"Too Close To Fail"
Season Survivor: Portugal
Author User:PeaceOut12
Episode Number 13/13
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This is the season finale episode of Survivor: Portugal.

Previously On Survivor...

Thirty-six days ago, sixteen castaways from all walks alike were marooned on the shores of the European country of Portugal, to begin the journey of a lifetime. The sixteen players were divided into two tribes, Selva, in yellow, and Litoral, in purple. Cooper, Dover, Emma, Julianna, Laurel, Lukas, Ralphie, and Rose made the Selva tribe, and Audrey, Brady, Carmen, Casey, Celeste, Chip, Joel, and Skylar made up the Litoral tribe. Early on, both tribes had their weaknesses, and their alliances. Brady and Chip on Litoral and Cooper and Dover on Selva never really hit it off and started rivalries on both of the tribes. But this did not stop Audrey, Emma, Celeste, and Laurel to be voted off after mistakes in challenges and not-as-close bonds cost them the game.

On day 13, a tribe switched occurred, putting Cooper, Rose, and Lukas on the Litoral tribe, and Brady, Carmen, and Casey onto the Selva tribe. A shift in power led to the flipping of Dover to blindside Julianna, a long time rival, out of the game. Things got worse for the majority alliance on the original Selva, when Lukas became extremely ill, forcing ally Cooper and past tribemate Rose to vote him out.

On day 19, the two tribes finally merged into Vencedor, meaning "winner" in Portuguese, wearing blue. Rose, who stuck with the original Selva, was soon on the minority with Cooper and Ralphie in a 7-3 disadvantage when Dover, the other original Selva member, flipped to Litoral. But Cooper had one last gameplay when he played his idol, negating all but three votes directed at Brady, who was trying to play them. The next three days spiraled for the three last alliance members, as soon, Dover plus Litoral stuck together and sent Cooper to the jury. The next tribal would soon be hectic, as Rose joined Dover, but Casey from Litoral flipped and tried to start an uprising against Joel, but failed as Ralphie was sent to the jury. Rose was soon voted out after the Litorals regained the majority and needed to take out the targets in Dover and Rose. Dover, knowing he was on the outs, knew he needed a immunity run to get himself to the end. He has won the past three immunities, forcing the Litoral five to go against each other. Casey was then voted out after Chip played his idol, and Carmen, his ally, was sent to the jury right after.

Now, only four remain.

  • Chip, the strong leader from the beginning. He lead his tribe through many victories and formed a majority alliance that has been one of the longest-lasting alliances in Survivor history. Him and Skylar formed the dynamic duo of the season and led the game by storm. But they have one problem, and that is Dover. Can he use his physical massiveness to overcome the grocer and finally take him out?
  • Dover, the underdog. Having only voted with the majority three out of the nine tribals he went too, Dover has almost never have a vote go this way. After butting heads with Cooper in the beginning, he was switched to a new tribe where he got a fresh start, and flipped to ensure final seven. He then went on an immunity run to get to the final four. Can he win two more challenges to propel himself to the final two?
  • Joel, the loyal ally. Joel has stuck with the alliance of Chip and Skylar and they had a pact from the very beginning. He wasn't the best at challenges, but his ties with his tribe kept him safe for multiple rounds. Going into the final stages of the game, he has stepped it up to last even longer, now trying to make a final two pact with Chip. Will it stick through?
  • Skylar, the brains behind everything. She and Chip have been together and she has helped him shaped the way to the end. Both are a dynamic duo that might not be stopped. But will she fall right before the end because of Dover?

These four will have two more challenges and tribals before facing the jury, where one will be crowned, the Sole Survivor.


Day 37 Immunity Challenge: Snakes and Ladders
The castaways must race through an eight-level vertical maze in order to retrieve ten colored tiles. Once they have all their tiles, they must untie the tiles to reveal letters for a word scramble. First castaway to form the correct two-word phrase "Final Three" wins immunity.
Winner: Dover

Day 38 Immunity Challenge: Hand on a Hard Idol
Each tribe member held on to the immunity idol while standing on a small pedestal. The person who lasts the longest wins Immunity.
Winner: Dover


The tribe returns to tribal council, and Chip, Joel, and Skylar congratulate themselves on getting this far.

