"This is Gonna Get Ugly"
Season Survivor: Japan - Civil War
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Episode Number 2/14
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This is Gonna Get Ugly is the second episode of Survivor: Japan - Civil War.

Previously on Survivor...

Twenty castaways arrived in Japan via motorboat. Jeff singled out the oldest contestants, Lawrence and Donna, and made them the Daimyos of their respective tribes, and had them do a schoolyard pick to determine tribal affiliations. Lawrence, the Daimyo of Ashikaga, wanted more experience on his tribe, and only selected three castaways under the age of 30. Donna, the Daimyo of Kamakura, focused on picking stronger challenge competitors. At Ashikaga, Patton promptly grew power-hungry and plotted to get rid of Lawrence, who targeted Beth for being a liability due to her sudden sickness. At Kamakura, Donna ran a tight ship, irking Chuck and Tyler. The former formed an alliance with Dave and was blackmailed about it by Reyna. At the combined reward and immunity challenge, the tribes remained neck-and-neck before Kamakura pulled away at the puzzle, winning. Not wanting any part of Patton's attempt at a coup d'état, Hannah alerted Kyle and Landon, who devised a scheme to sway one of Patton's allies to vote for Shannon, ensuring that Beth would be voted out by plurality. Their plan came into fruition, and Beth was voted out in a 5-4-1-1 vote. Nineteen are left. Who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Two castaways from each tribe will race to a designated lane on the beach and start digging for a bag. Once they find it, they must race back to the mat to score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to three points wins.

Reward: Blankets, pillows, a hammock, and a tarp.

Immunity Challenge: In a series of one-on-one matchups, the castaways will battle sumo style, attempting to knock each other into the water with padded bags. Each win in an individual matchup is worth one point. The first tribe to five points wins immunity.


Night 3


Ashikaga somberly returns to their camp.

Landon: Poor Beth.

Shannon: That really sucked.

Patton, however, has other things on his mind than mourning for a castaway who has just been voted out.

The moment I saw that vote for Shannon, I just knew that one of my so-called "allies" had ruined my plan. Beth isn't that stupid, and Shannon can't vote for herself. It must have been either Phoebe or Jasmine. I may have to put my coup on hold to make an example out of people who ruin my plans. Mark my words; whichever one of those two voted for Shannon will go home next.


He sees Jasmine and pulls her aside, whispering harshly.

Patton: Did you vote for Shannon? I figure it was either you or Phoebe.

Jasmine: Yeah, I voted for her.

Patton: But why? Nobody was targeting Shannon. You just wasted your own vote.

Jasmine: I was beginning to have doubts about your motives, so I switched my vote.

So Patton just randomly confronts me after Tribal Council, accusing me of switching my vote, which I did. After talking to Kyle before Tribal Council, I began to question whether or not Patton really had the tribe's best interests in mind, but Kyle didn't want me to make it known that I had abandoned the plan, so he suggested that I switch my vote to Shannon, probably the next weakest person on this tribe, instead. I'm already thinking I may have made a tremendous mistake.


Patton: I only have the best interests of the tribe in mind. It's too early for me to get selfish in this game.

Jasmine: I'm not buying it.

Not only does Jasmine switch her vote, but she also questions my motives. And when I try to defend myself, she quickly catches on to the fact that everything I had just said to her was total BS. I can't let her stay too long. She's a threat because she's on to me.


Meanwhile, Kyle, Landon, and Hannah get into a separate group not too far from the camp, congratulating themselves on the success of their unorthodox plan.

Hannah: That was brilliant, Kyle. It really did work!

Kyle: Hey, don't forget that it was Landon's idea. All I did was sell it to Jasmine.

I really liked working with Kyle and Hannah the first time. They're not just writing me off as some kid trying to integrate himself with the grown-ups or whatever. I like them as people, and I like them as allies in this game.


Landon: Guys, I've been thinking, maybe we can keep this up. I'd like for the three of us to go to the end. What do you say?

Kyle: That would be awesome. Let's do it.

Hannah: Count me in!

It's me, Kyle, and Landon against the world now. These next 36 days are going to be awesome.


Day 4


While Donna is directing the work around camp, John has volunteered to go collect tree mail. He brings along a reluctant Tyler. Getting paddled in the head by Landon is still fresh in John's mind.

John: I really don't like that Landon kid. Only a punk would hit somebody in the head with a canoe paddle like he did.

Tyler: Don't forget about that blonde southern chick who kneed me in the balls. That was low. That should have been a foul.

John: I know, right? That tribe just doesn't know how to win a fair game. That's why they were cheating in the challenge last time. And yet we still beat them!

Tyler: Well, you know what they say about karma.

John: Ha-ha, yeah really.

On our way to collect tree mail, me and Tyler started commiserating about Ashikaga's dirty play in the last challenge. If I see any of that from them in this upcoming challenge, especially from Landon, I'm gonna go medieval on some asses. If they want a dirty game, I'll give them one.


