"This Game Is Under New Management"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 9/15
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This is the ninth episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Pugel Fight
In two teams of five, tribe members will traverse a balance beam maze while holding a pugel stick. The goal is to reach the other end of the maze and use the pugel stick to push a button from a wall. Each press of the button would elevate a fire wok more and more until it reaches the highest portion of the tower, igniting a torch. In the middle of a maze is only one balance beam, and if two players from the both teams meet at both of its ends, they have to engage in battle using their pugel sticks. The winner may pass while the loser msut go back to the start. First team of five to lit their torch would win reward.
Reward: A full-service spa and a meal
Winner: Cataleya, Simon, Elle, Rosita and Lawrence

Immunity Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours
One arm above their head with their wrist tethered to a bucket of water on top of a platform. The castaway who could stand there the longest without tipping the bucket would win. At random points during the challenge, the host would tempt the contestants with food items. They would get the food item only if they step down.
Winner: Jordan


Night 22

Returning from Tribal Council, where an agitated Emily quit the game to tend to her terminally ill mother, the outnumbered Americans remain quiet as they prepare for bedtime.

It must have been hard to be in Emily's place. She wanted to play, but her head's not in the game because of her mom. But at the same time, she put her fellow Americans in a bad spot. Now the Internationals can pick us off one by one. She shouldn't have came here in the first place.


Jordan approaches Cap, asking him if they are willing to accept her and Elle in the American alliance, stating that Beatrix and Budd are a dangerous couple, and needs to be split. With the Americans down with one member, Cap accepts the offer.

Quote1Hey, Cap. Are you willing to work with me and Elle?Quote2- Jordan
Quote1What can you offer me?Quote2- Cap
Quote1We're willing to help you to flush Budd's idol out. You're already down in numbers, with me and Elle, we can overthrow Beatrix. She's running the whole game with Budd. With my vote and Elle's vote, we can turn this game around.Quote2- Jordan
Quote1Whatever it takes.Quote2- Cap
We desperately need someone from the Internationals to vote with us because right now, we are at a disadvantage at Emily's expense. There is no point of Jordan telling his plans to flip because he'll gain nothing from it if he is not telling the truth. Right now, Elle and Jordan could be our saving grace.


The multi-awarded fisherman relays the information to Simon and Dominic. Cap explains that with Jordan and Elle, the Americans have a fighting chance against Beatrix and Budd. Simon reminds him about Lana and Cataleya's questionable allegiance, as they mingle more and more with the Internationals, especially Beatrix. This leaves Simon perplexed.

We now have Jordan and Elle on our side, but what bothers me is Lana and Cataleya. We have shunned from the beginning and it's our fault that they lasted this long. We should've voted them out when we had the chance. I now regret voting Moira out.


Day 23

Morning at Bathala, Rosita wants to approach Beatrix because she wants to share her Hidden Immunity Idol clue (which she secretly found from the merge feast) with her. But to her dismay, Rosita finds Bea talking to Lana. Thinking she is supposed to be Beatrix's "number two," Rosita becomes very suspicious of Lana.

I am disturbed by Beatrix spending more and more time with Lana than me. If who I think is my closest ally no longer talks to me, I should cut her immediately.


In actuality, Beatrix and Lana discuss strategy. Beatrix laments that the Internationals are not going to be united as she expected, because of the possiblity of Elle and Jordan defecting to the Americans' side. Lana says that regardless, she and cataleya are on her side.

I think it's time to break the standard. I am going to side with Beatrix. Like Megan last season, I won't be playing with people who would just take me to the end as a goat. I want to win on my terms. My play, my way.


Meanwhile, Cataleya catches Jordan and Simon talking strategy. Jordan reaffirms his desicion to flip to the Americans. Cataleya tells the information to the still-discussing Beatrix and Lana.

If Jordan wants trouble, I'll give it to him.


The Bathala tribe meets Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. The tribes will be divided into two teams of five. The survivor who picks the black stone will sit out and not do the challenge. However, he is tasked to predict which among the two teams will win the challenge. If his guess is correct, he will join the winning team, but if his guess is incorrect, he will not go to the reward. The yellow team consists of Beatrix, Lana, Budd, Cap and Dominic, while the blue team consists Cataleya, Simon, Elle, Rosita and Lawrence. Unluckily, it is Jordan, one of the tribe's stronger members, gets the rock, and therefore, cannot participate in the challenge. He predicts that Elle's team will win the challenge. Thinking that if Jordan predicts correctly, he would join them in the reward, and him getting nourishment, he will have a better chance at winning the next Immunity Challenge. As a solution, Beatrix whispers to Lana and Budd that if Jordan picks their team to win, they should throw the challenge so he will be denied of food.

