"Turned Inward"
Season Survivor: La Mosquitia
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Episode Number 11/13
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: La Mosquitia.

Previously on Survivor...

After Astrid was voted out, only Lester remained as a memeber outside the core alliance. At a Survivor auction, Ivan was the only one who didn't buy food. He bought an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Over the three days, Lester knew he was going to go home. He was so resigned to his fate that he didn't even compete in the immunity challenge. He sat out along with Piper and Olive for food while the others competed in the challenge. In the challenge, Ivan's advantage wasn't able to cope with Esther's challenge prowess. Ivan dropped out and Esther won her third straight immunity challenge. At tribal, Lester was predictably sent home in a 6-1 vote.

Six are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Mud Slinging
The castaways will be divided into three groups of two. One castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their partner, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. First pair to knock over all five targets wins reward.
Reward: Overnight stay at a Survivor resort with room service, beds and showers.
Winner: Michelle, Piper

Immunity Challenge: Step on Up
Survivors must race to obtain puzzle steps and assemble their staircase one step at a time. The first person to reach the top wins the challenge.
Winner: Esther


Night 30

The Swap Six were all that remained. They walked into camp. Olive and Piper decided to start their plan of how to dismantle the alliance. Piper was going to talk to Michelle the next day. Olive took the advantage of Parker and Esther being by themselves at the riverbank. Piper watched from the shelter as Michelle and Ivan laid down. Olive told the Esther and Parker, "This is it. We need to figure out what to do next."

"I know," Parker said.

"Do you want to be original Segovia strong?" asked Esther.

"That's what I came to talk to you about. I know I have Piper in my back pocket. She will vote with me no matter what. So that's four votes, the majority," Olive said.

"Who do we target then?" asked Parker.

"Ivan. He seems to be the strongest of the remaining Warunta members so lets get the threat out of the way," Esther told Parker.

"Then lets do it. Ivan is the next to go," Olive said.

Parker and Esther both agreed so Olive went into the shelter with Piper, Ivan and Michelle.

This is it. My plan to win is finally starting to be realized. I have a great feeling that it will come to light.

–Piper Milton

Day 31

Mud Slinging

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. The six remaining castaways walked into the challenge arena. Jeff said, "Then there were six. So are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? For today's challenge, you will be divided into three groups of two. One member of the pair will throw a mud-covered ball to their partner, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. First pair to knock over all five targets wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for? The winning pair will be taken to a Survivor resort on the Honduran coastline. There you will be able to enjoy showers, room service and an actual bed with blankets and pillows. That means you will stay overnight. I can tell you all want that so lets get started. We'll draw the pairs and get started."

The three pairs were set up. The first pair was Piper and Michelle. The second pair was Ivan and Esther. The third pair was Parker and Olive. Jeff gave the go and the challenge was on. The tossers were Michelle, Esther, and Olive. The ones who were trying to knock over the targets were Piper, Ivan, and Parker. Michelle tossed Piper a ball. Piper spun and took out a target. Ivan followed suit. Parker missed his first target. Piper, Ivan and Parker missed on their second throws. Piper knocked over her second target. Ivan missed. Parker knocked over his first target. Piper knocked over a third target. She was followed by the other two in knocking over their second targets. Piper continued to dominate as she knocked over her fourth target. Ivan knocked over his third. Parker missed again. Piper finished up her performance with the game clinching throw. She knocked over her fifth target.

"Piper and Michelle win reward!" Jeff announced. The tribe returned to their mat. Jeff continued, "Piper and Michelle, you will soon be taken to the reward. As for the rest of you, I've got nothing for you."

This is perfect. I needed to talk to Michelle. I get that chance and we are all alone at the reward. There will be no one else there to interfere. Lets go!

–Piper Milton

The Reward

After enjoying the reward for a few hours, Piper and Michelle were resting in their beds. Piper spoke up, "Michelle, I think we all know that our alliance is now going to have its attention turned inward on itself. We need to figure out how to handle this. I have an idea."

"What is it?" asked Michelle. Her interest was definitely peaked in what Piper had to say.

"There are four women and two men. So why don't we team up to take the guys out. Then there will be four left. After that, Esther will go next due to her challenge abilities. Then it will be you, me, and Olive. If I win final immunity, I'll take you to the end with me," Piper said.

Michelle rolled it over in her head. She liked the sound of what Piper was talking about. So she said, "That sounds like a good plan. I think we can do it."