A few minutes later, they return to camp with a note about the upcoming reward challenge. After Donna reads the note aloud to the rest of the tribe, Kamakura departs.

Reward Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

Both tribes enter the reward challenge area on the beach.

Jeff Probst: Kamakura, get your first look at the new Ashikaga tribe. Beth was voted off at last night's tribal council.

Nobody on Kamakura seems phased or even surprised by the information.

Jeff Probst: Welcome to today's reward challenge. Here's how this is going to work. In pairs, you will race to the designated area on the other end of the beach and start digging for a bag. Once you find it, you must get the bag to your tribe's mat, scoring a point for your tribe. The first tribe to three points wins reward. Do you want to know what you're playing for?

Naturally, both tribes want to know what's at stake. Jeff pulls the cover off the reward.

Jeff Probst: The winner of today's reward challenge will receive comfort in the form of blankets, pillows, a hammock, and a tarp. Worth playing for?

The castaways respond in the affirmative.

Jeff Probst: Okay, for this challenge to work, both tribes will have to sit people out. Lawrence, you must sit one person from your tribe out of this challenge. Who's it going to be?

Lawrence: Even when I was young, I was never good at this sort of thing. I'll sit out.

Jeff Probst: Donna, your tribe must sit out a man and a woman. Who do you choose to sit out?

Donna: Patrick and Reyna will sit this one out.

Jeff Probst: Alright, Lawrence, Patrick, and Reyna, take a spot on the bench. I'll give you all a minute to strategize.

A few minutes later, the matchups are decided and the challenge begins.

Jeff Probst: Alright! First round: Phoebe and Jasmine for Ashikaga versus Donna and Lisa for Kamakura. Survivors ready...go!

Jasmine, the most athletic of the four women, is the first to arrive at the designated area, but is quickly tackled by Lisa, who restrains her, preventing her from digging. Phoebe and Donna both arrive at about the same time and start digging for the bag. Donna finds it, but gets into a tug-of-war match with Phoebe. Lisa lets go of Jasmine to help Donna, and manages to take possession of the bag. She dodges a tackle by Jasmine and throws the bag like a football to Donna, who catches it only to be tackled by Phoebe. Jasmine and Lisa race to Donna, with Jasmine winning and snatching the bag from her, but is promptly tackled from behind by Lisa. Thinking quickly, Jasmine passes the bag backwards to Phoebe. Donna intercepts it, but Phoebe knocks it out of her hands. Jasmine once again breaks free from Lisa, takes the bag, and outruns Lisa to the other side, easily making it to Ashikaga's mat.

Jeff Probst: Jasmine scores a point for Ashikaga! Ashikaga: one, Kamakura: zero.

Ashikaga celebrates briefly while Lisa shakes her head in irritation.

Jeff Probst: Alright! Second round: Bryce and Landon for Ashikaga versus John and Tyler for Kamakura. Survivors ready...go!

The youngest men from both tribes all run to the designated area. Tyler is the first to get there and quickly begins to dig, only to be shoved out of the way by Bryce, who nearly uncovers the bag before Tyler recovers and tackles him. Landon does the rest of the digging and gets up to start sprinting, but sustains a violent hit from John, jarring the bag out of his hands. Bryce and Tyler race to the now loose bag, with Bryce narrowly getting to it and dodging an attempted tackle by Tyler. He takes off running only to be caught by John, who grabs his ankle, causing him to trip and drop the bag. Tyler, John, and Landon all run up to the bag. Landon, coming up from behind, shoves Tyler into John, knocking them both down. However, Tyler trips Landon, causing him to land on his face. John recovers quickly, picking up the bag and taking off running. Bryce pursues him, but fails to catch him in time.

Jeff Probst: John scores a point for Kamakura. We are tied. Ashikaga: one, Kamakura: one.

John (to Tyler): Landon's still a punk. He and I still aren't settled.

Tyler: I know.

More proof that Ashikaga plays dirty: Landon totally threw Tyler at me. I mean, come on! He's a human being! Not a ragdoll! Know the difference!


Jeff Probst: Alright! Third round: Shannon and Hannah for Ashikaga versus Katie and Emma for Kamakura. Survivors ready...go!

All four of the women run to the designated area, with Emma getting there first and quickly starting to dig. Hannah arrives shortly afterwards and starts digging as well. She and Emma both find the bag and get into a tug of war over it. Emma yells at Katie for help, and Katie snatches it from both of them. Shannon then steals it, only to be tackled by Emma, who regains possession and outruns Hannah to Kamakura's mat.

Jeff Probst: Emma scores a point for Kamakura! We are tried. Kamakura: two, Ashikaga: one.

Kamakura does a small celebration while Ashikaga looks on in irritation.

Jeff Probst: Alright! One more point and Kamakura wins this. Fourth round: Patton and Kyle for Ashikaga versus Chuck and Dave for Kamakura. Survivors ready...go!

