"Time For Revenge"
TimeForRevenge The 6th reward challenge winner.
Season Survivor: Kidnap Islands
Author User:Ckarimalis
Episode Number 10/13
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: Kidnap Islands

Previously On Survivor...

The alliances were tied 4-4 but before a critical vote Jake was evacuated do to an infection, now Eiao is outnumbered again.


Reward Challenge: Loved Ones Challenge
The castaway's family members participate in this challenge by using a slingshot to launch balls into a field where castaway's must catch with their nets. The first to catch three wins reward.
Reward: A cruise through Marquesan waters and a diving trip.
Winner: Reginald

Immunity Challenge: Gang Hang
Over a pool of water, the castaways will hang from a bar for as long as they can. After twenty minutes, they will be allowed to use only their legs to hold them up. Once they drop from the bar, they are out of the challenge. Last person left hanging wins immunity.
Winner: Robin


Night 27

A different sense of loss fills the air at camp.

It feels weird not having to vote someone out. But I don't care, Jake is gone and we have an advantage now.


What on God's blueberry covered earth! My friend Jake is gone, now I have no one left to count on. Just me and the girls.


Cassie, Jane, and Reginald discuss not having Jake.

Jane: "Well now what? That's it. Jake is gone."
Reginald: "This is almost as sad as when my family was attacked by sharks."
Cassie:"I doubt we can get Jacqueline on our side. But we have to keep trying I guess."
Jane: "It's as good a plan as any I guess."

This is it, we've lost, those four are not gonna falter, I must win like every challenge now.


I worry Jane is feeling defeated, I hope she doesn't give up just yet.


Without much more discussion, the group goes to sleep.

Day 28

The group splits a chicken for breakfast and they also eat eggs. The breakdown in alliances is easily noticed. Minerva, Alabaster, Robin and Jacqueline sit together and Reginald, Jane and Cassie sit together. Reginald tries to tell some foolish story but no one seems to pay attention. The camp is eerily quiet. After breakfast the two groups split apart.

The vibe in camp is just awful. The hunger is bad, the pain is bad, but the awkward quietness is awful! I know this is a social game and that we have the ability to make the top 4 without talking to any of them, but to go, I don't know, 9 more days while giving them the silent treatment just seems awful. Maybe I can get a leg up on the other people in my alliance if I am more friendly with these people.


Jacqueline goes and chats amongst Cassie, Jane and Reginald. But Minerva, Alabaster and Robin quickly notice.

Robin: "I just don't get her angle, she must know she is making herself a threat to us."
Alabaster: "She is literally ruining her chances with us, much faster than I ruined that one time I tried to saw my assistant in half, and that was fast!"
Minerva:"Oh she is just trying to have fun I think."
Robin: "But Minerva, she is just trying to be nice to them so she can get their votes. At the final 4, she must go."

I've always been leery of Jacqueline, but now I'm more sure then ever that she is playing with her own agenda, she has to go!


I made a pact with Jacqueline, I cant promise Robin to vote her out at the final four. And if I did, I feel like he and Alabaster would turn on me.


While chatting with Jane, Cassie and Reginald, strategy is brought up with Jacqueline again.

Jane: "So Jacqueline, you are the swing vote, at the next tribal you can vote with us three or Minerva, Robin and Alabaster. You have total control of the game right now!"
Jacqueline: "It doesn't feel that way. I honestly don't feel safe with either group, it seems everyone has a final 3 alliance but me."
Cassie:"You can still join us, we really need you. Would you like to see a failing magician or a struggling chef/musician win"
Reginald: "Or a fellow traveler like you?"
Jacqueline: "I will consider your offer, but I need to do what is best for me."

So I guess that's a no?


We are all deserving of the million simoleon prize. We all need it to. And I do have a strong ally, I know which side I need to stay on.


Day 29

The castaways are caught off guard by tree mail telling them to meet for a challenge, usually challenges are on the third day in a 3 day cycle, but maybe it is some type of reward challenge.

At the challenge zone, the host tells them that this is not an immunity challenge, he asks if they would like to see the reward. The group gives a hearty "YES" and the host gives a whistle and yells "Come on Out!"