Quote1Hey, we are so close to the final three!Quote2- Joel
Quote1I know, and all we need to do is beat out Dover, which is possible.Quote2- Chip
Quote1We have to agree that Dover is next no matter what.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah, no one can flip.Quote2- Chip
Quote1I will always stick by you guys.Quote2- Joel
Quote1We can do this!Quote2- Skylar

Meanwhile, Dover just sits in the shelter, all alone.

This is my last stand. No matter what happens, I need the necklace around my neck. No idols or super strategies will help me. I have no other choice.


The four go to bed for the night.

Day 37

The next day, Chip and Joel go to talk, and they head to the beach to sit down.

Quote1You still up for the final two deal I proposed?Quote2- Joel
Quote1I honestly am still thinking about it.Quote2- Chip
Quote1C'mon! Skylar has been leading everything when it comes to strategy. We need to take her out final three. And both of us can overpower her in a endurance challenge.Quote2- Joel
Quote1I've seen you compete. Not really the best. But I can win it.Quote2- Chip

Chip goes back to the shelter, leaving Joel, a little irritated.

What an ass. He basically called me weak. Sometimes, you got to hate Chip. But it's that attitude that makes me want to take him to the end.


Soon, the final four meet for their next immunity challenge at the arena.

Quote1First of all, Dover, I will like to take it back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Here you go.Quote2- Dover
Quote1For today's challenge, you will run through this eight-level vertical maze, climbing up and dropping down, trying to find ten tiles. Once you have all ten tiles, you will go to your station and try to unscramble the phrase. First one to do so wins immunity. Let's draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

All four draw spots and get ready. On go, all four race into the maze. Dover and Chip go for the highest level and grab their first pieces. Joel though, has taken the bottom piece and is out first, followed by Skylar. All four reenter the maze and grab their second piece, with Joel and Skylar moving up in levels while Dover goes down. Chip is just going all over the place. Soon, Joel and Skylar have their third pieces, with Dover trailing. Chip is behind the three. Joel and Skylar grab their fourth piece and exit the maze while Dover is grabbing his fourth piece. Chip has fallen behind, but has his fourth piece. Joel and Skylar are neck and neck, grabbing their fifth piece, with Dover right behind them. Skylar has her sixth piece as Chip returns with his fifth piece. But soon, Dover's strategy pays off, as Joel and Skylar start to tire as they have to climb all the way up to grab the higher pieces later into the challenge. Dover gets his sixth piece with Joel, Chip is trailing behind. Dover, Joel, and Skylar all get their seventh piece, but Dover has a slight lead over the two. As Dover runs back in to get his eighth piece, Chip runs out with his seventh piece. Dover exits the maze with the eighth place, Joel and Skylar behind him. Dover grabs his ninth piece but Joel is right behind him. Skylar is starting to trail behind. Dover runs out of the maze with Joel and both are now only needing to grab their tenth piece. Joel immediately sees his last piece at the highest level of the maze, while Dover frantically searches for his last piece. Skylar has her ninth piece and reenters the maze. Chip is at nine pieces too when Dover sees his last piece and starts to maneuver the maze. Joel and Dover run out with their tenth pieces and begin the scramble. Skylar comes out right behind them, and Chip a couple seconds after that. All are untying the pieces from their covers and begin the puzzle. Soon, it becomes a race between Dover and Joel to unscramble the phrase. But Dover just beats out Joel and gets the phrase ("Final Three") right, winning immunity.

Quote1Dover wins immunity for the fourth straight time in a row!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes! Final three!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Dover, you have a one-in-three shot of winning this game. For the rest of you, you have the rest of the afternoon to decide who goes home.Quote2- Jeff

The four leave and return to camp.

At camp, Chip and Skylar talk about the vote, and bring Dover in to the conversation.

