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Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 1/14
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This is the 1st episode of Survivor: Honduras.


Reward Challenge: Water Slaughter
Two members from each tribe would battle for a life ring. The tribe that gets one of their members to have a hand on the ring and one on their scoring pole scores a point. The first tribe that scores four wins reward.
Reward: Flint and 20 pounds of beans.
Winner: Mocorón 

Immunity Challenge: Beach Balls
Two castaways from each tribe would shoot balls from a slingshot while the other members of the tribe would try to catch the balls. For every ball caught, the castaway would score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score nine points would win. A ball shot by an opposing tribe would still count as a point for the other tribe.
Additional Stipulation: If Nakunta wins, they also get flint.
Winner: Mocorón


Day 1

Water Slaughter

Eighteen castaways arrived by helicopter to the Caratasca Lagoon, the starting point for Survivor: Honduras. The helicopters landed and dropped off the castaways and took right off into the sky. The castaways were an odd mixture of people. Some of them were the youngest in the game at 18 years old. There was one who was 76 years old. There was one who was barely even five feet tall while the man standing behind her was well over six feet tall. Jeff looked at the eighteen new castaways.

Welcome to another season of Survivor. This time in the nation of Honduras. I’m sure you are all ready to get this game started but first we need to create tribes. Here is a bag of eggs. Each one of you grab one and when everyone has one and I say break, break the eggs. If your egg is yellow you are one Nakunta. If your egg is dark blue you are one Mocorón Jeff Probst

Jeff handed the bag to the tall guy in the back. He selected his egg and passed it the bag around. When the last person got their egg, Jeff gave the order to break the eggs. Yellow and dark blue paint went everywhere, but the tribes were formed.


  • Adam
  • Conner
  • Danni
  • Jase
  • John
  • Kat
  • Matt
  • Susan
  • Taylor


  • Alison
  • Benny
  • Carson
  • Connie
  • Jessica
  • Max
  • Paul
  • Tina
  • Vince
Well it looks like we have our tribes. I bet you guys are ready to begin the game and we will. Behind me is the arena of your first reward challenge. In this challenge two members from each tribe would battle for a life ring. The tribe that gets one of their members to have a hand on the ring and one on their scoring pole scores a point. The first tribe that scores four wins reward. I know you want to know what you're playing for. The winning tribe wins flint and this 20 pound bag of beans. We will draw the teams of two and begin.

–Jeff Probst

The castaways drew for their partners in the challenge.

For Mocorón: John and Kat, Danni and Matt, Adam and Conner, Susan and Taylor. Jase will not participate.

For Nakunta: Alison and Jessica, Benny and Max, Carson and Tina, Connie and Vince. Paul will not participate.

First up it was John and Kat vs. Benny and Max. John looked over to Kat and mouthed something to her that she understood right before Jeff gave the signal. As soon as the signal was given, both Max and John took off. Benny did as well, but slow moving and he soon became a non-factor. John avoided the ring and slammed into Max, holding him up while Kat swept passed them to grab the ring. John held Max at bay as Kat ran as fast as she could back to the scoring poll, dodging Benny on the way back. With ease, she scored the first point for Mocorón.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 0

Next up was Susan and Taylor vs. Carson and Tina. Jeff gave the signal again. Susan slipped underneath the water and shot forward passed Carson and Tina. She reached the ring before anyone else, took it and hurled it to Taylor who was within feet of the scoring pole. Taylor grabbed the ring and touched the pole, scoring Mocorón's second and incredibly easy point.

Mocorón: 2 Nakunta: 0

Next was Adam and Conner vs. Connie and Vince. Jeff gave the signal for the third time and this time all four castaways were off. Vince tried to slam into Adam, but his attack was dodged. Conner shot passed Tina to get the ring first. He tried to run back towards the pole, but Tina grabbed the ring and started to pull towards her pole. The two were evenly matched until Adam came running to grab the ring. Conner let go to block Vince as Adam pulled the ring and Tina towards Mocorón's pole for a third time.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 0

For the fourth duel it was Danni and Matt vs. Alison and Jessica. When Jeff gave the signal, the two Nakunta women went different directions. They followed Susan and Taylor's lead. Alison swan by the Mocorón pair to grab the ring and she threw it to Jessica waiting next to the scoring poll. Finally Nakunta scored a point.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 1

Now it was the first rematch: John and Kat vs. Benny and Max. John looked over to Kat and nodded. The signal was given and John took off after Max again as Kat ran to the ring. Just as before, John eliminated Max and Kat with the ring dodged Benny to score the winning point for Mocorón.

