"Tribemate With Benefits"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 3/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Six Things Wrong With This Tribe
Next Overcrowded
Tribemate With Benefits is the third episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

After Kufra's first tribal council, the tribe maintained a sort of leadership, but tensions still ran between Jo, Drayden, and Kurt. At the reward challenge Kufra got its first victory, winning pillows and blankets. Kufra was still divided, however. Kurt made an alliance between himself, Felicity, and Giselle, Jo became alienated, and another alliance between Roberta, Lilly-Bo, and Devin was formed.

Later at the immunity challenge, Kufra began to get ahead, having a big lead over Scorpio, but at the staircase puzzle, Jo's lack of clear directions caused her tribe to slow down. Scorpio caught up, and eventually won their second immunity. Back at Kufra, Kurt reassured he was voting for Devin, but Felicity and Giselle didn't agree, wanting to vote VJ instead. VJ and Drayden put their differences aside to vote Jo out. The Outsider Alliance recruited Jo to help them vote Kurt out. Eventually a scattered vote became Kurt's downfall, with the tribe voting him out. Eighteen remain, who will be voted out next?


Reward Challenge: Roll With It
One player is strapped into a giant hamsterball and guides three blindfolded team members to push them down a path to the end of the course, then align them so they can see a table maze. The remaining four blindfolded players control the corners of the table maze at their caller’s commands, in order to move a ball to a finishing hole.
Reward: The contestants' luxury items, coffee, sugar, and a week's worth of rice.
Winner: Scorpio


Immunity Challenge: Pig Out
Using only their mouths, the castaways would rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win.
Extra Stipulation: The winning tribe receives both tribe's collected meat.
Winner: Scorpio


Night 6

Kufra returned from its second consecutive tribal council. Many people are exhausted and frustrated because of the results of tribal council.

This is great, one more person to go, then bam, I'm leader of this god forsaken tribe. I'll probably string that damn alliance to the merge, then let the other tribe pagong them, because you're looking at the girl who'll win every immunity challenge.


The eight remaining Kufras started a fire and later went to sleep in their finished shelter.

Day 7

The day began at Scorpio, with nine of its members over near the fire pit. Dawn had started the fire. Katniss brought the food crate over and gave Dawn the rice.

Aleskan: "Hey has anyone seen Grimsley lately?"

Katniss: "No, no one's seen him this morning at all."

Dawn: "I hope he's okay."

Bianca: "Me too."

Jeremy: "What could be so important that he can't socialize with his tribe?"

Montana: "Maybe he's looking for a hidden immunity idol."

Aleskan: "Well if he is, he's stupid, the only place idols can be found are on exile."

Gwendolyn: "Anyone think we could trust him?"

Judas: "I certainly wouldn't."

Hibiki: "So we all want to vote him off?"

Aleskan: "Yep. Everyone looks like they'd vote him out."

I think Aleskan's one of the hottest guys here. I wonder if he'd like to become a tribemate with benefits with. Oh, by that I mean use him to get me to the end.


Grimsley is seen by a dune looking for something. He looks extremely frustrated.

I've been out here looking for a goddamn immunity idol. I've had no luck finding one, where the hell are these (bleep) things?


At Kufra, Jo is talking to her alliance.

Jo: "Alright, I want Drayden out next."

Roberta: "Listen, I'm the leader of the alliance, so I call the shots. I want VJ out next."

Jo: "No, I'm calling the shots now! You guys will vote Drayden out next."

Roberta: "That's it I want you out of our alliance Jo!"

Jo: "Fine, I was going to string you guys to the merge, but have it your way. I'm out, bitch."

Jo leaves Lilly-Bo, Devin, and Roberta. The three continue to talk.

Roberta: "Change of plans, Jo is next."

Devin: "That's fine by me."

Lilly-Bo: "How are you going to accomplish this?"

Roberta: "Easy, I'll get Giselle, Felicity, and Drayden to vote her out."

Devin: "This better work Roberta."

Roberta: "It should, Devin."

That bitch Jo messed with the wrong girl, we'll have her head spinning at the next tribal council!


The two tribes later received treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. Scorpio arrived first, and Kufra arrived after, with Jeff revealing that Kurt was voted out at the last tribal council. He then explained the challenge:

Jeff: "One player is strapped into a giant hamsterball and guides three blindfolded team members to push them down a path to the end of the course, then align them so they can see a table maze. The remaining four blindfolded players control the corners of the table maze at their caller’s commands, in order to move a ball to a finishing hole. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Castaways: "Yeah."

Jeff: "You're competing for your luxury items, coffee, sugar, and a week's worth of rice. Scorpio, you have two extra members, who's sitting out?"

Aleskan: "Grimsley and Montana."

Jeff: "Grimsley, Montana, take a seat on the bench. I'll give you a moment to strategize."