A group of 4 women, 1 man and a child emerge from behind the bushes and everyone begins to cheer with excitement. It's friends and family from home!

The host asks who is here to visit:

Cassie: "My much younger, but way cooler sister Marie."
Robin: "My grandmother Margaret is here."
Minerva:"My sister Agnes is here."
Jane: "That's Zara, my best friend."
Jacqueline: "My best friend is here too, her name is Lorelai."
Alabaster:"My close friend too is here, Hey Ryan!"
Jane: "Wait, Reginald, whose here to see you?"
Reginald: ".... No one, I thought I told you all about my family."

No one was there to greet Reginald, Cassie began to cry. Reginald hugged her.

Reginald: "It is ok, you guys are the greatest friends I have ever had, and you are like a family to me too."

The challenge rules were explained, each family member would use a slingshot to shoot a ball into a field where the contestants would catch with a big net. The first to catch three total balls would win. The reward was a mini cruise on a yacht with their loved one. They would be taken diving as well. Reginald is allowed to compete.

The challenge begins, Marie, Cassie's 8 year old sister shoots a ball. It doesn't go very far and Cassie anticipated this, she catches the ball. Next, Robin's grandmother launches the ball, Robin dives to catch it, but Reginald catches it beforehand, he winks to Margaret. Agnes, Minerva's sister launches the ball. Everyone moved up anticipating it not to go far, but Minerva's sister was just as strong as Minerva has proven to be all season and Minerva catches the far flying ball. Zara shoots next, and Cassie pushes Jane out of the way to get it. She mouths "Sorry" but Jane looks displeased. Lorelai shoots a ball, but it goes un-caught. Ryan shoots a ball and Reginald catches this one too. The score is Cassie and Reginald 2, Minerva 1. Cassie's sister shoots next, but this time Jane catches the ball, Cassie starts fuming. Robin catches the ball his grandmother shoots. Agnes is up, but this time everyone is ready, Reginald catches it, he scores his third point and wins.

Everyone is confused because he doesn't have anyone to share the reward with. The host allows him to pick 2 duos to join him. Without hesitation he chooses Jane and Zara. Cassie looks at him questionably and wonders why he is waiting to pick her. He picks Robin and his grandmother Margaret. Cassie spits. She is furious. Everyone must say goodbye to their family members and friends. Cassie, Minerva and Jacqueline cry, and they return to camp with Alabaster.

Choosing only 2 people today was one of the toughest things I've ever had to do. But I tried to not make anyone else more mad at me, maybe now Robin will give me a shot.


Good God I am sick of that old fart! Why didn't he pick me! ERGH! I missed Marie so much!


On the boat cruise was food, the group of 5 feasted. Jane and Zara talked about what was going on back at home and Reginald made awkward eye contact with Margaret. Finally the boat reached the diving hole. The 5 geared up and were given instructions.

The 5 swam around the hole marveling at the ocean beauty. During the dive, Reginald noticed something was off. There were barely any fish to be seen, then he knew why. He signaled everyone to get out of the water. Robin, Jane and Zara swam to the boat but Margaret did not understand his underwater hand gestures. A large shark was in the area. Margaret kept on swimming, and Reginald noticed the shark was coming for her! He swam towards it and punched it in the nose! The shark swam away and he pulled Margaret to the top to the boat.

The group had witnessed the whole scene through the clear, Marquesan waters. They cheered for Reginald, Margaret said "My hero" and kissed him on the cheek. Robin made a horrid facial expression.

I was not gonna let that shark harm my family anymore! I wonder if that was the same shark that ate my other family? I showed him who was boss! I punched him right in the nose! That shark knew it was time for revenge!


The mood was lively on the boat ride back to camp. At camp, the mood was lower than usual.

Cassie: "I mean of all people, Robin? Robin isn't even nice to any of us. I could see him picking you Minerva or you Jacqueline, but Robin?"
Minerva: "Cassie, it alright, were in this game for 10 more days then we go home. It won't be that long until we see them again."
Cassie:"I'm just pissed."
Alabaster: "We all are."