Mocorón: 4 Nakunta: 1

Mocorón wins reward! Mocorón this flint is yours as well as this bag of beans. Good job. Nakunta, I have nothing for you. See you guys later.

–Jeff Probst

The two tribes headed out towards their respective campsites.

Oh my god. That was awful. We got our asses kicked and I knew we would. The other tribe is composed of Greek gods and goddesses, and I am stuck on a tribe full of freaks. I mean welcome to the freakshow ladies and gentlemen.

–Paul Springer (on Nakunta's loss)


As Mocorón arrived at their camp, John and Kat bonded over their dominance at the reward challenge.

Kat and I were monsters out their. Even though Benny wasn't a factor we still whipped Nakunta on our two turns and three others. I think Kat and I are strong together and I hope we bond and form an alliance in this game already. If that happens, I'd like to draw two more in. Preferably Susan and Taylor. Those two came up with a great strategy that the other tribe copied and used successfully against us. That is my plan anyway. Get us all four together. I know Kat and I are tight already. I hope it stays that way.

–John Sayers

John and I owned it out there and we connected in that watery battlefield. As of right now if John wants to be allies with me let's go for it, but we need more. I don't know who John is thinking of but I hope we get Susan and Taylor. They, along with us, killed it out there.

–Kat Morris

Kat and John talked about being in an alliance and accepted each other's offer. Both agreed to try and talk to Susan and Taylor about it. The four of them talked and agreed to work together. Taylor officially agreed, but Susan only agreed to being a voting unit in the tribe before the merge. She wasn't ready to commit to an alliance on day one.

Forgive me if I don't join in an alliance on day one right after the reward challenge. I just don't want to do that and be in an alliance that I end up hating in the end.

–Susan Szczeblewski

The rest of the day for Mocorón went smoothly as they built the shelter and started a fire. The tribe was also a unified one at camp with set goals: keep up camp and dominate at challenges.


The Nakunta tribe made their way on the beach and started to talk about the loss their rival. Most of them were disappointed that they didn't win and planned to set up their camp, but Paul decided to let his tribe know the reasons why they lost. He want off on them. He told Benny that he was too old to even be on Survivor and he should just quit right now. Paul criticized Max on not being able to get out off John's grip. He went off on Carson and Tina for not being able to stop Susan from swimming passed and not intercepting the ring as it flew over their heads. The only two that Paul didn't gripe at were Alison and Jessica, who did score for Nakunta.

Paul's instant negative comments about his tribemates did not get warmly received by anyone.

Who is this jerk? This guy comes to camp and instantly berates our tribe for not performing out there. We fought, but the other tribe had our number out there. Sure Alison and I did score and that guy gave us credit for that, but what about the others? What about the old guy Benny? What did he do? Nothing. What did you do Mr. Critical? That's right nothing. You didn't even compete so will you please keep your condescending mouth shut. Please. For the sake of us all. Just shut up.

–Jessica Walters

What a dick. Sure we let the two chicks get the better of us, but we tried. You sat your fat ass on the sidelines and did nothing. Keep your big fat mouth shut!

–Carson Peterson

We just got back from a loss. We need a morale boost. We don't need a put down speech.

–Alison Jacobs

Paul made me so mad that I want him gone now and we haven't even been back an hour.

–Tina Langely

After Paul's rant, the tribe went on to build the shelter and attempt to create fire without the flint. Alison, Benny, Connie, Jessica, Tina and Vince started working on the shelter while Max and Carson attempted to make the fire. Paul sat down on a rock nearby watching his tribemates with a judgmental stare.

I don't who these people are, but they need to realize that they can't spend all their energy doing these things. We need to be strong for the immunity challenge coming up. We have no way to heat water or food so we can't spend our energy building things. These dumb ass bitches need to realize that.

