"Two Blondes, a Goth, a Strong Person, a Pacifist, and Myself"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 12/14
Episode Chronology
Previous This Is Far From Over
Next Montana, I Hope You're Watching
Two Blondes, a Goth, a Strong Person, a Pacifist, and Myself is the twelve episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously On Survivor...

After the elimination of Gwendolyn, the target shifted to the last Kufra standing, Roberta, and immunity powerhouse, Aleskan. At the reward challenge, Dawn, Bianca, Hibiki, and Judas won in an team effort an overnight stay at a resort. At the reward itself, Dawn and Hibiki began their relationship, and continuing to make-out for the duration of the cycle. Aleskan at Exile Island theorized that the idol was already found or pointless, as the idol's powers would be gone in a week.

At the immunity challenge, the remaining eight did a majority rules quiz, and by luck Aleskan won his fifth immunity. At tribal council, Roberta was quickly eliminated by a 7-1 vote, leaving none of the Kufras remaining. Afterwards, a surprise double tribal left the remaining seven vying for immunity. Aleskan won again, but gave it up to Katniss. Believing Montana was going, he was blindsided by a unanimous vote. Six remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: D.I.Y. Ladder Tree Golf
In a DIY challenge, the Qattara tribe will be divided into two teams, the red team and the purple team. Teams must toss bolas to a pegged pole with numbers which corresponds to a certain number of points (from one to six). After all members have thrown bolas (twice), the team with the higher tabulated score wins.
Reward: A three course meal delivered at camp
Winners: Dawn, Katniss, & Montana

Immunity Challenge: House of Cards
Given a pile of 200 playing-card-shaped wooden tiles, build a tower as high as you can on a platform, any way possible. A ladder is provided for assistance. First player to get a tower ten feet tall, or whoever has the tallest tower after 30 minutes wins.
Winner: Katniss


Night 30

The Qattara tribe returns to camp, happy about the immunity hog Aleskan out as well as the last Kufra standing out.

Being in the final six is great. All that's left are two blondes, a goth, a strong person, a pacifist, and myself. The only hing that worries me is that I got two votes at tribal council, but I have a safety net, so I'll be good.


Everyone falls asleep in the shelter for the night.

Day 31

Early in the morning, Judas is starting at the oasis. Bianca walks up behind him.

Bianca: "Hey, what are you doing up so early?"

Judas: "I couldn't sleep. I can't believe we have just a little over a week to go."

Bianca: "I know, it's crazy. Just four more people to go before we're in the finals."

Judas: "I've also been thinking of us. Bianca, over the past month, I got to know you more than anyone else. What I'm saying is, I love you."

Bianca: "Judas, I love you, too."

Judas: "Really, wow, I didn't think. But before we become official we need to keep this between us, if anyone found out, we'd be easy targets."

Bianca: "Okay, I get it. See ya at camp then."

Bianca leaves for the camp. A few minutes after Judas leaves the oasis. A nearby crate with a small hole on the side opens up, revealing Montana.

So that's what the two of them are. The thing is I can't use this info, because I'd be targeted right away. What should I do now?


Later, Katniss and Montana go to get treemail. When they get there, they find something else.

Katniss: "Hey guys! We have treemail!"

She and Montana bring in a tree ladder, bolas, and a chalkboard. Montana then reads the note.

Montana: "This is a do-it-yourself challenge. You will divided amongst yourselves into two teams. Each member of your team will throw a bola onto the tree ladder pegged with numbers from 1 to 6. Each member of your team with throw the bola twice. The team with the highest number of points wins a three course meal delivered to camp, as well as the right to exile a player on the opposing team."

The six divide themselves into two teams. Katniss, Dawn, and Montana make up the purple team and Hibiki, Judas, and Bianca make up the red team. Katniss and Bianca are first up. Both throw their bolas. Katniss scores a 4 and Bianca scores a 3. Next up are Montana and Hibiki. Both throw their bolas. Hibiki scores a 4 and Montana scores a 2. The red team leads 7-6. Dawn and Judas are next. Both throw their bolas. Both Judas and Dawn score a four. The red team leads 11-10. Katniss and Bianca return for their second throw. They throw their bolas. Katniss scores a 5 and Bianca scores a 4. Both teams are tied 15-15. Montana and Hibiki are up again. Both throw their bolas. Montana scores 5 and Hibiki scores 3. The purple team leads 20-18. Dawn and Judas are up for their final throws. They throw their bolas. Dawn gets a 4 and Judas gets a 5. The purple team wins by 24-23. The girls cheer for their win.

Katniss: "Sorry, Hibiki we're sending you to exile."

Katniss gives Hibiki a map to exile that was with the treemail. Hibiki heads off. A little later the three girls order what they want and it is delivered to camp for them. They savor what they ordered.

Day 32

On Exile Island, Hibiki goes stir-crazy without Dawn.

Oh man, I want my sweet Dawn back. She is the loveliest person I've ever met. Being without her is like I've died. Please tell me that the immunity challenge is now!


He does nothing but stay in the shelter and build a fire. Hibiki didn't bother to look for the idol. Over at Qattara, Dawn is having the same reaction.

Hibiki, is my sweet flower. I am his bee. Without one another, we cannot exist. With each other, we coexist as one.


Day 33

The next day, the final six received treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. Qattara arrived to the challenge area. Jeff then explained the challenge.

Jeff: "You are all given a pile of 200 playing-card-shaped wooden tiles, to build a tower as high as you can on a platform, any way possible. A ladder is provided for assistance. The first player to get a tower ten feet tall, or has the tallest tower after 30 minutes wins. We'll draw for spots."

Everyone begins to stack their tiles.

