"Triple Play"
Amy and Yessica see Heather with her Hidden Immunity Idol.
Season Survivor: Caucasus
Author User:Blaine7275
Episode Number 9/14
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Triple Play is the ninth episode of Survivor: Caucasus.

Previously On Survivor...

Knowing she was in a dire situation, Heather tried to mend fences with former ally Agatha, who still questioned her loyalty, but was willing to work with her once again. Her luck then turned around when she finally found the tribe's Hidden Immunity Idol, but it wasn't kept a secret for long as Yessica and Amy, who'd been watching her every movements, saw her find it.

At the Alazani camp, after ending up on the minority after a tribe swap, Gerardo and Aaron's days were numbered as their alliace member, Martin, fell victim to the four-strong Alazani alliance. However, Gerardo still pushed for the elimination of Van, whom he knew was not trusted and liked by his alliance members, namely Daniel. Gerardo even sold out his only ally Aaron to ensure his safety in the game.

When the Alazani tribe went to Tribal, Aaron made himself the prime target, but in the end, Van's torch was snuffed when Daniel and Derek decided to flip on him. How will the females handle Heather's idol once it gets out in the open? And will Gerardo and Aaron be able to last a few more days? Find out next on Survivor: Caucasus"!


Reward Challenge: Shoot Your Way Home
Each tribe would be equipped with a pouch of marbles and a slingshot. In turns, each tribe member must take a shot at a ceramic tile grid. The first tribe to break all ten tiles wins reward.
Reward: Letters from home
Winner: Alazani

Immunity Challenge: Perch
The survivors from both tribes must stand on a perch as long as they can. As time goes on, the platform they are standing on will get small and smaller. Last person standing wins immunity for their tribe.
Winner: Alazani


Night of Day 21

The Alazani tribe arrived to camp that night in a gleeful state. Daniel was satisfied that Van was finally gone, while Aaron and Gerardo were just happy to still be in the game.

I don't know how Gerardo did it, but I'm still here to see another day and most importantly, Heather! Maybe he's not as bad as I thought he was.


With night completely submerging the tribe in darkness, everyone decided to go to sleep.

Day 22

Over at the Rioni camp the next morning, Heather goes over to Agatha and pulls her aside to talk about their newly re-established alliance.

Heather: "Okay, we need to talk strategy."
Agatha: "Alright, what do you plan to propose?"
Heather: "I know everyone's still gunning for me, so I've come up with a plan in case we end up losing the Immunity Challenge."
Agatha: "What is it?"
Heather: "I pretend that I have another Hidden Immunity Idol. I tell everyone I have it, and not wanting what happened to Rachel to happen to them, they'll frantically target eachother rather than wasting their votes on me."
Agatha: "But what if they plan to target me instead?"
Heather: "I hightly doubt that. This is the final 11. We didn't merge at final 12, so we probably will at the final 10. So they'll try to get one of the threats out, and no offense, but that's not you."
Agatha: "Uhh. None taken?"
Heather: "So that's the plan."

Of course I couldn't tell Agatha that I have the real idol, since she thinks she has it. So while I'm off telling the whole tribe that I have the idol, they'll believe me, while she'll think that I'm just pretending. I'm a genius!


What Heather plans to do is really risky. The tribe will either not believe that she found another idol, or will believe her yet stick together to vote me out instead. But she put her trust in me by giving me the idol, so I have to put my trust in her.


At Alazani, Gerardo and Aaron congratulate themselves for making it three more days in the game.

Aaron: "Thanks a lot man! I thought I was a complete gonner!"
Gerardo: "No problem."

It's great that Aaron wasn't voted out last night, but what he doesn't know is that I made a deal with Derek and Daniel that if they voted out Van, I'll give my loyalty to them. They still have the numbers, so it's not smart to doublecross them, which means that I'll have to send Aaron home if we lose immunity.


Meanwhile, Daniel, Derek, and Sebastian get together to discuss the events at Tribal Council. Even though Sebastian didn't vote for Van, he admits that he too wanted him gone, but questions if it was the right move.

