"We Have Become One"
Season Survivor: Virgin Islands
Author User:LukePrower
Episode Number 7/13
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This is the 7th episode of Survivor: Virgin Islands.

Previously On Survivor...

Leo made Haley feel sorry for him, due to him being up for elimination. At Thomas, Justice finally got on Sparky's last nerve, causing Sparky to go off on him. In a challenge for both Immunity and reward, Croix won a trip to a fancy hotel. Justice was exiled, preventing him from going to Tribal Council. In the hotel, Mark, Leo, Haley and Samantha had a great time. Back at Thomas, Felicity told the tribe to vote out Sparky. Harrison, however, went to Sparky and attempted to help him vote out Felicity. It was useless, for Sparky was voted out, with Felicity only getting two votes. Ten are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Immunity Challenge: Jumper
The castaways were divided into two groups. The castaways must race to a series of tall wooden towers in the water and climb to the top. Then they must retrieve a flag and jump off the tower and race to the beach. First two players from each group to bring three flags to the beach moves on to the final round. The final round would work the same way. First person to collect all three of their flags wins immunity.
Winner: Tiffany


Night of Day 18

The Thomas tribe returned to camp after a tragic Tribal Council. Felicity angrily approached Harrison, asking why he voted against her. Harrison told her that she was the safest vote, due to the fact that she was attacking Sparky.

With Justice exiled, I'm one man on a tribe of women! If Felicity's gonna throw a fit because she got a little vote against her, she shouldn't be here. I had to vote for someone!


I know Harrison voted for me. He was all insecure about my plan. Who does he think he is, voting against me?


Day 19

Croix returned from their reward trip satisfied. Samantha especially.

I loved the hotel. It's a shame that we can't spend the whole season there.


Haley then took Leo away from the camp, for a private conversation. Haley asked Leo if he was going to stick with the Croix tribe after the merge. Leo then told Haley that he would. Haley thankfully hugged him. In a confessional, Leo claimed that he was lying.

This tribe has wanted me out since I moved here. Why should I help them after the merge?


After Leo returned, Mark asked him where he was. With no need to hide anything, Leo told Mark what happened. Now believing that Leo will stay loyal to Croix, Mark showed Leo to camp. Mark then showed Leo his idol, now trusting Leo enough to do so.

I may have not known Leo as long as Samantha and Haley, but I trust him enough to show him the idol. With the help of Leo and the idol, Croix just may make up the final four.


At Thomas, Felicity and Octavia discuss merge plans, for Octavia believes the merge to be coming up. Felicity wants Harrison gone, but Octavia claims that the smart thing to do would be to vote out the Croix members.

Croix needs to go down. Once their out of the picture, we can worry about booting our own. For right now, let's get rid of them.


Harrison attempts to talk Katrina into voting with Thomas after the merge. Katrina assures Harrison that she will.

I didn't like my old tribe. I'm most certainly staying with this tribe. After all, I have plans to go to the top three with Felicity and Octavia.


Meanwhile, Tiffany was away from the others. She wanted to be alone, where it was peaceful.

With the people on this tribe, I feel as though I need to get away. Just to be somewhere where I can have peace.


On Exile Island, Justice is sleeping out in the open, with the Double Immunity Idol in his hand. He claimed that he doesn't care about conditions, and that he'll sleep wherever.

Sleeping out in the open has never been a problem for me. I can sleep anywhere with no troubles whatsoever.


Day 20

On Croix, treemail arrived, stating that the tribe must find something out of place on their beach. Mark wondered what it meant.

Treemail said that we must find something different at camp. I have no idea what that means. We'll have to do a lot of searching.


Leo remembers from the season Exile Island that they need to find a boat full of merge supplies. The Croix tribe goes down to the water and finds a small boat waiting for them. The boat has a big crate in it, as well as some other covered supplies. A letter in the boat instructs Croix to go to the Thomas camp to merge, and not to open anything until merging.

We're merging! I can't wait to see everyone else! This will most certainly change the game.


At Thomas, Tiffany notices the Croix tribe members in the boat, headed for the Thomas camp.

I saw the members of the Croix tribe approaching and I was like "The merge has arrived!" It's gonna be hard accepting that we have become one now, but I'm sure it will work out.


Upon arriving, Thomas greets Croix and are especially happy to see Leo again. Haley notices that Sparky is gone, which makes her feel kind of sad. Then, a boat comes by with Justice in it. Justice gets off the boat, looking suspicious. Haley suspects that there's something strange about him.

That Justice guy looks pretty weird. It looks like he's hiding something.


