Tiffany Anston
Lukep (15)
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 1st, 1962
Hometown Steilacoom
Occupation Massage Therapist

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Tribes Thomas
Placement 5/16
Alliances The Breakfast Alliance
Challenges Won 7
Votes Against 3
Days Lasted 36

Tiffany Anston is a contestant from Survivor: Virgin Islands.


Tiffany was born in Oregon, but moved to Steilacoom at the age of thirty-one. She became a massage therapist and married a man named Joe. Tiffany currently lives in Steilacoom with Joe and her son Bill. She wants to go on Survivor for the adventurous experience. Probst claims that she will either go really far or be out really early.

Survivor: Virgin Islands

Upon arriving on Exile Island, Tiffany was placed on the Thomas tribe. After Leo won her tribe the first challenge, they went to camp. Tiffany entertained the tribe with a story from her childhood. After losing the next challenge, Casper began yelling at Leo, Octavia and Harrison. Due to this, Tiffany calmed him down. Casper was later voted off. Tiffany was then brought into a women's alliance led by Alexis, along with Octavia and Felicity.

Voting History

Tiffany's Voting History
Episode Tiffany's
Voted Against
1 Casper -
2 Thomas Tribe Immune
3 Thomas Tribe Immune
4 Thomas Tribe Immune
5 No Vote
6 Sparky -
7 Samantha Individual Immunity
8 Haley -
9 Leo -
10 Justice -
11 Leo -
12 Leo Harrison, Leo,
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


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