"To Live, Thrive, And Conquer"
The conflict between Heather and Hazel reaches a boiling point.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 3/14
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To Live, Thrive, And Conquer is the third episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

At Alazani, the rain and the fact that the tribe would lose the next Reward Challenge demoralized a sickly Amy who went as far as considering quitting, only to be convinced by friend and tribemate Daniel in giving the game another chance. With their second reward win, Heather's alliance benefited after adding a new member, Winston, and finding another clue to the hidden immunity idol. However, after numerous fumbles during the Immunity Challenge, Rioni's winning streak ended when Alazani won Immunity.

With the divide in Rioni caused between the warring alliances of Hazel and Heather, neutral tribemate Max found himself freeloading from both sides, which wasn't taken well by Winston who conspired with not only his own alliance, but the enemy alliance in ousting the nineteen year old student. After finding out that he was on the chopping block, Max turned to Hazel, but it wasn't enough as he was voted out in a unanimous vote. With both alliances in Rioni working together to eliminate Max, will they finally be able to come together as a tribe or will they just rip the tribe apart? Find out next on Survivor: Caucasus.


Reward Challenge: Pig Out
Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.
Reward: Vegetables, spices, bread, and the meat that they collected, clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol
Winner: Rioni

Immunity Challenge: Dragged Through Mud
Both tribes are attached to each other by a rope and must retrieve the other tribe's flag at either end of the mud pit. If after 15 minutes neither tribe has retrieved the other tribe's flag, it would be a one-on-one match between one player from each tribe.
Winner: Alazani


Night of Day 6

With Rioni coming back to camp after just voting out their first member, Agatha sits down and computes her current situation in her head.

I'm kind of glad that we were able to come together and vote out Max, but I have this feeling that this was just a one time thing. From now on, both alliances will be targetting each other and I'm positive they will try to force Martin and I to join one of their sides. I'm all for joining alliances to help me progress in the game, but it seems like these were made out of hate for each other, which is not something I agree with.


Day 7

Early in the morning, Amy, Derek, Daniel, and Mary-Jean gather around the campfire and converse about their lives. Mary-Jean tells the group about her youth when she used to live in Paris, France which greatly interests Amy. She tells stories about her first love and how she ended up marrying the same man many years later.

Mary-Jean is just so inspiring! I love it when we sit around the fire and she tells Derek, Daniel, and I about her life. It's like a grandma telling her grandchildren stories!


After the story-telling is over, Derek shifts the conversation to a more serious topic. Checking that the others are still asleep, he leans in and proposes that they form an alliance.

Derek: "After spending six whole days with you guys, I've learned to greatly enjoy your company and I would like to spend even more days with you guys, so how about we form an alliance?"
Amy: "Aww Derek! That's so sweet. I'd love to!"
Daniel: "Sure man!"
Mary-Jean: "You three remind me so much of my children when they were younger, so I'd be happy to play alongside you guys."
Derek: "That's great to hear. I've always felt that us four were close, but I just wanted to make it official!"
Daniel: But we need five to have the majority. How about we also include Sebastian? He's been a great leader, and I feel as if I've gotten close to him as well. And out of everyone else, he seems like the most likely to join as Van, Lauren, Phoebe, and Samantha seem to be a bit distant, they probably have an alliance going on or something."
Mary-Jean: "Yes, I agree with Daniel. And if it's true we need to get Sebastian on our side before that other group does!"
Derek: "Alright! After he wakes up, let's talk to him."

Us four always seemed to be together, but it was never made official. Actually, now that I think of it, we haven't even talked strategy since Day 1. We've probably been having too much fun out here to think about that kind of stuff.


While going out to get Tree Mail over at Rioni, Agatha and Martin talk about their options in the game. At first, Martin worries that since both alliances joined together in voting out Max, who was unaligned, they'd join together again and eliminate both of them, especially since they're the oldest two in the tribe. Agatha reassures him that she doesn't see that happening, and tells them that if they lose the next Immunity Challenge, to be prepared to be harassed into joining either alliance.

The way Agatha explained it to me, it seems like we have three options. We can go with Hazel's group or with Heather's group. Either way, we'll end up being the swing vote. We can also go with not joining either, but they'll probably band together once again and vote us out, and I would prefer if that were to not happen. So I guess we're left with having to choose a side.


Later that day, both tribes meet once again for their Reward Challenge. As Jeff informs them of the challenge, most of the castaways are disgusted at what they'd have to do, but after Jeff reveals the reward, many agree that it's worth it. The challenge comences and the contestants begins to tear apart their pig roast. Alazani starts off well as they were able to work together to rip off a big chunk of meat, but Rioni quickly catches up with their numerous pieces of roast. As the time ticks away, the two tribes seem even in weight. After the ten minutes are up Jeff weighs both tribes' baskets. Alazani's basket ends up weighing 31.4 lbs. However, that was not enough to outweigh Rioni's 32.1 lb basket and Rioni ends up winning the reward.