With everyone at camp, Mark and Harrison unload the boat and open the big crate. Inside the crate is a message congratulating the ten contestants for surviving until the merge. Also in the crate are orange buffs for the merged tribe, as well as things to use to make a tribe flag. At the bottom of the crate are many foods such as fruits, cheese and crackers. Also in the crate is wine, much to Mark's delight.

While feasting, Tiffany brought up that they still need to name the new tribe. Samantha was thinking of naming it John, another island in the Virgin Islands. However, Leo suggests that they should name the tribe Lionel, which he claimed to be a really nice island. Everyone likes the name and agrees to name the tribe Lionel. In a confessional, Leo revealed that Lionel was actually the name of his pet cat.

Our merged tribe is named Lionel. Lionel is the name of my cat! No one knows, though. Me and Lionel always watch Survivor together, so I decided to name a tribe after him.


Octavia is especially happy about merging and the new name.

We're called Lionel. It's such an intense name. I love it!


After Croix settled in, Leo and Harrison, now reunited, strategize in a private area. Samantha just happens to be walking by, getting to know the beach. Leo tells Harrison that they need to take out the Croix members one by one. Samantha hears this and is shocked.

I heard Leo talking with Harrison about voting us Croix members out! That traitorous little... He will pay for betraying the Croix tribe. I'll make sure of it. No one betrays Croix and gets away with it. No one!


Day 21

The ten Lionel members, now individuals, met Probst for the first individual Immunity challenge. Tribal Immunity was no longer, for the contestants would be playing for individual Immunity.

In the first round of the challenge: Haley, Leo, Harrison, Samantha and Felicity go against each other. Harrison and Leo both speed ahead, with Samantha trailing behind everyone else. Harrison returns first, followed by Leo, eliminating Haley, Samantha and Felicity from the challenge.

In the second round: Katrina, Octavia, Mark, Justice and Tiffany go against each other. Justice gets far behind, but Tiffany manages to get back first. It comes down to Katrina and Octavia, racing to get back, but Octavia makes it back, eliminating Katrina, Mark and Justice from the challenge.

In the final round: Harrison, Leo, Octavia and Tiffany go against each other. Leo and Octavia fall behind, leaving it between Harrison and Tiffany. Harrison does well, but Tiffany returns with her third flag first, winning Immunity.

Back at camp, Samantha speaks with her fellow Croix members, including Katrina. Samantha told them what she heard Leo saying. This frightened the Croix members, especially Haley.

I can't believe that Leo would betray us! He went to me for help, and I trusted him! He is dead tonight.


Leo, unbeknownst to Samantha, had secretly followed her and overheard what she said. Leo then went to Harrison and told him to tell the rest of Thomas to vote out Samantha.

Leo claims that Samantha's gotta go. Anything to get rid of the competition, I guess.


Later, Leo went to Mark and told him that Samantha was spreading lies about Leo. Mark thought this to be true, for he trusted Leo. Leo suggested Mark that the two of them should stick together. Mark and Leo then shook hands on it.

At Tribal Council, Samantha tried to get everyone to vote out Leo, by claiming that he is the villain, but Leo rebutted. When the voting came in, Katrina and Haley sided with Samantha to take out Leo, while Justice voted for Harrison. Samantha played the fake Double Immunity Idol, but Probst burned it, claiming that it was fake.

Everyone else voted for Samantha, eliminating her in a 6-3-1 vote. Probst then announced that everyone voted out from now on would join the jury, who would vote for a winner in the end. The Lionel tribe then returned to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7:
Lukep (5)
Samantha (6 votes)
Lukep (10)Lukep (11)Lukep (13)Lukep (4)Lukep (14)Lukep (15)
Felicity, Harrison, Leo, Mark, Octavia, Tiffany
Lukep (13)
Leo (3 votes)
Lukep (1)Lukep (3)Lukep (5)
Haley, Katrina, Samantha
Lukep (11)
Harrison (1 vote)
Lukep (12)
Samantha Westlin

Voting Confessionals



Leo, I don't know you very well, but you seemed like a brother figure. Now please leave.


This vote is for Leo, you Judased our tribe! And me...




See ya, Sammy.


Final Words

Dangit! I just had one Tribal Council before the jury left to go! How depressing. Good luck, Croix. Do not let Leo win this game under any circumstances.


Still in the Running

Lukep (1)
Lukep (3)
Lukep (4)
Lukep (10)
Lukep (11)
Lukep (12)
Lukep (13)
Lukep (14)
Lukep (15)

Next Time on Survivor...

Leo attempts to use Mark to help him get further in the game.

Author's Notes

  • The challenge was used in Survivor: Vanuatu: Islands of Fire.