"Then it is set. We take out Ivan first. Then Parker. After that it will be Esther," Piper said.

"I'll agree to that. Ivan's next," Michelle agreed.

I have Michelle. Olive has both Parker and Esther. That adds up to five. Ivan is going home. Then it will be Parker. Esther, however, must not know about Parker going home. The plan will hinge on that. Esther will do anything to keep Parker around including giving him an idol. Even though no one has mentioned it, there could be some out there.

–Piper Milton

"I need to tell you that Esther will be completely against Parker going home. Luckily she will go with Ivan going first. After that, three is the majority. Esther will have to be blindsided as much as Parker will so we can't let her know that Parker is going to go first."

"I think I can do that," Michelle said, "But why do we not take out Esther before Parker."

"That does sound like a better plan," Piper replied, "Unless Esther wins immunity after Ivan leaves, then it will be her going home."

"Agreed," Michelle said.

After talking, Michelle and Piper laid down and went to sleep for their only night in a bed in the game.

Day 32

Duo Flumina

Piper and Michelle walked back into camp from the overnight reward. Piper sought out Olive to tell her about the talk Piper had with Michelle. Piper found her near the shelter cutting open a coconut. Piper sat next to her.

"What happened last night?" asked Olive as she struck the coconut.

"Michelle says she's on board with us," Piper replied, "I trust her."

"That's good. I've got Esther and Parker on our side," Olive said.

"Michelle did bring up a good point last night," Piper mentioned.

Olive turned to Piper, "What's that?"

"As soon as we can, we need to send Esther home. If Esther loses the next immunity after Ivan's gone, she has to be next. She's too much of a challenge threat," Piper told Olive.

"I've been thinking about that myself. I thought we would target Parker first no matter what. I always thought that he would be the bigger threat later in the game. It turns out to be Esther," Olive said.

"Yeah, Parker seems to be a challenge dud," Piper replied.

"And you have been surprising," Olive told Piper, "I personally thought you wouldn't fare as good as you have so far."

"That's comforting to hear. What about my strategy? Is that better that what you thought?" asked Piper.

"Yes, it is. I thought you were going to be too nice causing you to be walked over by everyone in this game. You still are the kindest person here but you are a stern nice. You won't let anyone take advantage of you. I like that. I think everybody likes that," Olive said.

"I'm glad to hear that. That is what I strove for. I wanted to play this game with kindness and not hostility and lies," Piper said.

"So far so good," Olive said, "People like you. They all want to be around you because they aren't afraid of being in an argument. It's refreshing. Even though we haven't had a major one yet, the storm clouds are brewing. In a few days time, all hell will break loose."

Olive told me that everyone here likes me. I'm a kind person that everyone wants to be around. That's great. It means I'm a jury threat. Unfortunately, that could spell doom for me if they catch on. I need to deflect the votes from me to someone else until I am the final tribal and then all the votes come to me.

–Piper Milton

Day 33

Step on Up

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out. Duo Flumina walked into the arena. Jeff went on, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things, first. Esther, I'll once again take it back...Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, it's going to mental and an endurance test. You must race to obtain fifteen puzzle steps and assemble your staircase one step at a time. You can only place the next step. You cannot place a step that would require you to skip one. The first person to reach the top and raise your flag wins immunity. We'll draw for spots."

The six remaining survivors were at the starting mark. Jeff gave the go. The castaways were off. All of them untied their first bundle of puzzle steps. Even, all six of them began attempting to place the steps. Everyone placed their first steps. Esther stayed behind to memorize the patterns of the next four steps in the first block. She ran to get her second piece as the others were attempting to place them. Piper and Ivan were correct. The others grabbed the wrong pieces. Esther placed her second piece, then her third, then her fourth. She was on her fifth piece by the time everyone else was on their fourth or third depending on the person. Only Ivan was tied with her for the lead. The two of them placed the fifth piece. They ran to untie their second bundle of pieces. Both of them stayed constant through out the second stage. Michelle and Olive were soon slowing down. Piper and Parker were trying to close the gap between them and Ivan and Esther.

"Esther and Ivan are leading. Piper and Parker are trying to catch up. Michelle and Olive are virtually out of this challenge. Olive is simply walking," Jeff commented.

