"Time To Play"
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User:Henzzy
Episode Number 10/15
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This is the 10th episode of Survivor: Solomon Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

The Isabel tribe was clearly a divided tribe, with conflict left right and center. The chouiseul tribe was much the same, with one of survivors biggest conflicts between Regina and Stephanie not getting better. After Ben's alliance failed to tell him to vote out Cynthia at the previous tribal council, he seeked revenge on his alliance, go to T-Man and Tammie to wanting to elimiante his alliance of Rachael and Nate, however, T-man and Tammie decided the smartest thing to do was blindside Ben. And they did.

Jeff: 10th person voted out of Survivor: Solomon Islands and first member of the jury....Benjamin.

Ben: *shocked*

10 remain, and with a merge, things will only get worse for the survivors.


Immunity Challenge: Rollerballs

On a large wooden disk, tribe members must maintain their balance while three balls are placed on the disk. If any ball rolls down to the ground, or they fell off the perch, the player is out of the challenge. Last male and female standing win immunity.

Winner: Rachael & Nate


Night 22

Returning from Tribal council, villian, T-Man was pleased with how he blindsided Ben.

ben was dumb. he trusted survivors greatest villians and got what dumb people get! A good old blindside! It does scare me that he is on the jury, but i think he will understand that, dumb actions have massive reactions!


Rachael speculates that there may be a merge tomorrow so she starts packing her belongings.

Day 23

Rachael and Tammie go and check tree mail, Rachael reads a note.

Congratualtions final 4 of the Isabel tribe, today the 4 of you will join the Choiseul tribe at there camp and will be merged. Here is a map to your new camp and a key that will unlock a cheast full of googs that are awiating the members of the merged tribe.

–Tree mail, Read by rachael

Rachael: Yes!!!! We are merged!

Tammie: Yay! Rachael, I think we need to stick together and take out the Choiseul members. What do you think?

Rachael: yes, but they have numbers we need to get numbers.

Tammie: I can convince some of the others into an alliance, I was in one with Brad and some others when i was on that team.

The girls talk stritigy and read the note to there ttribe.

At the isabel camp, Brad and Andrew find a message in there treemail and a locked cheast.

Congratulations final 6 of the Choiseul tribe. Soon you will have 4 new people on your tribe, they bring a key and compotition. Get ready becuause new teammates, new friends, new rivals are on there way!

–treemail, Read by Andrew

Brad: A merge!!!! I'm excited!

Andrew: Same, but what about reggy and Steph? We need them to start playing together not agaisnt each other.

Brad: I don't think we do, whats the point sticking with out tribe? We can make a mixed alliance and work our way from there.

Andrew: Im not sure...

Brad: I am.

Brad isn't really playing the game for the team. More for himslef. I'm starting to boubt his trust.


The men carry the cheast back to the camp and tell the tribe about the merge. The news excites them, espessally Stephnaie, who wants to see her "lovey dovey" T-Man.

A MERGE!!! Finally i will see T-Man again and i can take that b**** regina out! I can't wait!


The isabel tribe pack their things and travvell to the Choiseul camp. When they arrive, they are welcolmed by the Choiseul tribe and they unlock the cheast and read a note.

Congratulations! You are merged! Enjoy the feast and get to know your new team mates. Take a buff, your tribe name is Honiara. Enjoy and remember the game never stops!

–Merged note, read by Regina

The new Honiara tribe enjoy the feast but the words, "Enjoy and remember the game never stops!" are in everyones mind. T-Man thinks that it means there is a clue to a hidden immumity idol somewhere at the feast, but he is not the only one to think that. When Brad opens a jar of lollies he grabs a handfull and feels a slip of paper, he looks and see's no one is watching him and a grabs the note and sits on it. He shuts the jar and passes it around.

So i'm just getting a few lollies and i find a paper slip. hmmm because lollys feel like paper, then i look and its a clue! With this i can change the rest of this game! This couldn't have come at a better time, but now i have to find it.

–Brad, on finding the clue.

The team finish eating an use the cheast to store there clothes. Brad goes looking for the idol, we reads the clue and looks in all the obvious spots that it could be but finds nothing. He dicideds he needs help so he tells Andrew about the clue.

Brad: hey Andy, i have the clue.

Andrew: *Shocked* show me!

Brad: *shows the clue*

Andrew: *hides it* lets find it

the men walk into the forrest and look for the idol unsucsessfully.

T-man decides to reunite with Stephanie. Stephanie tells him about her conflict with Regina, T-Man acts sympothicly but really, couldn't care less.

Please! Stephanie is a whining little girl. Like siriously? Your 24 not a 14 year old thats getting bullied at school. Toughen up princess. She all like "Regina is mean" "I don't like her" I am like pretending to care! And its hard! I'm considering blindsiding her because Tammie is easier to deal with!


T-Man is a great pal! He is so understanding.


Regina talks to Johnny and Lucas about getting all the orgianal Isabel tribe together and taking out the choisuel tribe. They agree and say Andrew should go first.

Day 24

After sleeping with full bellys, the Horiana tribe walk up and the men go fishing, rachael, Stephanie and Tammie lie in the shelter talking about there lives and regina is cooking some rice. When all of a sudden

Johnny: Argh!!!!!

The girls all run to the beach to see what has happened. Johnny limps out of the water with blood comming out of his head. The other men swim into see whats happened, Rachael wraps her spare shirt around his head to catch the leaking blood and a medical is called in. Johnny breakes down in fear that he may me medicaly evacuated. The team reasure him that he will be ok. The medical team comes in and stitch up his head and say he will need to have an x-ray on his skull to see if he is able to stay in the game. Jeff tells the tribe that if Johnny is able to compete he will return to the camp tonight. The medical team takes Johnny away and the tribe in in shock. Andrew explains that Johnny dived into the water and banged his head on a sharp rock.

