"To Commit Tyrannicide"
Season Survivor: Honduras
Author User:UlforceKnight
Episode Number 12/14
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This is the 12th episode of Survivor: Honduras

Previously on Survivor...

After Jessica's elimination, Alison's hope of surviving to the end was dwindling fast. Her only option was to recruit one of the members from John's Alliance to at least force a tie. Her eyes were set on Susan. John also had planned for a possible betrayal by Susan. He conferred with both Kat and Taylor about what to do next. They came up with a plan to use John's immunity idol to their advantage by using it as a weapon instead of a shield against votes. John would lose the next immunity challenge and use to idol sending Susan home if a tie occurred. The next day after John, Kat and Taylor were on a reward challenge, Susan decided to flip to Alison's side evening the two alliances out, but Matt had overheard and informed John. With her betrayal known, the plan was set in motion. John lost immunity, giving it to Kat in the challenge. At tribal, John played his idol negating four votes and sending Susan home in a blindside 4-0 vote.

Seven are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Touchy Subjects
Each castaway will fill out a questionnaire about the tribe in private. The results would be tallied and the challenge will begin. The questions will be asked to the group and the castaways would guess whose name was written down the most. Whoever gets the question right will strike against another castaway's rope which is holding up that castaway's effigy. After three cuts of the rope, the doll will fall into a fire where it would burn, and that castaway is out of the challenge.
Reward: The winner will choose two people to accompany him or her to go by helicopter to the Honduran Swan Islands where they will enjoy a picnic.
Winner:  Kat (John, Taylor)

Immunity Challenge: Rollerballs
The castaways must stand on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disc. At regular intervals, one more ball will be added onto the plate until there are three balls, which will increase difficulty. If at any time a ball falls off the disc or a castaway loses their footing on the log, they will be eliminated. The last castaway standing will win Immunity.
Winner: Kat


Night 31

The seven remaining castaways returned to camp. Alison told Tina and Connie, "Well my friends, it's over. We put up a fight but we have to realistic. We can't overthrow John. Every time we have tried, we have failed."

"It sounds like you have given up," Connie said.

"I haven't given up. I'll keep fighting to the very end, but the only way any of us is going to make it to the end, it will be by winning immunity challenges," Alison replied.

"Then that means I'm not going to last long," Tina said.

"Don't say that," Connie replied.

"What? The truth? I haven't won a single challenge in this game. The only challenge I have won is the one where Jessica outlasted John in the weight challenge on Day 12 and Nakunta won tribal immunity," Tina said.

"I know," Alison said.

"I'm sorry," Connie said. She turned to Alison and asked, "Is their anyone who we could turn? Because now if one turns against John, it will give us the majority."

"If it's anyone, it probably will be Matt and that's a long shot in itself."

"So the girls won't flip?" asked Connie.

"A snowball has better odds in Hell than we do in turning Kat. Taylor won't betray John because of Kat. Those two are best friends. In reality, it was never John, Kat, Taylor, Susan and Matt. It's always been John, Kat and Taylor. Those three are the ones in an alliance to the end," Alison replied.

"Matt has to know. If not, he's not thinking ahead," Connie brought up, "That could be how we turn him."

"But he could also say that he will end up fourth either way. There are three of us and three of them. Matt is fourth in both those alliances. For that alone could keep him in the same place," Tina spoke up.

"Except he has a better chance of beating us than John and even Kat in challenges," Connie replied, "He could win immunities and save himself. We could give him that argument," Alison brought up, "We have no choice. It's all we have."

"Then let's do it," Connie said.

I don't want to sound like Debby Downer or the woman who has given up, but we are not in a good place. Susan was our only hope and she was blindsided tonight. We are not going to make it if we can't turn Matt. If he's solid with John, it's over. We cannot win. I'm not giving up. I'm being realistic.

–Alison Jacobs

Day 32

Touchy Subjects

The seven remaining castaways walked into the next challenge arena where they saw what looked like figures of themselves being held up by rope above a fire. Jeff welcomed them, "Welcome to today's reward challenge. For today's challenge, each one of you will fill out a questionnaire about the tribe in private. The results would be tallied and the challenge will begin. The questions will be asked to the group and you will then guess whose name was written down the most. Whoever gets the question right will strike against another castaway's rope which is holding up that castaway's effigy. After three cuts of the rope, the doll will fall into a fire where it would burn, and you are out of this challenge. What to know what you are playing for?...The winner will be flown to the Swan Islands north of the coast where they will enjoy a picnic on the beach. Worth playing for? I'll give each one of you a paper and when you turn them in this challenge will start."

