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"Two Heads Are Better Than One"
Season Santa Cruz Islands
Author Sidewaysss
Episode Number 9/14
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Two Heads Are Better Than One is the ninth episode of Survivor: Santa Cruz Islands.


Immunity Challenge: Get a Grip
The castaways must hang onto a pole as long as they can. The last person left hanging without touching the ground wins immunity.
Winner: Troyzan

Previously on Survivor...

Throughout the game, the Fatutaka tribe has suffered more downs than ups. They voted out four members and their returning player, Andrew Savage, was evacuated due to an infection in his knee. A couple bright spots, however, were when Andrew G. found an idol on Day 5..."This...this is great. I'm holding on to this little guy for as long as I can and see how the game plays out."...and a tight alliance of four was formed. But on Day 16, that all changed. "We are switching tribes." The alliance of four was separated into two pairs accompanied by four members of the original Temotu on each tribe. Both new Fatutaka and new Temotu were dead set on annihilating the original Fatutaka members once and for all. After Fatutaka lost yet another challenge, Alvin became the first member of the jury..."Alvin, the tribe has spoken."...leaving Gaby to stand alone against the alliance of Troyzan, Katherine, and Mike. "I'm just tired of seeing all of my buddies get voted out...and they're all still here. just sucks." The next day, she took advantage of her free time by looking for a hidden immunity idol, but with no luck. Meanwhile, at the new Temotu, Andrew completed crafting his fake idol and told Jordan of the finished product. "It's a handmade idol." "Wait, really?" "Yeah. It's in my bag." "A fake idol on top of a real idol? Come on, this is awesome! It could be the trojan horse, like, miniaturized...just attacking an alliance within itself. I'm excited!" Andrew also continued his work on Amy to reveal any cracks in the original Temotu, making her weary of him and contemplating throwing the immunity challenge. "This is the second time that he outright has told me what his relationship is with everybody on the old Fatutaka, and it's giving me more incentive to possibly vote him out. We may throw the challenge still...cause Andrew's making himself a prime candidate to go home." But better judgment from Derek and Jocelyn, Amy rescinded the thought of throwing the challenge unless their ally Robert was voted out. "I have zero problems with throwing it if Troyzan deferred from his Temotu strong philosophy and voted Robert out. If not, then we need to stay the course and let whatever happens happen naturally." At the immunity challenge, Temotu continued its dominance over Fatutaka, sending the blue tribe to another Tribal Council. After the challenge, Gaby continued hunting for the idol..."Gah, where is this thing?"...for the entire day while Troyzan's alliance, feeling comfortable in their position, slept. "We start our nap and Gaby's not at camp. We wake up from our nap...and Gaby's not at camp. That girl is idol crazy!" At Tribal Council, Gaby remained mysterious about the idol, but it never surfaced and she became the second member of the jury. "Gaby, the tribe has spoken." "Well, it is clear that this is still very much a Fatutaka versus Temotu game. But with no more original Fatutaka members on this tribe, what do you do now?" Ten are left. Who'll be voted out tonight?


Night 20

The camera transitions to the wind barely shaking the palm trees surrounding the Fatutaka beach as the blue tribe's four members set their torches against the tree next to the shelter.

Mike: Woo! Another one down.

Troyzan: So, we're on the Fatutaka tribe...none of the Fatutaka people that were here before the switch are here right now. How crazy is that?

Katherine: That's crazy. I kinda feel bad for the other two. They're the only ones left.

Tonight, we kept the Temotu train rolling and voted out Gaby. Now, it's eight of us against the two of them on the other side. We just have to hope that, whenever we merge, Amy, Derek, and the rest of them aren't getting a mind of their own and wanting to derail the train. If we stick to the eight of us, just after Andrew and Jordan are gone, the three of us, Mike, Katherine, and myself, are golden. We've got this game in the bag at that point.


The four castaways start preparing the shelter for them to sleep in as they maneuver covers and palm fronds around. It cuts to later in the night as Robert is seen sleeping with a gap between him and the other three. He wakes up and groggily realizes the gap between them as Mike's snores are highlighted. Robert removes himself from the shelter and tends to the fire by moving some logs around.

Now that both Alvin and Gaby are gone, I'm the one who's next on the chopping block if there is not a merge in the foreseeable future. The sleeping arrangements and even with Troyzan and Mike mocking Derek and Jocelyn the other day...both of those events made it very apparent that the three of them are tightly locked to each other. That leaves me on the outside looking in for the time being...(smirking)...hopefully, not for long, though. A merge should be coming up...yeah, hopefully soon. Otherwise, the move I made to side with Temotu instead of Fatutaka is going to be all for not and completely blow up in my face. (nervously chuckles)


After poking some logs around, Robert returns to the shelter as Mike's snoring continues, which prompts the former to sigh deeply as he crawls in.

(intro plays)

Day 21

The camera returns to the Fatutaka beach just after sunrise as the waves gently crash against the sand and the palm trees barely rock from the wind. Mike and Troyzan start cooking a crab they recently caught while Katherine and Robert are away retrieving tree mail.

Now that it is down to just us four, the next few days are going to be really up in the air. It all depends on this merge and when it shows up cause if it doesn't, the decision is obvious if we have to go to Tribal again. It's us three against Robert, it always has been. But, who knows, it may not even have to come down to that.


It cuts to a still shot of Katherine and Robert returning to camp in the background while Mike and Troyzan sit near the fire.

Mike: Any luck?

Katherine (holding up tree mail): You 'betcha!

Troyzan (curiously, as he and Mike stand up): What've we got today?

Katherine (proceeding to open tree mail): Okay...let's see what we've got.

Robert: We haven't opened it yet. We wanted to keep it a surprise in case there's a 'you know what'.

Troyzan (with a grin): I really want there to be a 'you know what', trust me!

Katherine (reading tree mail): Pack anything and everything that you may need...

Before she can continue, Katherine and the others all explode in jubilation, cheer, and applause, now knowing that merge is upon them.

Katherine (happily starting back from the beginning): Pack anything and everything that you may need for the next nineteen days. A boat will be arriving shortly to pick you up and take you to the Temotu camp, where you will be spending your remaining days in this game.

Mike (happily high-fiving the other three): We're going back home!

Troyzan (enthusiastically): Yeah, baby!

The four members of the blue tribe begin grabbing any and all items they may need for the merge, such as what remains of the Survivor shower, the cooking pot, and their belongings in and out of the shelter. As they scurry to gather their stuff, a highlight of Robert sighing in relief is shown. The camera then shifts to an overhead shot of the Temotu camp as its six members are huddled around each other with Amy holding tree mail in her hands.

