This is the fith episode of survivor: solomon islands

"Totally Random!"
Tammie sleeping
Tammie relaxing at her camp.
Season Survivor: Solomon Islands
Author User: Henzzy
Episode Number 5/15
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Previously On Survivor...

Isabel had 8 people and rival tribe Choiseul had 9. At Isabel, Rachael plotted against old friend Chris and his alliance members, Larry and Lucas. She convinced, Regina, Stephanie, T-Man and Johnny onto her side. When her team lost immunity due to Larry, her alliance voted Larry out, leaving Lucas and Chris on the outsides of their tribe. Tonight, a tribal swap will shake up the game, 16 remain who will leave tonight?


Immunity/reward challenge: 4 contestants from each tribe have been kidnapped. The other 4 must bulid a device to carry them back to the beach. They may only collect one person at a time. The four missing people are hidden in the jungle area, and can yell out to quied their tribe mates towards them. However they are hidden with someone from the opposing tribe. The first tribe to get all four people back to the beach wins the challenge.

Reward: axe, hammer and other tools as well as tribal immunity.

Winner: Choiseul


night 12

Returning from tribal council, there are two different moods in the tribe. Lucas and Chris are pissed off and annoyed that Larry is gone. But the other 4 are happy about it.

Crap! That sucked. Now i all i have left is Lucas. Rachael is really proving to be a villian, and i don't like it. She needs t go however i cant do anything now. I am far to sleepy...


I did it! YES! I am so happy. My revenge was better and sweater that i thought it would be! Chris and Lucas are now screwed, unless some tribe swap comes in and ruins the game for me. But i'll stay positive.


Chris goes striaght to sleep. However, Lucas does some work on the fire so the team sees him as a worker and keep him longer. But he is a bit too noisy and annoys the tribe.

When Lucas started working around camp and I was like SHUT UP! Gosh that dude is trying to get liked by the tribe and now we all hate him more, I hope he drowns at the next water chalenge, HAHAHA


Johnny and Rachael go off and try and sleep in the sand away from the camp.

Day 13

Regina returned to her camp very early and tells her tribe about her experience of exile. When Rachael and Lucas check treemail, they find a bad and a note. On the bad it had the words "DO NOT OPEN YET" printed very clearly. Rachael and Lucas read the note :

The game is always changing, and it is about to now! When you get back to you camp, each of you will take a buff out off the bag and that will be your new tribe. People that get buffs for the other tribe will need to make a hike to the other tribes camp, using the map on the back of this note. Good Luck

–Rachael and Lucas (reading the note)

Rachael: Oh no!

Lucas: Oh yes!

Rachael: Damn it! This ruins everything!

ARGH! This sucks! I had things so good and then BAM! but thats survivor and thats why i love survivor, its making me work harder!

–Rachael (about the twist)

Rachael was just like "Oh No, Damn it." and i was celebrating. It goes to show how different things are dirrerent for different people.


When Rachael and Lucas return to camp and explain the twist to there Tribe the tribe is all devastated except for Chris and Lucas. They then draw buffs.

Rachael - Isabel
Regina - Choiseul
T-Man - Isabel
Stephanie - Choiseul
Johnny - Choiseul
Chris - Isabel
Lucas - Choiseul

Regina, Stephanie, Johnny and Lucas say their goodbyes and then leave. But before Stephanie leaves, T-Man and her share a kiss. To Stephanie's delight, Rachael, T-Man and Chris agree to stick together now despite their difference's and past experiences.

At Choiseul, Heather and Carol ger the note and go back to their camp and read it. They draw buffs.

Andrew zarr
Andrew - Choiseul
Brad - Choiseul
Nate - Isabel
Ben - Isabel
Tammie - Isabel
Heather - Choiseul
Carol - Choiseul
Elizabeth - Isabel
Cynthia Ballard
Cynthia - Isabel

Nate, Ben, Tammie, Elizabeth and Cynthia get their stuff and prepare to leave. They say goodbyes and head off on their journey.