As Rioni celebrates their third reward win, Aaron goes through the vegetables, spices, and bread in search of the Hidden Immunity Idol clue which he presumes is hidden somewhere in their reward. Unable to find a clue, he goes back to his alliance's shelter, but quickly realizes that the clue might be stuffed somewhere in the bread. He nonchalantly picks and prods at the food, which rises suspicion out of Gerardo who is preparing the meat, but makes nothing of it. Aaron finally finds a rolled piece of paper and immediately stuffs it in his pocket and runs off to his alliance, who are at the watering whole.

Aaron: "Guys! I found it!"
Winston: "Awesome! What does it say?"
Aaron: "Uhm. Look in plain sight and you'll find what you seek, if it's stamped in the back, you'll be safe for the week. So it's stamped to distinguish it from the fake ones? Makes sense."
Heather: "Aaron. Winston. Let's take advantage that the rest of the tribe it off eating the food that we won and go look for the idol. If you find an idol, whether you think it's the real one or a fake, bring it back. We'll meet back here in an hour or so."
Aaron: "Rodger that."

Immediately after, the three Rionis scavage through the camp looking frantically for an idol. Luckily for them, no one takes notice as their too busy enjoying their delicious dinner. After the hour is up, they return back to their meeting place and reveal their findings. Winston ends up finding squat, however Heather reveals that she found one while Aaron found two. The idols end up being necklaces with small horns, presumably goat horns, serving as the pendants. They compare the three idols and make the conclusion that all three of the idols are fake as they aren't stamped.

Winston: "That was a complete waste of our time!"
Heather: "Not exactly. These fake ones will possibly prove useful in the future. Let's keep them."
Aaron: "Not sure why, but alright boss lady!"

At first, I saw Heather as a pain in the ass. She was always in my business and basically forced me to align with her. But working with her now, she's a really cool chick.


Day 8

On the morning of the eighth day of the competition, Hazel slips away from her alliance's shelter as everyone is still sleeping. She makes her way to the river that runs alongside the tribe's camp and sits down beside the flowing water.

When I was a little girl living in Los Angeles, I was exposed a lot of violence. Gang fights and drive by's happened almost every other day; I was afraid to go outside, to play with the other kids in fear that I might get hurt or worse. That's why I became a counselor for the Boys and Girls Club of America. I wanted to give a place to the kids where they knew they were safe. Because I didn't want those young children to go what I went through as a child. In joining this show, I made it my mission to be a role model to the kids back home and I won't let anyone, not even that bruja Heather, stop me.


As Hazel returns back to camp, she spots Heather taking some firewood out of her alliance's stockpile. This begins yet another arguement between Hazel and Heather which wakes up the whole tribe.

Hazel definately needs to take some chill pills. I woke up this morning to find out that my fire was almost burning out and instead of making the big effort of searching for sticks, I just chose to take some of the other alliance's other firewood. What's the big deal with that? And then Hazel explodes on me without ever giving me a chance to explain. If we lose this next challenge, she's gone.


At Alazani, after Sebastian wakes up and goes to fetch treemail, Daniel and Derek decide to join along with him. On the way there, Derek brings up to Sebastian the idea of an alliance between them.

Derek: "So it'd be me, you, Daniel, Amy, and Mary-Jean. What do you say?"
Sebastian: "Can you give me some time to think about it?"
Derek: "Sure, no problem. Take all the time you need."

As they retrieve the day's treemail, Sebastian takes it and heads back to camp leaving Daniel and Derek pondering about what Sebastian is thinking.

It kind of worried me that Sebastian didn't immediately accept Derek's offer. That probably means that we're going to have to try harder to convince him otherwise.


Truth be told, I am extremely fond of Derek, Daniel, Amy, and Mary-Jean, and under any other circumstance, I would have said yes in a heartbeat. But joining an alliance would compensate my position as the leader of my tribe, which is something I care deeply about. To live, thrive, and conquer is the direction I plan on heading my tribe, but I can't do it if I'm one-sided.


Later that day, both tribes came together for their next Immunity Challenge. Upon arriving at the challenge site, both tribes stared at the mud pit that was right in front of them. After Jeff explains the details of the challenge, both tribes are tied to their side of the rope and the challenge begins. At first, neither tribe makes any progress. At the five minute mark, Rioni seems to take a small lead with the help of Aaron, Winston, and Gerardo. At the 10 minute mark, Rioni advances little by little. After seeing that his tribe is in trouble, Sebastian devices a plan to have all the tribe members give a big push tug at the same time. The Alazani tribe executes the plan, and the tribe manages to get closer and closer to the flag. With their last big tug, Alazani is able to reach the flag before time runs out, winning their second Immunity Challenge in a row.

After arriving from their challenge loss, just as Agatha had predicted, both alliances went up to Agatha and Martin in an attempt to get their votes. Hazel and Yessica were the first to go up to Agatha.

Hazel: "Hello Agatha. I guess we should make this quick and tell you that we'll be voting for Heather at Tribal Council tomorrow. We all know that she's the one that's causing this divide within our tribe. She's rude, selfish, and basically just a total bitch. There's no reason not to get rid of her."
Agatha: "You're right about that.."
Hazel: "See! And without her, Aaron and Winston will have no one to lead them, so they'll come crawling back and we'll finaly be able to be one tribe again!"
Agatha: "This split has been crazy and it would be great if we can finally come together. I'll go talk to Martin about this."