The older men all race to the designated area, with Chuck easily beating them all and getting a head start on the digging. Pretty soon, the others catch up, with Kyle finding the bag and trying to sneak away with it. However, Chuck notices and gives chase. Kyle gets close to Ashikaga's mat before Chuck catches up and tosses him onto Kamakura's mat.

Jeff Probst: Chuck scores a point for Kamakura! Kamakura wins reward!

Once again, Kamakura celebrates, even more this time than before. Several members of Ashikaga just shake their heads in dismay. Jeff congratulates Kamakura on their reward, and both tribes exit the challenge area.

I probably made myself look like a weak link in today's challenge. I really hope the tribe doesn't hold this against me, or I'll be on the chopping block in the near future.



Kamakura returns to camp with their reward, and Donna quickly starts assigning work to the tribe. Tyler, annoyed, is assigned to set up the hammock with Emma.

Tyler: Doesn't that get on your nerves?

Emma: Doesn't what get on my nerves?

Tyler: All Donna does is give orders to people. Doesn't that bother you at all?

Tyler is...a little immature when it comes to complaining about work. I don't like being ordered around either, but there are more mature ways of handling that sentiment than complaining. Just shut up and get the job done, dude. It's not that hard.


Despite his irritation with being told what to do, Tyler helps Emma set up the hammock. However, while Emma goes off to help Katie forage for fruit, Tyler decides to lie down in the hammock, and before too long dozes off. Chuck notices this an instantly becomes annoyed.

Chuck: You comfortable? We could really use your help right about now.

Tyler: Ugh, you too?

Chuck: What do you mean, "you too"?

Tyler: First Donna's ordering everyone around, and now so are you!

Chuck: All I said was that we could really use your help right about now. How the hell is that an order?

There's this awesome new thing called a work ethic. Tyler should get one. He's not gonna make it in life if he doesn't.


Dave: Chuck's right, Tyler. He wasn't telling you what to do. He just said that we could use some help. You're getting all defensive over it and making it into a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Tyler: How am I making it into a big deal? All Donna told us to do was to arrange the pillows and blankets, set up the tarp, and set up the hammock. How many people does it take to do that? Why would you need my help with easy jobs like that?

John: Just stop whining and get to work. Honestly. It's not that difficult, and we all have work to do around here. We've all got to do our share.

Tyler: I know we all have to do our share! And I just did! Now will you guys just leave me the (bleep) alone already?

John: You're just doing the bare minimum. But honestly, since you don't have a real job, I wouldn't expect you to know the virtues and benefits of hard work.

Everyone on Kamakura who was close enough to hear this stares at John in shocked silence.

Tyler: So you're telling me that saving people from drowning isn't a real job?

John: You're a lifeguard! The only time you have to do anything is when somebody's about to drown! When nobody's drowning, you're just sitting there being useless! Just like right now!

Patrick: Both of you just stop. Tyler, you need to do more work around camp. John, what you just said was completely out of line. We're on the same team, guys. We need to get along regardless of whether or not we like each other. So if you two could bury the hatchet, that'd be great.

You would think that the tribe would seem more unified and like a family after winning a challenge. But nooooooo! The guys just had to get into an argument over work. Don't get me wrong, I really think Tyler could stand to be more helpful around camp. But the way John went about telling him that was uncalled for.


Donna, who had been observing the argument, sees it as a good opportunity to make her move strategically. First, she approaches the women.

Donna: Did you all notice how the guys aren't necessarily getting along?

Katie: Yeah, I noticed.

Reyna: Chuck and Dave seem to be the only ones who are actually friends with each other. They merely tolerate Patrick and Tyler, and I have no clue about John.

Donna: If the men are like this, I think a women's alliance would help us get very far in this game.

Donna's going on a bit of a power trip right now, trying to get a final five alliance in place. Since she has two votes, five people is all we need to control the game. I really like this idea.


I guess Donna won't want to align with Chuck and Dave. She could use them as pawns to get rid of some people, but if she can get the rest of the women on board, she won't need to. For right now, I'm going to stick with her alliance.


Shortly after this, Chuck and Dave approach Donna about a possible alliance.

Dave: We have a very strong tribe, so I think we can afford to get rid of some stronger people who don't pull their weight around camp.

Donna: Who comes to mind?

Chuck: Tyler. We could probably get rid of Emma next, too. She's not as bad about it as Tyler, but she still doesn't have the best attitude. I'm worried that she'll cause too much drama around camp.

Donna doesn't seem to like lazy people, so I thought that getting rid of Tyler and Emma first would be a good incentive for aligning with us. Whether or not we actually get rid of those two in that order remains to be seen.


Dave: Interested in a final three alliance?

Donna: That's a great idea. I've already got Katie and Reyna on board so that we'll have a majority. We're set.

Dave: Awesome.

The truth is, I only intend to keep Chuck and Dave around as extra votes. I'll get rid of them as soon as I no longer need them. They seem too powerful to stick with to the end.