Half way through the journey the two tribe members meet and walk their opposite ways.

When Nate, Ben, Tammie, Elizabeth and Cynthia arrive at their new camp, Rachael, T-Man and Chris welcome them to their camp. They spend sometime getting to know each other. T-Man knows that he needs to get a new alliance now that Stephanie is gone and he spends some time picking between Cynthia and Tammie.

So my options are Tammie or Cynthia, i cant pick Nate or Ben because they are dudes, and Elizabeth is far to old. So Tammie and Cynthia are the only two. Im leaning more towards Tammie, only because he seams young and dumb!


So we have numbers, but i think there is still a bit of Ben VS Andrew, so its kinda Ben, Tammie, Nate and Cynthia against me. I hope i caqn side with Chris, Rachael and T-Man so i can stay.


Tammie goes and relaxes on the beach and T-Man decides to make his move. He approaches her and starts talking.

T-Man: Hey Tammie

Tammie: Oh...Hi

T-Man: Listen, Chris and Rachael are together and I'm on the outs, im happy to help you and your tribe get them out, what do you think?

Tammie: Well honestly I'm happy to vote out Elizabeth from my tribe, she is weak because of her leg and age, and she isn't in an alliance with me. I think, You, me, Nate, Ben and Cynthia would be a good alliance.

T-Man: Sure, so Eliza, then Rachael and Chris.?

Tammie: Yep, are you cool with that?

T-Man: Yeah of cause. *starts flriting* So what where things like at Choiseul?

Tammie: Very divided, it was Brad, Nate, Ben, Cynthia and my self against Andrew, Felix, Heather, Carol and Eliza, what about Isabel?

T-Man: Lots of fights, Chris and Rachael are kinda like boss of the tribe. I don't like them.

T-Man continues flirting and Rachael and Chris start watching him.

Chris: What is he doing?

Rachael: I think he is trying to get her on our side. I think...

Chris: Why her?

Rachael: He thinks she will be easy to fool.

Elizabeth then approaches Chris and Rachael and tells them about Tammie, Ben, Nate, Cynthia and how they have Brad in an alliance back at Choiseul, and that they should choose her and vote out Tammie, Nate, Ben and Cynthia. Rachael says she will put it into consideration but she need to think for now.

Over at Choiseul, Regina, Stephanie, Johnny and Lucas arrive and Brad immediatly welcomes them. But Andrew, Carol and Heather take there time to see them. Brad immeditly tells the former Isabels that Andrew, Heather and Carol are together and will try vote them out, so they should take Brad as a number five and eliminate the other three.

the second we get there, Brad is befriending us and trying to get us into an alliance. It show he is playing the game. and we have to watch it around him, but for now it would be smart to go with him.

–Johnny, on Brad

I really hope that the Isabels side with me. I need them. All my friends are over at isabel now so my life in this game dependson them. So i hope they think what I offered is smart.


The former Isabels talk about what to do at the new tribe.

Johnny: we should go with Brad, that way its 5 onto 3, and then when we merge we can stuff Choiseul and go back with Isabel,

Stephanie: YES! that way we can stay with T-Man come the merge.

Regina: Im cool with that.

Johnny: what about you Lucas?

Lucas: um... i guess but don't you find it funny that Brad just tells us so fast, i feel like he is hiding something. Also we need to find out whta they brought on day 1 becasue that changes a lot of things.

Johnny: ok, ill report back to brad!

Johnny goes and tells Brad that they are with him untill the final five. Brad smile's and says "I'm with you untill the final five!"

Im with you untill the final five...NOT! i had my fingers crossed, at the merge, im with Nate, Ben, Tammie and Cynthia, so screw you at the merge. Im might be a cop but ima bad cop! Ha ha ha


we need to weigh our options, things might not be what we think at the Choiseul tribe. We need to keep watch!


