Gerardo rises to the top position as everyone thinks he's working with them.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 11/14
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Three-Faced is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

With the tribes merging on Day 25, it became anybody's game. A majority alliance of seven was created with the hopes of ousting Heather and Aaron. However, Gerardo used his connections with Aaron to form a separate alliance which included himself, Aaron, and Heather and wanted to target Samantha, who basically had no allies in the game.

After Heather won immunity, the majority alliance, which included Sebastian, Derek, Daniel, Amy, Yessica, Gerardo, and Samantha decided to split the votes between Aaron and Agatha in the hopes that Heather would give either of them her idol. But Gerardo had his own plans and instead tried to sway the vote in favor of Samantha. Although hesitant and unsure at first, the whole tribe unanimously voted out the ad executive, making her the first person on the Jury. With only nine contestants left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Caucasus Shuffle
The castaways would play a version of shuffleboard. The castways would be divided into three groups of three. They would each be given one puck which they would try to slide closest to the target. The castaway whose puck ends up closest to the target after everyone has gone wins reward for their group.
Reward: An overnight stay at a Georgian village where they would be given a traditional feast along with a celebration
Winners: Sebastian, Derek, and Amy

Immunity Challenge: Puppet Master
Each castway will toss a grappling hook to retrieve one of three bags, in which only one of them contains the ball. After the correct bag is retrieved they will move immediately on to the table maze where they must navigate a ball through a labyrinth using handles connected to the table in a puppet-style fashion. Tilting the table, they manipulate the ball through to the center. If the ball falls into a hole, the player must start over. First player to get their ball into the net wins immunity.
Winner: Gerardo


Night of Day 27

The final nine arrived to camp shortly after voting out the first member of the Jury, Samantha. Gerardo seemed quite pleased with the turnout of the vote, even going as far as high-fiving Aaron, which Yessica quickly took notice off.

Gerardo and I started this game together. We're what's left of Hazel's alliance and we should be really close, but after we merged, he's been playing a very different game that he had been before the tribe switch. I need to keep my eye on him.


Success! I was a little worried at first, but in the end, everything fell right into place. However, everyone left in the game trust me which means that someone is going to get a rude awakening at the next Tribal.


With the fire being refueled, everyone went to sleep.

Day 28

After the sun came up, the now alliance of six met up to discuss what they would do about Heather's Hidden Immunity Idol, as it was not played the night before like they had thought.

Sebastian: "Gerardo, what happened at Tribal last night?"
Gerardo: "What do you mean?"
Sebastian: "You told us that Samantha was working with Heather. Yet when the votes were read, every vote seemed to be cast for Samantha."
Gerardo: "Well I thought they were alligned. But maybe she was just being lead on by Heather. I don't know.."
Sebastian: "Well, alright then. But now we're a person short and both Heather and Aaron are still in this game, and they still have that idol in their back pocket."
Daniel: "I guess the only thing we can do about it is to keep both of them from winning Immunity tomorrow."

My gut is telling me that Gerardo's a sketchy person, but confronting him about it will only make things worse so for now, I'll just keep my mouth shut.


As the meeting was going on, Heather, Aaron, and Agatha had a little meeting of their own.

Heather: "We escaped the vote last time, but now I think that they're coming after us in full throttle."
Agatha: "I see how that can be disconcerning."
Heather: "Yeah, Gerardo told us that we can count on him, but I don't really trust him. And even if he did join us, it'd be five against four. So if I may, may we, an an alliance, use your idol if we ever need it?"
Agatha: "Hmm. I want to help us get further, but I'll have to think it over."
Heather: "Okay then. Take all the time you need."

I thought it was a little weird how Heather was being so nice to Agatha, but Heather then explained to me that she's just using the old lady as a vote. She even thinks that the fake idol we gave her way back then is the real one and that the one Heather has is a fake. Heather's a genius!


We are in an alliance, but I'm trying to play my own game and use the idol for myself. But then again, they are the ones that handed it to me in the first place.


Later, the castaways arrived to the location of the Reward Challenge. After being greeted by Jeff, the contestants were told that they would be split up into teams of three as they compete for reward in a shuffleboard-type challenge. Jeff then told them that the winning team would be flown via helicopter to a nearby Georgian village where they would attend a festival and stay overnight. After random draw, the three teams were decided.