Ashikaga returns to camp very disappointed in their loss. While everyone else starts doing chores around camp, Patton goes "exploring".

I'm the schemer in the tribe, so it's not a matter of if people will eventually want me gone, but when. I have a feeling that I'll need the hidden immunity idol sooner rather than later.


Patton searches under rocks and at the stumps of trees for the idol, but fails to find it. Soon, he decides to return to camp for chores before anybody gets suspicious.

Here's the thing with searching for the idol: You can't make it too obvious that you're looking for it. That means searching for any more than ten minutes at a time is risky. Too risky.


While helping with the shelter, Kyle starts to tell stories about the bar fights he's witnessed (but never actually participated in), much to Jasmine's chagrin.

Jasmine: You honestly think that people destroying their lives is funny?

Kyle: Most things are funnier in hindsight. Bar fights are a good example of this, as long as nobody got seriously hurt. Nobody gets seriously hurt in any of these stories.

Kyle has a very poor idea of humor. Alcohol really hurts people, and to take that pain and turn it into a laughing matter is extremely disrespectful. A caring person wouldn't find that amusing in the slightest.


Jasmine: You should be ashamed of yourself, Kyle.

Kyle: And why's that?

Jasmine: You're laughing at the expense of other people, that's why! A good, considerate person would never laugh about people ruining their own lives. In fact, you're responsible for it in a way, since you're the one who...

Jasmine continues on a long tirade about Kyle's job and sense of humor, as well as her belief that it is wrong to drink alcohol. Nobody backs her up, or even listens.

Jasmine seems very self-righteous and judgmental. I mean, it's one thing to say that you don't approve of what somebody's doing; we're all entitled to our own opinions. But to say that somebody's a bad person because they do something you don't agree with entirely different. I'm not a very religious or spiritual person, but I can tell that the example she's setting for other Christians is a very bad one. I'm not saying she shouldn't share her beliefs; if you really believe in something, you'll naturally want to share it with other people. But she's going about it in all the wrong ways.


Ultimately, Lawrence has Kyle gather wood while Jasmine continues to help with the shelter.

I have nothing against Jasmine's beliefs, but we can't have so much conflict around camp. IT's bad enough that we've lost two straight challenges, but camp drama is even worse.


Patton, meanwhile, overhears this and decides to consult Lawrence about possibly getting rid of Jasmine should Ashikaga lose a third straight challenge.

Patton: Have you considered voting out Jasmine next?

Lawrence: It hasn't crossed my mind. I think we may be better off voting out one of our weaker members next. Probably Kyle.

Patton: But after how she blew up at Kyle just now, don't you think Jasmine could be...a cancer?

Lawrence: We need her strength for challenges.

Patton: We have stronger people on our tribe. Think about it; if you were coaching a football team, and there was a star player with attitude problems, would you keep him around? Just think about it. You might not even have to make this decision for a while.

Lawrence: I hope not.

If you're going to sway a leader to do things your way, you can't come across as threatening. Just give him some advice and stroke his ego, and he'll do whatever you ask. If only I had an idol with which to bribe him.


I wouldn't say that I trust Patton one hundred percent, but he did raise a good point about Jasmine. I may have to put the harmony of the tribe ahead of strength.


Day 5


The younger men on the tribe get into the canoe with sharpened sticks, attempting to get some fish to supplement their remaining rice. Patrick spends more time rambling than actually looking for fish, which quickly gets on John's nerves.

Has Patrick ever been silent for five minutes in a row? Is that even possible for him? He's so annoying! It doesn't help that he's the weakest of the guys. I hope the rest of the tribe is getting fed up with him, because I want him gone!


Patrick: So then I was like-

John: Will you shut up already?

Patrick: You didn't have to interrupt! So anyway-

John: What the (bleep) is your issue?! Can you just stop talking for once in your life?!

Tyler: Dude, settle down. You're scaring the fish away.

Patrick: I was just talking, bro. What's the big deal?

John: Don't call me "bro"! Don't call me anything!

Tyler: John, what's your damn issue?

John: My issue? He's the one who won't stop babbling!

Tyler: If it annoys you so much, then get out of the canoe! Nobody's making you fish with us.

John: Fine!

John dives out of the canoe and goes fishing on his own, leaving Tyler and Patrick in the canoe.

John's a bully. There's no other way to put it. He yells at people and insults them just because he doesn't like them. I feel sorry for his girlfriend, having to put up with a jerk like him.


John's pretty good at challenges, but he really needs to work on his anger management. If he doesn't he'll have to be the first one gone.


Meanwhile, Donna consults Lisa about joining her women's alliance.

Donna: The guys don't really get along. We're in a position where we can take control of the game and easily pick everyone else off until the end.

Lisa: What do you mean?

Donna: If the women of this tribe join forces, and the guys continue to not get along, we'll be unstoppable. What do you think? Are you in or out?