Gwendolyn was in the hamster ball for Scorpio, with Aleskan, Katniss, and Hibiki pushing her. Devin was in the hamster ball for Kufra, with Jo, Lilly-Bo, and Roberta pushing him. Both told the pushers to go straight. Gwendolyn's ball was pushed toward the left. Gwendolyn told them to go right. Devin's ball also began to go off course. He told the girls to go left. Scorpio picked up the pace, and briefly went off course. Gwendolyn easily told her tribe to turn when needed. The Kufra girls were getting their directions confused, with Devin yelling at them to hurry. Eventually both hamster balls made it to the table maze. Gwendolyn quickly started to guide her tribe avoiding the open holes. Devin guided his tribe, but the ball fell through the first open hole. Gwendolyn got her tribe a third of the way there. Kufra was right behind. Gwendolyn's swift calls got her tribe past the second open hole on the correct path. Devin's calls got the ball stuck in an unwanted path. Scorpio only had to get her tribe down to the path before the goal. Kufra was slowly loosing ground, as the ball went through another hole, forcing Kufra to restart. Scorpio then got the ball through the goal hole winning their reward.

Jeff: Scorpio, congratulations on winning your reward, now you have to send someone to Exile Island."

Montana: "We choose VJ."

Jeff handed them their rice, coffee, and sugar, and told them their luxury items would be waiting for them at camp. VJ is given a map to Exile Island. The castaways were then told to head out.

VJ followed the map to exile. He opened the urn that welcomed him, which had a clue in it. VJ also noticed a shelter and fire pit. He then searched for the idol. He searched for hours, finding nothing, and going back to the shelter to make a fire.

I looked for the damn idol on exile, I found nothing, plus I have some time, Jo is bound to go home before I do.


VJ made some rice and then decided to get some sleep.

Day 8

The next day at Scorpio, the contestants were enjoying their luxury items. Aleskan put the photo of his son in the shelter. Gwendolyn was reading her book inside the shelter. Aleskan and Montana were playing a mock game of soccer. Dawn and Bianca were admiring each other's necklaces. Jeremy was taking photos of his tribemates. Hibiki was making a house of cards in the shelter. Katniss used her arrows to snag a vulture. Judas was drawing a picture of this in his sketchbook.

Yesterday we all received our luxury items. I have my lucky coin, it is very lucky for me, I've never lost or forgot anything with it. Sweet, right?


At Kufra, the tribe was in the middle of one of Jo's tantrums, because of them losing.

Damn it! If we won that (bleep) reward challenge I could have shown off by Wrestling Belt, which would make these bitches fear me!


The other six were in the shelter fearful of Jo.

Roberta: "Listen, are you guys willing to vote Jo out?"

Drayden: "Yeah."

Giselle: "You serious? After seeing this, hell yeah!"

Felicity: "I'm in, but we should vote VJ."

Roberta: "You for real? You'd vote VJ out over Jo, she's angrier than a bull. Plus VJ might of found an idol on Exile Island."

Felicity: "What if he doesn't?"

Devin: "Then it won't matter, because we're not going to tell VJ, and hopefully she'll think he has an idol."

Hopefully, VJ doesn't have an idol, but this early, its unlikely.


Later the tribes and VJ received treemail to go to the challenge area. Many are confused, as normally this would be their day off from challenges, but go regardless. Both tribes and VJ arrive, and Jeff explains their immunity challenge:

Jeff: "Using only your mouths, you have to rip pieces of meat off a large pork roast and put it into a basket. The tribe with the most meat in the basket after ten minutes would win. In addition, the winning tribe also receives both tribe's meat. Scorpio, you have two extra members, who's going to sit out."
Aleskan: "Dawn and Hibiki."

Jeff: "Dawn, Hibiki, take a seat on the bench, I'll give you a moment to strategize."

The sixteen castaways had their hands tied behind their back and were told to start. The sixteen ran up to the tribe's roasts and began to bite into it. Jo, Drayden, and VJ quickly brought some of the pig back. Aleskan brought a chunk of pig to the basket. Katniss and Judas followed. Felicity, Giselle, Bianca, and Jeremy brought back some of the pig. Devin, Roberta, and Lilly-Bo brought back some good size chunks of meat. Gwendolyn, Montana, and Grimsley brought some meat back. The castaways repeated this until the pig was nearly gone. Dawn, a one point, looked like she was crying at one point, with Hibiki consoling her. The two baskets looked equally full. Judas then ran back with a giant chunk of pig in his mouth. Jo brought a giant chunk to her basket. Soon the ten minutes were up, and Jeff told the castaways to put whatever they had in their mouths in to the basket. Jeff put Kufra's basket on a scale.

Jeff: "Alright, Kufra you collected 23 lbs 15 oz of pig meat. Scorpio let's see if you beat that. Scorpio, you collected, 24 lbs 1 oz of pig meat. Congratulations, Scorpio you've won immunity and 48 lbs. of pig meat."

Jeff handed over the immunity idol to Aleskan and gave the baskets to Judas and Katniss. He then told the two tribes to head out.

Dammit! We lost by two (bleep) ounces! You can't be (bleep) serious!


At Kufra, everyone, but VJ was avoiding Jo. They reassured each other that Jo would definitely go. VJ, on the other hand, went to talk to Jo.

