"We Need to Find the Judas Within Their Midst"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 11/14
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Honduras.

Previously on Survivor...

Being down, Nakunta saw no light at the end of the tunnel. With a food-only Survivor Auction, there was no clue to a hidden immunity idol or an advantage in the next immunity challenge much to Nakunta's dismay. Meanwhile, John's Alliance planned to take out Tina, but due to Jessica's determination in the immunity challenge, John changed the vote to Jessica. At tribal council, Nakunta finally heard about John and Susan's temporary alliance with each other. Hoping that she would survive to talk to Susan about it, Jessica still voted for her. However, Jessica did not survive. John's Alliance voted her out in a 5-4 vote.

Eight are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Shuffleboard
Each castaway will try to shoot a puck to the bull's eye at the end of the board. The castaway who gets closest to the target scores a point. First castaway to three points wins reward.
Reward: The winner will choose two people to accompany him or her to a yacht where they will get a shower and massages.
Winner:John (Kat, Taylor)

Immunity Challenge: Drop a Log
With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with five knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. After five minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win.
Winner: Kat


Night 29

It has begun. John and Company have started to take us out. I never thought that it would Jessica to go before me. I was the one trying to take John out of this game, but he spared me and took out my closest ally. Why do I think that that was intentional. Take out my ally and make me feel like I have no more hope in this game. I have hope in this game. I have Connie and I have Tina. Hopefully us three can do it. We need to do it. We need to find the Judas within their midst. And, I believe I know which one it is. I hope we haven't killed our chances by voting for her at the last three tribals. Susan is the one. Susan has to be John's Judas and he knows it.

–Alison Jacobs

As Alison walked off in the trees, John, Kat and Taylor were talking about what to do next. John's confidence in Susan's loyalty was beginning to waiver. John wanted Susan gone, but he knew timing was everything. It wasn't time to take her out. Nakunta still had three members, but that could be a reason to take out Susan. She could flip to Nakunta and force a tie. John's mind was racing. He told his allies, "I think the time to take out Susan is fast approaching."

"Are you serious?" asked Kat.

"After tonight I don't blame you. With what was revealed about yours and Susan's alliance, she could flip to Nakunta," Taylor spoke what John thought.

"I think we have to do something drastic," John said.

"Like what?" asked Taylor.

"What if I lose the next immunity challenge on purpose? I know that they will vote me. That's a given. Alison wants me gone. She has Tina and Connie in her back pocket now that Jessica's gone. That will be three votes. If they pull in Susan, that's four and that ties the votes," John explained.

"That would be bad. It would force a tie. We don't want to have the purple rock tie breaker and lose someone. That's too risky," said Taylor.

"It won't come to that," Kat said, "Even though it's a defensive item, who says it can't be used as a weapon?"

"I agree," John said.

"What are you talking about?" asked Taylor. Once the words lefter her mouth, she knew what they meant, "Oh good lord, you have the other one?"

"Yes," John said, "Kat found it around Day 5 I think."

"And you didn't tell me?"

"We didn't what to put a target on your back. If no one knew, no one would talk about it in case a moment like this ever came up. Even then, if John thought one of us was in trouble, he would protect us with it," Kat told Taylor.

"Even if it meant me losing this game. You are my allies. Even though I can be cruel and bloodthirsty, you two are the reason I am powerful in this game. Without you, I would be a lone soldier. If I have to be eliminated to save one of you, I will do it," John said.

Taylor knew John and knew he was telling the truth. He would sacrifice himself in this game to save them so she dropped the subject of the other immunity idol. She went back to the subject of eliminating Susan, "So what is Susan wins?"

"I'll stay in the game until both Nakunta and Susan drop out. Then I'll drop out allowing either you, Kat or Matt to win in my place. That's the insane plan. I'll have to talk to Matt about it. He seems to not trust Susan either. I know he'll be on board with this plan," John said.

John told us this insane plan to get rid of Susan. He thinks her time in this game is up, and it could be. There are four of us without Susan. One more elimination on Nakunta's side seals the deal. John, Taylor and I will go to the final three. To tell you the truth, I'm quite excited!

–Kat Morris

Things are starting to get serious. We are talking about eliminating one of our allies before she betrays us. This is going to be either a completely awesome blindside or a waste of and idol. Actually, it's going to be an awesome blindside both ways.

–Taylor Johannson

The plan is is motion. This is the critical vote. It secures the Power of Three's spot in the finals. Phase Two will be completed with Susan's elimination. So let's get this party started!