Justin (anxiously and excitedly): What's inside, Amy? Tell me something good!

Amy (opening up the message from tree mail): ready, guys?

Andrew (waiting in anticipation): Oh, we have been!

Jocelyn (on the subject of a merge): Like, I'm going to be so disappointed if that isn't anything about a merge. I'm just sayin'!

Amy unfolds the message and starts reading it.

Amy (grinning as she reads tree mail): Take some time and make some room as you going to have guests from the Fatutaka tribe arriving shortly. Prepare camp for them and yourselves for the next nineteen days.

Andrew and Jordan breathe a collective sigh of relief as the six members of the soon-to-be-merged Temotu tribe come in for a group hug.

Derek (in the midst of the hug): Alright, guys. We made it!

Shortly thereafter, they come out of the hug. As they do, Andrew and Jordan glance at each other with one arm around the other's back and cannot help but smile at each other.

Jordan (under her breath to Andrew): We made it.

Andrew: I know. I can't believe it.

Andrew and I have been through everything this game can possibly offer. So, to know that we made the merge, I'm assuming it's the merge cause it didn't officially say it in tree mail, it means so much to both of us. We're both diehard fans who have wanted to play the game, like actually play the game, and we haven't had a chance to cause it's been nothing but losing and being constantly outnumbered. So, with this, we hope there's dissent somewhere within Temotu...just some kind of crack. Once we find it, we expose it, we take advantage of it, and hopefully get ourselves further in the game...cause there's no way those guys are one big, happy family.


It cuts back to various shots of a rowboat carrying Katherine, Mike, Robert, and Troyzan skipping along the ocean waves and heading towards the Temotu beach. As they near the shore, the other six excitedly watch as the rowboat inches closer to the beach.

Mike (nearby enough to yell to the six at Temotu): We have food!

Robert (as the other six cheer at the thought of food): And you have the rest of the stuff cause we had nothing over there!

Andrew (as the boat stops on the shore): Ey! That's why we chose this camp!

Robert (starting to unload the boat): You guys had the choice?

Amy: Yeah, that was part of the reward yesterday. Was it that bad over there?

Katherine: They had nothing over there. (to Andrew and Jordan) I don't see how you guys did it for that long.

Jordan (shrugging her shoulders): Neither can we.

The ten castaways acquaint themselves with one another as they unload the boat of the meager supplies from the Fatutaka camp and items for the upcoming merge feast.

When I saw Troyzan, Mike, Katherine...just all those guys on the boat, I was just thinking, 'Thank God! My people are back! I'm not on the bottom anymore!' So now, it looks like the two alliances of four are still intact for the time being, but the addition of Andrew and Jordan brings a whole new layer to it. Are they going to side with us? Are they going to side with them? Time's going to tell us sooner or later.


As everyone starts unpacking, Andrew and Jordan both notice that Gaby is gone as they start mouthing words to each other about the subject.

Andrew (mouthing words to Jordan inaudibly): No Gaby.

Jordan (inaudibly with a look of anxiety): Nope...just me and you.

Andrew slightly nods as the two end the conversation, not wanting to be obvious.

Once everything settled down, Jordan and I looked at each other and were just like, 'Oh, Gaby.' So now, it's just Jordan and myself...(pauses and chuckles hopelessly)...against these other eight. I mean, how are we going to do this? How are the two of us going to topple over the rest of these people? I know I've got an idol and my little fake...but geez, there's so much I can do with one real idol. (sighs) We've got time to figure something out, though. I'm not going to go down without a fight.


It cuts to everything unpacked and the ten remaining Survivors standing in a half-circle as Jocelyn reads the message that came with the merge feast.

Jocelyn (reading the message): Congratulations, your tribes are merged.

The ten, including Jocelyn, celebrate the fact the merge is now official as she continues on with the message.

Jocelyn (still reading): Enjoy the feast provided as you have earned it by making it this far.

Justin (preparing to rush towards the food): And that we will! Let's eat!

Derek: Do we have buffs in there, Joce?

Jocelyn (peeking inside the box the message came in): Let me check...

Jocelyn pulls out a singular yellow buff, much to the enjoyment of the newly merged tribe. She throws the first buff to Derek as she digs into the box for the rest of them.

The first time I merged, it was at Tribal Council cause...Colton had whatever going on with his appendix. He was out, Jeff told us to drop our buffs, and it was all just nuts from there. This time around, we've just been sitting around, waiting for this day to finally arrive! We finally have our bread, our wine, fruits, cheese, everything you can possibly think of. It's all here right in front of us!


It cuts to the ten contestants gorging themselves in the feast before them and savoring the tastes of all the food and wine.

Katherine (as everyone eats): So, what's our name going to be, guys?

Troyzan: I think it should stay native...

Justin (adding on to Troyzan's thought): Like, having something to do with the land, yeah...or the island itself.

Andrew: I actually did a little homework before I came out here and one I really liked was Kakuna.

Troyzan (curiously): What does that mean?

Andrew (making it up as he goes): It's...ah, trying to remember the literal definition of it...but it loosely means 'awakening to a new beginning'. Kind of like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

Robert (visibly pleased): I like that a lot, actually.

Amy: Oh, me too. What does everybody else think about Kakuna?

Everyone else joins in agreement on Kakuna being the merged tribe's name as they continue indulging themselves in the feast.

(laughs) Oh, man...Kakuna doesn't mean 'awakening to a new beginning'! It could definitely pass for it, I'll admit that, but that's not what it means. Kakuna is one of the many characters of a video game I used to play back in grade school, and I thought that, if I made it to the merge, that's what I was going to name it. Everybody else loved no complaints there! I just think it's hilarious that it actually went through without any hitches. So, if I go out next, that's one thing I can take away from this. I named the merge tribe! That's my stamp on the game so far! (laughs once more)


It cuts back to the feast as everyone continues happily stuffing themselves with bread, cheese, and various cold cuts. The camera then highlights Justin polishing off the crumbs on his fingers.

Justin: Exquisite!

As everyone eats and converses, it focuses on Amy, Andrew, and Jordan all quietly eating.

That feast...gah, it was so much. It definitely was a nice change of pace from what was at Fatutaka just cause there was nothing there. Now, we're, relatively speaking, back in the lap of luxury and...(smiles)...ah, it's nice to be back home! But while we were eating, I could see some people were a little more reserved than others. The merge is here, so with that, there's going to be food...obviously. But there's still a game to be played, and I could see some minds were racing while all the celebration was going on.


It shifts over to after the feast as the camera follows Andrew and Jordan walking in the jungle, mulling over how to approach the next few days.

Andrew (quietly as they walk): I think if one of us wins immunity, that's going to make everything easier.

