"We Were so Close to Winning That Damn Challenge!"
Los Haitises Park
Season Survivor: Dominican Republic
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Episode Number 2/13
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Dominican Republic

Previously On Survivor...

Sixteen contestants arrived in the Dominican Republic to take part in a game for a million dollars. Wild Bill went out of his way to annoy the members of his Tribe. He clashed the most with Payabo Tribe leader Hector.

Over on Yuna the Tribe was getting along well until during a late night conversation, Martha told the Tribe that she is a Lesbian. John who is a Preacher walked away from the conversation and wanted nothing to do with Martha because he felt her lifestyle was wrong.

The Yuna Tribe would lose the first Immunity Challenge which meant they had to go to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council Martha made it known who she was going to vote for and in the end John was voted out by the majority of his team due to his views on Martha being a Lesbian. Fifteen are left, who will be voted out next?


Day 5 Reward Challenge: Basket Brawl
Three castaways from each tribe would face off against each other in a river to retrieve a ball and throw it into their tribe's net to score a point. The first tribe to score three points would win.
Reward:Pillows and Blankets.
Winner: Payabo

Day 6 Immunity Challenge: Buried Treasure
A combination relay race/treasure hunt, the tribes are to find a buried treasure map, then the treasure itself. In order, the relay legs leading to the final objective are swimming, floating bridge balance, rowing, a run in the jungle to find the key which will unlock the treasure, and then digging for the treasure. The first tribe to bring the trunk to the finish mat will win Immunity.
Winner: Payabo


Night 3

The Yuna Tribe returns from Tribal Council and Martha is muttering something to herself as she paces inside the cave which serves as their shelter.

Quote1What is wrong honey?Quote2- Esther

Quote1What’s wrong! What’s wrong! I’ll tell ya what’s wrong; someone dropped a rouge vote on me. That’s what‘s wrong!Quote2- Martha

Quote1Well Martha it is not that big of a deal, after all someone voted for me as well and I am not stressing out about it. The way I see it is this, we are going to be out here for hopefully a very long time. In that period of time each of us is bound to get votes. We cannot allow that to stress us out. It is all part of the game.Quote2- Esther

Quote1Maybe you can look at it like that but I can’t. That vote was supposed to be about standing up to a bigoted bully. Nobody was supposed to go rouge, we were supposed to vote seven strong to show that John that his views are unacceptable.

Two people decided to do their own thing and that isn’t right. They knew what was up and they still did their own thing. That is some shameful crap right there…some shameful crap indeed.Quote2
- Martha

The rest of the tribe sat quietly in the shelter as Martha continued her rant.

The more Martha speaks, the less she endears herself to others. When she was going off on her post-Tribal Council rant, I just looked at everyone else and realized that they were getting sick of her already. I bet some of them even wished that they had kept John around instead of this crazy chick.


Day 4

Over on the Payabo Tribe, Wild Bill is missing from camp once again as he heads off into the woods. Jenny and Sherri decide to use the excuse of foraging for food in the woods as a chance to escape the tribe’s camp and go and find Bill so they can discuss what he and Jenny talked about during the previous day.

As the women went looking for Bill, Jenny began discussing what her and Bill talked about.

Quote1I had a nice conversation with Bill yesterday before everyone woke up. We talked about forming an alliance to sort of counteract the Hector, Denise, and Thom group. When discussing who we wanted to have join our alliance, we immediately thought of you because it does not seem as if you have ties with anyone as of yet.Quote2- Jenny

Quote1Wow that’s kind of cool that the two of you want me to join with you guys. I mean I am going to be honest with you, I was very nervous over the fact that we have been out her for four days and nobody has approached me with any kind of strategy talk.

I actually wanted to talk to you yesterday but I was kind of afraid to do so because you haven’t really talked to me yet and I was nervous that you might not like me. So this talk of an alliance is cool with me, I would love to be in an alliance with you.

But Bill…I not…I not so sure I want to be in an alliance with him. I mean the entire tribe hates his guts, he is always doing things to screw with us. He just seems like he is all about making camp life miserable for us.Quote2
- Sherri

Quote1While all of that is true, dose that not make him the perfect person to be in an alliance with? Think about it, everyone on our team despises him which means he is the exactly the type of person you want to keep in the game. Because the longer he stays in the game, the bigger target he will become.