About twenty minutes passed and Jeff said, "I've tallied the results. I'll read the question and you will flip to whoever you believe the tribe chose. It may or may not be the person who you chose. I'll read the first question. Who is the most honest it this game?"

The survivors turned and when Jeff told them to reveal their answers, everyone's answer was John. Jeff said, "John is the correct answer. Everyone got that right, everyone gets a chop."

Kat went first and chopped one of Alison's. Taylor followed and chopped Alison again. Matt went up and chopped Connie's first cut. Tina went up and chopped John's first piece of rope. John went up and took Alison out of the challenge. Jeff said that Alison was out and to take a seat on the bench. Connie went up and took out John's second piece of rope.

"Okay next question: Who is the most dangerous player in this game?"

Everyone gave their answers. John, Taylor, Matt and Connie gave Kat as the answer. Tina and Kat gave John as the answer. Jeff said, "The correct answer is Kat. John, Matt, Connie, Taylor you all got that right."

Matt went up and chopped Connie's second rope. John went up and finished Connie off right before she could cut. Taylor chopped Tina's first rope. Jeff went on, "Third question: Who would not survive on their own?"

Without hesitation, everyone turned to Tina and revealed their answer. Jeff said, "Tina is the correct answer. Everyone gets a chop."

Taylor went up and chopped Tina's second rope. John went up and finished her off.

"John finishes another player off," Jeff said.

Kat went up to the ropes and said, "Sorry man."

"It's all good," John replied.

Kat chopped John's last piece of rope.

"John is now out of this challenge as well. Go and take a seat on the bench. Fourth question: Who has exceeded your expectations?"

The three remaining in the challenge revealed their answers. They were all Alison. Jeff said, "Once again all of you are right. The answer is Alison."

Kat went up and chopped Matt's first piece of rope. Matt went up and chopped Taylor's first piece of rope. Taylor repaid Matt and chopped his second piece of rope. Jeff continued the questions, "Who would you trust with your life?"

The three of them revealed their answers. Kat and Taylor revealed John and Matt revealed Alison. Jeff said, "The correct answer is John. Kat and Taylor you got that right."

Kat went up and took Matt out of the challenge. Taylor only had one person to hit and took out Kat's first piece of rope. Jeff said, "Next question: Who has surprised you the most athletically?"

Kat and Taylor both revealed Kat. Jeff told them that that was the right answer. They each chopped each other down to one rope left. Jeff said, "Who ever gets this one right and the other does not wins reward. Next question: Who has not lived up to their potential?"

Kat revealed Connie and Taylor revealed Matt. Jeff said, "Two different answers. Who ever gets this right wins reward. The correct answer is...Connie. Kat, you win reward."

Taylor took a seat on the bench and Kat walked over next to Jeff. Jeff said, "Kat, you can choose one person to go on the reward with you. Who will it be?"

"Taylor," Kat smiled.

Taylor jumped up and joined Kat. Jeff said, "Would it be difficult to choose another person to go with you?"

"It might be," Kat said coyly.

"Well either way, choose one more," Jeff said.

"John," Kat answered.

Jeff replied, "Okay John, Kat and Taylor, you will be shown the way to the helicopter. As for the rest of you, I have nothing for you."

Kat choosing John and Taylor to go on reward with her prove that those three are tight. Matt needs to realize that, and if he does, I hope he joins us.

–Alison Jacobs


The four who didn't go on the reward returned to camp. Connie and Tina went off into the water and Alison approached Matt and asked, "Do you ever wonder why they always do things and don't involve you?"

Matt looked up at her and said, "They are three young friends. They are around the same age. I'm almost twenty years older than they are. I guess they can relate to each other better than with me."

"That would be nice if that were true," Alison said outright, "They get along and communicate easier which means they can control easier."

"What are you getting at?" asked Matt.

"They are a tight alliance. There are three of them. How many are going to make it to the final tribal council?"