Andrew talks to his girls, Carol and Heather about the new people and what they should do.Andrew says that he thinks Brad has allready made a move, so they need to make a bigger one. Carol and Heather agree. Andrew goes and Talkes to the former Isabels. He is willing to lie and minipulate to get them on bored.

Andrew: hey guys, i just wanna say, that Brad can't be trusted. He screwed Felix over and he will go the same to you! He is a bad person, and iff you join me, we can vote out brad. Then Carol and Heather. because they mean nothing to me! I'll vote them out!

Johnny: Oh really? I don't trust you!

Andrew: yes really and why would i lie if I allready had people on my side?

Johnny: to get more people on your side!

Andrew: I swear! I swear on my sisters life!

Johnny: ok, we will think about it.

i said, "I swear on my sisters life!" well guess what! I don't have a sister! Only 3 brothers! Ha ha ha, these people are easy to lie to!


Day 14

At the immunity challenge, Jeff explained the challenge, then the 8 girl where hidden (both tribes dicided to hide there girls) The men built there stretchers and then when they finished they started running off to find the girls. The closest girls where Elizabeth and Heather. Choiseul get there first and have to be careful not to hurt Heathers ankle. Isabel thyen arrive and take Elizabeth. Choiseul gets to the beach first and have a slight lead. The next girls are, Tammie and Carol. Once again Choiseul arive first and collect Carol. Tammie is the collected. Isabel have a fall and Tammie face plants into the sand. They pick her up and keep going. Choiseul get back to the beacvh, then Isabel does. The next people are Rachael and Stephanie. Choiseul arrive first once again and take stephanie. Isabel take their time in getting to Rachael. Choiseul return to the beach then head out to find their last member, Regina. Isabel get back and go to find Cynthia. Choiseul find Regina and get back to the beach winning immunity before Isabel finds Cynthia.

Jeff the explains, due to the tribe swap, there will be now exile today. Choiseul walk back to camp, happy, while Isabel are annoyed.

When Choiseul get back to camp, Johnny talks to the tribe about who good he was in the challenge, this annoys all the original Choiseuls.

we just won immunity, and Johnny is like "wow, im so good" "did ya'll see me running" "im champion at this!" Really dude? your team lost 3 out of 4 immunity challenges, and now your here you think you are the hero? Is he dumb and blind, or just really stupid? I honestly don't know. Oh and my ankle is so saw after he just whipped me up in the challenge! I sorta wish we lost so i can vote his ass out!


Johnny? That guy is an odd character. He is cocky and up himself, but he is so funny, just listening to him blabber on about himslef is funny.


Did ya see me in the challenge, i was like superman and batman and every other superhero! I think i've proven to be the strongest physical player on my tribe and in the game!


Carol and Heather talk about heathers ankle, heather complains and make a big deal about it.

Over at isabel, T-Man and Tammie talk and flirt.

Tammie: so we vote Elizabeth tonight.

T-Man: yes, her or Chris. Becasue Rachael kinda helps around camp more than Chris and the others.

Tammie: yeah, so whats things like in New york?

T-Man: oh yeah its crazy...

T-Man tells Tammie about his life in newyork and flirts with her.

Tammie is so dumb, flirting with her is so easy. She makes Stephanie look mildly smart! Ha ha ha. If she has a brian somewhere in her head its obviously turned off currently! Stupid brat! Also she's like "oh we can vote off Elizabeth" girl if you where smart you would stick with the Choiseuls! Buts she not smart!


please, i can see throught T-Mans little act. But if he wants to manipulate me and make me look bad, he can but it will come back to bite himm when he lease expects it! Becasue i ain't your ordinary stupid little eighteen years old! I'm better than that!


Chris starts to chop some wood with the axe they won and talk to Nate and Ben about voting out Elizabeth.

Chris: what would you think about voting out Elizabeth? Would you do it?

Nate: um...yeah, she isn't with me in the game

Ben: i'll do it, but will we have numbers?