Sebastian: "So are you two sure you did the right thing?"
Derek: "Yeah Daniel, did we do the right thing?"
Daniel: "Yes we did. By voting Van out, not only did we get rid of an untrustworthy person, but gained a trustworthy one in Gerardo. I believe he's a man of his word, so he'll most definately stick with us."
Sebastian: "Alright then."

Gerardo seems like the kind of guy who would keep his word, so I believe that he'll join us.


Later, both tribes meet up for the Reward Challenge. Rioni arrives first and when Jeff announces that Van was voted out of the men's tribe, Samantha and Lauren jump for joy.

After stabbing Lauren and me in the back, I wanted to be the one who took the pretty boy out, but having other people do the work for me is just as good.


Jeff then announces the challenge and reveals the reward, letters from home. Everyone is excited about the reward and the challenge begins. Since the Rioni tribe has one more member than the Alazani tribe, they decide to sit out Amy.

The challenge begins with Alazani taking a slight lead, as its members seem to be able to handle the slingshot better. The score is 3-0, but as soon as Heather and Samantha take their shots, they're able to tie up the score. Luck then seems to be on the girls' side as the men begin to start missing their shots. The Rioni tribe is able to surpass them and take a 6-3 lead. In the end however, the men are able to recover and destroy the girls by going on a seven-shot run, breaking all their tiles first and winning the reward. However, before Jeff hands them their letters, he gives them a choice.

Jeff: "You guys can either keep the letters for yourselves, or you can individually give up your letter, which means that someone of your choice from the other tribe will get their letter from home. I'll give you a minute to think about it."

Upon hearing this, most of the females begin to tear and beg for the guys to take the offer. After the minute is up, Jeff asks the males what they've decided, and only Daniel and Aaron decide to give up their letters and choose Amy and Heather respectively to get theirs. Jeff hands out the letters and both tribes go their seperate ways.

I'm thankful to Aaron and all, but he seriously needs a reality check. If he thinks that this letter is a ticket to get in my pants, then he has another thing coming.


It's been tough for me to be without Amy for these last couple of days, but unlike her, I've had Derek and Sebastian so I can't imagine how it's been for her. Hopefully that letter will get her to keep fighting until we all merge.


Arriving back to camp after their reward win, the men who decided to keep their letters scatter off to read them. After they finish, Sebastian, Daniel, and Derek call Gerardo aside and begin to talk.

Sebastian: "Look Gerardo, we've talked about it and decided to let you join our alliance. We find you trustworthy, however, if we end up losing the next Immunity Challenge, we'll have to test your allegiance by voting out Aaron."
Gerardo: "Oh my gosh! Thank you! And no problem, over at Rioni, Aaron and I weren't even alligned. This whole partnership between him and I was made out of desperation due to our circumstances."
Sebastian: "Nice to know. Well I guess it's time to hit the sack. Good night everyone."

I get the vibe from Gerardo that he will agree to whatever is offered to him in order to stay in the game longer, but I also get the ease of having him be in our alliance instead of Van.


I'm golden right now! These guys just invited me into their alliance, while Aaron still thinks I have his back. Best case scenario we win this upcoming Immunity Challenge and I enter the merge with all these allies.


Day 23

Once morning arrives, the Rioni tribe decides to have breakfast before heading out to the challenge, which was going to take place earlier than usual. As the females sat around the fire and ate their rice and fish, Heather shocked everyone by taking out her Hidden Immunity Idol and setting it right beside her.

Heather: "Just some thought if we end up losing the challenge."

I knew she had the idol, but I wasn't expecting her to actually reveal in front of the whole tribe!


After breakfast is over, the females head off to their next challenge, still speechless about Heather's reveal.

Both tribes arrive to the riverbed located near both their camps. Jeff tells them the challenge basics and tells the Rioni tribe to sit out a member, in which they choose Agatha. He then instructs them to get onto their respective perch situated in the river and the challenge begins.

Time Elapsed: 5 seconds

As Jeff says his famous "Survivors ready! Go!", Heather immediately jumps off her perch. Trying to send a message to the her remaining four tribemates, she gives them a smirk and the challenge goes underway.