Lisa: Sure, I'm all for it.

Donna's probably the best strategic player on our tribe, and she gets to cast two votes at tribal council. For right now, I'll stick to this women's alliance, but don't be surprised if I jump ship when Donna becomes too powerful. I really hope it doesn't come to that, however. I want to win, but I also want to play with honesty.


Emma overhears this and instantly grows wary of Donna.

Donna's doing a very good job setting herself up in this game. I know she'll eventually offer me a spot in her alliance, but I'm not sure if I want to be a part of it. I don't want to vote people out just because they're on the wrong side of the numbers game. I want to vote people out based on who's the biggest threat. And right now, that appears to be Donna.


Night 5


A storm has hit the Ashikaga camp, and even with the renovations done earlier, everyone inside the shelter fears that it will collapse at any minute.

Lawrence: This is the worst storm I've seen in years!

Bryce: Good thing we can all fit in the shelter now after the renovations! Hopefully it will stand!

It's the nine of us crammed into this tiny wooden shack with three walls and a roof in the middle of a storm. The worst thing is that some of the rain is blowing into the shelter and getting everyone wet. Thanks a lot, mother nature!


Hannah: It's s-so c-cold in here, guys. W-when do you think this is going to stop?

Kyle: Hopefully it will end soon. Here, take my jacket.

Hannah: T-thanks, Kyle.

Suddenly, Phoebe notices some camp objects drifting away due to the harsh wind and swears in surprise.

I noticed some strange shapes moving around near the ground during the rain. I couldn't see that well, but I could tell that some important stuff was floating away, such as our machete.


Phoebe: Uh...guys...

Lawrence: Is that our...? It is! Our machete's getting away!

All the sudden, Phoebe and Lawrence started shouting, so I looked outside the shelter and could just barely see our machete getting blown away from the camp by the wind. It was so freakin' weird!


Landon: I'll get it, guys.

Patton: You do that, kiddo.

Patton's passive remark about Landon volunteering to get the machete does not sit well with Jasmine, who promptly starts lecturing him on how he shouldn't be so dismissive toward people who may be risking their lives.

Jasmine seems to have a bit of a judgmental streak, and that's going to hurt her at this point in the game. Of course, it doesn't help that she ruined my plan the other night. I may vote her off next.


Landon gets out of the shelter and walks in the direction of the machete, which is beginning to drift away due to the strong wind. Fearing that he'll get injured, the rest of the tribe watches in apprehension as he searches for it. After about a minute, he finds the machete and, slowed heavily by the wind, makes his way back into the shelter. The tribe applauds him for his actions.

We needed that machete. Somebody had to go get it. Hopefully the tribe will feel indebted to me since I saved our machete, but I can't allow myself to feel self-entitled because of it.


Kyle: Landon, whatever you do, don't get hypothermia.

Landon: I'll try not to.

The tribe huddles together, waiting out the storm.

Day 6


Chuck and Dave go searching for the hidden immunity idol without any clues. Chuck searches by tree stumps and in different crevices, but finds nothing. Dave searches the branches on trees, but doesn't find anything interesting.

Dave: If I was a hidden immunity idol, where would I be? We've checked in trees and under rocks, but haven't found anything yet. And pretty soon, the tribe is probably going to get suspicious.

Chuck: You've got a point. Maybe it's somewhere on the beach.

Our reward didn't come with any clues to the hidden immunity idol, but we know there's one somewhere at our camp. We just don't know where at our camp. It'd be so helpful if they would have given us a clue.


Chuck and Dave head over to the beach only to see Katie finishing reading the day's tree mail. She takes note of their arrival.

Katie: The note makes this sound like some kind of sumo challenge. But we're all too skinny for that.

Dave: It's not that kind of sumo, Katie. I know what challenge they're talking about. Jeff's gonna give us sandbags and have us knock each other into either water or mud. It's pretty straightforward.

John: If possible, can you guys please let me beat the crap out of Landon if Dave's right about the challenge? I want to put that punk in his place.

Donna: I'll see what I can do, John.

The Kamakura tribe then heads out to the designated area for the immunity challenge.

We may have won these first two challenges, but I'm not happy with that. I'm going to show that (bleep) punk Landon who's boss. This is gonna get ugly.


Immunity Challenge

Jeff Probst: Come on in, guys!

Walking in single file, all remaining members of both tribes emerge from different forest paths onto the beach. In the distance, they see three platforms. suspended about seven feet above the water.

Jeff takes the immunity idol back from Donna, proclaims it to be back up for grabs, and explains the fairly simple challenge, which is exactly what Dave predicted it would be. He says that whichever tribe wins more one on one matchups wins immunity, while the losers will go to tribal council that night to vote somebody off. When he points out that Kamakura has one extra member, Donna volunteers to sit out.

John: Hey Jeff, am I allowed to request a specific matchup in this challenge? If so, I want to go up against Landon.