Blue Team: Sebastian, Derek, Amy
Red Team: Heather, Aaron, Daniel
Black Team: Gerardo, Agatha, Yessica

The Blue Team was first up. Derek took his first shot, trying to aim directly to the target, and managed to get the blue puck pretty close to it. Aaron then stepped up for the Red Team and immediately shot his puck towards the blue puck and managed to hit it off the board. Agatha took her shot, but it didn't slide anywhere near the target. It came back to the Blue Team and Amy went up next. Her puck went pretty close to the target, but Aaron's red puck was still the closest. Daniel went up next and he managed to get his puck even closer to the target, further expanding the Red Team's lead. Yessica then went up for the Black Team. She tried to hit Daniel's puck off the board, but missed the shot and her puck ended up being the one flying off the board. It was then Sebastian's turn as the final shot for the Blue Team. After taking his time, he shot his puck which managed to hit the leading red puck away from the target zone, and then stole the lead from the Read Team. It was then Heather's turn. She tried to hit Sebastian's puck, but her shot ended up being too short. It was then down to Gerardo's shot for the Black Team who'd been trailing behind from the start. Gerardo took his shot, but it ended up hitting Heather's puck instead. With no shots left, the Blue Team consisting of Sebastian, Derek, and Amy won the reward and were immediately airlifted to the Georgian Village.

Damn it! I really wanted to win that reward! Even if we did have to share it with another person, it would have finally given Heather and I some alone time.


The six who didn't win reward returned back to camp empty handed. Since half the alliance was gone, Yessica, Daniel, and Gerardo just pondered about what the three who won the reward were doing.

Daniel: "What do you think they're being served to eat? I hope it's not streak."
Yessica: "If it's steak, I'm going to be so pissed at them when they come back."
Gerardo: "What if they get to bring food with them?"
Daniel: "That'd be so awesome. We've had nothing to eat but rice and fish for the past four weeks!"

Meanwhile, Sebastian, Derek, and Amy arrived at the Georgian village and were greeted by the locals. They were then guided to a large table where the Tamada stood and told them to dig in. On the table there was a large assortment of traditional Georgian food, which included soups, salads, breads, chicken, meat, and fish. They were also given wine, but Amy didn't have some due to being underage. Once they were finished with the food, the three took part in folk dances which were held around the fire.

However, as Sebastian was dancing, he lost his balance for a moment and fell into the fire. As Sebastian screamed in pain, the locals were quick to take him out and pat him down, but his back and shoulders were seriously burned. Sebastian yelled for a wet towel to ease the severe pain and minutes later, the medical team arrived along with Jeff. As Derek and Amy looked on, the medical team put Sebastian on a stretcher, but before leaving, Jeff asked them what the situation was.

Jeff: "What's going on?"
Medical Team: "The upper portion of his back and part of his shoulders have been severely burned."
Jeff: "What do you think is the best option for him now?"
Medical Team: "Since the skin has intensely reddened, swollen and blisters have developed, I'd say he has a second-degree burn. He needs to be taken to a medical facility ASAP."
Jeff: "Alright then. Sebastian, I'm sorry but this burn needs to be treated immediately, which means we have to take you out the game. Amy and Derek, you two will stay here and come back to camp tomorrow as planned. I'll tell everyone the news later today."

As the helicopter carried Sebastian away, he gave Derek and Amy a thumbs up. Derek then took a sobbing Amy into the house where they would spend the night.

Poor Sebastian! He loved this game way too much to be taken out like that. Hopefully, Amy, Daniel, or I will be able to win this whole thing for him.


As the day began to draw to a close, the castaways were beginning to go sleep until they saw Jeff arrive at their camp.

Jeff: "Guys, I've got some news for you. Today at the reward, Sebastian accidentally fell into a fire and substained second-degree burns on his back and shoulders."
Daniel: "What?!"
Yessica: "Oh my gosh!"
Jeff: "His burns needed to be treated immediately, so we were forced to take him out of the game. However, he will be part of the Jury once he gets better."
Daniel: "Wait, what about Derek and Amy?"
Jeff: "They're fine. Just had a bit of a scare, but they'll be back tomorrow morning."

After delivering the news, Jeff left the castaways, who were still shocked at what they had just been told. They then said a prayer for Sebastian and went to sleep soon after.

Day 29

The next day, Derek and Amy came back to camp, visibly upset that their friend was taken out of the game due to injury. After some hugs, everybody then went their seperate ways.

Not that I'm happy that Sebastian got hurt, this gives some hope for my alliance! We're just another step closer to the million dollars!


This definately throws a wrench into our plans. I mean, we still have the majority 5-3, but I can never tell what Gerardo's thinking. The guy's three-faced. He's got myself, the old Alazani's, and probably even Heather's alliance thinking that he's with them.


Later, the castaways arrived to the location of the next Immunity Challenge. In front of them stood Jeff who updated them on the news of Sebastian's current status.

Jeff: "As you all know, yesterday Sebastian was taken out of the game due to some severe burns. They have been confirmed as second-degree burns, but he'll be alright. But even though someone left the game, the Immunity Challenge will still be held and someone will be voted out tomorrow."

Jeff then announced the challenge and everyone drew for spots. Once Jeff gave the signal, the challenge commenced.