Ivan and Esther placed their tenth step in place. Parker placed his eighth while Piper placed her ninth. Piper began to feel her legs burning. Parker was having a hard time breathing. Esther and Ivan ran up with their eleventh step. Parker slowed down. Piper kept her pace steady as she fought through the pain. Esther was showing no signs of slowing down. Ivan was still keeping pace with Esther. By the time the two of them were on their thirteenth plank, Parker had fallen out and Piper was too far behind to catch up at her current pace.

"Parker is now dropping out of this challenge. Piper needs a misstep by both Ivan and Esther to win this challenge. It doesn't look like that's going to happen. Wait a minute, Ivan has the wrong piece. That opens the door for Esther!" Jeff announced.

"Son of a bitch," Ivan said as he headed back down.

Esther placed her fourteenth piece. She only had one piece left. Piper pushed through her burning legs to place her fourteenth piece. Esther grabbed her fifteenth and final piece as Piper was still climbing down. Esther ran up the steps. She placed her final piece in position. She ascended to the top, pushed the button, and released her flag.

"Esther wins immunity once more!" Jeff announced. Slowly all the tribe members returned to their mat. Esther walked over to Jeff. He put the immunity necklace back on Esther, "Once again Esther is safe from tonight's vote. As for the five of you, one of you will be gone tonight. I'll give you the afternoon to think about it. It should be interesting."

I don't know who is going home tonight. I haven't had anyone talk to me about what's going on tonight. That makes me feel nervous. I hope this challenge wasn't a million dollar challenge loss for me.

–Ivan Utkin

Duo Flumina

Olive went to Esther and Parker after they returned from the immunity challenge. She asked them, "Are we still good with voting out Ivan tonight?"

"I'm still good with it," Esther said.

"So am I," replied Parker.

"Good. I have Piper's vote. I also believe that Michelle will vote with us as well," Olive said, "With Ivan gone, it's sweet sailing to the final three."

"Great," Parker said.

Olive walked back to the shelter where Piper was sitting. Piper asked, "Are they still good?"

"Yeah. Is Michelle?" asked Olive.

"Yes. She's talking to Ivan. I think she's saying that you are the target. Michelle told me that it was going to be Esther, Parker, Ivan, herself and myself are going to vote for you," Piper said.

"Why me?" asked Olive.

"I tried to get her to tell him that it was going to be Parker, but she insisted in you," Piper said.

Olive turned to face the riverbank, "It doesn't matter, Ivan's the one going home. I'm not."

"Yep," Piper agreed.

Tribal Council


Duo Flumina walked into tribal council. There was very little tension in the interview. It felt like everyone knew who was going home. Someone was going to be blindsided either way. Jeff told Michelle to start off the voting.

Voting Confessionals

Sorry, but it had to be someone.

–Michelle Rosas

Warunta to the end.

–Ivan Utkin

I need to ensure my own safety by deflecting votes from me to others.

–Piper Milton


"Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

First vote: Olive
Second vote: Ivan
Third vote: Ivan
Fourth vote: Ivan

The eleventh person voted out of Survivor: La Mosquitia and the fourth member of our jury: Ivan. That's four and it's enough. Please bring me your torch."

Ivan brought Jeff his torch, "Ivan, the tribe has spoken."

Ivan left tribal council silently. Jeff turned to the tribe, "It would appear voting out someone from this tight group of six wasn't so hard after all. Go on and head out."

Tribal Council 11:
Duo Flumina
Ivan Connelly
Ivan (5 votes)
Esther WalkerMichelle RosasOlive Canton
Parker MathissonPiper Milton
Esther, Michelle, Olive
Parker, Piper
Olive Canton
Olive (1 vote)
Ivan Connelly
Ivan Utkin
Ivan Utkin

Final Words

I should have known that I was going to be next. No one was talking strategy with me. I'm just surprised that Michelle lied to me. I thought we were close than that. She just turned on. I would have still been sent home without her voting against me. I'll just have to ask her when she arrives at Ponderosa. She won't be in the Final Tribal Council.

–Ivan Utkin

Still in the Running

Alina Jenkins
Erick Varney
Esther Walker
Keena Flowers
Olive Canton
Parker Mathisson
Quinlan Bartholomew
Tevin Southern
Astrid Beaumont
Dennis Coleman
Inez Zapata
Ivan Utkin
Lester Greene
Michelle Rosas
Piper Milton
Xavier Griffith

Next Time

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  • This is the first episode in the season where the original Segovia members outnumber the original Warunta members.
  • With Ivan's elimination, Parker is the sole remaining male in La Mosquitia.