VJ: "I want to work with you."

Jo: "Okay, fine. I'm voting Drayden and so are three others, so he'll go home."

VJ: "Jo do you feel safe?"

Jo: "No, why? Do you have an idol?"

VJ: "Yes, I do."

Jo: "Good, then give it to me tonight, Drayden will definitely go home."

I love to (bleep) with people, it's so fun.


Kufra then arrive to the tribal council area. Everyone puts their torch behind them and takes a seat.

Jeff: "Devin, this is your third consecutive tribal council. What's going on here?"

Devin: "The first two immunity challenges required mentality and patience, something many of us lack in. The third immunity challenge was more luck based."

Jeff: "Drayden do you think that you guys don't have a good balance of mental and physical players?"

Drayden: "I think we do, Jo should of thought of that when she picked us."

Jo "You're really blaming me for our tribe's losses?"

Drayden: "Yes, you only though of outlast and outplay, but not outwit. You ought to have chosen Jeremy or Gwendolyn."

Jo: "I was thinking of outwit, Drayden, so (bleep) you!"

Drayden: "(bleep) you, too, bitch."

Jeff: "Before this tribal council ends up with an ejectee and injury, VJ, how was your exile?"

VJ: "It was nice, it felt lonely, but that's what exile is."

Jeff: "Felicity, does VJ look like he's not acting like himself, do you know why?"

Felicity: "Two days ago, in order for VJ to get Drayden's vote, VJ promised to behave himself for three days, and it's been quite nice."

Jeff: "So, Lilly-Bo, does this take VJ off the hit list?"

Lilly-Bo: "Yes, certainly for now, but after the third day VJ will be his normal self."

Jeff: "Jo, is their anyone who shouldn't feel safe?"

Jo: "Drayden, shouldn't at all. He'll have his torch snuffed in a matter of minutes."

Jeff: "Roberta, is there anyone else who should feel safe?"

Roberta: "I would say, but I don't want him/her to freak out."

Jeff: "Alright, it's time to vote, VJ, you're up."

One by one each castaway votes. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now."

Jo: "Okay, VJ give me the idol."

VJ: "I don't exactly have an idol."

Jo: "What?! You are a (bleep) traitor!"

Jeff: "Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote.....Drayden. Drayden. He leads 2-0. Next vote.....Jo. Jo. We're with Jo and Drayden with two votes each. Jo. Sixth vote....Jo. The third person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara.........Jo. Please bring me yout torch."

Jo grabs the torch angrily and slams it down in front of Jeff.

Jeff: "Jo, the tribe has spoken."

Jo flips the bird to her ex-tribemates and leaves in anger.

Jeff: "You guys probably just avoided a woman that might murder you all in your sleep, good call. You guys are slowly unifying. You may head out."

Kufra leaves the tribal council area, with some peace.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
Jo (6 votes)
Devin, Drayden, Felicity, Giselle, Lilly-Bo, & Roberta
Drayden (2 votes)
Jo & VJ
Jo Bosko

Voting Confessionals

Jo, please get help.


This is for my well-being and yours.


You are one psycho-bitch.


Jo please don't get angry over this, but you need some therapy, then maybe you can come back and play.


Jeff, I have 50% of the vote tonight.


Jo, please don't murder us for this, please!.


Jo, you betrayed me, but if you see this, you need major help.


Drayden, I'm voting you, so Jo feels safe, I hate both of you.


Final Words

Why the (bleep) was I voted out, I was one of their strongest players. They can all go (bleep) themselves, especially Roberta and VJ. I will find you all and kill you all!


Still In the Running

Ira BW
Kurt BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • Kufra has some peace after Jo's elimination.
  • Kufra finally gets leadership.
  • A double elimination may majorly affect both tribes for the remainder of the game.

Author's Notes

  • Pig Out was initially supposed to be the previous episode's immunity challenge, but I couldn't because of Dawn and Hibiki's vegetarianism.
  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Samoa episode,This Is The Man Test, and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains episode, Tonight, We Make Our Move.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: South Pacific episode, Taste the Victory.
  • The contestants' luxury items were as follows:
    • Aleskan - A picture of his son
    • Bianca - Her grandmother's necklace
    • Dawn - A handmade necklace
    • Devin - His father's wristwatch
    • Drayden - His wife's wedding ring
    • Felicity - A pageant crown
    • Giselle - Her Distinguished Service Medal
    • Grimsley- His lucky coin
    • Gwendolyn - Much Ado About Nothing
    • Hibiki - Deck of playing cards
    • Jeremy - Digital camera
    • Jo - Her championship wrestling belt
    • Judas - His sketchbook and colored pencils
    • Katniss - Bow and Arrows
    • Lilly-Bo - Her mother's earrings
    • Montana - Soccer ball
    • Roberta - A picture of her husband and children
    • VJ - A dream catcher
    • If Ira and Kurt made it to this challenge their luxury items would be; a photo of his third (and current wife) and a drawing by his daughter respectively.
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