"Only three," Matt answered.

"That's right only three. You are number four. You are going to get so close but not have a chance to make it," Alison explained.

"So are you trying to persuade me to turn against John, Kat and Taylor?"

"To be blunt and because this is no time for jumping around the truth. Yes I am," Alison said.

"There may be three of them but there are three of you," Matt pointed out.

"True there is, but after we get rid of John and Company, you have a better shot at winning immunities with us than with John and Kat. Once we are the final four, Connie and I are tighter than Tina and me or Connie and Tina. So if you join me, it will be Connie, you and myself in the finals. We will be sitting there."

"What if John wins immunity or what if Kat wins? What if Taylor wins?" asked Matt.

"Those are all possibilities, but the truth is anyone can win immunity. We need to take those three out when they don't win immunities."

"What do you mean? Do you mean like when John lost immunity? If I remember well and I should because it was yesterday, that plan didn't work."

"Because he had an idol. He doesn't have one now. They aren't replanted. He is defenseless. If he looses again, we can take him out. He has had a stranglehold on this game since we merged. If we have the opportunity, we have to take it."

"And do what?" asked Matt even though he knew the answer.

"Commit tyrannicide. We commit tyrannicide. We take out the tyrant before he takes us out," Alison said.

"I don't know," Matt said.

"I don't need an answer now. Just let me know when you decide," Alison said and walked away."

I have always known about John, Kat and Taylor. We have always had a good relationship so the thought never crossed my mind that I won't make to the Final Three. I have to think on what Alison said. For the first time, I can choose who stays and who goes. I just hope I make the right call.

–Matt Easterly

Day 33


"Come on in, guys," Jeff called out. The seven walked in. Jeff went on, "Are you ready to get to today's immunity challenge. First things first. Kat, I'll take it back...Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will stand on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disc. At regular intervals, one more ball will be added onto the disc until there are three balls, which will increase difficulty. If at any time a ball falls off your disc or you lose your footing on the log, you will be out of the challenge. The last person standing wins immunity. We'll draw for spots."

A few minutes later, the seven castaways were on their logs and placing their ball on the disc. Jeff said, "The challenge will start in 3..2..1. This challenge has started."

All seven castaways were still as the time passed. As the time came to put the second ball on the disc and release, several people were having problems. Matt lost his balance and stepped off of the platform. Taylor arm spasmed and she jerk the disc sending a ball falling.

"After round two, Matt and Taylor are out. There are five of you left. When we start the next round, it will go on until we find a decisive winner. So get ready to release your balls in 3..2..1. Release your balls," Jeff told them.

Tina couldn't keep her balance anymore and stepped down. Several minutes passed and all of Alison's balls rolled towards the sides of her disc. In an attempt to recover, two of her balls fell off of the disc. That left only Connie, Kat and John in the challenge. Ten more minutes passed before anything else happened. John's right calf started to cramp up. He tried to fight away the pain, but it became too much. He stepped down from the platform and sat down on the bench.

"There are only two people left in this challenge. Their is Connie and their is Kat. Who will win win immunity and be safe from tribal council tonight?" Jeff stated.

The two women didn't budge for a good fifteen minutes. Then Connie's balls started rolling towards the edge. Before she could fight them back, they all fell off. Jeff called out, "Connie is out of this challenge. Kat wins immunity!"

Kat dropped her disc and stepped down from the platform. Connie went over to the bench and Kat walked over to Jeff. As he put the necklace around Kat's neck, he said, "Kat is safe at tribal council tonight, but for the six of you, one of you is going home. You have the afternoon. I'll see you tonight."

This is it. This is the last breath of hope I have left in this game. John is not safe. Tina, Connie, and I are voting for John. John and his girls are voting for one of us. Matt is going to be the deciding vote. I hope he wakes up and realizes he is not going to make it to the end if he doesn't switch sides.

–Alison Jacobs


At camp John gathered his allies and told them, "Tonight is Tina. We take her out."

"Why don't we take Alison out?" asked Taylor.

"It doesn't really matter," Kat said, "None of them can beat us in challenges. The only one that would have had a chance was Jessica and she's already gone. We go with the plan."

"Very well then," Taylor replied.