Jordan: Yeah, definitely...cause we can't do much with one idol. I know you have the fake one, but...I don't think we're in a spot to play it right now. Don't you think?

Andrew: No, I'm with you. It's not going to do us any good playing it right now, but our hands are tied right now.

The camera keeps the audio track of Andrew and Jordan's footsteps through the jungle as the visual shifts to Amy intently watching Troyzan and Justin happily talking and then back to the two remaining original Fatutaka members.

Andrew: What do you want to do? Cause I really think we should look for another idol, see if there's one out here now that we're merged.

Jordan: Don't you think we should look for cracks first? We can talk to Troyzan, talk to Robert, to Katherine, everyone we haven't had a chance to talk to yet and see what the alliances are like.

Andrew thinks about it as they walk.

Jordan (calmly): We already have a big enough target on us being the only Fatutaka people left. I don't really think we should be looking for an idol when we already have one...(starts to grin)...and a half. That's just going to paint a bigger target on us.

Andrew (smirking): No, you're right. The idol should be a last resort, if anything.

Jordan: But that doesn't mean I don't think we should look for it. Like you said, it needs to be a last when our backs are really up against the wall.

Andrew: Alright, so where do you want to start looking for cracks?

Jordan (thinking out loud): I to Troyzan and see where he's at. I think we should talk to everyone that came on the boat today.

Andrew: Those four?

Jordan: Yeah, cause like I said, we haven't had a chance to yet.

Andrew: Kay, I can talk to some of them while you talk to the other ones. (scratching his head) Um, I can actually talk to Amy again cause when I talked to her the first time, she was basically mocking Mike...not a lot, but still enough to wonder about it. So, there's always that window.

Jordan: I'm fine with that. Let's do it!

The two pound their fists together and continue walking the jungle.

When the euphoria of the merge and the feast kind of simmered down, Jordan and I took the chance to go on a little walk and figure out what we're going to do the behemoth that is the Temotu tribe. Initially, our plans kinda conflicted. She wanted to find cracks within the eight, and I wanted to just try and find another idol since I think there may be another one out here with the tribes merged now. But this is why two heads are better than one...Jordan was the voice of reason to me and said 'Let's look for it when we're really desperate.'...and I know she's right. We do need to find cracks cause somebody is on the bottom here, whether they know it or not. That way, we can hopefully go from outsiders to two potential swing votes just like...(snaps fingers)...that. All we need is that one little opening.


The camera shifts back to camp as it focuses on Amy and Troyzan separately and then fades to break.

Day 22

The camera fades in to a slow, overhead fly-by of the cool, clear ocean surface surrounding the Kakuna camp as it then cuts to a still shot of the waves gently beating against the shore. Amy and Andrew are seen walking away from camp while the camera shifts to Jocelyn collecting canteens.

Jocelyn (as she puts canteen straps around her shoulder): Does anybody want to come fill the canteens with me?

Jordan (getting up from her seat): I'll tag along.

Jocelyn (happily): Alright! That means I don't have to carry all of them.

Jocelyn hands four or five canteens to Jordan as they start walking away from camp. As they do, Mike turns around with a look of suspicion on his face.

Now that these two tribes have merged into one, the game is on. I know how important two votes can be in a scenario much like what we're dealing with right now. There's two alliances of four from old Temotu and Andrew and Jordan in the middle. Well, they're not in the middle if we're getting one of them out next, but we'll call it that for a lack of a better term. Anyway, as Jocelyn is going to fill the canteens up, she asks if anyone wants to join her and Jordan volunteers as fast as the smartest kid in the classroom. 'Pick me, pick me! I know the answer! Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me!' Well, I know the answer, too. There ain't going to be any strategy talk against my alliance if I have anything to say about it.


It cuts to Jocelyn and Jordan nearing the water well as it quickly shifts to Mike quietly scampering through the jungle trying to trail the two girls. As he nears the water well, he notices them with their backs turned to him and quickly hides himself behind a bush and a tree as they start filling the canteens.

Jordan (attempting to learn of any cracks): So, are you excited to be back with any of your buddies from the other tribe?

Jocelyn (hesitating at first): Eh, not really. Everybody that I liked was on the Temotu after the mix-up. So, for me, it worked out fine.

Jordan (looking for specifics): So, who would that be...if you don't mind me asking?

Jocelyn (looking around, grinning): Come on, now...I can't tell you that! I'd get in so much trouble!

Jordan (grinning herself): Alright, I won't push it! I'm just saying, though, if you need two extra votes to make a move, Andrew and I are here.

Jocelyn (as she fills up a canteen): Alright...good to know.

Jordan grabs and fills another canteen with well water as the camera turns to Mike trying to leave without making any noise.

So, Jocelyn didn't spill any beans about any of our alliances. Finally, she's using her head! I mean, if she did, that would've blown everything up. Not just in general but for her too...cause if that happened, that makes Andrew and Jordan swing votes instead of threats; and with those two as swing votes, we swing them over to our side, and Jocelyn's out of here.


The camera cuts over Amy and Andrew walking to and eventually arriving at the point. They start to sit on the large rocks that make up the point.

I'm starting to get to the point with Amy where it needs to be more than telling her that the four of us at Fatutaka before the switch were tight cause Gaby and Alvin are long gone. I need it to seem like I'm completely vulnerable, even though we have the potential to hold a powerful say in the next vote...depending on what the division between this group of eight is.


Andrew (as they sit and look out at the ocean): So, I'll give you a guess as to why I'm out here with you.

Amy (with a smirk): The same reason you came to me before we merged?

Andrew: Look, I just think that Jordan and I could be very crucial votes to somebody, and I want you to trust me to where we could be those crucial votes for you and your alliance...whoever that may be.

Amy: But you have to understand it from my place in the game. I'm not going to tell you who's where and what the numbers are, but they're in the way that puts you two in a really powerful spot. For all I know, you could be giving me lip service and saying this to somebody else. You could be crucial votes to me definitely, but you could be just as crucial to the rest of them.

Andrew (after a sigh of frustration): So, you're basically saying that we're threats before swing votes one way or another?

Amy (hesitantly): Unfortunately for you guys, that's what it boils down to.

Andrew bites his lip and nods as he frustratingly turns his gaze back to the ocean.

Andrew (trying to mask his frustration after a long pause): Okay, then.

Andrew has every right to be irritated with what I told him today, but it's all true. The position that he and Jordan are in because of how the alliances shaped out is actually really powerful...too powerful, if you ask me. With there being two alliances of four from the old Temotu and if those two find out that they're in the middle, it can be make or break for either alliance. That's why they need to go as soon as possible. I don't want to entertain the idea of Andrew and Jordan siding with Troyzan's group and burning me later. As much as I want 'George of the Jungle' gone, those two are far more dangerous right now.