Quote1First of all, congrats on immunity Dover.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Yeah, good job.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thanks. Now, what did you guys want?Quote2- Dover
Quote1We wanted to tell you that we are voting Joel tonight and that we would like you to join us.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Sure, I'll go along. He's shady.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Yes, thank you. Now, Chip, tell him that I am going so that he feels safe to not go to Dover.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Cool.Quote2- Chip

Chip leaves that talk and goes to Joel.

Quote1That really sucks that he won.Quote2- Chip
Quote1I know, well, sucks for Skylar, right?Quote2- Joel
Quote1Yeah, Skylar is leaving. I'm sticking with you.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Really?Quote2- Joel
Quote1Really. Trust me.Quote2- Chip

Unfortunately, Joel won't see this coming. But we need to be assured tonight safety. It sucks a lot that he wants to try, but I can't have him stay here.


That night, the final four go to tribal council. They put their torches behind them and watch the jury come in. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, and Carmen walk in and take a seat on the jury bench. Carmen has cut part of her hair and put it in a ponytail, is wearing a red and black shirt with jeans.

Quote1Introducing the members of the jury. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, and Carmen, voted out at the last tribal council. Now, Dover, another immunity win under your belt. Do you think you can win the final immunity and go all the way to the end?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yeah, there's one more challenge and I have to face it and fight with all my might.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Chip, how do you feel now that your final three dream will now be broken up since he has immunity?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It sucks a lot, and I hate to be dropping either Joel or Skylar tonight, and I wish I don't have to do this.Quote2- Chip
Quote1So you're not getting voted out at all?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hopefully not, heh heh.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Skylar, why isn't Chip getting voted out?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1He comes off sort of abrasive and angry, so of course people want to bring him to the end.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Is this true Chip?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Pretty much, ha. I'm not good with the social aspect as the strategic and the physical, but I still try my hardest to get along.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Joel, it seems you are the other target tonight. Why should you stay?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I really haven't done a lot like Skylar, so it's easy to take me to the end.Quote2- Joel
Quote1You have had an equal chance with all of us together.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1No, you have been controlling this game with Chip as your big bad henchman.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Joel, why are you trying to go against me.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I'm fighting for the final three.Quote2- Joel
Quote1You're doing a real bad job at it.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1We'll see about that.Quote2- Joel
Quote1Well, with that, it's time to vote. Chip, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Okay Jeff.Quote2- Chip

All four go up to vote. Afterwards, Jeff takes the urn and brings it back.

Quote1Once the votes are read, the person with the highest amount of votes will be asked to leave tribal council immediately. First vote, Joel. Second vote, Skylar. Joel. Thirteenth person voted out of Survivor: Portugal and sixth member of the jury...

Joel. Joel, please bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1What the hell...Quote2- Joel
Quote1I'm sorry.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Joel, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Wow...good bye, screw you guys.Quote2- Joel
Quote1With that, there are three. Chip. Dover. And Skylar. Good luck, you can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The final three head back to camp, where they are mostly happy with how the vote turned out, and Joel's ousting.

Tonight's tribal went perfectly. Joel left instead I did, and I got to keep my ally and somewhat goat Chip around. Joel, he doesn't deserve to be here as he was just shady and in the middle.


I am so close to the end of the game. One more immunity. If I slip up, I'm a goner. It's my last chance, my last stand. I'm so close to the million. I'm too close to fail.


I can't get over the fact that I betrayed Joel like that. I mean, why do I feel like crap? Skylar was my number one ally, but I just don't know. It's so hard.


All three go to sleep for the next challenge.

Day 38

The next day, Dover finds Chip sitting on the beach looking out at the horizon.

Quote1Hey, what's wrong.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Skylar is playing me. I think I can't be in the final two with her.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Is this you asking me for a final two deal?Quote2- Dover
Quote1No. This is me saying that I might "mess up" the final immunity.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thanks, I guess.Quote2- Dover

Yes! (bleep)'ing phenomenal! Chip has seen the light and wants to get rid of Skylar! This game is almost mine to win.


The final three receive tree mail to go to a disclosed location. When they get there, they find a torch with a tag that says "Audrey" on it, signifying the Rites of Passage ceremony.