Plus if they get rid of him early it is no real loss to us as long as we get to stay longer.Quote2
- Jenny

Quote1I guess you are right, I mean I do enjoy how he annoys that self-righteous prick Hector. Actually, I overheard Hector and Denise talking about how they were planning on voting him out the first chance they got…

If that were to happen then we would be screwed because they would be coming after us next. Ugh, I am not sure what to do. Maybe if me and him talk about this, he might be able to convince me to work with him.Quote2
- Sherri

Sherri seemed very non-committal when I talked to her about working with Bill and me. I am not sure where her head is at right now. I mean if someone offers you a chance at an alliance, you take them up on their offer. She shouldn’t be looking a gift horse in the mouth.


Jenny approached me and wanted to see if I would work with her and Bill. I am open to the thought but at the same time I am not. What if I work with Bill and he gets voted out? Where will that leave me in this game?


At the Yuna campsite, Martha is still continuing her witch-hunt to find out who cast the rouge vote against her. She has narrowed her search down to Carly and Damion. She and Mark corner Carly in the shelter in order to figure out if Carly was indeed the person who cast the rouge vote against her.

Quote1Okay Carly, I’m gonna only ax you this one time. Where you the one who put the vote on me?Quote2- Martha

Quote1Look, I am not going to do this. I am not going to be sucked into your drama. I think what you are doing is crazy. So what someone dropped a vote on you, I hate to tell you this but after the way you have been acting the last couple of days I can almost guarantee that you will probably be getting a lot more votes coming your way.Quote2- Carly

Quote1It’s not the vote that matters; I know I’ll probably be hit with a lot of em before this game is over. It is more what the vote symbolizes, the rouge vote that was cast against me last night was a vote that showed support for a bigot. There ain’t two way around that fact and if it was you that voted for me I want to know how you can justify voting with someone like John.Quote2- Martha

Quote1First off all I do not have to justify anything to you. However, I know you are not going to drop this and because I do not want Damion to be subjected to this, I will admit to voting against you last night. It had nothing to do with me supporting John’s views. It had more to do with me supporting John’s rights to voice his views.

The fact of the matter is, you bullied John for the past two days just because he thought differently than you did. Which makes you a bit of a hypocrite in my book because you bullied him because he did not agree with your lifestyle.Quote2
- Carly

Quote1Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!

I can’t be no bully because I’ve been bullied my entire adult life because I am a Lesbian. There ain’t no way you can tell me that I bullied that man, when it was him that didn’t like me because of…because of who I am as a person.Quote2
- Martha

Quote1Martha, do not play the victim here. The bottom line is you were both wrong. John was wrong in his views about your lifestyle and you were wrong in how you dealt with him. You could have been the bigger person and just dropped the whole deal but you didn’t. You chose to pester John, even though he made it clear that he did not want anything to do with you. So yes you were the bully in that situation and you are the bully now as well.Quote2- Carly

Quote1Whoa Carly, you need to chill out and really think about what you are saying. You got a woman here who has been discriminated against for her entire life. How can she be expected to be nice to someone who thinks that her love for other women is evil and against what god wants?

I think you have over stepped your bounds here and I think you should apologize for doing so.Quote2
- Mark

Quote1Apologize! Are you nuts?

I am not going to apologize for anything Mark. What the hell is wrong with you people? Have I just stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone?

I am not going to apologize for my vote because I did nothing wrong in casting my vote. Furthermore, I will not stand around here and have people tell me that my vote was homophobic because I did not vote the way they expected me to.Quote2
- Carly

At this point, Carly walks away from Mark and Martha. Martha starts to follow her but Mark tells her not to do so.

Carly you’ve just made yourself an enemy. You’ve just killed yourself in this game. Next time we go to Tribal Council, I’m gonna vote your little prissy ass out!


Martha has anger issues and I think they stem from the fact that while she presents a tough exterior, all she really is, is a person with insecurities about herself. I actually feel a little sorry for her. I do want to know why I had to end up at camp crazy town...


I was a few feet away from the Martha, Carly altercation and I have to say I enjoyed watching every minute of it. The only thing that would have been better is if I had some popcorn to eat while watching the argument.


Day 5

It is now day five and over on the Payabo Tribe, Hector and Wild Bill are involved in yet another confrontation. This time Hector is complaining about how Bill has corrupted Jenny and now she no longer feels that is it necessary to do any work around camp.