The camera zooms through the day and the sunset as it resumes in the night. Andrew and Jordan are seen fast asleep in the shelter as the eight original Temotu members are all sitting around the fire pit, finishing off the remnants of the feast, and quietly having small talk.

Troyzan (quietly after turning around to make sure that Andrew and Jordan are sleeping): Hey, so is everyone good on taking these two out next?

Everyone either agrees verbally or by nodding their heads.

Amy: I just think that those two are in too powerful of a spot to where it's going to screw one of us over.

The camera then shifts to the shelter. One of Andrew's eyes shoots open as he remains still in his blanket, listening to the others softly discuss strategy.

Derek: So, which one of them is first at the next vote?

Mike: I think Andrew, just cause he's been better in challenges.

Troyzan (chuckling): Yeah, we would've been undefeated if it weren't for his little hot streak.

Katherine (as others join Troyzan in a hearty chuckle): So, Andrew next? Then, Jordan after that?

Everyone nods their head to confirm the voting plan as the small talk continues. Andrew closes his eyes once more and tries to get comfortable in the shelter.

I'm telling 'ya, man, this can't be working out better for ol' Troyzan. I've got Amy and her alliance wanting to make amends and have the eight of us finish this thing Temotu strong. They don't see Andrew and Jordan as swing votes. They seem them as threats, which hugely benefits my game cause those two are dangerous. If they make it to the end, they could very well win this game just after what they've gone through so far. So, the eight of us are coming together to squash any notion, any possibility of those two advancing any further; and that couldn't bode any better for me. (rubs his hands together and chuckles) This is still my island, baby.


It cuts to everyone starting to prepare for another night's sleep as Katherine and Troyzan approach the shelter and sit on the edge right next to Andrew and Jordan.

Katherine (whispering to Troyzan): I really hope this goes through without Derek or Jocelyn straying away like they have already.

Troyzan (whispering back): I wouldn't worry. As long as everyone sticks to the plan and keeps their mouths shut, we'll be fine.

A crash is then heard in the background as the tribe's clothesline snaps, bringing the clothes that were hung on it down to the ground.

Robert (trying not to yell): Hey, Kat and Troy, can you guys come help us for a second?

Katherine (hiding her annoyance): Be right there!

Katherine and Troyzan get up from the shelter and proceed to help Robert and the others with the clothesline. The camera stays on the shelter as it highlights a grinning Andrew breathing a sigh of relief and fades to break shortly thereafter.

Day 23

The camera returns to the bright, orange sun rising slowly behind the horizon as it then shifts over to Andrew and Jordan on a morning walk to the point.

Andrew: Were you able to get any info from anybody yesterday?

Jordan: Barely a scrap. All I got out of Jocelyn was how everyone she liked was on Temotu after the switch. But everyone else, I didn't get a thing out of.

Andrew: Well, Amy basically told me yesterday that one of us is going home next and how because of how the numbers are, we're just in too powerful of a spot.

Jordan: Oh, that's comforting...

Andrew: But...I will say I think I found our crack.

Jordan (surprised): How? Who is it?

Andrew: Well, when we were snoozing in the shelter, everybody else was talking about coming back together and taking the two of us out cause they think we're in too powerful of a position. So then, Katherine and Troyzan come and sit down right next to me, and I heard them saying like 'I hope Derek and Jocelyn don't screw this up for us again.'

Jordan's surprise turns into a grin stretching from ear to ear as she playfully pushes Andrew.

Jordan: Nice!

Andrew: So, if we put the pieces together...

Jordan: If what Jocelyn and Amy said is true going along with what you heard Katherine and Troyzan say, then that means the alliances were split together at the switch!

Andrew: So, one alliance was on Fatutaka and the other on Temotu. God, I hope all of this is true.

Jordan: So, one of us needs to win today.

Andrew: Oh, you'd best believe I'm going to bust my ass to win today! I know you will, too.

The two high-five and laugh as they continue to walk towards the point.

It's amazing what can happen in a day's time in this game. Yesterday, we were anything but dead in the water. Now...(laughs)...we still kind of are, but we have some information to work off of. With all the data that Jordan and I collected, we think there's two alliances of three or four people. One alliance was with us at Temotu, the other was shifted to Fatutaka. If that's true, then one of us desperately needs to win today, so we can play our idol on the person that doesn't win immunity and send one of these high and mighty Temotus home. If neither of us wins, then I'm pulling out all the stops.


The camera shifts over to an overhead shot of the challenge site, which is on a beach but further inland with palm trees surrounding about half of it. Ten different-colored poles with footholes are highlighted as the ten remaining Survivors make their way into the site in a single-file line. With all ten on the mat, Probst begins the shift from tribal immunity to individual immunity.

Probst: Jocelyn, I will take immunity back from you.

Jocelyn and Probst meet about halfway as she hands him the tribal immunity idol.

Probst (with a smile): Okay, tribal immunity is no more. (uncovers the individual immunity necklace) This is what you covet now. If you have this around your neck, you are safe at Tribal Council. (as the camera pans across the ten happy to see the necklace) Without it, plain and simple, you are vulnerable at Tribal Council.

Probst then proceeds to explain the simple mechanics to the challenge and has everyone draw for spots subsequently. It cuts over to all ten members of the newly merged tribe atop their respective pole as Probst begins the challenge.

Probst: This challenge is underway.

All ten castaways firmly hang from their poles to begin the challenge. Some, such as Andrew, Justin, and Robert, all make their way a couple footholes down, but everyone remains steady for the first few minutes of the challenge. It shifts to ten minutes into the challenge with everyone remaining firm in their spot on their pole. Suddenly, without warning, Justin loses his grip and slips off of his pole. He dejectedly lands on his feet as he makes his way to the bench.

Probst: And just like that, we are down to nine. Concentrate; send that message from your brain to your hands and feet to hold on.

Andrew readjusts while Mike starts climbing a couple notches down, where he stops and readjusts himself. Derek, Katherine, and Troyzan are all highlighted, not moving or adjusting an inch as it shifts to twenty minutes in. Positions have shifted around a bit as Mike has slid further down while Robert is now wrapping his legs around the pole instead of using the footholes. Amy starts struggling as does Jocelyn, who climbs one foothole down in an attempt to find some comfort. Mike starts to grimace as he starts sliding once more. Unable to take any more, he lets go about two-thirds of the way down and jumps off the pole.

Probst: Mike's out of the challenge. We are now down to eight.