Time Elapsed: 15 minutes

After 15 minutes, Jeff tells the nine contestants that the base of their perches will now get smaller, making it harder to stay balanced. Roughly one-third of their platform is taken away, but everyone stays on.

Time Elapsed: 30 minutes

After 30 minutes, everyone still seems to be doing fine until Jeff instructs them that their platform will once again get smaller. This time, the contestants are left with half of the original size to stand on.

Time Elapsed: 45 minutes

Once 45 minutes have gone by, Sebastian complains of back pain and jumps off his perch. Everyone else seems okay, but Derek appears to be figgiting a little on his perch.

Time Elapsed: 1 hour

After an hour, the platforms become smaller again. Derek takes a fall after he can no longer keep balance. The girls take the lead 4-3.

Time Elapsed: 1 hour 30 minutes

After a whole 90 minutes had gone by, Amy's feet seem to be bothering her and she takes a dive and is then followed by Lauren. The men then lead 3-2.

Time Elapsed: 2 hours

At this point, everyone seems to be doing great and Jeff then tells them that the platform will get even smaller. This leaves the remaining five contestants standing on a 3cmx7cm platform. They manage to keep balance until the unpredictability of the mountains produces a strong gust of win which pushes Gerardo, Yessica, and Daniel into the water, leaving Samantha and Aaron to battle it out for their tribes.

Time Elapsed: 2 hours 10 minutes

Both contestants manage to do well until a sneeze causes Samantha to lose balance. She tries to regain control, but eventually falls in the water. With Aaron the only person left, he wins immunity for his tribe, sending Rioni to Tribal Council.

Upon coming back from their immunity loss, Yessica and Amy go off to talk about who they were going to vote for.

Amy: "So what are we going to do about Heather's idol?"
Yessica: "I say Lauren, Samantha, you, and I split the votes between Heather and Agatha. Agatha's nice and all, but she's still associated with Heather. And if Heather plays her idol or not, one of those two still go home."
Amy: "Alright. I'll go tell Samantha and Lauren."

Amy goes over to tell the duo of Samantha and Lauren the plan, but before she gets a chance to speak, they fill her in in one of their own.

Lauren: "Hey Amy, we just wanted to tell you that we'll be voting for Yessica at Tribal Council."
Amy: "What? Why her? Why not Heather or Agatha."
Lauren: "It's obvious that Heather's going to play her idol so we can't be wasting our votes on her. And Agatha is basically nonexistant right now. She'll do whatever anyone tells her. Yessica's the real threat here."
Amy: "But-"
Lauren: "Look Amy, we've seen that you've gotten close to her, but she needs to go. The merge is right around the corner and this might be our only chance to take her out. So will you vote with us."
Amy: "Uhh-"
Lauren: "We'll take that as a yes."

Before Amy can say a word, Lauren and Samantha head off to talk to Agatha. Shocked that the split vote idea didn't even cross their minds, she quickly goes to relay what Lauren had told her to Yessica.

Yessica: "She wants me out?! What did I ever to do her?"
Amy: "I don't know. Lauren just said that you're a threat."
Yessica: "Well it's time to show her how much of a threat I really am."

It's plain stupid to target someone who is willing to work with you. You just don't do it, you don't! Now Lauren will see exactly who she messed with.


As Agatha is talking with Heather about voting for Samantha whom she's had a long confrontation with, both she and Lauren show up to talk to Agatha. Heather and Samantha exchange glares and Heather heads out, leaving the three women alone.

Lauren: "We need you to vote for Yessica at Tribal."
Agatha: "Really? Why?"
Lauren: "Well it can't be Heather for obvious reasons and Yessica is much more of a strategic threat than Amy. So just vote for her okay?"
Agatha: "Uhm. Sure."
Lauren: "Alright."

Sucks that Heather had to find another idol, but this gives us the chance to blindside one of the most strategic players in this game! Sorry Yessica!


At the Alazani camp, the five men give a toast for beating out the women and then go to bed.

Day 24

The next day, Amy and Yessica decide to take Agatha aside to tell her their own plan.