–John Sayers

Day 30


"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out like always. The eight remaining castaways walked up and stepped on their mat. Jeff went on, "Are you guys read to get to today's immunity challenge? For today's challenge, it's a game of shuffleboard. Each castaway will try to shoot a puck to the bull's eye at the end of the board. The castaway who gets closest to the target scores a point. First castaway to three points wins reward. Want to know what you are playing for?"

"Of course!" Matt yelled.

"The winning castaway will choose two people to accompany him or her to a yacht where they will enjoy a shower for the first time in a month and will have massages. I'm certain that's worth playing for. We'll draw for spots and get ready."

Several minutes passed and the order was set. Alison went first. She shot her puck and it landed halfway down the board, nowhere near the target. Matt was up. He shot his puck, but too hard. It fell off the other end of the table. Connie shot her puck and it landed six inches away from the target. Taylor shot her puck and knocked Connie's off the table, but sent her own puck going in the other direction away from the target. Kat shot her puck but it hit Alison's on the way and veered to the left. John shot his puck and it ended up touching the bull's eye. Tina was last and she tried to knock John's puck away but failed.

"John scores first point," Jeff commentated.

Alison shot again with more force and landed within a foot of the target. Matt shot hard and knocked Alison's puck off of the board. Connie shot and landed right next to Matt's puck. Taylor shot and pushed Connie's puck closer to the target. Kat shot and knocked Matt's puck off the board, but didn't touch Connie's puck. John lined up again and pushed his puck. It knocked Connie's out of the way and landed right on the bull's eye. Tina pushed her puck, but it stopped well short of the target.

"John scores second point. No one else has any. If John scores again, John win the reward."

Alison shot and got within inches of the target. Matt shot and once again took Alison's puck out. Connie shot, but too hard. Taylor's puck landed right on the target. Kat shot and knocked Taylor's puck off. John did the same to Kat leaving his puck on the target again. Tina shot, but failed once more.

"John wins reward!" Jeff announced. He waited to until everyone was back on the mat to start talking again. Jeff said, "John, come on over here...You have won reward and can choose two people to join you on this reward. Who will they be?"

Without hesitation, John said, "Kat and Taylor."

"Kat and Taylor come over here. You three will be taken to a yacht for showers and massages. As for the rest of you, I've got nothing for you."


While John, Kat and Taylor were on the reward, Susan approached Alison. She told her, "Alison, we need to talk."

"About what?" asked Alison.

"About taking out John or one of his girls," Susan said, "And I don't care that you have continuously voted for me lately. The threat that John poses is too great to our survival."

That was music to Alison's ears. Alison asked, "What made you change your mind?"

"Numbers. If I join, I get at least fourth in my opinion. We have a better shot at winning challenges that Tina or Connie. In the end if could be one of those two and the both of us in the finals," Susan explained, "I told John that this day would come. I hope he knows whats going to happen."

"So who should we vote for in your opinion?" asked Alison.

"If John loses immunity, John gets the votes. If he wins immunity, Kat gets the votes. She is his second and is as dangerous as he is."

"But that still only lets us tie," Alison stated.

"That's fine. The purple rock is not going to return. It's going to be the fire making challenge. Who's the best fire maker in your alliance?" asked Susan.

"Tina is actually. She may be the worst in challenges, but she is great at dealing with fires," said Alison.

"That's actually the plan," Susan said, "John is going to vote for Tina anyway."

"Then that means our two plans are actually going to go as one," Alison said, "So it's a deal then?"

"It is a deal," Susan said, turning her back on the Power of Three.

Susan came up to me and told me she wants to join my side. That's great news. I would not have believed her if what happened at last night's tribal council had never happened. I see the light once again at the end of the tunnel. It's dim, but it's there.

–Alison Jacobs

The time has come to abandon ship with John's Alliance. It has gotten me this far, but it's time for a change. There need to be a new Tyrant of Caratasca. That's going to be me.

–Susan Szczeblewski

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Matt was sitting in the trees listening to every word. He knew that Susan had to be the next to go and he was going to have to tell John about it as soon as he could get the chance.

Susan is going rogue. We have to stop her before she becomes an assassin and takes out one of us. This game is getting crazy once again.

–Matt Easterly

Day 31

Drop a Log

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called out for the castaways. The eight of them got set again. He continued, "Are you guys ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. John, I'll once again take it back...Immunity back up for grabs. For today's challenge, with one hand, you will hang on to a rope with five knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that you will stand on. The you will start at the knot closest to the end of the log. After five minutes, you would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This will increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that you will have to hold. Whoever holds on to the rope the longest will win immunity. We'll draw for spots and get this challenge underway."

The castaways got their spots chosen and Jeff said, "This challenge is now underway."