Quote1Audrey, I really wish she wasn't gone first.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah, she was kinda killing you with kindness.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Wow, that must be harsh.Quote2- Dover

Dover grabs her torch and they continue on the path.

Three days was really an experience for me, and I wished that I could have lasted much longer. But for the oldest woman on the tribe, I worked pretty hard.


The next torch is Emma's.

Quote1Emma seemed like a strong girl. What happened?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1She got in one fight with Julianna and messed up a little bit with the challenge, and she was gone.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Double whammy.Quote2- Chip

Dover grabs her torch and they continue down the path.

It sucks that you mess up one time and then accidentally knocked over a bag of rice, and people had to vote you out over that. Six days doesn't seem like a lot, but it was an emotional journey.


The next torch is Celeste's.

Quote1She was determined to take me out.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Yeah.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Seemed like a brainiac.Quote2- Dover

Chip grabs Celeste's torch and they move on.

I tried to go against the majority leader and it backfired. It was really fun though.


The next torch they find is Laurel's.

Quote1You lived up to your usefulness.Quote2- Dover
Quote1She seemed very down-to-earth.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I guess.Quote2- Chip

Skylar grabs her torch and they continue along the path.

I honestly still don't know what happened. I guess Cooper and them didn't need me anymore. It kinda hurts. But I really enjoyed out here.


The next torch is Julianna's.

Quote1She was a fire cracker.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Hell yeah.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Skylar

Chip grabs her torch and they move on.

I can believe Dover turned against us and I wish that next time, if there ever is a next time, I don't act so abrasive. This journey was stunning though.


The next torch they find is Lukas's.

Quote1He was such a gentle giant.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1He was too nice and brotherly to get sick like that.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Peace out Boy Scout.Quote2- Dover

Skylar grabs his torch and they continue on.

I never wanted to be sick because I knew it would take me out of the game. But I guess it just wasn't my game to win, but I did learn some things from this experience, and got out of my socially awkward bubble a little bit.


The next torch they find is Brady's.

Quote1Holy crap. Cooper blindsided us all.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Agreed.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Brady tried to hard, it honestly should have been Chip leaving.Quote2- Dover

Chip grabs his torch and they move down the path.

Cooper played me and the alliance like a fiddle and I paid for it. I liked the way I played and I wish I could do it again.


The next torch is Cooper's.

Quote1Snake.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Sneaky.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Asshole.Quote2- Chip

Dover grabs his torch and move along the path.

I played too hard, and it cost me. I should really work on making alliances with the right people instead of sticking with my group. I hope to play again.


The next torch they find is Ralphie's.

Quote1He was a beast in challenges.Quote2- Chip
Quote1He had quite the spirit.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I miss is rage a little bit, ha.Quote2- Dover

Skylar grabs his torch and they continue on.

I played my heart out, and that's what I am proud of. I will never be disappointed in my journey.


The next torch is Rose's.

Quote1Heh heh, Dover's little showmance.Quote2- Chip
Quote1It was very amusing.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1I don't care what you guys say, I miss her most of all.Quote2- Dover

Chip grabs Rose's torch and they continue on.

I thought I would go in and try and take down everyone, but that all changed when I met Dover and Emma. Those two made it all worthwhile and I potentially found someone in Dover. It was an awesome journey.


The next torch is Casey's.

Quote1Casey, he was pretty cool. Until he tried voting me out twice.Quote2- Chip
Quote1That idol play was a good move.Quote2- Dover
Quote1It saved us.Quote2- Skylar

Dover grabs his torch and they move on.

I had a pretty good run as I tried to take out the leader but I was too late. It was pretty fun.


The next torch they come across is Carmen's.

Quote1That teal hair.Quote2- Dover
Quote1She was...different, which was cool.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1But, she sided with Brady from like day four and she was instantly put on the outs in the majority alliance.Quote2- Chip

Skylar grabs her torch and the three move on.

*sigh* I have no words to describe this experience. It was amazing.


They come across the final torch, Joel's.

Quote1He was shady and bitter.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1When you go against him.Quote2- Chip
Quote1He was like the Bob of our tribe.Quote2- Dover

Chip grabs his torch and they go to the fire pit.