Wild Bill tells Hector that Jenny is her own person and he has no influence over her. He then goes onto to say that maybe Jenny is not doing any work because the work that is being done now is just busy work. Hector says that all of the tasks that he has assigned the others are tasks that need to be done every day.

Jenny joins in on the argument and asks who made Hector the leader of the Tribe and what right does he have to assign tasks to people on the tribe. Hector tells her that if he did not take charge then nothing at the campsite would get done. He claimed that he did not seek to be the leader but the role had to be taken by someone so he stood up and took it.

Wow Hector is a trip. He seems to think he is the king of our tribe. He constantly barking orders at others and I do not think that he has enough self-awareness to know that people are going to be getting sick of him very fast.

This game is about numbers and if you alienate enough people you are going to be voted out pretty quickly.


It is only the fifth day out here and I am sick and tired of William. Yes I called him William…I refuse to call a grown ass man Wild Bill.

That guy is hands down the most annoying person I have ever met. Who in their right mind thinks it is a good idea to willingly piss people off in a social game such as this?

The goal of this game is to be the sole Survivor and walk home with one million dollars. Well if you are pissing people off left and right then you are not long for this game.

I know people could say that I am getting people mad at me but as far as I am concerned people like William and Jenny do not matter on this team. They are rent-a-players, they are only going to be here for a short time and then we will vote them out.


Things seemed to have settled down a bit over on the Yuna Tribe as we see Rodney and Carly talking about the fight that she had with Martha during the previous day. Rodney tells her that she should not worry about how Martha and Mark perceive her because they are only two votes. He tells her that she should invest time into building relationships with the other players on the team, so that they are less likely to follow Mark and Martha’s agenda.

I like Carly, I really do. I think that she is a really cool chick and that it sucks that everyone else on the tribe are treating her like she is a pariah just because she voted with John. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she is very easy on the eyes…


My talk with Rodney this morning was a relief for me. It showed me that I am not entirely alone out here and that there is someone that is willing to take the time to get to know me and that made me feel a lot better. Especially after the argument I had with Martha and Mark yesterday.


Reward Challenge:

Both teams receive Tree Mail and with that it is time for the Reward Challenge. The Payabo Tribe is the first team to arrive at the challenge once all of their members are settled on their mat; the Yuna Tribe enters the challenge area. Jeff Probst informs the members of the Payabo Tribe that John was voted out at the previous Tribal Council.

Jeff Probst tells them the rules of the challenge and informs the castaways the winning tribe will be getting pillows and blankets. Payabo has one extra man, due to the nature of the challenge they must sit one of their men out. The same person cannot sit out back-to-back challenges. The Payabo Tribe discusses who should sit out the challenge and Thom volunteers to do so.

Round One
Playing for the Payabo Tribe: Sully, Kendra, Sherri
Playing for the Yuan Tribe: Damion, Esther, Jill

Jeff tosses the ball onto the court/river, Sully is the first person to get to the ball but he is immediately tackled by Damion which causes him to fumble the ball. Esther gets the ball and quickly passes it to Jill. Jill takes a shot and misses the net.

Esther and Sherri go after the ball and Sherri pushes Esther away and is able to possess the ball. Sherri tries to pass the ball to Sully but Damion is able to intercept the pass. Damion then shoots and scores the first basket for the Yuna tribe.

Round 2
Yuna Tribe is winning the challenge 1-0
Playing for the Payabo Tribe: Hector, Wild Bill, Sully
Playing for the Yuna Tribe: Rodney, Damion, Mark

The second round is men versus men. Sully is the first to the ball once again, he quickly passes it to Hector who is immediately tackled by Damion. Rodney is able to get the ball and he advances to the Payabo’s net. He shoots but his shot is blocked by Wild Bill. Wild Bill gets to the ball and tosses it over to Sully. Sully, who sees Damion heading at him once again, quickly passes the ball to Hector.

As soon as Hector gets the ball, Mark heads directly towards him. Hector and Mark wrestle for the ball and within moments Damion enters the fray, knocking the ball out of Hector’s hands. Damion gets the loose ball and makes a quick shot…and he misses the basket by a country mile.

Sully gets the ball and passes if off to Wild Bill, who has nobody guarding him. Bill puts up the shot and it goes in. Which means the score is now tied a one point apiece.

