"This Is No Eating Contest"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 4/13
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This is the 4th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

The friendship between Mark and Haley was beginning to diminish. At Thomas, Tiffany plotted a betrayal of Alexis, alongside Octavia. Harrison and Leo bonded while alone at camp, and formed a pact. At Croix, Isabella was the target on everyone's mind. After winning the reward challenge, Croix decided to exile Leo. On Exile Island, Leo created a fake Double Idol after realizing that someone had an idol. At the Immunity challenge, Thomas came out the winners. At Croix, the elimination was between Haley and Isabella. Samantha was the deciding vote. At Tribal Council, Samantha decided to stick with her original plan, and Isabella was voted out. Thirteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: A Reptile Dysfunction
Tribes would race through an obstacle course, collecting six wooden snakes along the way. One member has to carry all six snakes through the course. The first team to cross the finish line with all six snakes wins.
Winner: Thomas


Night of Day 9

After returning from Tribal Council, Zachary and Sparky wondered why Samantha betrayed them.

It's really upsetting that Samantha chose to vote with the others over us. That clearly means that Sparky and I are the intended targets.


Katrina, Haley, Samantha and Mark meet up. Haley thanks Samantha for saving her. However, Samantha secretly feels bad for going against Sparky and Zachary.

I'm having trouble accepting the fact that I just let down Zachary and Sparky. Both of them are so kind and innocent. It hurts knowing that I hurt them.


Day 10

Early on, both Croix and Thomas recieved treemail instructing them to go meet Probst. The tribes both wondered why.

After gathering to meet Probst, he told the castaways to drop their buffs. They would be switching tribes. Probst gave everyone an egg. Inside the egg were the tribe colors. The contestants would smash the egg, and which ever color the egg is, will be the tribe the contestant goes to.

After smashing the eggs, Katrina and Sparky realized that their eggs were yellow, meaning that they were switched to Thomas. Alexis and Leo also realized that their eggs were red, meaning that they switched to Croix. However, Samantha's egg was black.

Probst told Samantha that she would go to Exile Island. The tribe that votes someone off next, she would join. Samantha then happily went to Exile Island, while Croix went back to camp with Alexis and Leo, and Thomas went back with Katrina and Sparky.

Day 11

At Croix, Haley is happy to have two new pals at camp. Both Alexis and Leo feel that this Tribe Switch just may be the end of them.

I'm really sad. I had an alliance, friends and everything back at my old tribe. Now I have to start the whole game over.


Mark doesn't acknowledge the new tribe members much, and instead worries that even after the swap, Thomas still has the numbers.

My biggest fear right now, is that not only are we down one player because we lost the most challenges, but now because of Samantha, we may be down two!


When Zachary informs Alexis and Leo that food is scarce at Croix, Alexis begins to worry. It irritates Leo.

Alexis and I are supposed to be partners in this tribe. But she's really weak! This is no eating contest. If you're worried about hunger, don't sign up!


At Thomas, Katrina and Sparky enjoy the new camp, but fear what may happen to them.

Sparky and I have our backs against the wall on this tribe. It's obvious because we're new here.


Sparky immediately decided to not talk to anyone, out of fear. Octavia noticed Sparky and asked him to introduce himself. Sparky nervously introduced himself, even telling the tribe about his problem with people. This shocked everyone, except for Justice. Felicity, however, couldn't believe it.

Not to be rude, but why would Sparky come on a show about being around people, when he hates people? Who would do that?


Harrison spoke privately with Tiffany. He told her that, as sympathetic about Sparky as he is, it will harm the tribe. Tiffany then told Harrison that Sparky couldn't possibly cause that much trouble.

Sparky is a weird case, that's for sure. We have to be very careful around him. One thing's a fact, He's out next time we lose.


On Exile Island, Samantha is happy to be skipping Tribal Council. However, she feared that she may end up on the enemy tribe. To calm the worrying, she began to look for an idol. Very early, Samantha discovered Leo's fake Double Idol. Mistakenly thinking it was the actual thing, Samantha was overjoyed.

I found the Double Idol! It looks very lazily made, but I don't care. I very well may need it later.


Day 12

The tribes met Probst for the Immunity challenge. In the challenge, Justice and Tiffany sat out.

In the challenge, Harrison and Mark do the best for their tribes, but Thomas finished first, meaning that Croix had to go to Tribal Council.

Back at Croix, Leo knew that he and Alexis were being targeted. Leo decided to work much harder around camp, in order to convince the tribe that he was worth keeping.

I need to stay in this game, I have yet to show my true potential. If I work hard enough, maybe it will make Alexis appear weak.


Haley and Mark knew that Leo was strong. This left Alexis vulnerable. Alexis approached Leo and suggested that they vote out Haley, for she seems like the least liked on the tribe.

At Tribal Council, Samantha sat and watched over. Probst asked Alexis for her thoughts on the swap. Alexis responds by saying that it may be her downfall. When it was time to vote, Alexis was unanimously voted out in a 4-1 vote. Samantha then re-joined Croix and they returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Lukep (8)
Alexis (4 votes)
Lukep (1)Lukep (13)Lukep (4)Lukep (7)
Haley, Leo, Mark & Zachary
Lukep (1)
Haley (1 vote)
Lukep (8)
Alexis Deren

Voting Confessionals

If it's not you, it's me. So it's most definitely you.


I sure hope this vote works.


Final Words

Aw. I didn't want to go now. I was doing so well until that stupid tribe swap! I'm so angry. Horrible way to go down.


Still in the Running

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Lukep (3)
Lukep (4)
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Next Time on Survivor...

A medical emergency may affect the game for someone.

Author's Notes

  • There were more eggs with an equal amount of colors. It is just coincidental the tribes turned out how they did. Also, there was only one black egg. This meant that the egg might have not been chosen.