"We're a Backwater Tribe"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 5/14
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This is the fifth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Sands of Time
One by one, tribe members must retrieve six gears buried in leaf pit to prevent an hourglass (filled with rice) from running out. After retrieving the gears, they must place them in their appropriate spot and crank them to stop the rice from flowing down the container. First tribe to stop their hourglass from being filled wins.
Reward: Whatever remains from the tribe's rice container after the challenge; three egg-laying chickens and a rooster.
Winner: Jarakay

Immunity Challenge: Basket Brawl
Three members from each tribe would race to fetch a ball in the water and shoot it into a basket, while members of the rival tribe intercept them while doing the same task. The tribe would score a point for every basket they make. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Winner: Naak


Night 12

While waiting for the Naak tribe to come back to camp from their Tribal Council, the men of the Jarakay tribe secretly talk about their women. With a 5-3 deficit, the men will try to make the women turn on each other. Giovanni turns his sights on Megan, who is perceived as the weakest member of the tribe. Being ostracized for her physical weakness, Giovanni proposes that Megan must be voted out before she even gets the chance to flip to Naak. Tribe leader Brody deduces that Gabriella is the only woman in the tribe that could enforce a tie between the men and the women, and they must continue to convince her to join the men.

Gabriella is our only hope in making this alliance work. She is strong at challenges, whereas Megan, the weakest member of the tribe, as much as she is good at camp life, she sucks at challenges. We have to get rid of her, pronto.


Little do they know, Megan, Lauren and Asami are overhearing the men's conversation by the fire. The three agree that the women must stick together to ensure their survival.

The men are not in the position to make deals with us. We have the majority, they're not, and I hope the other Jarakay girls are on board with this.


Asami thinks that the women must stick together. But guess what, without the men, we will start losing challenges, and we will enter the merge with few members. I have to side with the men. I have to go where the strength is. If there's a time to make a move, it's now.


While Jarakay is already asleep, Megan gets up from their shelter and tends Naak's bonfire while waiting for them to come back to camp.

The Naak tribe finally returns to camp from their Tribal Council. Helena thanks Megan for tending their fire. Megan pulls Helena aside, telling her that she's considering flipping to their tribe come the merger. Helena, knowing Megan's precarious standing at Jarakay, welcomes her to their fold. Meanwhile, Cam and Colin, who were sworn enemies since the beginning of the game, reconcile with each other.

Quote1Colin, I am very sorry for going out like that. I did not mean to hurt you.Quote2- Cam
Quote1I'm cool with it. You apologized, and that's the only thing that matters at this point. Now, let's just put alliances at the back burner ad start winning challenges.Quote2- Cam

Day 13

At Naak, Helena talks to Colin, Aries and Donny that Megan went to her, telling her about her potential flip come the merge. The three men see the gesture as genuine, and tells her they are willing to accept her in their alliance, should the need to vote out Cam arise and enter the merge in the minority. Helena shifts the topic on Cam's idol. Helena tells them that they should let Cam in the know for the mean time to gain his trust. Helena adds that it will buy her more time to make Cam lend her his idol to be able to vote him out next.

I know the idea of blindsiding Cam is a vicious one, but if we enter the merge with bad numbers, the idol is our only hope. Yeah, Megan told us she is open to flipping to our side, but we are still weary of that. If anything, she might be acting as Jarakay's double-agent. So, if we continue losing, the idol is our only leverage. Furthermore, if I possess the idol, the men have no reason to vote me out if they decide to stick together.


At Jarakay, while the men are busy fishing, and Lauren, Naomi and Gabriella collecting water, Asami and Megan are back at the shelter discussing strategy.

Quote1I have to lay it all out. I have this!Quote2- Megan (shows idol to Asami)
Quote1No sh*t, Sherlock!Quote2- Asami
Quote1I have a plan. I want Giovanni out.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Voting another man out will weaken us at challenges, don't you think?Quote2- Asami
Quote1He is not strong as he think he is. Did you see him at the last Reward Challenge? He was more pathetic than how I fared!Quote2- Megan
Quote1Point taken, Meg. Will you tell Lauren and Gabby about your idol, though?Quote2- Asami
Quote1Hell no. I have little trust with Lauren, but I totally don't trust Gabriella. Nonetheless, Gabriella is needed for our challenge efforts. We should tell them that we will vote Giovanni out, but definitely not tell them about my idol.Quote2- Megan
Quote1Fine. Us two in the end?Quote2- Asami
Quote1Splendid.Quote2- Megan
I have to start playing before the merge. I can't just rely on Naak's support. I have to band the women together to save my ass.