Maybe we can harness Cassie's negative energy into something and eliminate Reginald with ease.


They're lucky that I am level headed and won't turn on them.


Jane, Robin and Reginald arrive at camp later when everyone is asleep, they join them in the shelter.

Day 30

The group arrives at the immunity challenge. Rules are explained and everyone starts hanging. Before twenty minutes pass, Minerva falls. Once the twenty minutes has passed everyone has to hang only by their legs, during the transition, Cassie falls into the pool, she is out. Hanging upside down, Alabaster loses his hat. He grimaces and falls. A good 15 minutes pass and no one is disturbed. Jacqueline falls leaving Reginald, Jane and Robin. Reginald begins singing a foreign song. Jane starts to sway, she falls. Robin and Reginald are unperturbed. The hour mark passes and finally Reginald loses concentration and falls. Robin wins immunity. The team returns to camp.

Finally! I am safe! Woo! Thank goodness, I feel so good.


In Romania I took a study about vampires, part of the class included sleeping like a bat, this challenge was so easy, I should've won!


Jane and Cassie discuss what to do.

Cassie: "Here's what I think, It's 3 against 4. Why don't we suggest cutting Reginald and we can keep ourselves alive longer."
Jane: "That's terrible, what did Reginald do to you? He has been loyal so far."
Cassie:"I know its just, they wont target him because he doesn't seem threatening, and one of us is going to go anyway, why not throw him under the bus?"
Jane: "I don't think that's fair. We just need to lure in Jacqueline."

Cassie's motives scare me, if she is that willing to turn on Reginald, how easily can she turn on me?


He has got to go, he is likable and not threatening. And annoying! The whole shark-bit might be enough for me to get people on my side.


Despite Jane's warning, Cassie goes and tells the other group her plan.

Cassie: "Ok guys, I am willing to turn on my ally to give myself three more days. I know you think that Jane and I are tough and need to go, but Reginald is sneaky. You wouldn't think so, but he is. He won the reward and almost immunity. He is a physical threat. He is also a social threat. He is nothing but friendly and he saved Robin's grandmother! He is a natural hero! He has got to go."
Robin: "My grandmother was in his trance, I feel like he will have a good speech if he made it to the end."
Minerva:"We will think about it Cassie.

Although she does have a point, she is scaring me.


Cassie leaves and the group continues to strategize.

Jacqueline: "I'd rather she goes. That was very scheme-ish. "
Robin: "It's true though, Reginald is a threat to all of us."
Alabaster:"They all are! Jane is a big threat! She needs to go."
Minerva: "It doesn't matter who goes as long as one of them goes, let's just make a unified decision."

I've spoken my part, I just hope my desires come true.


The group of seven marches to tribal council.

Tribal Council

At tribal, the host begins by bringing in the jururs. Amir smiles to the team after not seeing them for almost a week. Jake has a large bandage on his one hand but looks much healthier.

Tribal Council 9:
Mala Soal
Reginald (5 votes)
Alabaster, Cassie, Jacqueline, Minerva & Robin
Alabaster (2 Votes)
Jane & Reginald

ReginaldQ B&W
Reginald Quivers

Voting Confessionals:

I'd like to take out someone else, but you're a good candidate as well.


This needed to be done way before the merge!


I enjoyed all the chats we've had but you gotta go.


Now I get to make you disappear!


I am sorry about this one, you are a nice guy.


I am still not sure, are you a butler or a chauffeur? Why wear a tux to an island?


Thanks for saving my grammie! But ew please stay away she is off limits!


Final Words



Still In The Running

JakeG B&W
JeriahM B&W
MillieT B&W
MoondoggieG B&W
ReginaldQ B&W
YolandriS B&W
AlyssaW B&W
AmirK B&W
JamieS B&W
RichardJ B&W

Next Time On Survivor..

Just Jane and Cassie are left, which will advance to the final 5, is it possible for them both to make it?

Author's Notes

  • Because of continuing computer difficulties, this episode was also created only on this wiki.