This game has its ups and downs. It was a thrill ride, to say the least.


They throw all the torches in the fire pit and they lit them on fire. They stand there for awhile, but soon they head to the challenge arena for the final challenge in Portugal.

Quote1First of all, Dover, I would like to take that back.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hope I get it back.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Today's final immunity challenge is simple and classic. Here is the tribal immunity idol, you will all stand on a small cylinder perch and have one hand on the idol for as long as possible. Fall off the perch or take your hand off, and you lose. Last on standing wins immunity. Let's draw for spots.Quote2- Jeff

They all get on their perches and put a hand on the idol. The challenge commences.

Elapsed Time: 20 Minutes

20 minutes in, and Skylar is struggling with balance a little bit. Chip gets in a comfortable position, while Dover is completely still.

Elapsed Time: 55 Minutes

35 minutes later, and Skylar struggles a little bit more, while Dover and Chip are almost perfectly still.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour 7 Minutes

After one hour and seven minutes, Skylar falls off her perch. She takes a seat next to Jeff and the challenge continues.

Elapsed Time: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Chip and Dover are still going strong. Chip looks at Dover to see Dover mouth the words "Step down and you're safe." Chip looks around, but stays on.

Elapsed Time: 2 Hours 16 Minutes

Chip is shuffling around because his feet are starting to ache. A couple seconds later, he slips and falls off the perch, and Dover has won.

Quote1Dover wins final immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes I can't believe it!Quote2- Dover
Quote1Dover, you have a spot in the final two. You have the afternoon to decide who of Chip and Skylar will be joining the jury. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The tribe of three return to camp.

I seriously can't believe I made the final two! Now I get to decide who leaves tonight. And it's pretty obvious.


The Vencedor tribe heads to tribal council and sits down, putting their torches behind them. They watch as the members of the jury enter and sit down. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, Carmen, and Joel all walk in and sit down. Joel is wearing a blue shirt and black shorts.

Quote1Presenting the members of our jury. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, Carmen, and Joel, voted out at the last tribal council. Dover has immunity tonight, and is the sole vote. Chip, why should Dover bring you to the end?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I have ruffled some feathers, and have not come off as the nicest person in this game. I can get angry and easily deny anyone, like you, of a plea or deal. No one would try and vote for someone that didn't do a lot of thinking or socializing over someone like you.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Okay, now Skylar.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I might have made the deals, but I am not as physical and could easily be a goat too like Chip. The plans were really between me, Joel, and Chip, with Brady and Carmen also helping. Someone can say I didn't do as much either. That is all.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Alright, Dover, it's time to vote.Quote2- Jeff

Dover goes and votes. When she returns, Jeff goes and grabs the urn.

Quote1Once the vote is read, the person voted out will be asked to leave tribal council immediately. Fourteenth person voted out of Survivor: Portugal and the final member of the jury...

Skylar. Skylar, please bring me your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1I see how it is.Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Skylar, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Good luck and have fun guys!Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Congratulations Chip and Dover. You have done what fourteen others did not do. Now, the power shifts to the six over there plus Skylar. You will plead your case tomorrow to the jury. Good luck. You can head back to camp.Quote2- Jeff

The final two take their torches and return to camp.

Day 39

The next day, Chip and Dover wake up and congratulate themselves on their journey to the final two. A feast soon arrives for the two of them and they start to dig in and chat about the experience.

I truly believe I can win this. I'm worried at how people look at my strategic game, and if I only relied at immunities to get into this spot. Do I have a chance, most definitely.


Dover might get the majority of the votes but I have as much of a chance as he does. I'm gonna fight my hardest with the jury tonight.


That night, the final two head to tribal council for the last time. They take a seat and watch the jury of seven enter the tribal council area. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, Carmen, Joel, and Skylar all walk in and take a seat. Skylar is wearing a short, green dress with blue jeans that go to her ankles.

