"Trust Is a Dangerous Thing"
Season Survivor: Nevada Mountains
Author Kaffe4200
Episode Number 12/14
Episode Chronology
Previous The Spicy and The Strong
Next The Executioner, That's Me
Trust Is a Dangerous Thing is the 12th episode of Survivor: Nevada Mountains.


Reward Challenge: Breaking Tiles
Everyone has three tiles that they have to break. To get stones to break them with, they have to run through an obstacle course. First person to break all three tiles wins.
Reward: Extra vote.
Winner: Nellie.

Immunity Challenge: Hold It
Everyone has to hold onto a rope with a bucket on the end for as long as they can, while the bucket slowly gets filled with water.
Reward: Immunity.
Winner: Earl.


Day 34

Tulle Mountain

An angry Trenton was talking to Nellie, Al and Gene.

Trenton: What are you doing, Nellie? You were supposed to vote for Earl, remember? Marcus is out because of you!
Nellie: I did vote for Earl!
Trenton: Right, then who didn't?
Nellie: I can't say for sure, but you, Gene, said you weren't crazy about voting out Earl.
Gene: That's right, I wasn't.
Trenton: Who'd you vote for, Gene?
Gene: I voted for Earl, just like I said I would.
Trenton: Al, what about you?
Al: Earl. It's obvious, open your eyes. Nellie voted with the others. She has to go soon.
Nellie: And who do you think would vote for me? The three of you?
Al: Wait and see, Nellie.

Nellie can't be trusted. She can't stay here for much longer.


I'm in the majority now. As long as it's not Gene, Al or Trenton who wins the next immunity challenge, I'll be fine.



As the tribe arrived, Jeff was waiting for them by an obstacle course.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge you will race through an obstacle course to get stones. You use these stones to break your tiles. Once all three of your tiles are broken, you win. The reward for today's challenge is an extra vote in the next tribal council. A very valuable reward. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!
Trenton, Earl and Nellie started out nicely. Lysander and Helle quickly fell behind, while Al and Gene was struggling a bit as well. In the end, Nellie managed to break her last tile seconds before Trenton.
Jeff: Congratulations, Nellie, you have one extra vote in the next council. Head back to camp, I'll see you all tomorrow.

Tulle Mountain

As they got back, Trenton pulled Nellie aside again.

Trenton: Hey, listen... I'm gonna make sure Al doesn't vote for you, okay?
Nellie: Because you can't get the majority?
Trenton: Yeah... I just wanted to ask you to... just consider voting for Earl or Lysander.
Nellie: I'm not voting Lysander.
Trenton: How about Earl?
Nellie: Maybe. I'll think about it.

Earl is a big threat, that's for sure. But if he's the next one out... I don't know.


At the camp, Lysander, Helle, Earl and Gene were sitting. Al was out checking their traps.

Lysander: It's weird, huh? That we're the last seven.
Gene: Yeah, I didn't think I'd make it that far.
Earl: Really? When I first saw you, I saw sure you'd make it to the end.
Gene: Can't say the same for you, Earl. You didn't get the game at all, when the game started.
Earl: I really didn't. Still don't.
Lysander: No matter what, I'm happy with myself.
Gene: It wouldn't bother me to win though.
Lysander: I'll agree with that.

Day 35


The tribe arrived to the challenge.

Jeff: Welcome. In this challenge, you will hold onto a rope, which is connected to a bucket. The bucket will be filled with water, making it heavier and heavier. The last person standing wins immunity. The first person to drop their rope and bucket goes to council tomorrow with a vote on him. Does everyone understand?
Everyone: Yes!

Immunity Challenge
Placement Winner 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Loser
Castaway Earl

Jeff: Congratulations, Earl, come take the idol. Helle, you will have one vote at you in the beginning of the council. I'll see you all tomorrow.

Tulle Mountain

As they got back, Trenton, Al and Gene went aside.

Trenton: Our only shot is voting for Helle. We just need one person, then we'll be tied.
Gene: Nellie has two votes. If we could have her vote for Helle too, we'd be good.
Trenton: No way is Nellie voting Helle.
Al: Maybe Lysander?
Trenton: Yeah, Lysander would be our best shot. I'll go talk to him.
Gene: I'm gonna try and talk to Nellie anyway.

I'm panicking here. They either voting for me, Al or Gene. I have no idea who, but if it's me... I'm not ready to go yet.


Trenton went to the fireplace where only Lysander were sitting. Gene had pulled Nellie aside.

Trenton: Hey, Lys. Listen, I know you're with Earl and the others, but we need you.
Lysander: I'm listening.
Trenton: Helle. Please vote for her.
Lysander: Then you would just have a tie.
Trenton: I know, but I can beat Helle. So can Al and Gene.
Lysander: I see. Well, let me think about it.
Trenton: Thank you, man.

Meanwhile, Gene was talking to Nellie.

Gene: You know what I want to ask.
Nellie: Yeah, I do.
Gene: What do you say?
Nellie: That I might give you one of my votes. But I will not use both votes on Helle.
Gene: Thank you. You know, we can take you to the end.
Nellie: Yeah, I know.

They're not gonna take me to the end. Once we're four left, they vote me off. So I'm not voting for Helle, no way. On the other hand though, we have to consider, now, who we can beat and who we can't.


Day 36


At the council, the first thing they were told to do, was to light a torch and set it behind them. They did that, and then Jeff began talking.

Jeff: Welcome to council. Nellie, you won the reward. Have you been thinking about how to use it?
Nellie: Of course, it's a valuable reward. I have to be careful how I use it.
Jeff: Earl, do you feel like you're in a good spot?
Earl: I do. Mainly because I have the idol, but also because I'm in a nice alliance.
Jeff: Al, can you say the same?
Al: I can. I'm in a nice alliance too.
Jeff: But do you feel safe?
Al: I do.
Jeff: Lysander, does it worry you that Al feels safe?
Lysander: No it doesn't. That shows confidence, and that's important.
Jeff: Helle, you've lost many challenges, yet you're still here. How come?
Helle: I guess I'm good at the social game. That's a big part of this game too.
Jeff: You do realize that the finale is a challenge, right?
Helle: I do, and it does worry me.
Jeff: Let that be the words. One by one, you go up and write the name on the person you want out of Survivor. You have to vote, you can't vote for yourself. You can't vote for Earl. In case of tie, it will be settled by duel. Al, you're up.

One by one, they all went up and wrote the names on the people they wanted out. After everyone had voted, Jeff got the urn and began revealing the notes.
He kept turning the votes until there was 4 on Helle and 4 on Al.

Jeff: That means there is one vote left. Twelth person votes out of Survivor: Nevada Mountains... Al. Al, get up here, get your torch.

Al got his torch. Jeff put it out with the words 'the tribe has spoken'.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Helle (4 votes)
Al, Gene & Trenton
Al (5 votes)
Earl, Helle, Lysander, Nellie & Nellie
Ailim "Al" Udgah

Voting Confessionals

Can't be much different.


It's time.


We're taking over this game.


I'm not stupid.


Sorry, buddy, but this is a game.


Sorry, I guess.


Please... don't let it be me.


Final Words

I don't see why you would do that. Do you have any idea how this game works? Seemingly not.


Still In the Running

Morey Peak

Next Time on Survivor...

Gene is trying to gain Earl's trust again.

Sorry, man. You know, it's just a game.


And Lysander don't know what to do.

I can't beat these guys in the end.


Author's Notes

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