Round 3
The tribes are tied at 1-1
Playing for the Payabo Tribe: Jenny, Denise, Sherri
Playing for the Yuna Tribe: Jill, Martha, Carly

The third round is women versus women. Carly is the first person to get to the ball and before she can do anything, Denise brings her down. Sherri then manages to pry the ball from Carly’s hands. Martha comes over to help Carly out and this leads to Martha and Sherri wrestling for the ball. Sherri manages to get the ball to Jenny who shoots and misses the basket. The ball lands right next to the basket and Denise quickly gets to where the ball is and makes an unopposed shot. This puts the Payabo Tribe up two points to one.

Round 4
Payabo Tribe is winning the challenge 2-1
Playing for the Payabo Tribe: Wild Bill, Hector, Kendra
Playing for the Yuna Tribe: Rodney, Mark, Esther

Before Jeff throws the ball out onto the court/pond he informs the Tribes that if the Payabo Tribe scores the next point they will win the challenge.

As the round starts, Kendra immediately neutralizes Esther by bringing her down into the water. Rodney gets the ball and upon seeing Wild Bill heading his way, he passes it to Mark. Mark tries to shoot but his shot is blocked by Hector. Hector gets the ball and passes it over to a visibly tired Wild Bill.

Wild Bill tries to shoot the ball but Rodney gets in his face. While fighting over the ball, Bill “accidently” elbows Rodney in the lip causing Rodney’s lip to bust open. This causes Rodney to back off for a second and that gives Bill enough space to make the winning shot!

Payabo wins the challenge!

Post-Reward Challenge the mood at the Yuna camp is at an all-time low. Damion and Rodney are on the beach discussing the loss.

Quote1 Man there ain’t no way we should’ve lost to them folks. We had three young bucks on our team and we still lost. This just sucks…know what I’m saying.Quote2- Damion

Quote1I hear you, Mark and the women were not at all useful at that challenge. I mean where the hell was Mark when that Bill dude elbowed me in the mouth?

He should have been over there trying to help me out…Quote2
- Rodney

Quote1 I feel ya son, but as much as Mark sucked in that challenge he was nowhere near as bad as Carly. I mean she was taken down by that old woman on the other team. The old chick had like twenty years on Carly and she still managed to take Carly down. That was just bad…

And don’t even get me started on that waste of space Esther. Y’all should’ve voted with me and gotten rid of her ass last night. We probably would’ve had a better shot at that challenge if we would’ve kept John around.

I’ll tell ya what son, ain’t no woman on our team worth a damn when you compare them to the women on the other team. Like Martha telling Carly and Jill that she got game because she used to play basketball in high school. Then she don’t do jack squat out there.Quote2
- Damion

Quote1This just sucks figures we come out here and get stuck on the inept Tribe. It is what it is though man, you and I are just going to have to man up and get this team on the right track.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1True that dog…true that.Quote2- Damion

I am so pissed at myself. I did absolutely terrible in that challenge, especially when I allowed Denise to take me down. That just sucked in so many ways…it only provided Martha with more ammunition which she can use against me to get me voted out. I can’t win…


The mood at the Payabo Tribe is much more jovial after they have won their second straight challenge. The mood takes a sharp turn as Wild Bill proclaims that he was the challenge MVP and he says that it justifies him not doing any work around camp. Hector does not appreciate this and the two begin to argue once again.

Wild Bill asks Hector how many points he scored and before Hector can answer he reminds Hector that he did not score any because he is a loser. This causes Hector to run towards Wild Bill and get right up in Bill’s face. Hector is cussing out Wild Bill, as Wild Bill just stands there and laughs at Hector. This infuriates Hector even more and he shoulder blocks Wild Bill. Before things got even further out of hand, Thom got in between the two men and removed Hector from the situation.

Thom then told Hector that Wild Bill was not worth getting kicked out of the game for. He also reminded Hector that Hector was here for his daughter and he said that it would be a shame for her to watch her father give into a bully.

That remark brought Hector back to reality, he then laughed and told Thom that his daughter Lilly was only one years old. Thom said he knew but he needed to say something to calm him down. Hector thanked Thom for defusing the situation.

I came very close to getting kicked out of the game today. If I wasn’t for Thom, I probably would have crossed the line and decked William. That dude just rubs me the wrong way and he seems to know exactly what buttons to push in order to get under my skin.

I’ve got to learn to control my temper better around him or I might be kicked off the show for beating the crap out of a wannabe rock star.


I was so close to provoking Hector to hit me. I wanted him to do it so badly, but it was not meant to be. I really wanted to make him look like a fool on national television…well he actually has done a good job of that without me egging him on…I guess I wanted to make him look like a bigger fool.