Yessica: "We know that you've been pulled aside by other people, but we just wanted to ask you if you'd vote for Lauren at Tribal."
Agatha: "Hmm. That's interesting as yesterday she blatantly told me to vote for you."
Yessica: "I know, that's why we're gunning for her now. So will you vote with us?"
Agatha: "I'll think about it."
Yessica: "Okay. But just don't tell anyone."
Agatha: "I won't."

This is like the millionth time these people have put me up on the swing vote! It's nice to know that I'm needed, but it just makes thing much more complicated. Heather wants me to vote for Samantha, Lauren wants me to vote for Yessica, and Yessica wants me to vote for Lauren. No matter what I do, someone's going to be upset with me.


I've created my own triple play going on here. Samantha and Lauren think that Amy and possibly Agatha are voting for me, Heather probably thinks that Agatha will follow her in voting out Samantha, but in reality, Amy, me, and hopefully Agatha will get Lauren out of this game. Just need to cross my fingers.


At Alazani, Aaron and Gerardo think about what's going on at the female's camp. When Gerardo brings up the topic about the sexual tension between Aaron and Heather, Aaron turns red which makes Gerardo laugh.

Back at Rioni, it was obvious that Aaron had the hots for Heather ever since the two shared their little kiss. Even now you can tell that he's still crushing on her by the way he gave up his letter at the Reward Challenge so that she could get hers. It's kind of cute, in a sad, pathetic way.


Later that day, Rioni arrives to the tenth Tribal Council of the season. Once they take a seat, Jeff starts the questioning session. He asks Heather how she feels her chances are in the game now that only eleven people are left. She states that she thinks that there is a high chance that she'll be sitting in front of the Jury on Day 39. When asked why, she states that she has things hidden up her sleve. Jeff then turns to Lauren and tells her what she plans to do with the vote, knowing that there might be a merge looming by. She responds that this would be a good chance to take out a threat and as she finishes her sentence, Lauren gives Agatha a look. Yessica then takes the spotlight as Jeff asks her about her vote. She says that she's just doing what she thinks it right. And with that, Jeff signals that it's time to vote, and one by one, the ladies go vote. Jeff retrives the votes and before he begins to read them, he asks for any Hidden Immunity Idols to be played. To the suprise and anger of everyone, Heather decides not to use her idol, and the votes are read.

Jeff: "1st vote.. Yessica. Samantha. Lauren. That's one vote Yessica, one vote Samantha, one vote Lauren. 4th vote.. Yessica. Lauren. We're tied, two votes Yessica, two votes Lauren, and one vote for Samantha. One vote vote left. The tenth person voted out of Survivor: Caucasus... Lauren. Come and bring me your torch."

Shocked, Lauren brings up torch and has it snuffed. As she walks way, a stunned Samantha looks on, while Amy and Yessica give eachother a smile.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Lauren Faas
Lauren (3 votes)
Yessica ChangAmy CorazonAgatha Christenson
Yessica, Amy & Agatha
Yessica Chang
Yessica (2 votes)
Samantha MarinoLauren Faas
Samantha & Lauren
Samantha Marino
Samantha (1 vote)
Heather Villegas
Lauren Faas BW
Lauren Faas

Voting Confessionals

I don't think you'll be leaving tonight, but you never know.


This vote is more strategic than personal. Sorry Yessica.


Sorry, but I have to vote for you.


If you were to make the merge, you'd wipe us all out, and I can't let that happen.


This could have all been avoided if you were willing to vote with Amy and I.


I did not appreciate the way you approached me yesterday. Your hastiness was your undoing.


Final Words

I finally try to play this game and I get voted out. This just teaches you to never let your guard down. Despite their treachery, I wish the females, except Heather, luck. Hopefully one of them wins.

–Lauren Faas

Still In The Running

Aaron McCarthy
Agatha Christenson
Gerardo Guzman
Hazel Quezada BW
Heather Villegas
Martin Bowell BW
Max Fisher BW
Rachel Hudson BW
Winston Grant BW
Yessica Chang
Amy Corazon
Daniel Marvin
Derek Phu
Lauren Faas BW
Mary-Jean Pettie BW
Phoebe Noyola BW
Samantha Marino
Sebastian Hibbard
Stan Bailey BW
Van Stevenson BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The tribes become one, sending alliances into a tailspin.

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