Elapsed Time: 5 minutes

After 5 minutes of stacking Katniss has a lead with 3' 5", Judas and Hibiki are at 3', Bianca is at 2' 11", Dawn is at 2' 10", and Montana in last has a total of 2', struggling on how to stack her tiles.

Elapsed Time: 15 minutes

After fifteen minutes of stacking. Katniss is at 5' 10", Judas is at 5' 6", Hibiki is at 5', Bianca, who redid her stack, is at 3' 7", Dawn is at 4' 11", and Montana, still struggling, is at 3' 4". Hibiki's stack then collapses on him as does Montana's, forcing them to redo them.

Elapsed Time: 25 minutes

After twnety-five minutes, Katniss is at 7' 2", without any more tiles. Judas is at 6' 6", quickly catching up. Dawn is at 6'. Hibiki is at 4" 10", and Montana is at 4" 6". Dawn's stack collapses, as does Judas's. Both quickly begin to redo their stacks. Katniss's is still holding together.

Elapsed Time: 29 minutes

With one minute left, Katniss's tower hasn't collapsed, still standing at 7' 2". Hibiki and Dawn are at 6' 10". Judas is at 5'. Dawn is at 4' 11". Montana, finally has the hang of it is at 5' 7". After one minute is up, Jeff stops the challenge and looks at each tower.

Jeff: "Katniss wins immunity! She has a twenty percent chance of winning. For the rest of you, one of you will be going home tonight. You may head on out."

Yes, after thirty-three (bleep)' days, I've won a freaking immunity! This feels so great to have this around my neck, knowing I'm safe.


Qattara returns to camp, Katniss, Bianca, Judas, Dawn, and Hibiki are in the shelter talking.

Katniss: "so it's a unanimous vote against Montana right?"

Judas: "I'm pretty sure."

Bianca: "But, what if Montana has the idol?"

Dawn: "Yeah, we can't exactly split the votes."

Hibiki: "Looks like we're just going to play all of our cards in the same hand, we have no other choice."

Bianca: "Well, I guess that's what we're going to have to do."

Katniss: "Good, meeting adjourned. Montana could be spying on us as we speak."

After leaving the shelter, Montana roll out from underneath the shelter.

So I'm going home. That's not what my friend says.


Later, Qattara goes to tribal council. Everyone takes a seat and puts their torches behind them.

Jeff: "First things first, we'll bring in the members of our jury, Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, and Aleskan, voted out at the last tribal council."

Lilly-Bo, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, Roberta, and Aleskan walk in. Roberta is wearing a lavender dress with crystal earrings and Aleskan is wearing a white t-shirt with a red stripe on the back and a pair of jeans. All five take a seat on the bench.

Jeff: "Katniss, as the first person to have immunity, besides Aleskan, how does it feel?"

Katniss: "Well it feels great to have a guaranteed spot in the final five. It's like being on cloud nine."

Jeff: "Judas, is there anyone that should feel unsafe tonight?"

Judas: "Montana, and no we are not attempting to cover-up her elimination."

Jeff: "Dawn, why Montana?"

Dawn: "Honestly, her whole lazy bitch act is just getting stale, and at this point, she has nobody with her."

Jeff: "Montana, are you hurt by this fact?"

Montana: "I feel backstabbed that my own alliance would say stuff like that. But, I must accept my fate."

Jeff: "Bianca, is there a reason, not to vote her off?"

Bianca: "Yes, her possibly of having an idol, she's been to exile more than the rest of us."

Jeff: "Hibiki, I've notice that you and Dawn have begun to be come a couple, do you feel vulnerable, knowing many couples become infamous on the show."

Hibiki: "Not really, me and Dawn aren't like Rob and Amber. We just mind our own business and do as we're told to do."

Jeff: "Katniss, are you going to give up your immunity?"

Katniss: "No."

Jeff: "Alright with that, it's time to vote. Bianca you're up."

One by one the castaways vote. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now."

Montana: "Screw it, I'm playing this."

Montan got up and gave her hidden immunity idol to Jeff.

Jeff: "This is a real hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against Montana are void. Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Montana, void. Montana, void. Montana, void. Next vote, Montana, void. Next vote, Montana, vote. One vote left. Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor: The Sahara and the sixth member of the jury..........................Bianca. Please bring up your torch."

Bianca, shocked that she was just voted out, brings up her torch up to Jeff. The others look in shock as Bianca's torch is snuffed.

Jeff: "Bianca, the tribe has spoken."

Bainca walks away from the tribal council area.

Jeff: "An idol cost you your unity. With three days left before the idol is unusable, good luck."

Qattara gets up and leaves the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Bianca (1 vote)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Bianca, Dawn, Hibiki, Judas, & Katniss
(votes not counted)
Bianca BW
Bianca Freud

Voting Confessionals

Monty, time your ass to go.


Sorry Montana, nothing personal.


Montana, you're act is as stale as moldy bread.


Montana, your days are numbered.


Bye, bye, grey spy lady.


Jeff, I'm ensuring you that I have 100% of the vote, what you just heard is void.


Final Words

I did feel that Montana had some sort of ace. The good thing is that she no longer has it, bad news I'm no longer in the running. With three days before the idol is useless, she'll scramble. Good luck everyone, but Montana.


Still In the Running

Devin BW
Drayden BW
Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Lilly-Bo BW
Roberta BW
Aleskan BW
Bianca BW
Grimsley BW
Gwendolyn BW
Jeremy BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The winner of the immunity challenge divides the tribe into two.
  • A contestant swears revenge on another.
  • The final five will become the final four.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: One World episode, Go Out With A Bang.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Gabon episode, Say Good-Bye To Gabon, Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains episode, Jumping Ship, and Survivor: Redemption Island episode, Rice Wars.
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