Quote1Introducing the members of the jury. Cooper, Ralphie, Rose, Casey, Carmen, Joel, and Skylar, voted out at the last tribal council. To start it off, we'll hear from out finalists, Chip and Dover. Chip, you start us off.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Hey guys! Well, since most of you know my strategy, and that I always try to become the leader. I did that. I took over that position and got myself into a majority alliance. I stay the most physical to keep myself good with everyone. I know I am not the most social person or the most tolerable person, but I hope you guys can overlook that for my leading charge and physical parts in this game. Thank you.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thank you Chip. Dover, you're up.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Unlike Chip, I didn't take charge. My social game was also crap. I was almost never in the majority except for a couple tribals. I didn't have an actual strategic game, but when I fought, I fought. My determination brought me here. Hopefully, you guys see that when voting.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Alright, thank you Dover. Let's start the jury's questions. Cooper, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff


Quote1Congratulations Chip and Dover on getting this far. Dover, why didn't you rejoin us when you knew that you might have been at a 6-1 minority?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1It's just that, I thought Rose would join me and I would go on from there. Plus, I had made a better bond with Casey, Brady, and Carmen when I was on Selva post-switch, that we could try and make a final four alliance. Also, no offense, you kinda made me flip in the first place, after voting in the minority for two rounds.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Alright, I can see that. Chip, why did you instantly start as leader?Quote2- Cooper
Quote1I play football, and I'm the captain of my team. I was comfortable with being in charge so I just decided to do that again.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Cooper


Quote1Hey guys, I really don't have anything to say. My vote is still up in the air though, so give me one word to describe your gameplay. Just one.Quote2- Ralphie
Quote1Determined.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Physical.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Alright, I have what I need.Quote2- Ralphie


Quote1Both of you guys deserve it. I have no questions, but I will say something. Dover, you are one of the greatest persons I have ever met. Don't say your social game is bad, because you opened up to a lot of the jury when Chip didn't sometimes.Quote2- Rose
Quote1Thank you.Quote2- Dover
Quote1You're welcome. Again, good luck Chip and Dover.Quote2- Rose


Quote1My vote is still up in the air a little bit. Dover, I want to vote with you but I feel like you are only here because of your immunity run. Explain one aspect of your gameplay that wasn't physical.Quote2- Casey
Quote1I made bonds and deals with people like you and Carmen when I needed it if I didn't win immunity. And even if I knew that people were just gonna turn on me, I was gonna try to make deals here and there.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Thank you. Chip, were you really forgiving of me when I flipped and joined Ralphie the first time?Quote2- Casey
Quote1Honestly, I did. Maybe it was because I had immunity and we were in an alliance prior, but I did trust you. I felt like you were the guy I could relate to and trust. But then you turned against me immediately when Dover won. So I had to play my idol.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thank you Chip.Quote2- Casey


Quote1Hey guys! Dover, name one strategic move you made during this game.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1Well, when I won reward and took Chip and Skylar with me. I did so to make a deal with them if I didn't win immunity.Quote2- Dover
Quote1Thank you. Chip, I really have no questions for you. You acted a little rude and ignorant when I sided with Brady in the early stages in the game, and I believe Dover's social game was a little better.Quote2- Carmen
Quote1I'm sorry you feel that way.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Alright.Quote2- Carmen


Quote1Hello. I really have no question for Dover. Chip, did you know you were gonna go against me when we made that final 2 deal?Quote2- Joel
Quote1Yeah, I did.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Okay, why lie to me then?Quote2- Joel
Quote1I didn't want you to run to Dover to try and make a deal to tie it up and force a tiebreaker.Quote2- Chip
Quote1It might have cost you.Quote2- Joel


Quote1Chip and Dover, congratulations for once again. I have no questions for Dover. Chip, why make a final deal with Joel?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1You were becoming a major threat, and I wanted some chance to win.Quote2- Chip
Quote1Thank you for your honesty. You were being honest, right?Quote2- Skylar
Quote1Totally. You are the one person I would never lie to.Quote2- Chip

Afterwards, the jury goes up and votes. When they are done voting, Jeff grabs the urn.