–Paul Springer

Day 2


The Mocorón tribe had finished its shelter and created a fire by midday of Day 2. As Matt and Danni started making a mixture of beans and rice for the tribe, John and Kat walked into the woods to talk about their fledgling alliance. The two of them discussed their plans but they decided to wait until later in the game before even announcing that they were together along with Taylor. Being a small alliance they had to get others to side with them but not truly align with them.

John and I have formed our alliance. It's official. We also have Taylor on board. John still wants Susan to give us four, but I don't think that she is ready yet to ally with anyone which is fine because I plan on dominating the immunity challenge with our tribe.

–Kat Morris

The alliance has been formed. We will control our tribe and when the time is right we will control the game. Kat, Taylor and myself. We are three. We are the Power of Three. Hey, I like that. We are the Power of Three alliance.

–John Sayers

I hope I'm doing the right thing by being in this new three person alliance. I hope I haven't made a bad decision, but I don't think so. I trust John and Kat.

–Taylor Johannson


The Nakunta tribe finished the roof on their shelter that they had finished yesterday. They still did not have any fire yet which meant no boiled water or cooked rice. Everyone took part in trying to create the with the exception of Paul. The other eight saw him sitting down the whole time. The very little patience they had towards him is slowly slipping away for some and for other's it is completely gone.

I have only known this prick for 24 hours and he is a thorn in my side. He is going to turn into a cancer for the tribe if he is not sent home soon.

–Jessica Walters

Asshat just sits on his ass all day and does nothing. I have helped build the shelter and attempted to make a fire. He has done nothing. NOTHING! If he doesn't change, he has to leave. Dear god, he has to leave.

–Carson Peterson

Day 3

Beach Balls

Mocorón and Nakunta entered the arena for their first immunity challenge. There were two large slingshots and stacks of balls behind the slingshot platform colored with the tribal colors of dark blue and yellow. As the two tribes stepped onto their mats, Mocorón looked ready to strike another to Nakunta and Nakunta was ready for payback against Mocorón.

Welcome to your first immunity challenge. This is what you want to win every single time you come to the immunity challenges. (uncovers the tribal immunity idol) Let's get to your first immunity challenge. In this challenge, two castaways from each tribe would shoot balls from a slingshot while the other members of the tribe would try to catch the balls in a catching net. For every ball caught, the castaway would score a point for their tribe. It doesn't matter whose ball you catch. Every ball counts as one. The first tribe to score nine points wins immunity. I'll give you a moment to strategize then we'll get started.

–Jeff Probst

After several minutes, the tribes chose their shooters. For Mocorón, Adam and Matt will be shooting. For Nakunta, Carson and Vince will be shooting.

The shooters were position and Jeff gave the signal. The shooters released the balls. They went flying into the arena. John caught sight of a ball and rushed towards it, knocking several people out of the way to catch it and score one for Mocorón. Taylor saw the second ball and took off in its direction. Taylor caught sight of the second ball and ran towards it, but was knocked out of the way by Jessica who stole the point from her.

Mocorón: 1 Nakunta: 1

The shooters shot again. Taylor ran again to a ball, but this time the result was different. She caught the ball as she jumped up in the steal the ball away from Paul. Max tried to snatch the second ball, but Kat jumped in front of him taking the second ball for Mocorón as well.

Mocorón: 3 Nakunta: 1

For the third time the shooters shot the balls, John flew past everyone to steal the first ball. The second one flew towards a cluster of castaways. As the dust settled, it was Jessica who once again scored for her team alongside John.

Mocorón: 4 Nakunta: 2

The shooters shot once more. Alison and Conner took off after one ball. The two of them raced passed several other castaways searching for the second ball. Alison wasn't going to let Conner take the point so she dove in front of Conner and stole the ball from him as the second ball landed in Kat's net.

Mocorón: 5 Nakunta: 3

The balls were shot in the air again. For a third time, John beat everyone to score another point. Susan wanted to get into the action this time and plowed Connie over, knocking her to the ground to grab the second ball, giving both points to Mocorón.

