as they knew it.

Jeff asks Andy what is going through his mind now that they actually have lost. Andy says that they just have to get back to winning and hope that they never have to come back to Tribal Council until the merge happens.

Jeff asks Violet what she is basing her vote on. Violet says that her vote tonight is all about loyalty and who she can trust. She says that there are people who are loyal to her on the team and there are people who are not and tonight she hopes she can get rid of a person who is not loyal to her.

Jeff asks Jocelyn about whether it is better to keep a tribe of loyal people around or if it is better to keep the strong people around. Jocelyn says that in an ideal situation the tribe should do both but it is not an ideal situation so she prizes team strength.

Jeff asks Octavia if she plans on voting on loyalty over strength. She laughs and says that she plans on voting out the person who will do the least work to keep her in the game. She goes on to say that she is not sure if that is about loyalty or not but that is how she will vote.

Jeff then asks the tribe in general who feels like they might be going home at this tribal council. Simon is the only one who nervously raises his hand.

Jeff asks Simon to tell his tribe why he is worth keeping around. Simon tells the rest of his tribe that not every challenge is going to be a physical challenge and because of that he should be kept around because he is great at puzzles. With that last comment it is time to vote.

The members of the Cabot Tribe vote and when the last person to vote, which was Jocelyn, is done voting; Jeff goes to retrieve the votes. Jeff asks the castaways if anyone has the Hidden Immunity Idol then this is the time to play it. The camera focuses on Kyle who looks around at the rest of his tribe for a minute, but he ultimately remains seated. Jeff then proceeds to read the votes and in the end George becomes the fifth contestant voted out of Survivor: Terra Nova.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
George Colvin beard
George (4 votes)

Kyle Girton beardViolet Tannehill
Andy Im beardOctavia Wilson
Kyle, Violet,
Andy, Octavia

Kyle Girton beard
Kyle (3 votes)
BillieJean CarlisleSimon Patel beardGeorge Colvin beard
Billie-Jean, Simon, George
Simon Patel beard
Simon (1 vote)
Jocelyn Rivera
George Colvin eliminated

Voting Confessionals

I hope this is the right move to make.


This sucks…it really does. I take no pride in doing this bro because it weakens our team but it must be done. Bro you should really think before you shake. Had you not shaken hands with the guys on the other team…I would have been writing down Simon’s name.


Simon you might be a nice guy but you do nothing for us in challenges. Sorry.


Good riddance, maybe next time you will think about the consequences of rejecting people before you treat them like crap.


You are just a jerk.


Kyle and I can’t trust you dude and we run this tribe. So it is time for you to go.


It is what it is boo.


This time I am actually voting for you…bro.


Final Words

Wow…I did not see that coming. I thought the worst case scenario would have been Simon getting voted out.

Well…I just want the people who voted for me to know there are no hard feelings on my part. I understand it is just a game and it was a game that I was not meant to win.


Still in the Running

Pearl Jones
Molly Shea
Jocelyn Rivera
Lauren Kuechly eliminated
Octavia Wilson
Jillian Mitchell eliminated
Paul Pires beard
Violet Tannehill
George Colvin eliminated
Zelda Selznick
Marlon Rice beard
BillieJean Carlisle
Kyle Girton beard
Simon Patel beard
Angelo Castellucci eliminated
Hank Black eliminated
Andy Im beard
Urban Day beard

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