"Two Worlds Collide"
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Season Survivor: Venezuela
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 7/14
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This is the seventh episode of Survivor: Venezuela.

Previously on Survivor


Immunity Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours
The castaways would stand on a log, one arm above their head with their wrist tethered to a bucket of water on top of a platform. The castaway who could stand there the longest without tipping the bucket would win. During the challenge, Jeff would tempt the castaways to bail out by offering food items.
Winner: Maggie


Night 17

The Arawak tribe returns to camp from Tribal Council after voting out the cancer of their tribe, Ellis. Despite living in luxury compared to Mapoyo, Arawak lost four of six Immunity Challenges, and with an impending merge, Arawak is in a numbers disadvantage, 7-5. The five make a group hug, swearin on each other to stick together no matter what.

We are anticipating that we will merge in the coming days, and right now, Arawak's at a disadvantage. Mapoyo's two people ahead of us. I'm really hoping we won't be merging too soon and we'll have two more tribal immunities so we merge with at least even numbers.


At Mapoyo, the tribe of seven is expecting a merge the next day, and Mark exclaims that no matter what, Mapoyo will stay together. Mai and Domino, seeing through Mark's words laced with lies, subtly look each other.

Mark has this big speech on how Mapoyo should stick together until Arawak's decimated. I don't buy that. Mai doesn't either. Now that the merge is coming, it's no longer a game between Mapoyo and Arawak. It's an individual game now.


Day 18

At Mapoyo, the tribe wakes up and finds a large green colored canoe docked at the riverbank. Louise finds a locked chest which she assumes has food inside. A note on top instructs the Mapoyo tribe to use the enclosed map and proceed to the Arawak camp.

At Arawak, Maggie finds a key inside Tree Mail with a note:

Today, two worlds collide,
Mapoyo at seven, Arawak at five.
Today is a day of celebration;
and coming your way is some nutrition.

–Maggie, reading Tree Mail

Tree Mail says "Today is a celebration". Come on, really? We're two people down. How can we celebrate?


The Mapoyo tribe arrives at Arawak camp, carrying the chest. Maggie welcomes them with open arms. Katrina, Jaycee, Bash and Edward assist their new tribemates in their arrival. Domino opens the chest, and contains not only food, but twelve new green buffs, paint and a green flag. As the merged tribe do introductions, Dahlia, a Latina, proposes to have their tribe name be "El Dorado" (Spanish phrase meaning, "The Gold"; also a town in Venezuela, and in Venezuelan legend, a city of gold the Spanish conquistadores wanted to find). The tribe unanimously agrees, and goes with "El Dorado." Fittingly, Mark breaks into song, belting out Elton John's "El Dorado."

Everybody's in a festive mood today, but once people start leaving the table, you know the game's back on.


During the feast, Domino and Edward, who sit right next to each other, find a clue to another Hidden Immunity Idol. After blankly staring at each other in awkward silence for a few seconds, Domino and Edward decide to read the clue together aloud in front of the tribe. The clue given is so vague, neither think it is of any help. Nonetheless, everyone's on a mad scramble to find this idol.

Edward's the smartest person out here, with an IQ of 130. If Edward can't solve the clue, no one will.


Most of the tribe spends the entire afternoon frantically searching for the idol. Mai, Dante, Jaycee, Vince and Mark search near the Tree Mail area. Domino, Dahlia and Katrina look near the well. Edward and Bash look inside every tree hole they can find. Bash and Edward are conversing about strategy, Edward touches a rolled burlap inside a tree. Not wanting anyone to see him collect the idol, Edward tells Bash the idol is not there, and starts acting he's looking for another possible hiding place. Bash asks Edward that if he finds the idol he should let him know, before walking away. With the coast clear, Edward returns to the tree hole and swiftly grabs the idol. Instead of informing his Arawak tribemates about the idol, Edward plans to hold on and use it for himself.

I won't tell anyone I have this, even to my tribe. This has been a common mistake of idol finders: they find it, then get too excited. They just can't keep their mouth shut.


At the riverside, Maggie, Mai and Domino talk about the living conditions of both camps. Domino describes the old Mapoyo camp as "pitiful" after two straight blows: the camp raid and the loss of the shelter. The conversation shifts to their tribemates. Mai expresses her dislike of Mark trying to call the shots. Domino adds, saying that he is controlling their tribe with Vince as his right hand man.

