Hi everyone! Well, it's me with another crazy twist for the upcoming Survivor: Romania - Good vs. Eviland this is The Secret Season Twist. How this workst, well, in my own wiki I'm working on a season called Survivor: Corn Islands, with a short cast and the episodes are not so detailed as the episodes of the seasons on the wiki. Anyways, how this works? 16 castaways, divided in four tribes will compete, you know the rest. At the end of the game (that will end at the same time that Similan Islands ends) the winner will take a spot on Romania, here's when the other twist, Losing a Spot, will enter, in this case, on day 1 all the castaways will vote for one of them, the castaway with the big number of votes will be replaced with the winner of Corn Islands. A fact for the trivia, no, Corn Islands is not part of my "fanon series", is like a spin-off (like Big Brother: Over the Top for example). If you have any question I'll be so glad to answer it.

And if you want to check the season, here's the link:

Thanks! :D

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