Thorton Wheeler
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 19, 1985 (1985-01-19) (age 33)
Hometown San Diego, CA
Occupation Actor

Survivor: Black Islands

Tribes Iossisbi
Placement Winner
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 0
Days Lasted 30

Thorton Wheeler was the winner of Survivor: Black Islands.


A B-List actor, Throton is looking again for his shot at fame. He is hoping that Survivor will boost his stardom, plus a million dollars would be nice.

Survivor: Black Islands

Thorton was an amicable member of the Iossisbi tribe. He was convesable and kept through the merge because he was social, fun and physically strong. He was allied with Logan McAllister and Timothy Bayne. At the merger, they worked to get rid of ex-Rhyvella members. ,

Logan turned on his ally's and Timothy was eliminated and took 6th place. Thorton grew scared that Logan was against him as well and they had a small spat, but it was quickly resolved. Neonina Colorful was eliminated at the final 5.

In the Final Four immunity challenge, Logan helped Thorton win. Keindra Hickman was eliminated.

When Katie Hart was the last immunity winner, Thorton again grew afraid that he would be eliminated because Katie had a romantic interest in Logan, but Katie turned on her last ally Logan as well.

Because of her own treachory, Katie did not gather enough votes to win, Thorton Wheeler was crowned the second winner of Sim Survivor.

Voting History

Thorton's Voting History
Episode Thorton's
Voted Against
1 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
2 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
3 Izzy;
4 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
5 Iossisbi Tribe Immune
6 Maria -
7 Izzy -
8 Kaplan -
9 Tazyeko -
10 Keindra -
11 Katie -
12 Keindra Individual Immunity
13 Ineligible -
Jury Votes
for Thorton
Tazyeko, Timothy,
Neonina, Logan
Winner, Day 30

In episode 3, the first vote resulted in a tie, during the re-vote Thorton kept his vote the same but Ernie was eliminated.


Survivor has brought Thorton back into the Hollywood workforce. In March 2011 he got the part of protaganist Xander Rellik in an long awaited trilogy titled The After Days.

The After Days pt.1 was released in February 2012 and it was widley acclaimed, Thorton just recently finshed up acting for part 2 which is set to relase in April 2013. 


  • Prior to Survivor, Thorton appeared in the following movies: Dragamere, Slash, Wolfman, Guantanamo, Ramario the Pizza Thief and Blackhole. 
  • Thorton told Logan that his first acting stint was in fifth grade when he was a piece of chopped liver in a dogfood commercial.
  • Thorton has starred alongside of Jackie Chan in the foreign flick "The Buffalo Robot". Thoton played the protaganist Jose, the buffalo wrangler.
  • Thorton gained 400 pounds to star in the film "Steve: The American Sumo".
  • First Ckarimalis  fanon winner to win with 0 votes against.