Five minutes passed and Jeff had the castaways drop to the second knot. No one flinched. Five minutes passed again and Jeff told them to moved their hands again. Halfway through that, Tina and Connie lost their ropes and dropped out of the challenge. For the next two knots, no one moved until Matt's hands became sweaty and the rope slipped from his hands. Five minutes passed and the castaways no longer had knot to hang on to. The sweaty hands of the castaways became their enemy. It caused Alison, Taylor and Susan to fall out in quick succession. John and Kat were the only ones left. John acted like it took all his strength to hold on, and then he let go to give Kat the win. His plan was underway.

"Kat wins individual immunity!" Jeff announced. He waited until the castaways were all on the mat and said, "For the first time since the merge, John is not immune. That luxury is now Kat's luxury. As for the seven of you, one of you will be going home tonight. Go ahead and head out."

Oh sweet Jesus, John lost! He finally lost. There are no words for how I feel right now. I just know that he is going to get four votes tonight and hopefully will be on his way home.

–Alison Jacobs


John was talking to Matt about the plan to get rid of Susan and Matt confirmed John's suspicions of her. He said, "She is planning on getting rid of you."

"I know," John said, "But we have a secret weapon on our side tonight."


"I have the other hidden immunity idol. I lost the challenge today so Nakunta and Susan's voted would be thrown at me and I will play the idol causing Susan to receive all the votes and go home."

Matt smiled, "Are you kidding me?"

"No, sir," John said, "This is going to happen tonight."

John just told me the plan and it's amazing. We get rid of a traitor and secure ourselves in this game. We are on a role. I can't wait to see the faces of Nakunta and Susan tonight. It's going to be epic.

–Matt Easterly

Tribal Council


The eight remaining castaways walked into tribal council and took their seats. Jeff said, "We'll bring in the members of the jury: Adam, Conner and Jessica voted out last tribal council."

The three jury members were excited to see that John had lost immunity.

"Okay, let's first start with the fact that for the first time since the merge John does not have immunity. Alison?" Jeff asked.

"I'm so happy that he doesn't have it. I think everyone knows who I am voting for so I hope that at least three others vote for John," Alison stated.

"There are only two Nakunta members other than yourself. That means one of this group of five has to flip to even tie the vote. Do you think someone will flip?"

"After last tribal I do think someone might flip," Alison smirked.

The questions went on and when they were over Jeff told Tina to start off the voting.

Voting Confessionals

The time has come. You reign is over. My reign is going to begin.

–Susan Szczeblewski

This is name I have wanted to write down for a very long time.

–Alison Jacobs

Only if you knew what was coming.

–John Sayers


Jeff went and returned with the urn. He said, "If anyone has the hidden immunity idol, now would be the time to play it."

John smirked and said, "Jeff, I think I have one of those."

Alison's face drained and she muttered, "Dear god, no."

Susan said, "Son of a bitch. He's going to know."

The members of the jury just shook their heads.

John walked over to Jeff and handed him the idol. Jeff said, "The rules of Survivor state that if anyone plays the hidden immunity idol, all votes cast for them will not count. This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for John will not count. I'll read the votes. First vote: John. Does not count. Second vote: John. Does not count. Third vote: John. Does not count. Fourth vote: John. Does not count. We still have no votes. Fifth vote: Susan."

Susan's shot her head up. Tina wasn't the target of John. She was and since he played the idol. She knew she was going home.

"Sixth vote: Susan. Two votes Susan. Two votes left. The eleventh person voted off Survivor: Honduras and the fourth member of our jury: Susan. Susan, that's enough votes. Please bring me your torch."

"Well, played John. The Tyrant of Caratasca lives to see another day," Susan said as she brought her torch to Jeff.

"Susan, the tribe has spoken," Jeff said as he snuffed her torch. Susan left the area and Jeff turned his attention back to the tribe. He said, "That was the first merge blindside. As for the tyrant comment, it fits. It seems anyone who targets John is the one that is eliminated. You guys have a good night. Go ahead and head out."

Tribal Council 11:
Susan Szczeblewski
Susan(4 votes)
John SayersKat MorrisMatthew EasterlyTaylor Johannson
John, Kat, Matt Taylor
John Sayers
John(4 Votes)
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Allison JacobsConnie TranSusan SzczeblewskiTina Langley
Alison, Connie, Susan, Tina
Susan Szczeblewski
Susan Szczeblewski

Final Words

John, you clever son of a bitch. I could have never saw that coming. Even though you took me out, I hold no ill will. What you did was genius and I applaud that. You have my vote in the end.

–Susan Szczeblewski

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

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