Jeff Probst: Talk to your tribe about it.

After the allotted minute to strategize, the tribes go out onto opposite platforms in the water, which feature walkways to the main platform.

Round 1: Kyle vs. Chuck

On Jeff's signal, the round begins. Chuck launches himself at Kyle, who dodges and attempts to take advantage of Chuck's position near the edge of the water. However, Chuck blocks this with his sandbag and quickly knocks Kyle down. Kyle gets back up only to be pushed off the edge. Kamakura: 1. Ashikaga: 0.

Round 2: Hannah vs. Reyna

As soon as Jeff says the round has begun, Reyna and Hannah charge at each other, both on the offensive. Neither of them push their opponent very far for the first 30 seconds, but Hannah soon gains the upper hand by quickly shifting to the left and hitting Reyna on the side of her head with her sandbag. While Reyna is staggering backwards, Hannah gives a powerful push, which sends Reyna into the water. Ashikaga: 1. Kamakura: 1.

Round 3: Patton vs. Patrick

Patton and Patrick are both slow to make a move, and spend the first few seconds sizing each other up. Patton then knocks Patrick on the ground and attempts to push him off the platform. However, Patrick retaliates by ramming his sandbag into Patton's gut, sending him backwards. Patrick then gets up and pushes Patton back even further. Patton gives one more heavy shove, which Patrick dodges as he knocks his opponent into the water. Once Patton comes back above the water, he glares at Patrick for his victory dance. Kamakura: 2. Ashikaga: 1.

Round 4: Shannon vs. Lisa

On Jeff's signal, Lisa charges at Shannon, giving her one shove to knock her off-balance, and another to quickly send her into the water. Kamakura: 3. Ashikaga: 1.

Round 5: Landon vs. John

John snarls at Landon right as Jeff gives the signal, then goes into attack mode. Landon also goes into attack mode, desperate to get another point for Ashikaga. The two of them exchange blows for a couple of minutes, both being pushed to the brink once before turning the tables. Their respective tribemates cheer them on during this grueling matchup.

Suddenly, John lunges at Landon, who shifts his foot a bit to his left, tripping John and sending him into the water. He lets out a victory shout, believing he has scored a point for his team. However, he is dismayed when Jeff tells him that the round must be redone, as he did not knock John out with his sandbag.

John gets out of the water as his tribemates jeer Landon for his dirty play. On Jeff's signal, the round restarts and John attacks even more aggressively than before, knocking Landon to the ground quickly. Landon accidentally drops his sandbag, which John promptly snatches up, and he starts mercilessly beating Landon with both sandbags while shouting the occasional obscenity at him.

Jeff Probst: Whoa, whoa, stop!

John stops and turns to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: John, the goal to this challenge is to knock your opponent into the water. Not to beat them into a pulp. Restart the round. If either of you commit another cheap shot, you automatically forfeit the round.

On Jeff's signal, Landon and John launch themselves back at each other, both pushing and shoving each other with their sandbags. However, Landon is at a disadvantage due to dizziness inflicted by numerous headshots, and soon finds himself in the water. Kamakura: 4. Ashikaga: 1.

Round 6: Jasmine vs. Emma Jasmine uses her agility to her advantage, quickly getting behind Emma and shoving her over the edge. Kamakura: 4. Ashikaga: 2.

Round 7: Lawrence vs. Dave Dave simply charges at Lawrence and knocks him over the edge in one hit, winning the challenge for Kamakura. Kamakura: 5. Ashikaga: 2.

Jeff Probst: Kamakura wins immunity!

The Kamakura tribe celebrates its third straight challenge victory, while Ashikaga looks on in frustration. Kamakura is given back immunity and reminded that they are safe from tribal council that night. Ashikaga is told the exact opposite. Both tribes are sent back to their camps.

So now we lost yet another challenge and have to vote another person off. This really sucks. Hopefully there will be some sort of tribe shakeup in the near future. I'm sick of losing.



Ashikaga returns to camp in low spirits. Bryce takes the opportunity to address Lawrence about his poor decision-making.

Bryce: Hey Lawrence, can I talk to you for a bit?

Lawrence: Absolutely.

They go a short distance into the forest, not far from the shelter.

Bryce: I think we could have won that challenge if you had me go up against Chuck instead of Kyle. Kyle ain't that strong, and Chuck's probably the strongest guy Kamakura got.

Lawrence: I wanted you to go last in case we ended up tied after eight rounds. You're the strongest person on the tribe, so we'd have the best chance of winning the tiebreaker if we had you going last. Besides, it is what it is. It can't be undone. Right now, we just need to figure out who to cut loose.

Bryce: That's the other thing I wanted to talk to you about. I still don't trust Patton. He's the most manipulative person out here, and he ain't that good at challenges. You want to keep the tribe strong, and you can do that by getting rid of Patton, while also eliminating a huge threat.

