Tony Alvarez
Contestant Profile
Birth Date October 12, 1993 (1993-10-12) (age 24)
Hometown Tempe, AZ
Occupation Delivery Boy


Tribes Sevrei
Placement 4/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 5
Days Lasted 37

Tony Alvarez is a contestant from Survivor: Mongolia.


Name (Age): Tony Alvarez (19)
Tribe Designation: Sevrei
Current Residence: Tempe, AZ
Occupation: Delivery Boy
Personal Claim to Fame: Being the first from my family to graduate with a high school diploma.
Inspiration in Life: My mother works three jobs to give my 5 siblings and I a better life. She is the greatest human being I know.
Hobbies: Listening to music, hanging out with friends, watching TV.
Pet Peeves: People who bully based off of the clothes you wear and what clique you are in, not based off of character and personality.
3 Words to Describe You: Shy, Curious, Smart
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? 1) A portable video game like the Nintendo DS or PSP, 2) A football to toss around, 3) A pillow and blanket to make camp life more comfortable.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: I think I am most like Brett from Samoa. The tables turned on him and he adjusted, won challenges, and made it to the final four.
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: To give my family a better life with the money.
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: My family and I come from a rough neighborhood where we haven't been the most fortunate, but we still make the most of it.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: My life, so far, has been filled with adversity. I know I can overcome the harshness of this game too.

Survivor: Mongolia

Tony was one of twenty castaways set to compete in Survivor: Mongolia. On Day 5, he joined the Sevrei tribe and made an alliance with Cassie Abbott. The two made a strong connection from the start and never wavered from one another. However, they became constant pawns in other people's efforts to further themselves. One example would be having his idol, that he stumbled upon, flushed out by the majority alliance of Henry Schumann, Julia Liu, and Scott Colston at Victoria Brown's expense. Later on Day 18, Cassie and Tony were told by Scott that Melissa Edwards was the next to go. Having liked Melissa, Cassie and Tony decided to use their votes as throwaway votes to Julia only to find that Benjamin Long had been their original target all along. Even though they were out of the loop once more, Cassie and Tony found a glimmer of hope when they found out that Scott was targeting Julia as the next to go. But with the help of Melissa and Jake Robinson, they were able to turn the vote on to Scott, who was unanimously voted out at Sevrei's next Tribal Council. Following that Tribal Council, the remaining members of Sevrei found out about the merge and were sent to a new camp. Once all eleven members were in attendance, Cassie and Tony found themselves in the middle of a game-changing vote. Both Jake and Elliott Trudeau tried to convince the pair to join their alliance with the latter revealing that he possessed an idol. Ultimately, it was Jenn Klesko who helped make their decision for them and the pair helped the Noyon Four vote out Antonio Dyson. Over the next few votes, Cassie and Tony were offered by Jake, Melissa, and Katie Maxwell to flip and potentially further themselves in the game. Little did they know that they were forming a very close bond with Jenn, which kept them from ever flipping. After the blindside of Ruth Kennedy, Katie and Melissa approached Cassie and Tony about a potential final four alliance. Once again, their bond with Jenn proved to be too great to overcome and they stayed with the remnants of the Noyon Four to vote Katie out of the game. Ultimately, Tony's loyalty was his demise in the game. He was unanimously voted out after Melissa became the swing vote at the final five and sided with Elliott and Jenn. At the final Tribal Council, Tony voted for Jenn to be named Sole Survivor.

Voting History

Tony's Voting History
Episode Tony's
Voted Against
1 Tony's Team Immune
Danielle -
2 Sevrei Tribe Immune
3 Henry Victoria
4 Henry Henry
5 Sevrei Tribe Immune
6 Julia -
7 Scott -
8 Antonio -
9 Julia -
10 Jake -
11 Katie -
12 Katie -
13 Eric -
14 Jenn Individual Immunity
15 Melissa Elliott, Jenn, Melissa
Voted Off, Day 37
Voted for
Sole Survivor