Derek, Jordan, Katherine, and Troyzan have not moved throughout the challenge while Amy, Andrew, Jocelyn, and Robert all try to find a comfortable spot on their pole. Then, Robert, with his legs still wrapped around the pole, slides further down the pole as his hands grate against it. Due to this, he lets go of the pole and releases his legs from it as well. He's able to somewhat land on his feet as he hits the ground.

Probst: And just like that, Robert is out of the challenge. We are down to seven. Keep remembering what you're holding on for. With that necklace around your neck, you are safe at Tribal Council tonight.

The camera focuses on Derek and Troyzan remaining statuesque as Katherine and Jordan make their first movement of the challenge. Then, it shifts to the thirty-minute mark as the seven remaining continue holding on. Andrew tries to wipe the sweat off of his hands while Derek makes his first move of the challenge. He wraps his legs around at the top of his pole while Troyzan, Katherine, and Jordan all continue to use the footholes. Suddenly, Jordan has her foot slip from the foothole as she plummets down about halfway to the ground before firmly grabbing on to the pole once more. She is visibly in pain as her legs grated against the pole during her fall. Amy's legs start to quiver as she inadvertently inches down her pole. Andrew starts to struggle as he keeps readjusting his grip. He then readjusts his feet, but it proves to be of no avail as he slides down to his last foothole. Amy and Jocelyn continue to readjust themselves as Derek and Katherine start to slightly slip. It focuses back to Andrew as he starts wrapping himself around the pole. It proves to be ineffective as he slides down to the ground, with his rear hitting first.

Probst: Andrew's out of the challenge. We are now down to six.

As Andrew frustratingly walks over to the bench, Troyzan simply grins as Jordan is seen painfully holding on to her pole. Amy glances over to Jordan holding on for dear life and then glances to Troyzan comfortably perched on his pole. She then decides to climb down and let go.

Probst: Amy takes herself out of the challenge, leaving us with five.

Jordan continues to grimace as Jocelyn also struggles with her footholes. Derek starts to slip down to about halfway down as Katherine and Troyzan remain motionless. Unable to bear any of the pain anymore, Jordan suddenly lets go of her pole and drops feet-first to the ground. Without warning, Jocelyn is quick to follow behind her as she drops to the ground as well.

Probst: Just like that, Jordan and Jocelyn are both out of this challenge, leaving Derek, Katherine, and Troyzan to fight it out for immunity.

It skips all the way to the one-hour mark as Troyzan has yet to move from the top of his pole. Meanwhile, Derek starts to maneuver his hands and feet around the pole. He remains distanced about halfway to the ground as Katherine continues to slip to about where Derek is at on his pole. Derek continues to scoot down the pole as his feet keep slipping on the pole. He eventually is unable to recover and has his feet plop to the ground.

Probst: After one hour, Derek is now out. We're now down to Katherine and Troyzan for immunity.

Shortly after Derek's elimination, Katherine calls out to Troyzan.

Katherine: You want it, Troy?

Troyzan: Doesn't matter to me. If you want to drop out, that's fine with me. I don't think it matters for tonight.

Probst: So, you guys are saying that no matter who wins this, it doesn't affect the vote tonight?

Troyzan: Nope.

Probst (shrugging his shoulders): Alright.

Katherine (sliding down the post): Alright. Good job, Troy.

Katherine softly touches the ground after climbing down from the pole, winning Troyzan the season's first individual immunity.

Probst: And with that, Troyzan wins immunity and is safe at Tribal Council tonight!

Troyzan climbs down with applause from the others as the camera then shifts to after the challenge, where he is awarded the immunity necklace.

Probst: Troyzan, come on over.

Troyzan happily walks over to Probst, who puts immunity around his neck.

Probst (putting his hand on Troyzan's shoulder): Troyzan, safe from the vote tonight. As for everyone else, after twenty-three days in this game, one of you will be voted out tonight and become the third member of our jury. Grab your stuff and head back to camp. See you guys tonight at Tribal. (to Troyzan) Congrats.

Troyzan thanks Probst as he walks back to collect his belongings. Everyone else is seen grabbing their stuff and making their way out of the challenge site.

Obviously, it stinks that neither Andrew or myself won immunity today. So now, what else is there left for us to do? We've tried to infiltrate any and all cracks that these Temotu people may have hasn't really gotten us any closer to taking the target off of us. From what Andrew and I went over, there may a possible crack in Derek and Jocelyn, but we can't go around telling everybody that. It may not even be true and it just puts more of a target on us come tonight at Tribal either way. So...(grins)...we're desperate. We're really, really desperate.


The camera zooms out from the ten members of Kakuna leaving the challenge site and then fades to break.

It fades back into various overhead shots of the Santa Cruz Islands as it then focuses down to the ten remaining castaways filing back into camp. As they proceed to set their bags down, Andrew walks over to Jordan.

Andrew (whispering in Jordan's ear): We need to see if there's another idol here. Now.

Jordan sets her bag down and silently nods. The two do not make any eye contact with anyone else as they make their way into the jungle.

Mike (stoically): And there they go.

Justin: Does somebody need to follow them to see what they're talking about?

Amy (as she and Jocelyn look at each other): Jocelyn and I can.

Mike: Well, don't waste any time. Go see what they're doin'.

Amy and Jocelyn dart into the jungle behind Andrew and Jordan as the camera cuts to the latter pair walking deeper in to the jungle.

With Jordan and myself both losing immunity today, my thought process was that there isn't really anything left to do with all of the Temotus. We need to take matters into our own hands and if they have the numbers to split votes between us, we're not getting anywhere with just one idol and a fake. So, if there's another idol we can find, it covers all of our bases.


Andrew and Jordan come across an open part of the jungle that includes a rock wall and multiple winding trees.

Jordan: This seems like a good place to start looking.

Andrew (focused): Couldn't agree more. You want the rock wall or the trees?

Jordan: Well, you had luck with the trees on the first one, so I'll take the rock wall.

Andrew (not wasting any time): Alright, let's do it.

The two begin looking in their respective areas, Jordan looking in the rock wall and Andrew looking in the trees adjacent to the wall, as Amy and Jocelyn stumble upon the two lone Fatutakas.

Amy: Ah, there you guys are! Whatcha' doing?

Andrew (as he sticks his hand in crevices within the trees): Oh, just on a little treasure hunt.

Jocelyn (curiously): What kind of treasure?

Andrew: The butt-saving kind...

Amy, Jocelyn, and Jordan all shake their head and laugh at Andrew's remark as he and Jordan keep looking.

We finally catch up to Andrew and Jordan and it's no secret as to what they were doing. Jordan's over at the rock wall, sticking her hand in any hole she can find, and Andrew's on the other side of the path doing the same thing with the trees. So, Jocelyn and I decide to stand there and monitor their little idol hunt.