We had this conversation between myself, Domino and Mai about our tribes. We started from camp life and stuff, then it shifted to how living with our tribemates was; and the two pretty much slandered Mark. Now what I have to do is to bide time until they self destruct, because I feel it's happening sooner than I think.


After the conversation, Domino and Mai go in the woods to consider their options. Mai insists to stay in the alliance to get enough votes to get rid of the biggest challenge threat, Bash. Domino agrees, saying that she is not really up for an all-Mapoyo final seven.

Mai and I compared notes in the woods this afternoon, and her argument makes perfect sense: Bash is our big challenge threat because he is a big, muscular dude, but wouldn't that make Dante a threat as well? In my head, Dante is my sockpuppet, and what Domino says, Dante does. If Dante goes, then I'm screwed long term.


Maggie attempts to talk strategy with Mark, but Mark does not consider any propositions from the enemy, bluntly shunning her.

I've been at Mapoyo several times before the merger, and Mark consistently has proved he is a big "expletive."


Evening at El Dorado, while tending the fire, Bash and Dante discuss the vote. Being the two biggest guys in the tribe, the two worry about their longevity, especially Bash, who is in the minority Arawak tribe.

If there is someone who feels the pressure of being in the minority, it has to to be me. I'm the biggest from the five of us, and if I don't win tomorrow, I'll most definitely be going home. On the flip side, if I do get to win immunity, the Mapoyo people will just pick off Jaycee or Edward, then make my game more difficult down the line.


Day 19

The survivors receive Tree Mail, notifying them of their first individual Immunity Challenge. While they would need to stick together for obvious reasons, the five ex-Arawak members find themselves fighting each other for the Immunity Necklace.

I hate the fact that we have to compete against each other for the necklace because we will have to stick together if we are to survive.


The El Dorado tribe meets Jeff Probst for their first challenge as a merged tribe, which is a Survivor classic. Jeff then tells them he is going to tempt them to bail out by presenting them with food items. Fifteen minutes into the challenge, Jeff presents the survivors with a plate of donuts. Upon seeing the donuts, Louise and Mai bail out. However, Jeff tells them they cannot have the donuts because he has yet to put it up for grabs, to their dismay. Jeff then offers the donuts, prompting Domino and Dahlia to give up. Another fifteen minutes later, Jeff takes out a large pizza, warning the remaining players that if nobody steps down, Mai, Louise, Domino and Dahlia would take them. Mark, Vince and Dante all step down, leaving the former Arawak members to fight for their lives. Jeff notices and calls out the former Mapoyo members are being confident that they will stick together. Jaycee openly expresses his annoyance to them, arguing that their gesture is rubbing the Arawaks' minority to their face. Bash calls it, a "dick move". Katrina reminds them that if the writing is on the wall, all five of them will go to the jury. Maggie calls out Mark for completely ignoring her yesterday, telling him his treatment of her wasn't the nicest. Mark continues to ignore her and continues downing pizza. Edward remains quiet while trying to endure the pain. Thirty eight minutes into the challenge, Edward accidentally moves his arm too much, dowsing himself with water. Forty five minutes into the challenge, Jeff shows up with a Hidden Immunity Idol clue, warning Jaycee, Katrina, Maggie and Bash that if none of them steps down, Mapoyo would get it *camera shows Edward smiling*. Desperate to save himself and feeling he can no longer fight through the pain, Bash steps down and takes the clue, leaving Katrina, Jaycee and Maggie in contention for immunity. Hanging on for a full hour, Jeff tempts them to bail out with two large Hoagies and chips. The three agree to share, but are undecided on which two will take the fall. Jeff reminds them the sandwiches will go to the twelve eliminated players if they can't decide for themselves. Katrina volunteers to step down (thinking that the Mapoyos would target her last), while Jaycee and Maggie play a round of rock, paper scissors. But even before they start, Jaycee accidentally tips his bucket over, eliminating him, and winning Maggie the challenge.

Returning to camp, Domino asks Louise and Dahlia if they are really sticking with Mark. The two reveal that neither of them would want to continue to work with Mark, and the only reason they are working with Mark is because they have a common threat, which is Bash, and they would consider working with Arawak sometime after Mark's elimination.