Oh my gosh! I can't believe what i just witnessed. Poor Johnny! I was not expecting that at all! I hope he is ok and can return.


that was nasty! Johnny is very lucky to just have cut his head! Things could have been a lot worse!


I couldn't care less. If he gets taken away, thats one less person for me to vote out. So i'm hoping he doesn't return!


The rest of the day the survivors are worried about wheather Johnny will return or not. Rachael and Nate talk about what might happen if Johnny is evacuated. But that night Johnny returns to camp with a bandage around his head and can continue in the game.

YES!!!! I am still here! Thank godness. I was really scared about that. I am obviously at a disadvantage physically now, so i can do as well in the challenges, but at least im still here.


WHy? Why? Why? Why could he not have got evacuated!?


Day 25

At the reward challenge, Jeff explains ther challenge and the contestants draw for spots. About 10 seconds into the challenge, Stephanie drops out, and giggles to destract Regina who is standing next to her. regina over comes this making Stephanie angry. Johnny drops a ball then jeff tells them to add an extra ball. When adding the ball, Andrew drops and is out, followed by Tammie and Brad. The castaways ballence while the people out of the challenge watch to see who will win. Lucas drops his ball and 2 men and 2 wemon remain. jeff instructs them to add a third and final ball, and they do, and Regina is eliminated from the challenge. Rachael drops her ball as Jeff yells out "Rachael Wins Immunity!" T-Man and Nate are still competeing, and are ballenceing for an other 30 minuetes before T-man drops his ball and Nate also wins immunity.

I'm real happy about winning immunity, and even better, Rachael won too! She's like my number 1 ally and we are both safe!


I can't believe it! I won immunity! I don't like i was on the choping block anyway but it's good to know that you have a 100% chance of being in the top 9 in Survivor!


The final 10 walk back to camp, and talk of who to vote out starts right away. Rachael, Nate, Lucas and Johnny go and talk about who to vote out. Rachael tells them she think T-Man will think he is going to get votes, so if he has an idol he might play it, so it would be best to not vote him out. Nate says that Andrew is a smart vote because he is young and fit and could wins future immunitys. Lucas agrees and the four of them agree to vote out Andrew.

So, i guess i have a bit of an alliance going on with rachael, Nate and Johnny. But Johnny gets on my nerves so who knows how long it will last?


T-Man talks to Tammie about blindsiding Stephanie.

T-man: babez, i want Stephanie out.

Tammie: why? Andrew, Brad and Lucas are much bigger threats.

T-Man: trust is a big thing. She is playing an under the radar game and will get jury votes.

Tammie: I don't think she will, She's riding everyones coattails. Plus she's easy to beat in the final immunity challenges.

T-Man: Ok.

Hmmmm........ I need to reconsider why alliance with Tammie, maybe she's really got a brain...somewhere in her head...She should just be listening to me but she's starting to think. Something must be going on in her head and she thinking "Hmmmm, Its time to play"


Brad and andrew talk about taking out T-Man, and try convince, Nate and rachael. The agree but secretly will vote out T-man. The also talk to Regina about it and she agrees.

At tribal council, Ben comes in as the first member of the jury. Jeff askes Nate how it feels to win immunity? He tells Jeff its the best thing he's felt for 25 days. jeff askes Stephanie if the Choiseul tribe will stick together since they have numbers.

Stephanie: No, because I refuse to be in an alliace with that thing *points at Regina*

Regina: Wow! What a muture comment.

Stephanie: That's comming from you! You suck at comments! You couldn't say a good one to save your life!

Regina: But people respect me for my maturnity and abitlity to walk away from trouble.

Stephanie: well why don't you walk over to Jeff with your torch so he can snuff it and you get the hell out of here?

Regina: Because i'm here to play a game.

Stephanie: why do you continue to play? You suck at it! You have not made a big move in this game!

Regina: and i haven't been riding someones coattail either.

jeff askes Brad if these girls are worse or better at camp. Brad replies "about the same, its kinda obvious they don't get on."

Jeff then tells them its time to vote. after the vote, Andrew is blindsided in a 6-2-1-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
Andrew zarr
Andrew (6 votes)
T-Man, Tammie, Rechael, Nate, Jonny & Lucas
T-Man (2 votes)
BradAndrew zarr
Andrew & Brad
Regina (1 vote)
Stephanie (1 vote)
Andrew out
Andrew Zarr

Voting Confessonals

Your a villain, and a good one at that.


If its not you tonight, i will do all i can to get you out!


After this, im taking controll of tammie!


Your a good guy, but a threat and I don't need threats in this game.


Dear regina, I don't like you. I have never liked you. I will never like you. Get of this island!


Cya buddy


I think your a physical trheat, a mental threat and a all up threat to win this game. So bye




ok, your not expecting it, blindside!


I hope you had a good 25 days.


Final Words

WOW! They got me! hahahah. I wish them all luck especally Brad. Have a good time and i'll see you all soomn!


Still In The Running

Chris out


Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew out

Ben out
Felix out
Carol out
Cynthia out

Elizabeth out

Heather out


Next time on survivor...

Regina is still Stephanies target.

Stephanie: Everyone hates you!

Regina: *nods head*

And can Brad find the idol with out the others finding him?

T-Man: wheres Brad?

Tammie: Brad??? Where are you?

Brad: *sees Tammie* oh s**t.

Authors notes