Andrew (to himself, changing trees): This thing could be anywhere...

Amy (jokingly): Do you want us to help?

Andrew (playing along): No, I think we've got it. Thanks, though! (to Jordan) Any luck?

Jordan: Hardly. You?

Andrew: Not yet. Trust me, you'll know if I find it.

Some time passes as Andrew and Jordan continue their search, this time changing places, as Amy and Jocelyn maintain their watch on the former two. The camera focuses on Andrew finding a spot where the rock wall meets some tree branches and reaches his hand in the branch. Feeling something, a look of surprise comes across his face as he continues to dig, catching the attention of Amy and Jocelyn.

Andrew (excitedly, almost in disbelief): No way...

Jordan (ceasing her search to see if Andrew found the idol): Did you find it?!

Andrew (pulling out the idol wrapped in its usual cloth): Somehow, someway, I think this is it.

Amy and Jocelyn's jaws drop as Andrew unwraps the cloth to reveal the hidden immunity idol inside. He and Jordan high-five once more as they, themselves, can hardly contain their shock and excitement.

We're watching Andrew; we're watching Jordan...making sure they don't find anything. All of a sudden, Andrew sticks his hand in a branch and pulls out the hidden immunity idol.


Jocelyn (shocked): Unbelievable...

Andrew (putting his hands on his knees, catching his breath): Wow...

Amy (reluctantly): Nice job, Andrew.

Andrew is too shocked to thank Amy verbally as he simply nods to acknowledge her.

Amy and I are just standing there just as much in shock as they are cause now, this means that one of them is for sure, one-hundred percent safe. Andrew can play it on himself or he can pass it over to Jordan. So, to cover our butts, we need to split the votes cause the worst game you can play in Survivor is a guessing game.


Amy (to Jocelyn): So, I guess we go tell everyone what just happened and figure out what's next?

Jocelyn: I guess so.

The two pairs disperse as Amy and Jocelyn head back to camp and Andrew and Jordan take another path en route to the beach.

(smiling from ear to ear as he shows both of his idols) This is awesome. This ensures both my and Jordan's safety tonight. Even if they do split the votes, we aren't going anywhere. Now, the question for us is what do we do with the vote tonight? With it just being the two of us with an idol for each of us, there are so many avenues it opens up...regardless of what the other eight do. But I can't get caught up in the hoopla. I need to keep my head in check and make sure that what Jordan and I do tonight makes us beyond a one-vote wonder. We need to wedge ourselves into an alliance cause nobody's really invited us into one. For right now, though...(looks at his idols)...gah, I'm geeking out!


The camera cuts back to camp as Amy and Jocelyn solemnly return to camp to inform the other six of the events that have transpired.

Robert (as Amy and Jocelyn approach him and the rest): What's the word?

Amy (stressfully): They found an idol...

Jocelyn (finishing Amy's sentence): Right in front of us.

Mike (as all eight start to group around one another): Well, that's fine. We can just split the votes, right?

Troyzan: Yeah, it's an easy fix. Whoever it isn't played on goes home. Nothing fancy...four votes go to Andrew. Four go to Jordan.

Justin: How do we want to split them?

Troyzan: Let's just keep it simple. Guys vote Andrew; girls vote Jordan?

Amy: But that's five to three. Don't you think that's cutting it close?

Robert (calmly): I can vote with the girls. It doesn't matter.

Troyzan (nailing down the vote): Okay, so the girls and Robert vote Jordan; guys vote Andrew.

Derek (confidently): Alright, that sounds foolproof. Let's stick to that.

Troyzan (assuredly as the eight start to disperse): Yup, stick to it and act like they don't even have it. It's one little idol saving only one of them. It could be what we planned just flipped around.

Everyone agrees with Troyzan's optimism as they disperse around camp.

Amy and Jocelyn get back from spying on Andrew and Jordan and they tell us that Andrew found an idol right in front of them, which is no problem to me, but they were stressing out about it. The rest of us had to tell them that we're fine however the idol's played cause we have eight votes to spread amongst the two of them. We just nailed it down; it's the girls plus Robert voting for Jordan and the rest of the guys voting for Andrew. (grinning) See? It's an easy fix. One of them's still going to go home just as planned, and we're not going to have anything to worry about once we get back from Tribal tonight!


The camera then cuts to Andrew and Jordan arriving at an area around the beach with some palm trees overhead as they start discussing ideas for the upcoming vote.

Jordan: So, how do you want to play tonight?

Andrew (brushing his head through his hair): Well, the gears have been turning in my head, trust me, but I've thought of three things we can do.

Jordan (in anticipation): Lay 'em on me.

Andrew:, we do what everyone has done in idols past and just direct our votes to one person.

Jordan (listening intently): Okay.

Andrew: Two, we can direct our votes to two people, preferably of equal value, to reveal any cracks they may have been hiding. Then, on the revote, we pick a side and see who's the most shocked when their buddy's sent home.

Jordan (puzzled): Okay, you said 'of equal value'. What do you mean by that?

Andrew: Y'know, two people that seem like they're in the same spot in the game. Like, Justin and Robert or Katherine and Jocelyn just as examples.

Jordan (picking up on Andrew's idea): Okay, I gotcha. So, what's the third option?

Andrew (smiling): I think you'll like this one. We write each other's name down and make it a free-for-all on the revote.

Jordan simply smiles as she cannot utter a word due to the insanity of Andrew's third option.

Jordan (trying to find words): That...that's crazy. (chuckling) Wow.

Andrew: I don't know if that's the best idea, but it'll definitely have the most fireworks of the three.

Jordan: Yeah, it definitely will! But, I don't know...I like the second one you said. That'd be like prying open everything that they're hiding from us...

Andrew (finishing Jordan's thought): And laying it out in the open. Exactly.

Jordan: So, if that's what we decide on, who do we vote for? Obviously, we can't do Troyzan...

Andrew: So, that means we can't vote Derek either. We're looking for two people that bring basically the same thing to the table.

Jordan: What about the examples you gave? Justin and Robert or Katherine and Jocelyn; what about one of those?

Andrew: Which do you think would be better for our game?

As Jordan gives her answer, it becomes inaudible. The audio then shifts to a confessional as Andrew and Jordan continue their discussion. As the confessional airs, it eventually shifts to the sun setting and the ten Survivors preparing for Tribal Council.