–Wild Bill

Day 6

Day six begins with Sherri, Wild Bill, and Jenny talking about the other members of the Payabo Tribe. Sherri began to mock the way Hector speaks; she then called him a racial epithet. Kendra, who had overheard what Jenny, Wild Bill, and Kendra had said about Hector, went and told Hector what the three of them were saying about him.

This caused Hector to go running over to where the trio was that were mocking him and he started going off on Sherri. The madder Hector got the more the three of them laughed at Hector. Finally, Kendra and Sully managed to get Hector away from the situation.

You know this is supposed to be fun out here and yet I am being constantly disrespected by the same three people on a daily basis. Sherri showed her true colors today when she called me a stupid beaner. I am not sure why all of a sudden she decided to say that stuff about me. I thought me and her had no problems…I guess I was wrong.

That remark embarrassed me, because I know how much it is going to hurt my wife and the rest of my family. I didn’t come out here to be disrespected by some white trail park living trash…I came out here to win a million dollars. And I’ve got to keep on reminding myself of that…I…I have to let them not get under my skin. As the old saying goes, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

I’ll tell you this, the three of them have quickly made this game personal and I will not rest until each of them is out of the game for good.


The reason why I told Hector what Sherri, Wild Bill and Jenny were saying about him was because it just is not right. This is a game and there is just no need to take it to a personal level. Some of the things they were saying about him were just vile.

Really Jenny and Wild Bill just laughed at the nasty stuff that Sherri was saying. Not that, that excuses them from any wrongdoing…but out of the three it was Sherri who was saying the nasty racist stuff.


Hector needs to chill out, I was just joking around. What I said was no big deal.

A couple of days ago I was sitting on the fence about who I wanted to be friendly with…who I wanted to work with while I am here. Well after having Hector bark orders at me for the past six days, that choice was made for me.

I would rather chill out with Wild Bill and Jenny for the rest of my time here, then be one of Hector’s sheep who does whatever he says.


Later on in the day both Tribes got Tree Mail and with that both teams headed off to the second immunity challenge of the season.

Immunity Challenge:

Once the castaways reach the challenge site, Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. Jeff tells the Payabo Tribe that because they have an extra member on their tribe they must sit someone out. They are not allowed to sit the same person out in back-to-back challenges which means Thom must take part in this challenge. The Payabo Tribe decides that Sherri will sit out this challenge.

Jeff reminds the two tribes that the winning tribe will be safe from the vote tonight, while the losing tribe will go to Tribal Council where one of their tribe members will end up becoming the second person to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Here are the tasks as decided upon by the respective teams:

Swimmer for the Yuna Tribe: Jill
Swimmer for the Payabo Tribe: Kendra

Bridge Runner for the Yuna Tribe: Carly
Bridge Runner for the Payabo Tribe: Jenny

Rowers for the Yuna Tribe: Martha, Rodney
Rowers for the Payabo Tribe: Thom, Wild Bill

Woods Runner for the Yuna Tribe: Mark
Woods Runner for the Payabo Tribe: Sully

Diggers for the Yuna Tribe: Esther, Damion
Diggers for the Payabo Tribe: Denise, Hector

Jill has an early lead over Kendra during the swimming portion of the challenge. Jill is able to retrieve her bottle and hand it off to Carly. As Carly gets to the half-way point on the bridge, Kendra is just giving Jenny her bottle, which means at this point Yuna has a sizable lead.

Carly hands the bottle over to Martha and Rodney and the two of them make their way to the beach. Jenny actually did pretty well on the bridge and she manages to make up a decent amount of time for the Payabo Tribe.

As Jenny hands the bottle over to Wild Bill and Thom, Rodney and Martha seem to be struggling in their boat. This allows the Payabo Tribe to make-up even more ground on the Yuna Tribe. Finally, Rodney and Martha are able to get their boat ashore and Martha hands the bottle over to Damion as Bill and Thom come ashore.

Damion breaks the bottle and retrieves the map which is inside the bottle. As Damion and Esther start to dig for the treasure, Mark runs off into the jungle looking for the map. Shortly after Mark enters the jungle Sully, the runner for the Payabo Tribe, enters the jungle as well.

Once Mark is out of the vision of his teammates, he started walking on the path because he was out of breath. Sully quickly passed Mark and made it to the rope ladder. As Sully was reaching for his key, Mark finally made it to the rope ladder and he started to climb it.

