"Time to Take Out the Trash"
Season Survivor: The Beginning
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 5/13
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This is the 5th episode of Survivor: The Beginning .

Previously On Survivor...

Bob and Pen tried to turn The Force on the other. Noticing the boys not getting along, Victoria formed a female pact with Olive to get rid of the three Sabah men. At Sarawak, Helga's laziness became worse. Shortly afterwards, Jane formed an alliance with the guys of Sarawak. This forced Benny to choose sides between Violet and Jane. Olive and Charlie recieved the news of the reward challenge and brought the news back to camp. Due to Sabah not being able to agree on anything, Sarawak won reward. But the Sarawak winning streak was broken in the Immunity challenge. At Tribal Council, Helga was voted out unanimously. Twelve are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Choose Your Weapon
Three members from both tribes will compete in three rounds. First tribe to win two out of three rounds wins. First using blowguns to knock fruits down. The heaviest set wins that round. The second using a slingshot. The third is to hit a target with a spear. Closest to the bull's eye wins.
Reward: The fruits they knocked down and three live chickens.
Winner: Sarawak

Immunity Challenge: Shipwrecked
One person from both tribes must row a boat out to sea. The other tribemates will be in the ocean. The rower must rescue all tribemates to win.
Winner: Sarawak


Day 13

At Sarawak, Jane is happy that camp life has been much easier with Helga gone. She claims that all losing the Immunity challenge did was benefit the tribe. Jane brought Ryan and Charlie to the beach to talk with them. Jane tells Ryan and Charlie that the three of them are her ideal final three. She says that they'll bring Walter and Benny to the final five, then vote them off. In a confessional, Ryan revealed that he doesn't want to take Jane to the finals due to her being a big strategy threat.

Is Jane trying to run the show here? She's far too strategic to take all the way to the end. I hope she'll settle for only making it halfway through.


Meanwhile, Walter spear fished to catch fish and raise likeability. Walter said that he's abandoned his old strategy, stating that all he needs to do is catch fish to stay in the game.

Who needs strategy when no one's voting you off anyway? Besides, I have an alliance, which has the majority. I'll just catch fish the whole game.


Vanessa comes to the conclusion that the way to get far is by keeping silent the whole time and letting everyone else strategize. Violet met with Vanessa and Benny to tell them that Jane is the next target, for being weak.

If we want Sabah to go down, challenges are our priority. Jane's not that strong.


At Sabah, Pen and Bob continued to plot against each other. But Pen thinks that if Sabah can win the next three Immunities, they will enter the merge even with Sarawak. Peter began to wonder what his place is in the tribe. He began to think that the girls would be the safest to align with.

Bob and Pen always argue, Olive and Victoria are always together, so where do I stand in this tribe? The girls may actually be the safest to align with.


Victoria and Olive meet and discuss who to vote out. They decide either Bob or Pen, being tired of their arguing.

Sabah needs to be at peace. But it will not be at peace as long as both Bob and Pen are here. At least one of them has to go!


Pen then met with the Sabah members, except for Bob, and told them to vote out Bob and end the troubles between them.

I hope these people realize that Bob's the one who started this.


Day 14

The tribes met Probst for the reward challenge. In the first round, Benny won against Olive. In the second, Victoria won against Walter. In the final round, Vanessa won against Pen. Sarawak won reward.

Back at Sarawak, Charlie felt that the victory showed Sabah not to be cocky for winning one challenge. Violet suggested that they eat all the chickens before the merge so they don't have to share with Sabah. Benny revealed in a confessional that he was going to stick with Jane's alliance rather than Violet's, due to Jane's having more people.

Day 15

The tribes met with Probst once again for the Immunity challenge. Victoria was the rescuer for Sabah, and Violet for Sarawak. Although it was close, Sarawak won Immunity.

Back at Sabah, Pen created a plan to keep himself in the game. He summons Bob, Peter and Olive to him and apologizes to Bob for all the problems they have had. In a confessional, Bob states that he doesn't believe Pen. Olive is angered by Pen being so insecure about everything. Pen tells Bob and Olive to vote Victoria for losing the challenge. Olive then goes to Victoria and tells her about Pen's plan. Victoria, however, doesn't think anyone will go with it.

If people are smart, they'll vote out Pen. Why would they vote out me before him?


At Tribal Council, Pen went through with his plan to vote Victoria, but Pen was eliminated in a 4-1 vote. The Force was destroyed. By this point, it seemed that there was no possible way to enter the merge even with Sarawak.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:

Luke (5)
Pen (4 votes)

Luke (2)Luke (4)Luke (6)Luke (7)

Bob, Olive, Peter & Victoria

Luke (7)
Victoria (1 vote)

Luke (5)

Pen James

Voting Confessionals

It's time to take out the trash. Get off of my island!


For a lifeguard, you're not very good at water challenges.


Final Words

I think that I did quite a bit in my time out here. I tried my best and it wasn't enough. I was a good player on a bad tribe. I guess the game is over for me. Oh, and Bob, I'm taking my apology back.


Still in the Running

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Author's Notes

  • As of this episode, Peter is the only Sabah member not to get a vote against him.