Chris: us three, Rachael and T-Man, we could do it!

Ben: I don't trust T-Man, he's too close to Tammie, are they like in love?

Chris: dude, trust me T-Man is using her, but if we can get an extra vote then its worth it.

T-Man is like a male Parvati, he is using Tammie, we need to alert Tammie about it, but Chris thinks we shouldn't I'm going to anyway. I'm playing my own game not Chris's game!


Ben goes and askes T-Man if he can talk to Tammie for a moment. T-Man walks away and talkes to Cynthia. Ben talkes to Tammie.

Ben: you can't trust T-Man he is too...

Tammie: I know! He is playing me, but secretly i'm playing him! Its more complocated than you thing.

Ben: are you shore?

Tammie: yes, im not some dumb little eightenn year old, i'm playing.

Elizabeth: *walks over to them* hi guys, what are you talking about?

Tammie: T-Man...

Elizabeth: ok i will vote him too *leaves*

so Tammie and Ben wan't T-Man out, well I'll vote him too if it saves me!


opps, I said to Eliza "T-Man" now she think's we are voting T-Man, thats awkard, but she is going so it doesn't really matter.


Cynthia askes Nate who to vote out, he say "Elizabeth" she agrees and packes her stuff just in case.

when Nate told me to vote Elizabeth but i don't fell safe tonight, so i'll bring my stuff in case!


The tribe walk to tribal council, with disapointment.

At tribel council, Jeff askes what they think of the new team. Tammie replies, "I like it, i think there is only one person who i wouldn't want on the tribe." Jeff askes T-Man the same question he replies "There is no Lucas so that a good thing." Jeff askes Elizabeth if she fits in with the tribe being older? Elizabeth replies " well i think i get on well with 6 people in thetribe the only one i don't really like is T-Man" T-Man then gets angry and tells her "your a bitch who suck at survivor and at life! I hope your fake leg breakes and you die!" Elizabeth then tells the tribe about her time in the war and about her husband who was killed and how she lost a leg, and she comes to tears saying " to have someone say things like that, it hurts because i lost my leg help my counrty and my husband died doing i too, and that people have the gut to say that it hurts." Rachael i brought to tears aswell. But Elizabeth is still vote out in a 7-1 vote.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
Elizabeth (7 votes)
T-manRachealTammieBenChrisNateCynthia Ballard
T-Man, Rachael, Tammie, Ben, Regina, Nate & Cynthia
T-Man (1 vote)
Elizabeth out
Elizabeth Dalton

Voting Confessonals

go home you disgusting, rotton little cow! I hope you join your husband in hell! I disgusting cow!


I really hate to do this after i just heard your story but i need to, and i am regreting this allready and I am so sorry, and i hope we can be friends after this because you are a great woman who is going home before she shoul. Im sorry and i hope you can forgive me.


Its to early to put the knife into T-Man so i need to stay with him and i am sorry about this and i do respect you but you need to go.


Bye, bye!


We need to keep a strong tribe, and i am sorry. I will do you a favor, next time we lose i'll get T-Man out, sorry and bye.


I respect you but you need to go


this isn't the best thing to do right now but i'll still do it becasue i think i'm getting some votes tonight


T-Man, how can you say that? Its sad that you can! I defended my counrty in the war and my husband lost his life doing that aswell and yet you show me no respect! I hope that the team do what they said they would and vote you out because you are disrespectful


Final Words

Well, i had a fun 14 days, and i made a great friend in Carol. Being the oldest i thought i would be out first. But i wasn't. Im disapointed in Tammie and Ben because they said they where voting T-Man but that never happened. But I wont complian, i had fun made friends and i got to play survivor. So thank you for this once in a life time opportunity!

–Elizabeth Dalton

Still In The Running



Larry out



Jenny out

Jodi out


Andrew zarr

Felix out
Cynthia Ballard

Elizabeth out