Lawrence: I also have to consider the harmony of the tribe. Jasmine doesn't get along too well with the others, so we may have to get rid of her. How can we win anything if the tribe is in a state of dysfunction?

Bryce: You want Jaz gone? But she's the strongest woman on the tribe! We need her in challenges, man.

Lawrence: I don't know for sure who exactly I want gone. I get two votes since I'm the daimyo, so it's possible that I'll split my votes. I'll be fine as long as one of them goes home.

Ain't nothing I can say that will fully convince Lawrence that Patton's gotta go. It's frustrating, man. It's really frustrating. Almost as much as constantly losing.


Meanwhile, Patton tried to get supporters for his own agenda.

Patton: Jasmine voted for you at the last tribal council. Did you know that?

Shannon: Really? She did?

Patton: It's true. And since you're not exactly the strongest person on the tribe, you may want to get rid of her. I get the feeling it'll be one of you going home tonight, but I don't want you gone. You're much more trustworthy than Jasmine is.

Shannon: So you're voting for Jasmine? Why not Lawrence?

Patton: Lawrence's time will come soon enough. Right now, we just need Jasmine gone. Trust me.

I'm not entirely sure why Patton thinks it's a good idea to get rid of Jasmine before Lawrence, since Lawrence is kind of pathetic in challenges, but whatever that reason is, it's probably a good one. He's the kind of guy who always seems to know what he's doing.


Once Patton leaves to discuss his plans with other tribemates, Shannon goes searching for the hidden immunity idol just in case. After a few minutes of looking through trees, she finds a mysterious, small bundle wrapped in cloth on the ground, presumably having been knocked from the trees during the storm. She picks the bundle up and unwraps it, discovering that the hidden immunity idol is a figurine of a samurai warrior.

Shannon: I found it!

I thought looking for the idol would be like the Survivor version of Where's Waldo, but apparently not. It was so easy! I just have to create a fake idol to hide somewhere and keep this hidden.


Shannon sneaks over to the shelter and hides the idol in her bag, then wraps a rock inside the cloth as a decoy, hiding it in a tree.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Landon, and Hannah are contemplating who to get rid of next.

Landon: So who's next?

Kyle: I'm not sure. Bryce is going to want Patton gone, but Jasmine's been somewhat volatile lately.

Hannah: She and I are the only women on the tribe who are any good at challenges. We need her more than we need Patton.

Kyle: You've got a point. And it's not like Patton's that helpful to us. Maybe we should just vote for Patton unless Jasmine gives us a really good reason to vote her off.

Landon: You'll give the signal if and when that happens?

Kyle: Of course.

Landon: Sounds like a plan.

This is going to be an interesting vote, if only because I'm not entirely certain who I'm going to vote for. I'll probably end up making my decision at the very last minute, and hopefully whatever I choose won't come back to haunt me.


At sunset, the tribe heads out to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

The Ashikaga tribe enters the tribal council area and takes their seats. Jeff waits for them to sit down before questioning them.

Jeff Probst: Lawrence, last time you were here, you seemed mostly happy with your tribe. Now, after losing three straight challenges, has your opinion of them changed at all? Do you wish you had made different choices?

Lawrence: I see no point in wishing things done in the past could be changed. As far as I'm concerned, the only mistake I made was picking Beth.

Bryce shakes his head, which Jeff quickly notices.

Jeff Probst: Bryce, you seem skeptical.

Bryce: He chose a weaker tribe, plain and simple. If he picked Chuck instead of Patton, we'd probably be good.

Jeff Probst: Patton, what are your thoughts on that?

Patton: The man's entitled to his own opinion. I don't think much of it.

Jeff Probst: Patton, how can you not think much of the fact that somebody wants you off the tribe?

Patton: I have a better idea of my worth to this tribe than he does, and I'm smarter than him so he'll be gone before I am.

Jasmine: He's just arrogant, Jeff.

A tense silence falls across the tribal council area before Jeff moves on with more questions.

Jeff Probst: Kyle, would you say this tribe has become divided at all?

Kyle: There isn't a cut and dry line concerning who's on what side, but at the same time, it'd be inaccurate to call this tribe a big, happy family. Not many people on this tribe have made much effort to build any relationships with their tribemates.

Jeff Probst: Is it an issue of people not getting along?

Kyle: I wouldn't say that. It's more of an issue of differing priorities concerning the direction of the tribe, as well as in personality and lifestyle.

Jeff Probst: Jasmine, do you agree with that observation?

Jasmine: Absolutely! What Kyle thinks is funny, I think is completely amoral. What a lot of survivor players think is good gameplay, I think is greed corrupting people.

Jeff Probst: Want to indict anybody on your tribe concerning the latter?

Jasmine: Patton's the most arrogant and least trustworthy person on this tribe. It's not even close. I don't trust Kyle, either. He convinced me to vote for Shannon at the last tribal council, but it all turned out to be a lie to push his own agenda. Landon and Hannah seem to be allies of his, so they're guilty by association.

