"To Dice With Death"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 8/14
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To Dice With Death is the eighth episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously on Survivor

Eleven survivors were left in the main game. Expecting a merge, both tribes bought their belongings as required in the tree mail. However, it was a reward challenge held on the Redemption Island, where the winner could take a piece of the losing tribe's belonging. In another attempt, Lei Gong failed to get rid of Fion by throwing a challenge. Tifanie was sent to Redemption Island at the tribal council. Thirteen are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Redemption Duel: Hands on the Idol
Each tribe member held on to the Tribal Immunity Idol while standing on a small log. Participants may not move their arms while touching the idol. Only one hand may touch the idol, and they may not lift their foot. The first inhabitant out would be eliminated while the other two inhabitants would return to the main game.
Winner: Elisa, Penny (Returning to the main game.)
Reward Challenge: Stay Strong, Stay Wrong
Each participant must give a false answer to a true-or-false question within 10 seconds after Jeff completed the question. When a correct answer was given, the person was out. Last person standing wins reward.
Reward: Significant advantage in game.
Winner: Gabriel


Night 19

Of course it doesn't feel anywhere close to amazing to know that my alliance is down to three. At least I'm not the one got voted out. Now we just need to work our way up!


Keith, Lucas and Nancy cheered and prepared for another day upcoming. They made the fire and started resting.

Day 20

Both tribes were informed by tree mail to head to Redemption Island. When they met Jeff, he introduced the three inhabitants on the Island, Elisa, Penny and Tifanie, all three were voted out by the group of people in front of them.

Quote1Congratulations to all thirteen of you. The ten people now within Lei Gong and Yu Shen, you are all going to make to the merge. The three people living on the Island now, you will now have the chance to re-enter the game. The two winners of today's redemption duel, will re-enter the game and become a part of the merged tribe.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Oh my god! Two people?Quote2- Penny
I kind of expected this to be the battle to re-enter, yet I know Elisa is very competitive and I can hardly win against her. But now two people are re-entering, I think I still have the chance.


Jeff introduced the challenge to the inhabitants. Everyone got prepared. Just as Penny expected, Elisa lasted very long without even a slight move. After 3 hours, Tifanie finally dropped out.

Tifanie case gray

Jeff announced that the merged tribe was called Hai Long Wang, which means the god under the sea. The tribes celebrated as Jeff informed them a feast would be waiting for them when they get back to camp.
At Hai Long Wang camp,
While enjoying the feast, the returnees didn't forget to strategize. Noticing Yu Shen was down at 7-3, Elisa asked Penny if she wanted to get back with the old Yu Shen alliance.

Quote1Believe me this is just a short term thing.Quote2- Elisa
Quote1They voted me out. I don't have much faith in them.Quote2- Penny
Quote1I can tell you I have Fion. I hope I have you, then we already have six.Quote2- Elisa

style="width: 55px; background-color:#ADD8E6; white-space:nowrap;" | Keith, Lucas and Nancy already proved to me that they aren't trustworthy. They voted me out, and I was thinking getting back to them and form an alliance. But if I get to the Lei Gong people, I'm the obvious 7th member. Either way, I don't end up in a good position! I don't like to dice with death. So seriously I need to plan what I'm going to do very immediately.

Day 21

At camp, Albert, Bobby, Dash, Gabriel and Johnathan completed their alliance as Dash handed over the hidden immunity idol to Bobby as they promised pre-merge. Soon the went back on talking about strategy as they are now at 5 members. Penny was their targeted swing vote as she was voted out by Lei Gong.
On the other hand, Keith, Lucas and Nancy formed a tight alliance of six with Fion, Ingrid and Elisa. The alliance was were strengthened as Fion revealed the idol to the group. At the end of the day, both tribes tried to talk to Penny, persuading her to join the alliance. Penny was promised final four with Keith, Lucas and Nancy, while Bobby promised her giving her the idol once she joined their alliance.
Hai Long Wang went on to the first post-merge challenge. Jeff revealed that it was a reward challenge. Yet, Jeff informed the tribe to go to tribal council tonight, where no one would be immune. However, the winner of this reward challenge was going to bring a sealed bottle with a message to tribal council, which would bring significant advantage in the game.
Jeff explained the rules and the game began soon. Most particapants got the question right when Jeff asked "The sun rise from the East, true or false?" Only Gabriel and Elisa answered incorrectly and remained in the game. In the end, Gabriel won reward as he answered the question "Hainan is a part in Asia, true or false?" incorrectly.
Back at camp, Albert tried to convince Penny to vote off Nancy, who was the apparent leader of the Yu Shen alliance to Albert. On the other hand, Keith and Lucas told Penny to vote off Dash, one of the physical threat in the game. Penny struggles as she was trying to make up her mind before going to the tribal council.
At tribal council, Jeff asked Penny what would be deciding factor on her vote tonight. She answered that she would make a long-term decision tonight as one small mistake in this game could lead yourself to being voted out in the next tribal council. Jeff asked both Penny and Elisa whether or not they feel like they are threatening as they just returned from Redemption Island. Yet both replied that they feel comfortable to their current alliance. The tribe headed to voting very quickly.

After the person voted out was sent to Redemption Island, Jeff asked Gabriel to reveal the message in the sealed bottle.

The tribe is going to vote out another person right now. No matter you were voted out just now, or you are still in the game, you can grant anyone that still in the game immunity and the right to vote twice in the next tribal council.

Gabriel granted himself this opportunity. The vote continued, yet Albert played his idol on himself.

Last Words

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. The five of us were way too tight, and no one dare to become the sixth. I hope I could come back to show I still got something to show.


This was a major shocker to me. I know I could be a strategical threat to the other alliance, yet they only have 5 votes. I hope Keith and Lucas good luck, and revenge for me.


Voting Confessionals

Nothing should really go wrong.

–Keith(1st vote)

Nancy, your intelligence outsmarted me, and you need to go.

–Johnathan(1st vote)

First, you voted me off first. I joined you 10 minutes ago, just to save myself. Second, you are strategic, and likeable. Perfect target. If you are gone, I'm still in a 6-person alliance. If you are not gone, the other alliance is really dumb and I should probably join them to win the game. Goodbye.

–Penny(2nd vote)

You are the muscles and you are the brain. I have to pick you.

–Nancy(2nd vote)

Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash gray
Elisa smith
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris gray
Oak timm gray
Penny smith
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case gray

Author's Notes

  • The 11th person is going to be voted out on Day 21 but not 22, sorry for minor adjustment.
  • I'll update the main page to test the merged tribes this time. After the completion of this episode, I'll update the contestants page and tribe page.
  • Stopping midway again, sorry :)