Aaron was the first to get the hook on a bag, but when he reeled in it, it was revealed that it didn't contain anything. Both Yessica and Daniel were able to retrive a bag, but there was nothing in either of them as well. While Amy and Agatha struggled to get their first bag, Derek, Heather, and Gerardo were able to get their first while Aaron and Daniel were able to get their second. However, all of them except Derek's and Gerardo's were empty. Both Derek and Gerardo moved on to the next part of the challenge, while the rest tried to catch up. On her their second bag, Heather and Yessica's bags contained a ball and both of them moved on the the next part. Derek held onto a lead as Gerardo's ball kept falling into the holes. Yessica and Heather soon managed to catch up. Aaron and Daniel finally got their ball after their third ball, advancing them onto the next part. At this point, everyone, except Agatha and Amy, who were way behind, was on the maze part of the challenge. Derek, who was getting really close to the center, seemed to panic at the fact that all these people were catching up to him and accidentally had his ball fall into a hole. This opened the chance for Gerardo, Heather, and Yessica who were ahead of everybody else. Knowing that it was a three-person race, both Heather and Yessica tried to step it up, but became a little reckless and had their balls fall into one of the holes. Gerardo took his time and eventually managed to get his ball into the center, winning immunity.

The tribe came back to camp from the challenge and Yessica, Derek, Amy, Daniel, and Gerardo immediately got together. They celebrated on their, Gerardo's, immunity win, and then began talking on who they would target.

Yessica: "Unfortunately, we don't have the numbers anymore to split the votes, so we're going to have to throw all our votes at the same person."
Derek: "I know, but who?"
Daniel: "What about Agatha? I assume she's the least likely person they would play the idol for."
Amy: "But what if they're one step ahead of us and do give her the idol?"
Derek: "I feel like this is just going to be based on luck."
Yessica: "Yeah, I agree. Gerardo, what do you have to say about this?"
Gerardo: "Huh? Oh, well how about we pretend our target is Heather, and then vote for someone else."
Yessica: "Like who?"
Derek: "How about Aaron?"
Yessica: "Okay then. Aaron it is."

I literally have all the power this week. At first, I was unsure if I was going to side with Heather and Aaron, but Sebastian's departure opened up many doors for me, so joining up with them has become a possibility. However, if I side with them, Yessica and them will so pissed at me.


As Gerardo leaves the group, Yessica tells the other three to stay for a bit.

Yessica: "Guys, I might sound crazy, but I don't trust Gerardo."
Daniel: "What? Why?"
Yessica: "I don't know. He just seems different. Like he's hiding something from us."
Derek: "But that doesn't make any sense. He's been with you from the start, and after the switch, he made a deal with Daniel, Sebastian, and I."
Yessica: "Well, that's just the feeling I get from him."

I don't see Gerardo as the kind of guy that would turn on us, but then again, he is the kind that would do anything to get ahead. I might have to keep a close eye on him for a while.


When the sun begins to set, Heather, Aaron, and Agatha meet up once again. Agatha then hands her fake idol, wrapped in cloth, over to Heather.

Agatha: "Here's the idol Heather. I deeply appreciate that you would give it to me, but now it's time I think about something other than myself."
Heather: "Thank you Agatha."
Aaron: "Well then, who's going to play it?"
Heather: "I'm not sure yet."
Aaron: "Maybe we should have Gerardo tell us who they're voting for. He is working with us."
Heather: "But I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. What if he lies to us and tells us the wrong person?"
Aaron: "Uhh. Okay then. Who are we going to vote for?"
Heather: "I say Derek. People like him too much. He's definitely a Jury threat."
Aaron: "But what about Daniel? He's already won immunity."
Heather: "We can take care of him later."

I doubt Gerardo would tell us who they're voting for, but if he does, I'm 99% sure he'll be lying to us. Maybe I'll just end up playing the idol for myself.


Later, the rain comes down hard, confining the castaways in the shelter for the rest of the night.

Day 30

With the rain was still pouring hard the next day, any last minute scrambling was put on hold for a while.

Amy: "How is it still raining? It's been hours since it started."
Agatha: "We are in the mountains, honey. What did you expect?"
Amy: "I just hope it stops soon. I hate the cold."

Fortunately, the rain let up a little which allowed the castaways to roam free for a while. Heather and Aaron took this time to meet up once again before Tribal and were immediately followed by Gerardo. Unbeknownst, Daniel was watching him from a distance. After a while, the three came out and the whole tribe left for Tribal Council.

I have no idea what Gerardo was talking to them about. Hopefully, he was just planning on trying to misguide them about the idol.


I either had the option of telling them that Aaron was the real target, or lie and tell them that the target was Heather or Agatha. In the end, I just hope I made the right decision.