Sully quickly made his way off the ladder and began the sprint back to the beach. Mark slowly made his way down the rope ladder and began walking back to the beach.

Back at the beach Denise and Hector seemed to be having a hard time trying to find the correct place to dig for their treasure. The Yuna diggers, Esther and Damion already had their treasure chest dug out of the ground and they were just awaiting the return of Mark from the jungle.

Sully arrived to see Denise and Hector still digging for the Payabo treasure chest. He frantically kept on turning around to see if Mark was coming.

Back in the jungle, Mark decided to run again as he knew his teammates would be able to see him now. As he handed the key over to Damion, the Payabo Tribe was able to get their chest out of the sand. Sully handed Denise the key and both teams hustled over to the platform where they had to open up their respective chests.

Both teams arrived at the platforms at the same time and Denise quickly opened up the Payabo Tribe’s Treasure Chest as Damion fumbled with the lock while trying to place the key into Yuna’s Treasure Chest.

Payabo wins the second Immunity Challenge of the season!

After the challenge is over, Jeff Probst hands the Immunity Idol over to Kendra. He then informs the dejected looking Yuna Tribe that he will be seeing them a Tribal Council this evening where one of them will be the second person voted out of the game.

Losing that Immunity challenge today sucked! We were so close to winning that damn challenge! Now because we did not win today, I am probably going to be the one who goes home because of the already gigantic target on my back.


At the Yuna Tribe, Carly talks to Rodney about how she wants to stay but that she has not really been able to develop any kind of relationship with anyone on their team besides him. Rodney tells her that things are looking grim for her but he will see if he is able to get the votes to keep her.

Rodney approaches Damion about the vote.

Quote1So…um…what is your plan tonight? Who are you going to vote for?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I’m gonna vote Esther out tonight son and I’m gonna keep on putting her name down till she’s off the team. I don’t make no sense keeping an old lady on a team where we are going to have to rely on her for physical challenges.Quote2- Damion

Quote1There is no way I can convince you to get rid of Martha…Quote2- Rodney

Quote1: Nah son, we don’t need to make this team weaker by getting rid of one of our strong women. We need to get the weak out first.Quote2- Damion

Quote1Well I think that Martha is actually making our team weaker by the way she acts.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Nah, Martha don’t bother me none. I ain’t gonna put her name down till it is necessary to do it.Quote2- Damion

Quote1Look bro, I’m going to be honest with ya. I am looking for a way to keep Carly in this game because I don’t think she should be the one going home yet. But I am having a hard time getting the votes for her to stay.

So how about this, would you be cool working with me and Carly if we help you get rid of Esther tonight?Quote2
- Rodney

Quote1That would be Cool n’ the Gang son. You make Esther go, you make our team strong. There ain’t no sense in getting rid of Carly or Martha…but Esther has got to go.Quote2- Damion

Rodney and Carly approached Jill to talk about the vote after Rodney’s talk with Damion occurred.

Quote1So here is the deal, I really want to get rid of Martha badly but the votes are just not there to do so. However, there are enough votes for to get rid of Esther. That is if you are willing to vote her out.?Quote2- Carly

Quote1Omg, I am just not sure I can do that. I like Esther…she reminds me of my grandmother and I have gotten close to her over the past couple of days. So I am just not sure if I could write her name down.Quote2- Jill

Quote1If that what’s up, would you be willing to vote for Martha?Quote2- Rodney

Quote1Oh gosh, I thought you said you couldn’t get the votes to do that.Quote2- Jill

Quote1Well it would take some convincing but I think Damion might be swayed into getting rid of her if he knows that there will be three other people willing to vote with him.Quote2- Carly

Quote1Yeah and think about it, we would be able to form a young person’s alliance. Think of the havoc the four of us could do if we were united in an alliance together.Quote2- Rodney

Quote1I don’t know, I really do not want to take the risk of getting three people mad at me because I did not vote with them.Quote2- Jill

Quote1Hun, you are going to have people mad at you no matter who you vote for. All, I looking for is a shot to stay in this game and you could provide me with that shot.Quote2- Carly

Quote1Um…well…ah…gosh…all I can say is that I’ll think about what you are telling me. That’s like all I can give you right now. I just don’t feel comfortable making a decision right now.Quote2- Jill

I found it funny to see Carly and her little henchman Rodney running around the beach all afternoon trying to make deals for her to stay. I felt like telling her that she shouldn’t be wasting her time, cuz there isn’t a soul in this game besides Rodney that cares if she stays or not.