Quote1Well, it has been an exciting season. Thank you all for being a part of it. I will see you at the reunion, where a winner will be announced.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Good luck Chip.Quote2- Dover
Quote1You too.Quote2- Chip

He leaves the tribal council area with the urn down the path, and ends up in a different tribal council area, which is the live studio. All the contestants are on stage, with Chip and Dover sitting in front of a fire and the other 14 sitting on the benches near them. Chip is wearing a black dress shirt and blue jeans with sneakers, while Dover is wearing a yellow T-shirt with a green vest and brown pants.

Quote1Welcome to the reunion of Survivor: Portugal. Here we have two finalists, Chip and Dover. The jury has voted, and one of you will win Survivor. Now, you want to see your name on these votes though. Let's read the votes. First vote, Dover. Second vote, Chip. Dover, Chip. Next vote, Dover. Winner of Survivor: Portugal...

Dover!Quote2- Jeff

Quote1*cheering and clapping loudly*Quote2- Audience
Quote1What! I can't believe this! This is freaking awesome!Quote2- Dover

Dover is then shouted by confetti. He shakes Chip's hands before running off to hug his family and cheer. He also goes over and hugs Rose, who he is now dating.

Jeff: Congratulations to Dover, the now Sole Survivor. Never siding with the majority, he fought with every ounce of might he had and outlasted all of his enemies and his opposition, bringing someone with a badder social game to the end with him, securing the win. Tune in as 18 Americans head south to the border next season as a major twist will leave everyone on their toes. See you next time on Survivor: Mexico!

Tribal Council

Day 37

Tribal Council 13:
Joel Litoral
Joel (3 votes)
Chip LitoralDover SelvaSkylar Litoral
Chip, Dover, Skylar
Skylar Litoral
Skylar (1 vote)
Joel Litoral
Joel Litoral BW
Joel Dawson

Voting Confessionals

I really hate to do this to you, but this "henchman" doesn't really take kindly to your words. Good bye.


Joel, this makes my life in this game much easier. See ya.


Skylar, I'm cutting the head of the snake. Good bye.


Joel, you're a really bitter man. Hope you are as shocked as I want you to be.


Final Words

Damn. Chip really betrayed me. It's gonna be hard trying to decide between these losers in the final three. Except for Dover, he's really rootable. I went on a pretty awesome run in this game, and would love to return. It's an amazing experience.


Day 38

Tribal Council 13:
Skylar Litoral
Skylar (1 vote)
Dover Selva
Skylar Litoral BW
Skylar Evans

Voting Confessionals

I'm sorry Skylar, but you were the brains behind everything. Good bye, you were just to hard to beat.


Final Words

I see Dover saw through my BS as I wanted to get to the end. I really just wanted to make it to the end, but I was one day short. But I did really well.


Final Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
Jury Vote
Voted for
Dover Selva
Dover (5 votes)
Carmen LitoralCooper SelvaJoel LitoralRalphie SelvaRose Selva
Carmen, Cooper, Joel, Ralphie, Rose
Chip Litoral
Chip (2 votes)
Casey LitoralSkylar Litoral
Casey, Skylar
Chip Litoral BW
Chip Saunders
Dover Selva
Dover Ware

Voting Confessionals

Congratulations Dover, you deserve this a lot more than Chip does.


Chip, congrats. You played this game very well, and had control a lot of the time.


Dover, you certainly showed me how much you wanted to stay in this game, and that's why you earn my vote.


Chip, you really don't deserve this vote after quickly voting out someone because you were blind to Skylar.


You, like Courtney, were a determined little ass. Congrats.


I'm so glad that I'm only writing your name down to win. You played with all the heart in the world, which a lot of people overlook.


Chip, you had a better strategic side than Dover, so my vote goes to you.


Still in the Running

Cooper Selva BW
Dover Selva
Emma Selva BW
Julianna Selva BW
Laurel Selva BW
Lukas Selva BW
Ralphie Selva BW
Rose Selva BW
Audrey Litoral BW
Brady Litoral BW
Carmen Litoral BW
Casey Litoral BW
Celeste Litoral BW
Chip Litoral BW
Joel Litoral BW
Skylar Litoral BW

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