In a matter of hours, Andrew and I have moved from being outsiders to being in the driver's seat for this vote tonight and I have to say, it's a little surreal. This is the first time we've been able to dictate any kind of gameplay this entire game! It's exciting! Now, with these two idols, we can open this game up in a lot of different ways, and Andrew laid them all out to me. We can do one of three things. We can do this the traditional way and just vote one singular person out, we can vote separately and then on the revote, we pick the side that we think we'll trust more, or we can just put each other's name down and send Tribal Council into chaos. (laughing) But in all honesty and seriousness, I hope we make the right decision for tonight's vote and the future. I don't want this to be a one-time thing, so I really hope tonight's vote is the vote that finally turns the game on its head.


The ten Survivors are seen filing out of camp and towards Tribal Council as the camera transitions to a shot of the sunset through the thin clouds and then a shot of the moonrise. It then focuses in on ten lit torches, led by Jordan and Andrew, making their way into Tribal Council. As they all take their seats, Probst calls on the jury.

Probst: We'll now bring in the members of our jury.

Alvin and Gaby slowly walk in one at a time, much to the happiness of Andrew and Jordan, and take their seat across from the ten still in the game.

Probst (with a smirk): Andrew, I've got to address the elephant in the room. There's you and Jordan...and then there's eight Temotu members sitting right next to you! Then, you have Alvin and Gaby, former Fatutaka members, on the jury. It's got to be a little intimidating, right?

Andrew (with a smirk as well): Um, not really's more or less frustrating. When I see Alvin and Gaby on the jury bench and there's only been one of these guys from Temotu voted out the entire game, it's gotten to the point to where it's frustrating. We're beyond the intimidation process.

Probst: So Jordan, can you relate to Andrew's frustration?

Jordan: Definitely. Y'know, one thing Andrew and I share is that we're both super-fans of the show and to have our game going this poorly up to this point, it is frustrating. We're happy we made the merge, don't get me wrong! (laughing) Don't get me wrong!

Probst: Has there been any new alliances form since the merge, Andrew?

Andrew (masking his frustration):'s still Fatutaka versus Temotu. As lopsided as the numbers are, this is still somehow a tribal game. That's part of the reason why I'm frustrated is because these guys have eight people from their original tribe make the merge, eight, and they're still targeting us. I honestly don't understand why they aren't after each other's throats and they're after ours instead. Every time we go to one of them to talk strategy or possibly see us as swing votes, they don't budge. For whatever reason, it's the eight of them against the two of us.

Probst: Okay, any of the eight, why is that? Cause Andrew brings up a good point. In a game all about numbers, Andrew and Jordan are up for grabs as swing votes and yet, they're being targeted instead.

Troyzan: Because they're dangerous in the position they're in right now. We came together as a group of eight and agreed that we don't want either alliance to get screwed by a potential swing vote or third party. The best way to do that is to show them the door.

Probst (somewhat surprised): Wow, in all of my seasons on Survivor, I have never had this happen!

Andrew (still frustrated): Where swing votes are being weeded out instead of being sought out? I don't recall it happening either, Jeff.

Probst (curiously): Is there another layer to this that I'm missing? Like, did something happen to make things the way they are right now?

Amy: Mmm, no. There's nothing wrong with their character, how they're playing the game, or anything like that. It's just something we decided on as a group. (suddenly remembering the day's events) Oh, Andrew found an idol today!

Andrew's frustration turns into a beaming smile as it shifts to Alvin and Gaby quietly conversing with one another.

Alvin (quietly): Atta boy.

It shifts back to Andrew pulling the idol that he found earlier in the day out of his bag and showing it to Probst.

Andrew (as he holds the idol up): This is definitely helps our cause, but it doesn't get us out of the woods yet.

Probst: How so?

Andrew: Well, I mean, there's two of us and eight of them. That's plenty enough to split the votes and flush the idol out. So, this will be played tonight; it's just a matter of who I play it on.

The camera focuses separately on Derek and Mike as they smirk at Andrew's answer.

Probst: So, there's a chance you won't even play it on yourself?

Andrew: Yeah, cause I, unfortunately, don't have a crystal ball in front of me. I don't know what's going to happen tonight. I don't know how the votes are going to go, whether they split it, they don't, or they're keeping us out of the loop for some zany, bizarre reason. All I know is that this idol is saving one of us tonight.

Probst: Well, with that, it is time to vote. Robert, you're up.

Robert commences the voting process as he rises from his seat on the far left and heads to the voting booth. Each member of the original Temotu follows suit as Mike and Jocelyn's confessionals are the only ones aired. Andrew and Jordan finish off the voting as the latter takes her seat.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Andrew and Jordan calmly but anxiously watch on as do the other eight. Troyzan's immunity necklace is highlighted as he looks on as well. Probst then returns with the urn.

Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Everyone's focus turns to Andrew, who acknowledges Probst's offer.

Andrew (raising his hand): I will, Jeff.

Jordan looks behind her to her only ally as the other eight, especially Troyzan and Mike, smugly grin at one another. Andrew holds the idol in his hand, but he initially debates who to play it on.

Andrew (building up the moment): Hold on, I need a second. (to himself) Gah, who do I play it on?

Probst and the rest of the Kakuna await his decision, which he eventually makes after some time.

Andrew (handing the idol to Jordan): Alright...Jordan, this is for you!

Jordan: Thanks, buddy!

The camera highlights Derek snickering and Mike trying to contain his laughter as Alvin and Gaby curiously watch from the jury bench. It shifts back to Andrew reaching into his bag a second time.

Andrew (leaning over to his bag): And then...

The smug grins of the original Temotu members quickly vanish as they remain focused on Andrew to see what he is reaching into his bag for. He sits back up straight and shows his second idol.

Andrew (happily presenting his second idol): I think I'll play this one on myself just to be safe.

Jocelyn's jaw drops as Troyzan slouches into his seat with a rare look of defeat on his face. Andrew and Jordan rise from their seats and hand the idols to Probst. On their way back, they both glance at Alvin, who is ecstatically pumping his fist, and Gaby, who has a look of complete shock on her face. Andrew and Jordan take their seats once more as Probst validates the idols. As he does, Amy, Derek, and Mike are shown with respective looks of dejection, shock, and worry.

Probst: The rules of Survivor state that if anybody plays a hidden immunity idol that any votes cast against that person will not be count. (showing both idols with a slight grin) These are both hidden immunity idols. Any votes cast for Jordan or Andrew will not count. I'll read the votes.

Troyzan (shocked, stroking his beard): Wow...

First vote: Andrew (does not count) (0)

Andrew grins from ear to ear, as does Jordan, while Mike can't do anything but shake his head. Amy and Robert look on disbelief as Justin and Katherine seem to be the only members of Temotu remaining calm.