I am in a terrible spot, there is just no doubt about it. The fate of me staying in this game rests in the hands of a ditzy blonde. I know that I have done everything within my power to stay tonight and if it wasn’t enough…well I guess that means I am going home.


Tribual Council

The Yuna Tribe arrives at Tribal Council and Jeff Probst immediately asks Mark if Mark felt he gave it his all in today’s Immunity Challenge. A clearly annoyed Mark says that he gave one hundred percent in the challenge and that there was no shame in losing a foot race to someone who was at last ten years younger than him.

Martha jumps in and says none of that matters because everyone knows that Carly is going home tonight and so there is no need to talk about nothing else. She said only a fool would be willing to show their support for Carly tonight and if anyone did support her, they would be putting a huge target on their back.

Jeff Probst asks Martha who she thinks is the person that is going to try to help out Carly tonight. Martha says that she is not a rat but that person knows who they are and if they want to talk about their poor decision they can.

Carly rolls her eyes and talks about how this has been Martha’s deal for most of the game thus far. She tries to bully the people who do not support her. Carly then goes on to say that if she has to make the walk of shame tonight, she will go out of the game with her head held high. She also believes that once she is gone, Martha could very well be the next to go due to her attitude.

With that it is time to vote… After the castaways vote, Jeff goes off and tallies the votes. He then reads of the votes in the end it is Carly who gets the most votes, making Carly the second contestant to be voted out of Survivor: Dominican Republic.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Carly Pattinson
Carly (4 votes)

Esther RyanJill LandryMark HeidenMartha Hughes
Esther, Jill, Mark, Martha

Esther Ryan
Esther (3 votes)
Rodney BurishCarly PattinsonDamion Pendergarst
Rodney, Carly,Damion
Carly Pattinsonbw

Voting Confessionals

I do not have anything against you but I am voting with Damion and Rodney to get rid of you. I just hope that Jill joins us in this vote because if not…well…I guess that would mean I am toast.


Carly, you took a stand with a homophobic loser when there was no need to do so. You were the one that supported a bully, I didn’t bully you. Now it is time for you to pay for your wrongdoings.


With you gone from this Tribe, I think the atmosphere will finally mellow out. So that is why you need to go.


Carly, this is more a vote so that I can stay in the majority. I actually feel bad that you were put into this sort of situation so early in the game. Good luck young lady.


Carly you are just not someone I want to play this game with. Sorry…


This needs to happen, we’ve gots to keep this team strong and as long as you on it…we ain’t strong.


This vote is probably a lost cause but I have to vote for someone and I am a man of my words.


Final Words

That was rough, I leave this game wondering if Martha is truly nuts or not. My vote for John had nothing to do with your lifestyle and it had everything to do with you trying to suppress other people’s rights of free speech.

It sucks to leave this early in the game but I am not sure if I could take another three days of Martha and Mark. So they actually just did me a favor.


Still In The Running

Th John Dissmore-1
Esther Ryan
Rodney Burish
Martha Hughes
Damion Pendergarst
Carly Pattinsonbw
Mark Heiden
Jill Landry
Sherri Goulet
Hector Guzman
Denise Kessel
Gilbert Sullivan
Jenny Chang
William Wild Bill Gokey
Wild Bill
Kendra Brolin
Thom Bradley

Next Time On Survivor...

  • By day eight one team is already running low on rice.
  • Rodney uses a rain storm to his advantage, as he has tries to endear himself to his teammates.
  • And Damion rips into his team after losing yet another challenge.

Author's Notes

  • The Reward Challenge for this episode, Basket Brawl, was the Reward/Immunity Challenge in the second episode of Survivor: Tocantins.
  • I changed up the way I am writing this on Day 5. I think I am going to get away from having so many conversations and I think I will be doing more summaries of the conversations that they are having. I still will include at least one conversation per day, maybe more depending on how important I feel the conversation will be in regards to the overall game.
  • The Immunity challenge comes from Too Little, Too Late?, the fourth episode of the original season of Survivor.
  • The name of the episode came from the confessional where Carly was talking about how the Yuna Tribe were mere seconds away from winning the Immunity Challenge.
  • Yes Mark not giving it his all in the Immunity Challenge was my nod to when Gervase went on his nature walk during the exact same challenge during the first season of Survivor.