As little dropplets of water still continued to fall from the sky, the final eight arrived at Tribal Council. Once they sat down, Jeff welcomed in Samantha, the first member of the Jury.

Jeff: "Please welcome the Jury. Samantha, who was voted out at the last Tribal Council."

As Samantha sat down, everyone waited for Sebastian to come in as well, but he did not enter. Jeff said that even though Sebastian is a part of the Jury, he is still recovering from his burns. He then started his questioning session.

Jeff starts by commenting on the fact that the whole tribe came together to vote out Samantha at their last Tribal. Derek states that that was just a one time thing. When Jeff questions why, he responds that nobody wants to work with Heather or Aaron. When Jeff asks why they are so hated, Yessica responds that they are rude, condescending, and always look down on everybody. Jeff gives both Heather and Aaron a chance to respond in which Heather states that that's who she is. Aaron then nods his head in agreement. The spotlight is then directed to Gerardo. Jeff asks that if he did not have the immunity necklace around his neck, how safe would he feel. Gerardo replies that he'd feel safe either way. That he knows who he's working with, and plans to work with them for a long time. With that, Jeff begins the voting. After everyone had voted, Jeff tallies the votes and comes back with the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone would like to play a Hidden Immunity Idol, now's the time to do so."
Heather: "Jeff.."

Heather stands up and heads over to Jeff to give him her real idol. Derek, Samantha, Daniel, and Amy smile as Heather makes her way. But she then stops and offers her idol to Aaron. He accepts it and hands Jeff the idol himself. The smiles of the mentioned castaways then fade away.

Jeff: The rules of Survivor state that if a Hidden Immunity Idol is played, any votes cast against that person do not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be voted out. This is a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast against Aaron will not count. Time to read the votes. First vote.. Aaron. Does not count. Aaron. Aaron. Aaron. Still no votes for anybody. Firth vote.. Aaron. Three votes left. Sixth vote.. Derek. The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Caucasus and third member of the Jury... Derek. That's two and for tonight, that's enough. Please come bring me your torch."

As Derek stood up, he was given hugs from his alliance members and then presented his torch to Jeff.

Jeff: "Derek, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go."

While Derek walked out, Yessica, Amy, and Daniel were visibly upset while Gerardo tried to put on a sad face.

Tribal Council

Day 28

Removed From Camp
Sebastian Hibbard BW
Sebastian Hibbard

Final Words

This was not the way I wanted to leave the game, but you just have to take what the world gives you. Unfortunately, the world gave me too much wine and I fell in a fire. But even though I'm not proud of the way I played the first quarter of the game, I'm happy I got to meet all these amazing people and will be cheering for them until the very end. So good luck to all of you!

–Sebastian Hibbard

Day 30

Tribal Council 12:
Aaron McCarthy
Aaron (used
Hidden Immunity Idol)
Yessica ChangGerardo GuzmanDaniel Marvin
Derek PhuAmy Corazon
Yessica, Gerardo, Daniel,
Derek & Amy
(votes not counted)
Derek Phu
Derek (3 votes)
Heather VillegasAaron McCarthyAgatha Christenson
Heather, Aaron & Agatha
Derek Phu BW
Derek Phu

Voting Confessionals

You're a Jury threat and stand in my way. Sorry.


I can't tolerate your rude behavior around camp any longer.


You're very lucky you made it this far.


We may not have the votes, but we do have the idol.


This vote is for Aaron just because I'm hoping that when he plays the idol like I told him to, Yessica, Amy, and Daniel won't suspect me of doing anything.


Hopefully you don't play the idol tonight.


Gerardo, this all depends of you. Hopefully, you decide to stick with us.


I'm sorry son, but this was the way it was meant to go.


Final Words

I didn't expect for this to happen to me, but it is what it is. Throughout my 30 days, I was able to experience all the highs and lows and I'd say that this is my lowest low. But there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, so maybe someone in my alliance will pull through and win this.

–Derek Phu

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu BW
Lauren Faas BW
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino BW
Sebastian Hibbard BW
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Daniel, Yessica, and Amy find out about Gerardo's betrayal.
  • One castway learns the shocking truth.

Author's Notes

  • A Tamada, or toastmaster, is an important and honoured position in a Georgian feast, in which huge assortments of dishes are prepared, always accompanied by large amounts of wine, and can last for hours. From time to time, the Tamada arranges toasts, but takes breaks in between to make sure no one gets overly intoxicated.
  • The Reward Challenge is the same challenge used in Sour Grapes from Survivor: The Amazon, Now Who's In Charge Here?! from Survivor: Vanuatu, It's Funny When People Cry from Survivor: Tocantins and Jumping Ship from Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains.
  • The Immunity Challenge is the same challenge used in Ticking Time Bomb from Survivor: South Pacific.
  • This episode's title was said by Yessica.
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