Now I just heard some interesting stuff. Not only that I learned that most of the girls weren't really keen on Mapoyo sticking together, but at the same time, I have enough numbers to work with to take Mark out. Them also harboring resentment towards him could be the opening I needed to take over this game. They're going to realize how big of a threat I am...which might blow up to my face some time in the future.


With their backs against the wall, the former Arawaks start scrambling. Katrina, Maggie and Jaycee continue their attempts to sway the vote to their favor, while Bash relentlessly attempts to look for the idol that Edward already found. Edward on the other hand spends time looking for a viable hiding place for his idol. Mark notices Bash's tireless pursuit of the idol.

I'm not stopping until I find this idol. It could be me tomorrow night for all I know. Wait... I know it's me!


Day 20

Early morning at camp, mark noisily hammers firewood to cut them in half while everyone's still asleep. Mark notices Maggie waking up, and orders her to collect more firewood. The usually optimistic nun is secretly infuriated by Mark's lack of self awareness.

Mark is a piece of work. He is such an ass. He reminds me of Roger Sexton and Phillip Sheppard. Terrible combination, I know, but that's just how he is.


Maggie scrambles at camp to save Bash. She approaches Domino and Mai, who both have disdain for the secret service agent. Domino promises to come back to her, admitting that several Mapoyo members, herself included are already itching to make a move against Mark. Nonetheless, Maggie remains feeling unsettled.

I'm not banking on Domino's promises, because she is a dark horse in this game. I could give sure if giving the idol is the best idea at this point, but it could buy the Arawaks time to regroup.


Before Tribal Council, Mark gathers the Mapoyo "alliance", who secretly abhors his arrogance. Mark asks affirmation regarding their plan of eliminating Mark. Everyone agrees, but each of them has one agenda: to please Mark, eliminate their common threat Bash, and blindside Mark for later. Domino brings up the idea of Maggie giving her idol to Bash, saying that it is highly likely. Mark tells them it is certain that Maggie will not give her idol to Bash, given that if Maggie does use it, they will still be in the minority, and their previous altercation. Domino stops pushing the idea because she finds a new opportunity. She lets Louise, Mai and Dante know what she realized, telling them that regardless if Bash uses the idol or not, them voting for Bash has to come through.

I suddenly had a brainfart this afternoon. Mark continuing his plan of voting Bash can actually work two ways: 1.) Maggie does not give Bash the idol, and he goes home as Mark planned; or 2.) Maggie does give Bash the idol, and the Arawaks vote Mark out. Either way, Mapoyo still has the numbers, and most importantly, I'm certain I'm safe and my endgame will not be compromised.


Just before the El Dorado tribe goes to Tribal Council, Bash tells Maggie he wasn't able to find the third idol, and begs at her to lend hers. Maggie tells Bash she is mulling it over, but does not give Bash any promises. Bash proposes to Maggie to scare the Mapoyo tribe members into voting someone else, which Maggie agrees.

At Tribal Council, Katrina calls out Mark for his abrasive nature, telling him he's welcoming himself too much once he stepped at their camp. Jeff brings up the third Hidden Immunity Idol, with all eyes looking at Bash. Bash tells them he was not able to find it, but scares the Mapoyo that Maggie is using her idol for him. Mark scares them back, saying that they are going to vote someone else instead.

The Mapoyo seven sees through Arawak's bluff and follows Mark's lead in voting Bash out. Still expecting that Maggie reconsiders giving her idol to him, Bash is dismayed that she does not. After a 7-5 decision, Bash becomes the seventh person to leave Survivor: Venezuela.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
El Dorado
Bash (7 votes)
Dahlia, Dante, Domino, Louise, Mai, Mark, & Vince
Mark (5 votes)
Bash, Edward, Jaycee, Katrina, & Maggie
Bash O'Rourke

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • After finding out the conspiracy against him, Mark attempts to turn things around by working with Arawak. Will it work?
  • Two Immunity Challenges, and two Tribal Councils, ahead!
  • Winning an Immunity Challenge costs one survivor the game.

Author's Notes

  • Dante and Bash have very stocky builds and towering at 6'4".
  • When the tribes merged, Mapoyo wasn't allowed to bring their replenished rice supply into the merge.

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