So far, I feel like going with Hazel is the best option for me. By eliminating Heather, we can finally start working as a tribe and start winning immunities once again.


Unknown to Agatha, Aaron was hiding behind the brush listening to her confessional. He immediately goes over to Heather and tells her what he just heard.

Aaron: "The old hag's thinking about voting for you at Tribal Council!"
Heather: "What?! We haven't even gotten the chance to talk to her yet. How did she make up her mind so quickly?"
Aaron: "I don't think she trusts us at all."
Heather: "But we can't earn her trust in just one day!"
Aaron: "Uhm. What if we give her one of the fake idols we found? We are the only ones that know about them, so she won't know the difference between the fakes and the real one."
Heather: "Oh my God Aaron! That's a great idea! But I say we wait 'til tomorrow. That way, we won't seem as desperate like Hazel was."

Aaron basically just gave me three more days! He's still annoying, but every once in a while, something smart comes out of his mouth.


Day 9

The next day, both Heather and Aaron approach Agatha as she's doing some laundry. They tell her that they know that Hazel talked to her first, but not to make a final decision before hearing them out. They state that they'd be voting for Hazel and would like Agatha and Martin to do the same. Heather then hands her something wrapped in cloth.

Heather: "Here Agatha. We want you to trust us, so here you go."
Agatha: "Oh my! Is this a Hidden Immunity Idol?"
Heather: "Yes it is. Hopefully, this shows how valuable you would be to us if you vote out Hazel. We'll go give you some time to think. Come on Aaron, let's go."

Great! Just great! I had my heart set on voting out Heather, but then she comes and gives me her Immunity Idol! I can keep it and vote her out anyway, but that'll just make me seem just as bad as her. This is so bothersome.


Later that night, Rioni arrived at their second Tribal Council. Upon sitting down, Jeff immediately questions how the tribe is doing back at camp. Martin responds that things aren't good, as even though the tribe managed to come together at the last vote, there's still a divide. Jeff asks Agatha how they would be able to get rid of the divide to which she answers with getting rid of one of the people causing it, referring to Hazel or Heather. After Jeff asks who would be the best to get rid off between either two of the girls, Hazel quickly states that eliminating Heather would certainly eliviate the stress around camp as she's the one causing it. Heather rebuts that she wouldn't be stressing anyone out if Hazel wasn't the one agravating her. After this, the two girls begin to argue once again, to which Jeff has to stop so that they could get to the vote.

Jeff: "There is obviously some tension that needs to be fixed, and with that, it's time to vote. Rachel, you're up first."

After everybody votes, Jeff fetches the votes and begins to tally them. In the end, Agatha decided that even though Heather was clearly the cause of the disarray within her tribe, the idol she was given was enough to earn her trust and she, along with Martin, voted for Hazel, eliminating her in a close 5-4 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Hazel Quezada
Hazel (5 votes)
Aaron McCarthyWinston GrantHeather VillegasAgatha ChristensonMartin Bowell
Aaron, Winston, Heather, Agatha & Martin
Heather Villegas
Heather (4 votes)
Gerardo GuzmanHazel QuezadaYessica ChangRachel Hudson
Gerardo, Hazel, Yessica & Rachel
Hazel Quezada BW
Hazel Quezada

Voting Confessionals

That's what you get for taking our firewood!


I'm sorry Hazel, but Agatha told me to vote for you.


You've made my life hell from Day 1. Can't wait to see your torch be snuffed and for you to finally leave. Hasta la vista bruja!.


You're a really cool person, but my alliance, namely Heather, wants you out.


We have no need for unwanted drama like yourself.


My girl wants you out, so I'm gonna see that she gets her wish. I'm voting for Hazel.


Hopefully after this, you learn some manners.


Hazel, I'm deeply sorry for voting for you. It's just that Heather gave me her idol and if I voted her out anyway, her alliance would have exposed me and I would have gone home next. No hard feelings.


What a role model you were.


Final Words

Even though I'm leaving earlier than I expected, I'm proud of the way I played the game and hope that I taught the kids back home how to stand up to bullies. It pains me to see that Heather got her way leaving my only regret being voting out Max instead of Heather at the last Tribal.


Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson
Winston Grant
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas
Mary-Jean Pettie
Phoebe Noyola
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Both alliances on Alazani compete for Sebastian's allegiance, and with their leader gone and Agatha and Martin joining the other alliance, how will Gerardo, Rachel and Yessica survive?

Author's Notes

  • Aaron calling Heather "boss lady" referenced Survivor: One World where Gregory "Tarzan" Smith called eventual winner, Kim Spradlin, by the same name.
  • This episode's title was said by Sebastian.
  • The Reward Challenge is the same challenge used in More Than Meats The Eye from Survivor: The Amazon and Taste The Victory from Survivor: South Pacific.
  • The Immunity Challenge in the same challenge used in Man Down from Survivor: Guatemala.
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