Tyler Hall
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 24, 1976 (Age 35)
Hometown Dallas, TX
Occupation Electrician

Survivor: Malaysia

Tribes Lautan
Placement 13/18
Challenges Won 5
Votes Against 6
Days Lasted 18

Tyler Hall is a contestant in Survivor: Malaysia.


Some people consider Tyler to be a complete jerk. He has no manners at all, but he is a big flirt. He thinks he has all the women, but they never like him at all. He has been arrested a couple of times, but only his family loves him. Believes that he can use his charm to outwit the others. Many deny his abilities, but he believes he has what it takes.

Survivor: Malaysia

Voting History

Tyler's Voting History
Episode Tyler's
Voted Against
1 Lautan Tribe Immune
2 Alex -
3 Cassidy; Adam -
4 Cassidy -
5 Lautan Tribe Immune
6 Steve Sonya, Elena, Steve,
Nobo, Eli, Beverly
Voted Off, Day 18


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