The game continues, even at challenges, and it really makes sense that, if Jordan correctly guesses who wins the challenge, he will get to eat, and if he is well fed before the next Immunity Challenge, he is a sure threat. That's why from the get-go, we will make sure he won't be part of the reward.


Jordan says he is going to root for the yellow team.

Elle and Cat have zero physical ability, so I chose to pick Beatrix's.


To not let Cap and Dominic notice their plan of throwing the challenge, Beatrix, Lana and Budd decide to not do so until the challenge's latter part, performing the challenge competitively. The yellow team, who is actually leading, "struggled" as Lana continually meets someone from the blue team in the middle balance beam (in actuality, she did so on purpose as part of their plan). Beatrix and Budd purposefully lag on purpose for the blue team to catch up. The blue team eventually ignites their fire wok first, winning themselves reward. While Dominic does not seem to notice they lost on purpose, Cap for some reason, "felt a vibe."

Something's not right about our loss. For some reason I want to believe Beatrix threw the challenge. What for, so Jordan can't eat, so he can't have a significant advantage over someone else at the Immunity Challenge? I am not sure, but whenever I feel unsure of something, I will smoke out what exactly happen because, not being in the know in this game means you're playing it wrongly.


Returning back to camp, Cap asks Beatrix if she threw the challenge. Beatrix "flares up" with the accusation, asking why would she throw a food reward. Though Cap seems to be moved by Beatrix's explanation, he still thinks Beatrix might have thrown the challenge to deny Jordan of food. Cap explains his hypothesis to Jordan, which does not sit well with him.

If Cap says is true, I'd be damned. If Bea didn't want me to eat so I won't increase my chances of winning the Immunity Challenge, guess what, I am now more motivated to win the challenge without the food.


At the reward location, Cataleya, Simon, Elle, Rosita and Lawrence enjoy a bath, before receiving a massage. A masseur notes that Simon's body is unusually tense. The five survivors then enjoy a traditional Filipino lunch.

The masseur clearly was struggling to work on Simon. Massaging Simon is like tenderizing some slab of tough meat.


Elle talks to Simon, asking him if he is willing to enlist their help, given he is the most reluctant to make inter-tribal alliances. Simon says that tribal lines are apparently dead, and therefore he is now open to make moves with the Internationals. Elle tells Simon that Beatrix is running the game and needs to be dethroned. Simon could not agree more.

I think it is time to break the wall between the Americans and the Internationals, because it is highly inconvenient for both parties. Beatrix is our biggest threat, and has to go.


The reward winners return to camp in the evening. As the tribe prepares to sleep, Rosita, who is talking to Beatrix, still cannot tell her idol clue to Beatrix because Lana is also in the conversation.

To gain people's trust, you have to let them in, but Beatrix has no interest in going in with me because of Lana. I am now starting to doubt if telling her about the clue is the wisest because she is fixated with Lana and Budd.


Cap and Simon compare notes, with the latter confirming that Elle is open to jump ship. Simon is worried that they still might not get the majority due to Lana and Cataleya's flipping. Cap asks him to come with him to the woods to show his Hidden Immunity Idol, which he kept from everyone since discovering it. Cap says he is planning to use it at the next Tribal Council.

At first I was pissed because I thought Cap completely trusts me, then all of a sudden he shows me his Hidden Immunity Idol days after he found it. But right now, getting angry won't be efficient because we need all the help we can get if I am to stay alive in this game.


Day 24

On their way to collect their next Tree Mail, Beatrix and Lana discuss their voting options. Beatrix insists that if Jordan wins again, they should vote Elle out because if she stays longer, her unpopularity will cause everyone to align with her, knowing she could be defeated by anybody. Lana agrees.

At first, I thought I would go leaps and bounds to keep Elle, but if I can't take Elle with me to the end, then nobody will.