Second vote: Jordan (does not count) (0-0)

Jordan's grin turns into an innocent smile as she looks back at Andrew, whose grin has not his face left since the idols were played.

Third vote: Andrew (does not count) (0-0)

Fourth vote: Jordan (does not count) (0-0)

Fifth vote: Andrew (does not count) (0-0)

Sixth vote: Jordan (does not count) (0-0)

Probst: We still have no votes for anybody.

Andrew (under his breath to Jordan): And I'm totally fine with that.

Jordan quietly laughs as the votes continue to be read.

Seventh vote: Andrew (does not count) (0-0)

Eighth vote: Jordan (does not count) (0-0)

Everyone but Andrew and Jordan's expression turns to anxiety as the aforementioned pair excitedly wait for the next two votes to be read.

Jordan (quietly): Here it comes!

Ninth vote: Katherine (1-0-0)

Katherine's calm demeanor turns to one of worry as she was not expecting her name to be read let alone be up for elimination. Troyzan's mouth gapes open as Justin's calmness turns to that of reserved worry.

Probst: Katherine, in order to force a tie, the last vote has to be for somebody other than you, Andrew, or Jordan, or you go home.

Suddenly on the chopping block, Katherine leans forward with her head resting on her hands. It shifts to Andrew and Jordan calmly looking on as Probst pulls the last piece of parchment out of the urn and reveals it to the Kakuna tribe after some hesitation.

Tenth vote: Jocelyn (1-1-0-0)

Jocelyn's eyes shoot open and her jaw drops once more at the sight of her name written on the parchment. Amy and Derek are seen dumbfounded by the last vote while Robert has a cooler demeanor to him, but is equally as shocked by the tied vote.

Probst (placing his hand on the urn, trying to hide his excitement): Okay, here's how this is going to work. Katherine and Jocelyn, you will not vote. Everyone else, you will revote and can only vote for either Katherine or Jocelyn. Robert, if you can grab the urn on your way to vote.

Robert approaches Probst and grabs the empty urn out of his hands as he returns to the voting booth. On her way to vote, Amy is simply shaking her head as she passes Probst, who is still in shock himself. Andrew and Jordan subsequently chuckle at Probst's shock as everyone makes their second vote of the night. Andrew's confessional is the only one aired but is not seen as the voting ends with him and Jordan once again.

Probst: I'll go tally the votes.

Troyzan lets out a deep exhale as he nervously awaits the votes to be read. Katherine and Jocelyn have looks of obvious worry as they are highlighted by the cameras. Probst then returns with the urn for a second time.

Probst: Okay, once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

Andrew has a look of intrigue as Katherine and Jocelyn's gazes are glued to the reading of the votes.

First vote: Jocelyn (1)

Jocelyn gulps nervously as she continues staring at the votes.

Second vote: Katherine (1-1)

Katherine has her own look of nervousness and worry. Troyzan, Mike, and Justin nervously look on as well while the votes keep being revealed.

Third vote: Jocelyn (2-1)

Fourth vote: Katherine (2-2)

Andrew and Jordan interestedly continue to watch the votes unfold as Jocelyn and Katherine's anxiety increases.

Fifth vote: Jocelyn (3-2)

Sixth vote: Katherine (3-3)

With only two votes left, all eight members have their individual look of anxiety. Katherine and Jocelyn hope to remain in the game while the other six hope it is not another tie vote to where they would have to draw rocks. Andrew and Jordan keep watching with plenty of interest.

Seventh vote: Jocelyn (4-3)

Jocelyn clamps her eyes shut and her hands together as a prayer as the camera highlights Katherine, Troyzan, and Derek all continuing to worry about the final vote.

Eighth vote: ...

Probst: Eighth person voted out and the third member of our jury...Jocelyn. I need you to bring me your torch.

Amy and Derek are left speechless while Troyzan, Mike, and especially Katherine breathe a huge sigh of relief as Jocelyn rises from her seat. Amy and Derek get up to give her a hug as she goes to collect her torch. Andrew and Jordan also bid Jocelyn a farewell as she approaches Probst with her torch in hand.

Andrew (quietly to Jordan): Nice job!

Jordan (softly): You too! I can't believe it worked!

Andrew: I can't either, to be honest with you.

Jocelyn then places her torch before Probst as she awaits her unexpected fate.

Probst: Jocelyn, the tribe has spoken.

Jocelyn tries to hold back tears as she can only watch her torch being snuffed. She waves another good-bye to the remaining nine, who reciprocate the farewell as she leaves the Tribal Council area.

Probst (trying to remain as level-toned as possible): There are no words that can top what just happened. The nine of you survived one of the craziest Tribal Councils ever, but the question is did Andrew and Jordan change the game enough to survive another vote or are they simply prolonging the inevitable? Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

Still grinning from ear to ear, Andrew and Jordan grab their bags and torches along with the other seven. On their way out, the last two Fatutaka members standing happily acknowledge their counterparts on the jury bench, Alvin and Gaby, who happily give them a thumbs up in return. Amy and Derek, meanwhile, remain speechless and shocked by their ally being blindsided. The camera zooms away from Tribal Council as nine torches file out of the area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
First Vote Revote
(Jocelyn and Katherine ineligible to vote)
(used Hidden
Immunity Idol)
Derek, Justin, Mike, Troyzan
(votes not counted)
Jocelyn (5 votes)
Andrew, Jordan, Justin, Mike, Troyzan
(used Hidden
Immunity Idol)
Amy, Jocelyn, Katherine, Robert
(votes not counted)
Katherine (3 votes)
Amy, Derek, Robert
Jocelyn (1 vote)
Katherine (1 vote)
Jocelyn Peck

Voting Confessionals

First Vote

Just keepin' the gravy train rollin'. Toot toot!


Hey girl, nothing personal at all. This is what we decided to do as a group cause you guys are dangerous if you get too far.


Second Vote

Absolutely nothing but strategy was put into this vote. Finally, I can play the game that I have enamored over for as I long as I can remember. I just hate that it's at your expense.


Final Words

Well...(wiping away tears)...this was definitely shocking. Like, I just didn't see it coming it at all. I don't think anybody did, really. We all thought Andrew and Jordan only had the idol they found today between the two of them, so that's why we split the votes the way we did. But they played it better than the rest of us did tonight. I just don't know why they targeted me over everyone else.

–Jocelyn Peck

Still in the Running

Andrew G.
Andrew S.

Next Time on Survivor...

With no real idols left to use, Andrew and Jordan try to survive another vote..."We're running out of resources. We need to infiltrate this group of seven and show some people that they're, in fact, on the bottom."...but they're not the only ones feeling on the outs.


  • The episode title was said by Andrew as he explained the luxury of having Jordan as his ally.