Jeff Probst: Does anybody have any comments they would like to add?

Landon: I think Jasmine's fallen into the trap of judging people by the company they keep. The whole "guilty by association" argument is complete bull(bleep). I mean, I have friends from my lacrosse team who like to party a lot, but I quit doing that stuff a few years ago. Just because one person in a group does something doesn't mean everyone else in that group does.

The tribal council area falls silent for a short while before Jeff ends the questioning session.

Jeff Probst: Alright, it is time to vote. Phoebe, you're up.

One by one, the castaways go up to the voting urn to cast their votes.

You're very opinionated, and you're not setting a very good example for other Christians.

–Phoebe (voting for Jasmine)

Bryce Dunn votes out Patton Southwell take two.

–Bryce (voting for Patton)

Patton, you get one of my votes because you might be a threat. Jasmine, you're getting my other vote because you're not getting along with the others, and we need to get along relatively well if we're going to have any success in challenges. I'll be fine with either one of you going home tonight.

–Lawrence (voting for Patton and Jasmine)

Jeff Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

A few minutes later, Jeff returns with the voting urn.

Jeff Probst: If anyone has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now is the time to do so.

Nobody steps forward to play the idol, or even indicate whether or not they have it.

Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote...Jasmine.

Second vote...Patton. We are tied. One vote Jasmine, one vote Patton.

...Jasmine. Two votes Jasmine, one vote Patton.

...Jasmine. Three votes Jasmine, one vote Patton.

Jasmine frowns, realizing that she had probably shot herself in the foot by criticizing her tribemates.

Jeff Probst: ...Patton. Three votes Jasmine, two votes Patton.

...Jasmine. Four votes Jasmine, two votes Patton.

...Patton. Four votes Jasmine, three votes Patton.

...Jasmine. Five votes Jasmine, three votes Patton.

...Second person voted out of Survivor: Japan: Jasmine. That's six votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch.

Jasmine takes her torch and walks up to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Jasmine, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Jasmine's torch, officially eliminating her from the game.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Wordlessly, Jasmine walks out of the tribal council area and disappears down the path leading into the forest.

Jeff Probst: First you vote out the weakest member of the tribe, then you take out one of your strongest. If this vote is any indication, this is a tribe that needs to make up its mind concerning its priorities. Grab your stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

The remaining eight members of Kamakura pick up their torches and leave the tribal council area, going back the way they came.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Jasmine (7 votes)
1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a1558680 191966530999242 855947619 a1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a

Hannah, Kyle, Landon, Lawrence, Patton, Phoebe, Shannon

1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a
Patton (3 votes)
BryceJasmine1558680 191966530999242 855947619 a
Bryce, Jasmine, Lawrence
Jasmine Voted Out

Voting Confessionals

Bryce Dunn votes out Patton Southwell take two.

–Bryce (voting for Patton)

For you to say that Landon and I are bad people simply because we're aligned with Kyle, who's actually a great guy, was totally out of line.

–Hannah (voting for Jasmine)

I get the feeling that you're not forgiving me for switching my vote.

–Jasmine (voting for Patton)

I don't like judgmental people. It's possible to share your beliefs without being self-righteous, believe it or not.

–Kyle (voting for Jasmine)

Talking crap about your tribemates in front of them is never a good idea.

–Landon (voting for Jasmine)

Patton, you get one of my votes because you might be a threat. Jasmine, you're getting my other vote because you're not getting along with the others, and we need to get along relatively well if we're going to have any success in challenges. I'll be fine with either one of you going home tonight.

–Lawrence (voting for Patton and Jasmine)

Most people are voting you out because you don't really fit in. Me? I'm voting you out to make an example. This is what happens when you screw up my plans.

–Patton (voting for Jasmine)

You're very opinionated, and you're not setting a very good example for other Christians.

–Phoebe (voting for Jasmine)

You've got to be able to get along with other people in this game. You can't seem to do that.

–Shannon (voting for Jasmine)

Final Words

Well this is disappointing. My husband warned me that my mouth might get me voted out of this game early if I'm not careful, and he was right. That's what I've learned about myself during this game; I need to be less harsh when sharing my views. Although I try to be, I'm not perfect.


Still in the Running

Beth voted out
1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a
Jasmine Voted Out
1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
1558680 191966530999242 855947619 a
1552812 191904904338ss738 119571436 a
1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
1533472 193180284211200 99775689 a
1481921 193180334211195 775306311 a
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
1491110 193195054209723 1246115985 a
1543124 193195124209716 688913692 a (1)
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a
1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
1558769 193202510875644 1413380790 a

Next Time on Survivor...

Both tribes are in for a shock.

Emma becomes torn between a new friendship and a new alliance.

John's vendetta against Landon becomes mutual.


The title of this episode was spoken by John.

The reward challenge has been used on Survivor: Panama an Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

The immunity challenge has been used on Survivor: Palau, Survivor: Fiji, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, and Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

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