Van Stevenson
Van Stevenson
Contestant Profile
Birth Date January 2, 1985 (1985-01-02) (age 33)
Hometown Long Beach, CA
Occupation Model

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Alazani
Placement 12/20
Challenges Won 6
Votes Against 9
Days Lasted 21

Van Stevenson was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


A Model from Long Beach, California, 27 year old Van Stevenson hopes on getting by with his looks alone. From a young age, he's been given things based entirely on his looks. He's confident he'll find a girl or two that will help him win the million dollars and is willing to dump them if he needs to.

Survivor: Caucasus

From the very beginning, Van captured the attention of some of the Alazani females and used it for his benefit. This however, made him the prime target for Stan Bailey who deemed him as untrustworthy. Stan tried to rally votes against him, but he himself was eliminated as the tribe chose to keep Van for his prowess in challenges.

On Day 5, Van decided to form an alliance with Lauren Faas and Phoebe Noyola, whom which have admired him from Day 1, and Samantha Marino.

After the debuckle at the last Tribal Council, I realized I needed an alliance immediately. And it's clearly obvious that the women of this tribe have been fawning over me ever since I stepped foot on this island, so I just took advantage of that. A couple of complements and it was hook, line, and sinker. Women are so stupid!


During camp life, Van and his alliance spent most of the time sunbathing instead of doing their chores, which angered Daniel Marvin. When the tribe lost immunity, Van was able to convince tribe leader Sebastian Hibbard into voting out his friend Mary-Jean Pettie so that the tribe would remain strong.

It's almost laughable at how I'm able to mess with the guy's head! These people will believe anything I say!


However, tensions between him and his alliance began to rise on Day 13 when Van was getting the feeling that the girls were getting closer with eachother than with him. Before Tribal Council, Sebastian fed Van's paranoia which caused him to eventually betray his alliance and help Sebastian vote out Phoebe.

After a shocking twist, Van ended up being on the now all-male Alazani tribe, seperating him from the girls whom he betrayed. The next day, Sebastian gathered the three other old Alazani males on the tribe and created a voting block that would be used to pick off the old Rioni members one by one.

I'm so glad I decided to ditch the girls when I did. By doing so, it got me in deep with these people.


With losing their first Immunity Challenge as a new tribe, the alliance of four succeeded in eliminating Martin Bowell from the game despite the opposite group's attempts to get Daniel to flip on Van. However, Gerardo Guzman still pushed for Van's elimination, which was something Daniel wanted, due to his long distrust in the model. At Tribal Council, both Daniel and Derek Phu ended up voting with the two Rionis and Van was voted out of the game in a 4-2 vote, which the only person not voting for him being Sebastian, who had promised Van he would not write his name down.

Voting History

Van's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Stan Mary-Jean, Stan
2 Alazani Tribe Immune
3 Alazani Tribe Immune
4 Mary-Jean -
5 Phoebe -
6 Alazani Tribe Immune
7 Martin Martin, Aaron,
8 Aaron Gerardo, Aaron,
Daniel, Derek
Voted Off, Day 21


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  • Van's Luxury Item was a Shell Necklace.
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