"This Has Been Compromised"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 6/14
Episode Chronology
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This Has Been Compromised is the sixth episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously On Survivor...

Yu Shen was down to six, without great physical strength when they lost yet another reward. Later, they failed to come back and lost another immunity challenge. At tribal council, when everyone was thinking Oak was the one going home, he pulled the hidden immunity idol. Nancy thrown away one vote at Qwerty to prevent herself from getting voted out. It ended up to vote a 1-1-0 vote for Lucas and Qwerty. Oak failed to convince the tribe to take out the physical threat Lucas, and Qwerty was sent to redemption island in a 3-1 revote. Fifteen are left, who would be voted out, tonight?


Combined Reward/Redemption Duel: The Last Order
Seven castaways, including three inhabitants and two each from Lei Gong and Yu Shen, are going to find the exit of a maze. Keys would be found at the center of the maze. Following orders on walls, castaways would find easier way to get out if they have the right keys the open that lock, which opens a door to a shorter pathway. First two person to get out wins reward and last redemption island inhabitant getting out is eliminated.
Reward: A chance of putting an extra vote on any another castaway when that castaway goes to his/her next tribal council. (If the castaway picked is on Redemption Island, and he/she got eliminated before he/she could go to another tribal council, this vote is no longer valid.) Or the right to kidnap someone that participated in the challenge to their camp until the next immunity challenge. (Redemption Island inhabitants can pick one from Lei Gong or Yu Shen to live with them until the next immunity challenge.)
Winners: Fion (Extra vote), Elisa (Kidnap)
Immunity challenge: Sliding around
One member of each tribe would be the caller and the others or blindfolded. They must complete a giant puzzle which assembles an inclined plane. When they completed the puzzle, all tribe members must climb up the plane and slide down. First tribe to slide down wins immunity.
Winners: Lei Gong.


Night 14

At Yu Shen Camp,

Oak played the idol without telling us. Of course, you might have been able to blindside somebody, but you didn't tell us, you are no longer, at any extent, trustworthy. You might have saved yourself for another two or three days, but now I'd rather throw the next challenge, just to get you out. This is totally compromised.


When the tribe got back from the beach, nobody was talking. Oak walked away for water, and Lucas stopped him.

Quote1I understand your move, buddy.Quote2- Lucas
Quote1No one could have saved me. At least I'm still here.Quote2- Oak
Quote1I understand, truly, maybe we should talk a bit later. I don't want anyone to hear us.Quote2- Lucas

Day 15

At Lei Gong,
Tree mail comes and it reads:

Today you might wanna think more,
There's no one thing you are sure.
Prepare for worst and hope for best,
You'll have power to take care of the rest.

All Lei Gong members thought that it would be an advantage that the winner would be able to get through the merge. They sent Bobby and Fion, while the core five of the Lei Gong alliance would stick together better with Ingrid, who is the obvious sixth within the alliance. In the meantime, Yu Shen thinks that the tree mail hints a puzzle, and sent Tifanie and Nancy, as they are better in puzzles.
At Redemption Island,
Jeff welcomed everyone and introduced the the challenge to everyone. The four observers are more excited, while the inhabitants thought it was just another moment when they needed to fight for their lives. When the challenge begins, Elisa, Penny and Fion grabbed the first three keys located right in front of every one. As soon as the challenge continued, Fion found her way out first.
Order of Completion: Fion, Elisa, Tifanie, Bobby, Nancy, Penny, Qwerty

Qwerty filex gray
Shoulda, woulda, coulda, meant they are never going to happen. I didn't regret anything or any moves that I did. It was what I did that causes it happened. Good luck to the rest. See you all later.