With Megan's idol in the equation, we might have the leverage to win this game. But, I don't trust Lauren. My gut tells me she can't be trusted. I have to keep an eye on Lauren.


At the water well, Naomi, Lauren and Gabriella agree to flip to the men's alliance to ensure their safety, but Gabriella thinks they need a fourth female to pull this off. With Asami being the only other strong female in the tribe, Gabriella proposes that the four of them must join the men and vote Megan out; and once Megan is taken care of, her, Lauren, Asami and Lauren will stick together against the men.

The men wants me in their alliance, but I have to play smart. I know they'll be turning against us women once Megan is done with.


Day 14

The tribes meet Jeff Probst for their next Reward Challenge. With Naak only having one female left, Jarakay tribe leader Brody is tasked to sit out three of their members. Brody chooses to sit out Giovanni, Gabriella and Naomi.

Both tribes are dead even in collecting the gears needed to stop the hourglasses from filling the containers with rice. But it is Jarakay who wins the challenge, thanks to Megan's puzzle-solving abilities, winning them chickens, and whatever remained from their rice container after the challenge. Before heading back to camp, Megan, expresses her anger, for she feels unappreciated even after winning a challenge for their team. Giovanni blabs out that regardless of what Megan does, she is still an outcast, and physically weak, and she is next to go.

Giovanni has the social grace of a hippo. Lacked self-awareness, so full of himself. I can't wait to share one of the chickens with Naak tonight.


Returning back to camp, Asami and Naomi thank Megan for winning the challenge for their team. Naomi pulls Asami aside and tells her that Gabriella is open for a women alliance, but without Megan in it.

Loyal to Megan, Asami leaks the info on Megan. Enraged because of the tribe's mistreatment of her, Megan says she will use her idol should they lose the next Immunity Challenge, even considering throwing it.

I never asked to be put in Jarakay, and they can't deal with me. It's like high school all over again! It sucks!


While Jarakay cooks their new supply of rice, the Naak tribe goes back to camp dejected after losing yet again another challenge. To alleviate the low morale, Cam and Helena decide to collect mangoes in the jungle, while Morrison, Colin, Aries and Donny go out fishing.

While Morrison is spear-fishing underwater, Donny, Colin and Aries make a final three pact.

Quote1So, do you guys want us three in the end?Quote2- Donny
Quote1I'd love to, but there's one problem, we keep losing challenges, and Helena's still convincing Cam to give her his idol.Quote2- Colin
Quote1That's the point. With Helena having too much power, we have to make the most of it. Once we enter the merge, and have the numbers, we don't need Helena anymore, and so is big guy down there.Quote2- Aries
Quote1Awesome. No double-crossing okay?Quote2- Colin
Quote1Deal.Quote2- Aries and Donny
We decided to have a final three deal with each other because I feel that Helena might be too powerful in the long run. We need her for all she's worth. But once Helena takes the idol from Cam, and after giving us the numbers advantage after merger, Helena's going. Point blank.


In the evening, while the whole Jarakay tribe is already asleep, Megan takes one of the hens and kills it. She then sneaks to the Naak shelter, giving the chicken as a sign of goodwill, and in retaliation for Jarakay's poor treatment of her. The Naak tribe, as much as they are bewildered by Megan's gesture, are nonethrless thankful for her action. As Megan returns to Jarakay, Donny suggests to finally accept her in their voting alliance one the merge comes.

Megan's seriously hated by Jarakay, especially Giovanni, so we decided to adopt her in our alliance, but she doesn't need to know it yet.


Compared to Jarakay, we're a backwater tribe in this One World scenario, but Jarakay has some serious issues.


To cover up her rebellion, Megan ties the two remaining chickens' feet and sets their coop adrift.

If you guys hate me, I hate you guys more.


Day 15

At Jarakay, the tribe wakes up, and see that one of their chickens are missing, and so as their coop. Megan stresses that while she went out peeing last night, she saw the chicken coop about to be washed away by the high tide. She tried to catch one of the hens, but it was too late. Most of the tribe believe her story, and congratulate her for her deed, but Asami is suspicious.