The survivors meet Jeff for their Immunity Challenge. As Jeff signals the start of the challenge, Elle falls off the perch, eliminating herself. Elle angrily removes her cuff before heading to the bench. After the first ten minutes, Jeff offers a plate of donuts and milk for the ones who will bail out, and if none of the ten remaining players budge, Elle gets to eat the donuts. Lana and Cataleya agree drop out immediately after. After 15 minutes, Probst then offers a heaping platter of spaghetti and meatballs. Lawrence, Rosita and Beatrix bail out. Dominic and Budd both surrender by the 30 minute mark for an enormous subway sandwich. 45 minutes into the challenge, only three remain: Simon, Jordan and Cap. At this point, Jeff offers pizza. None of the three budges, prompting the eight eliminated survivors to devour it. Cap slips off by the 47th minute. Simon tries to negotiate with Jordan to let him win, but Jordan is unresponsive. One hour into the challenge, Jeff offers one whole chicken, wth gravy and mashed potatoes. Seeing his favorite food, but wanting to win the challenge as well, Jordan finally negotiates with Simon, saying that if they share the food with him, he can do whatever he want. Simon makes a new proposition. For the interest of fairness, Simon asks Jordan if they play a round of rock, paper, scissors, whoever wins would win the necklace, and they will share the chicken regardless. Jordan agrees. Jordan wins the rock, paper, scissors, prompting Simon to bail out, winning Jordan his second consecutive Immunity Challenge.

Back at camp, Cap personally talks to Lana and Cataleya to reconsider and regroup the Americans. In a last ditch attempt to sway them back to his side, Cap shows them his Hidden Immunity Idol, saying that he will keep them over Simon and Dominic. If they agree with him, they should vote for Beatrix tonight. While Lana is still adamant in supporting Beatrix, Cataleya is moved by Cap's proposition.

I never thought I'd be the swing vote. Cap made a very strong case, but at the same time, Cap turned on his own allies, and it was proven when Moira and Wyatt went home before us.


Lana and Cataleya discuss their options, saying that to prove their loyalty to each other, they must tell the other their vote pans before they head to Tribal Council, regardless if they vote together or otherwise.

Elle and Jordan talk about keeping the internationals together or affirm their intention to flip to the Americans. Jordan laments on their situation, that there are two competing factions: Beatrix, Budd, Lawrence and Rosita, and Cap, Simon and Dominic, both vying for Elle/Jordan and Lana/Cataleya dyads.

Beatrix, Budd, Lana, Lawrence and Rosita discuss strategy inside the shelter, while Beatrix wants to vote out Elle first under the premise that she is easy to defeat, the others think that Cap must go next. However, Lana reveals that Cap does have the Habagat Hidden Immunity Idol, and is planning to take out Beatrix next. Beatrix asks if Cataleya has made up her mind, Lana states that Cataleya is still undecided, but she will inform her whatever she decides on doing.

We have two alliances, and four swing votes. My head's spinning right now. We're going to Tribal Council, not knowing what will happen.


At Tribal Council, Simon and Cap laments the Americans' situation, saying that the Internationals are capable of picking them out one by one. Cap then boldly reveals to everyone that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol and he is planning to use it tonight. He directly asks Lana, Cataleya, Elle and Jordan that he, Simon and Dominic are all voting for Beatrix, and he is planning to use it. As Budd explains his reasoning behind his actions, Budd takes out his own idol, boldly telling him he will use it for Beatrix if he does, causing a verbal showdown between the two. Cap warns Budd that he is protecting the single most threatening player in the tribe, telling him he is almost set in voting for Beatrix if she makes it to the end. Elle barges in, saying that Beatrix ran the entire Amihan tribe and there is no reason for them to keep her, before openly telling Cap he is with them. Jordan also affirms his allegiance to Cap. Beatrix laughs at Elle and Jordan, finding their sudden allegiance to someone they just met a few days ago was easier than siding with someone whom they've been with from the start. Jordan says the fact that they knew her from the start was the reason why they are voting against her. Jeff is pleased on the drama that is unfolding at Tribal Council.

After collecting the voting urn, Jeff asks if either Budd or Cap will use their idols, but neither stands up, prompting Jeff to read the votes. Jeff reveals five consecutive "Elle" votes, followed by five "Beatrix" votes. Apparently, Elle and Jordan sided with Cap, Simon and Dominic, while Lana confirms her allegiance to Beatrix. Turns out, Cataleya is the deciding vote, and her vote is for Elle, making her the first member of the jury in a 6-5 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Elle (6 votes)
Beatrix, Budd, Cataleya, Lana, Lawrence, & Rosita
Beatrix (5 votes)
Cap, Dominic, Elle, Jordan, & Simon
Elle Andrews

Voting Confessionals

If you don't go home tonight, you will play everyone like fiddles!


This game is under new management.


Just so you know, I've watched Kill Bill, and Beatrix defeated Elle in that movie.


This tribe only has room for one Canadian.


Here goes nothing.


Final Words

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