After a little discussion, Fion picked the reward for the extra vote. Being the underdog of the tribe, Fion decided to make a big move. She decided to agree with the other tribe to put the extra vote on Oak. Elisa, however, picked Fion to join Penny and herself on Redemption Island. Jeff then dismissed everyone.
At Yu Shen camp,
Oak was told that he is going to receive an extra vote for him in the next tribal council. He was not surprised as neither Nancy nor Tifanie told him exactly why did it happen. All he know is that the winner of the challenge had the right to vote an extra vote to whoever he/she wants. Oak believed that Tifanie or Nancy won the challenge and deemed them as threats. However, Nancy, Keith and Lucas were planning to vote off Oak in case of Oak flipping. Keith and Lucas suggested they throw the next challenge. Since they are the main source of physical strength in the tribe, it would not be difficult to make the tribe losing when they were not going to perform 100%. Nancy agreed.
At Lei Gong camp,
Bobby noticed what move Fion was trying to do, and told the tight group of six what he was thinking. Bobby stated that if Fion and the other four on Yu Shen, plus the returnee are aligned, there was no advantage to them as Ingrid might flip as well to form a 7-5 situation. Throwing the next to get rid of Fion seemed to be the best move for the group. The other four in the tight five agreed with the plan. For the first time in survivor history, both tribes were trying to throw an immunity challenge at the same time.

Day 16

On Redemption Island, Elisa and Penny welcomed Fion on Redemption Island. Elisa explained her pick of Fion to her.

I could see her SOS signal. That's why I picked Fion to join me, trying to discuss what we could do in the future


Quote1I know you might not trust me at this point, but... you know us three, if we get to the merge, are immediate targets.Quote2- Elisa
Quote1That's true, I'm totally on the chopping block if Lei Gong loses the next one.Quote2- Fion
Quote1Just assume we all made it, we can find, let's say Keith, or Johnathan, those physical threat that no one wants them to make to final five because they'll win the remaining immunity challenges.Quote2- Elisa
Quote1I do believe that's the best move possible. We don't have faith in any existing alliance at allQuote2- Fion

Day 17

At immunity challenge,
Jeff introduced Fion from Redemption Island back to the game. He then explained how the immunity challenge works. Lei Gong was sitting out two people, who were, Dash and Gabriel, two of the physical guys in the group. As both tribes were trying to throw the challenge, the challenge moved extremely slowly. After two hours, Jeff decided to stop the challenge. Jeff offered comfort, including pillows and mattress, to the tribes. Whoever took the comfort has to go to tribal council. Yu Shen was the first tribe to take the comfort, meaning that Lei Gong wins immunity by default.
Back at camp,
The environment was surprisingly quite. Everyone knew that Oak needs a hidden immunity idol to save himself. The whole tribe went ahead to look for the idol. Nancy, however, planned something else, in case Oak once again found the idol. She knew that there were just 12 people left in the main game, meaning the merge is coming very soon. Targeting physical threat would be a good timing. Lucas or Keith would be a nice alternative when Oak found the idol and played it.
In the meantime, Lucas, Keith and Tifanie secured their alliance. They all agreed that it would be a peaceful decision to vote off Oak. Although they were down to four if the merge came after the tribal council, they promised each other to keep the alliance tight and work their way up.

This vote might be easy, but what's next is the difficult question to be answered.


At tribal council,
Jeff asked Nancy if there was a consensus who was going home that night. Nancy answered that there could be surprise, as people might find another idol, or people could be thinking way beyond this tribal council. She also stated as there were only twelve people left, the merge was right around the corner. Jeff further asked if anyone thought they were a huge threat that had to go before the merge. Lucas and Keith stated they could be the physical threat, while Oak said he was a threat since he survived from the bottom. Tifanie stated that a good comeback could be a good factor for a jury vote. Jeff then instructed everyone to vote. The results are in and the person voted out were sent to Redemption Island very immediately.

Voting Confessionals

Please, no more surprise.


This would be called a strategy. But I don't know would anyone follow


Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash
Elisa rester gray
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris
Oak timm gray
Penny smith gray
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case

Author's Note

  • Again, due to work obligation, I'll continue writing this when I am free.
  • Other pages will be updated when I complete the episode.