I knew something fishy went down with the chicken while the tribe was asleep last night. I give Megan props for standing up for herself. I won't tell her, or the tribe I knew her secret.


After receiving Tree Mail, the two tribes assemble for their next Immunity Challenge, which is the fan-favorite "Basket Brawl" challenge. With the tribes having a terrible imbalance of male and female tribe members, only four tribe members from both teams will participate. Being the only woman left from Naak, tribe leader Helena cannot sit out, and chooses Aries, Colin and Donny to join her. With Jarakay only having three male members, tribe leader Brody, Giovanni and Paul are all required to participate, with Gabriella joining them.

While Jarakay puts up a great fight against Naak, Giovanni's age slows them down, while they get demolished by the much-younger Naak, winning them immunity. Along the sidelines, Megan laughs at Giovanni's pathetic performance at the challenge.

Megan's leaving. I can smell it. If we could just tell Jeff right there and then we are ready to vote, we would.


Back at camp, Megan tells Asami she is voting for Giovanni tonight, and she is using her idol against him. Megan then goes to Lauren and Naomi (neither knew Megan has Jarakay's idol) about the plan. Secretly not supporting the all-women alliance, Lauren tattles to Giovanni that Megan is plotting against him. Giovanni and Gabriella merely laugh at Megan's plotting. Unknown to Lauren, Asami has been spying on her, because she didn't believe that Lauren is not with them in their plan. She then goes to Naomi and tells that they need to vote Lauren out because she is just not trustworthy enough.

Quote1It's confirmed. Gabriella and Lauren are with the men.Quote2- Asami
Quote1How could you be sure? I thought the all-girl alliance is set?Quote2- Naomi
Quote1My thoughts exactly. But I snuck up to Lauren and Giovanni's conversation a few minutes ago. They are planning to vote Megan out. But that doesn't need to happen.Quote2- Asami
Quote1And why is that?Quote2- Naomi
Quote1Megan has the idol!Quote2- Asami
Quote1Wait, wha-?Quote2- Naomi
Quote1I know you're surprised by it. But we can't trust Lauren. But there's a small chance we can pull Gabriella to our side in the future. just trust me on this one.Quote2- Asami
Quote1What do you want me to do?Quote2- Naomi
Quote1Look, the five will vote Megan out, but Megan's going to use her idol against Giovanni, and she thought we are going to vote with her. Here's the plan: The five's votes will be negated, that leaves you, me and Megan's votes. Let Megan vote Giovanni, but we'll vote Lauren out.Quote2- Asami
Quote1I'm little weary about this. How could we be sure that Gabby will join us?Quote2- Naomi
Quote1Look, Gabriella is more than happy to join us, just that she can do away without Megan. On the other hand, Lauren doesn't support our alliance. If Lauren can't join us, she's joining nobody.Quote2- Asami

Megan approaches Asami to gain assurance that Giovanni is going home. Asami tells her she is 100% with her plan.

I'm so excited to wipe off that smile on Giovanni's face!


At Tribal Council, Megan and Giovanni again duke it out because of the latter's poor treatment of the former. Asami mediates the situation, telling them to calm down and explain why both of them are ticked off by each other. Megan accuses Giovanni of being a misogynist and hypocritical. She brings up Giovanni's poor performance at physical challenges, and tells him that he is nowhere as strong as she was. Giovanni on the other hand accuses Megan of being annoying and weak at all challenges. Megan rebuts that she won the Reward Challenge for their tribe, and nobody thanked her for it. Giovanni states that she just needs to accept her fate that she is next to go. An infuriated Megan finally fesses up about what happened to the missing chicken, explaining that she retaliated because of their poor treatment of her. Asami consoles Megan.

After voting, to Giovanni's surprise, Megan produces the Hidden Immunity Idol, negating all five votes against her. Jeff then reads Megan's vote against Giovanni. But much to Megan's confusion, the next two votes are against Lauren, sending her home in a 2-1-0 vote. Megan demands an explanation from Asami, but Asami tells her to calm down and she'll get her answer when they reach camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 5:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Brody, Gabriella, Giovanni, Lauren, & Paul
(votes not counted)
Lauren (2 votes)
Asami & Naomi
Giovanni (1 vote)
Lauren Copeland

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

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  • Helena will finally ask Cam to lend his idol to her. Will Cam take the bait? Find out!

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