"So it's all good. We are voting for Tina tonight?" asked John.

"You know you have my vote," Kat said.

"And mine," Taylor replied.

Matt hesitated before he answered. It looked like his mind was somewhere else. He didn't come back to reality until John kept calling his name. Eventually, Matt said, "Yeah, we'll vote Tina out. I'm fine with that."

John stared at him and nodded. He said, "Good. Nothing will go wrong tonight then."

"No, it won't," Matt said looking back at John.

The four of them broke off and returned to camp duties.

Matt's hesitation at answering my question on who was going home made me uneasy. I think Matt is figuring out he won't go to the end. If he decides to do something, he will be gone after Tina. I don't think Matt will turn just yet. He may down the road, but there are few opportunities left. This game is nearing the end. I think we might have to cut off one more alliance member before the rest of Nakunta.

–John Sayers

Alison approached Matt and asked, "Have you decided yet?"

"Not yet," Matt said, "You will know at tribal."

Before Alison could say anything else, Matt walked away from the conversation. Tina and Connie walked up. Connie asked, "What's going on?"

"We may or may not have Matt. He hasn't told me yet. He said we'll find out at tribal," Alison said.

Tribal Council


The seven castaways sat down on their stools and Jeff said, "Now we'll bring in the members of the jury. Adam, Conner, Jessica and Susan voted off at the last tribal council."

The jury sat down and Jeff went on, "Has their been any change in power at the camp or it still the status quo?"

"I think the power is still the same, but I do sense that cracks are appearing," Alison answered.

"What does that mean?"

"It means someone in this group might just realize that they aren't going to make it to the end if they don't start planning," Connie answered.

"Who is this person?" asked Jeff.

"They know who they are. I just hope they make the right decision," Alison replied.

"What is that decision?"

"To take out the biggest threat in this game," Alison said.

"Who is that?" asked Jeff.

"It's me. Everyone knows that," John spoke up, "I've had a target on my back for a long time. I just haven't received votes until last tribal because I kept winning immunity."

"But now you are vulnerable," Jeff stated.

"That I am. For the first time in this game, I feel a little nervous, and I do feel that this tribal will cement the game as in who is going to the end and who is going home," John said.

"Very well. I'll leave it with that. Tina start off the voting," Jeff said.

Voting Confessionals

You are too powerful to leave in this game. I hope you go home tonight.

–Tina Langley

Please Matt. Just please.

–Connie Tran

I hope that this is you finally going home because if not, the million dollar prize is yours in the end.

–Alison Jacobs

If you guys take out John, you will have to face my power in challenges. John and I are a two headed monster.

–Kat Morris

Please go home. If you don't and John does, my position in this game is in danger.

–Taylor Johannson

I was honest when I said I feel nervous. I hope Matt doesn't figure it out and flip right now. That would really suck.

–John Sayers

Oh dear god, I hope I have made the right decision.

–Matt Easterly


Jeff left and returned with the urn. He said, "Once the votes are read, the decision is final and the person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: John. Second vote: John. Third vote: Tina. Fourth vote: Tina. We are tied at two votes John, two votes Tina. Fifth vote: Tina. Sixth vote: John. We tied again at three votes Tina, three votes John. We have one vote left."

John mouthed the words, "Please Matt."

"The twelfth person voted out of Survivor: Honduras and the fifth member of our jury: Tina. Tina, that's four, that's enough please bring me your torch."

Alison lowered her head and John let out a sigh of relief. Tina picked up her torch and walked over to Jeff. He said, "Tina, the tribe has spoken."

Tina left and Jeff told the remaining survivors, "It looks like you have decided who will make it to the end and who will not. Grab your stuff and head out."

Tribal Council 12:
Tina Langley
Tina(4 votes)
John SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlyTaylor Johannson
John, Kat, Matt Taylor
John Sayers
John(3 Votes)
Allison JacobsConnie TranTina Langley
Alison, Connie, Tina
Tina Langley
Tina Langley

Final Words

To be honest, I'm glad that game is over with. I was getting tired of all the ways we would try to survive against John. Being eliminated and not being able to win the million dollars sucks, but it also takes a huge weight off my chest. Right after this, I'm going to shower and sleep on an actual bed. Goodnight, everybody.

–Tina Langley

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

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