Mocorón: 7 Nakunta: 3

Pick it up Nakunta! This challenge is turning into a rout very fast. Mocorón can win it right here if they catch both balls.

–Jeff Probst

The shooters shot for a sixth time. Jessica and Alison were determined to not let Mocorón score this time. Jessica saw John running towards the first ball and she slammed into him, stunning him and stealing the ball from him. Alison tracked down the second ball and leaped in the air to steal it away from Kat.

Mocorón: 7 Nakunta: 5

For a seventh time, the shooter released the balls. John was prepared to hit again and when Tina came his way, he jumped right over her and took off towards one of the balls. He knocked Paul out of the way to score another point for his tribe. Jessica snatched the second ball at the same time as John.

Mocorón: 8 Nakunta: 6

John and Jessica are destroying this challenge, but it is John's tribe who is in the lead however, and Mocorón can win this right here with one more score. Nakunta's only hope is to steal both points or not let Mocorón score again which is proving to be easier said than done.

–Jeff Probst

Once again the shooter released the balls. Susan and Taylor planned to block anyone heading for Kat as she tried to score the winning point, but she was outraced to the ball by Jessica, taking the point for Nakunta. John was deadset on not letting anyone take the winning point from him, and he took out both Max and Paul to take the second ball giving Mocorón the ninth point needed to win.

Mocorón: 9 Nakunta: 7

Mocorón wins immunity! (The tribes leave the challenge site and return to their mats.) Congratulations Mocorón, this is yours. (Jeff handed the immunity idol to a very excited Taylor.) Mocorón is safe from tonight's vote. Nakunta. I'll see you guys at tribal tonight were one of you will be sent home. See you there.

–Jeff Probst

Mocorón walked out first, followed by a defeated Nakunta.

We lost again to the Greek god tribe. I could have scored twice if that little bitch didn't take the first one from me and the giant, hairy wonder taking the second one from me. I don't know who's going home tonight. Jessica isand Alison are the only ones other than me that deserve to be here. Especially Jessica. She was great out there, but I know who has to go. Benny has to go.

–Paul Springer


Nakunta returned to camp and all knew who they were going to vote out.

There is no plotting today. Asshat is leaving today.

–Carson Peterson

That condescending jerk is finally going to be gone tonight.

–Jessica Walters

Outside of the Tribal Council scheming, Jessica and Alison continued to connect over their similar personalities and their own abilities to perform in challenges. They find it funny that they have been more physical and have performed better than the men in their tribe. Connie and Tina also have a connection with Alison and Jessica. The four of them together all agreed to vote for Paul at Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Nakunta entered the Tribal Council area.

Behind each of you is a torch. Grab one and light it. In this game, fire represents life. When your fire is gone, so are you.

–Jeff Probst

The Nakunta members lit their choices and went through the mandatory interview at Tribal Councils before Jeff told Jessica to start the voting process.

Voting Confessionals

I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

–Jessica Walters

Hey, Asshat. Leave this game now.

–Carson Peterson

I don't like bullies of any kind and you are a bully.

–Alison Jacobs

Please leave. You are too old to be here.

–Paul Springer


Jeff returned with the voting urn.

Once the votes are read, the eliminated contestant is asked to leave the tribal council immediately. I'll read the votes.

–Jeff Probst

Tribal Council 1:
Paul Springer
Paul (8 votes)
Allison JacobsBenny VaqueraCarson PetersonConnie Tran
Alison, Benny, Carson, Connie
Jessica WatersMax ChouTina LangleyVince Strachan
Jessica, Max, Tina, Vince
Benny Vaquera
Benny (1 vote)
Paul Springer
Paul Springer
Paul Springer

That's enough votes. Please bring me your torch (An angry Paul brings his torch) The tribe has spoken.

–Jeff Probst

Jeff snuffed Paul's torch and Paul walked down out of Tribal Council.

Well, I would say that was easy. Next time it might not be so it is best that you win immunity next time. Goodnight

–Jeff Probst

Nakunta got up and left the Tribal Council area to return to their camp site.

Final Words

What the hell? Why would you vote me off? I am not going to be the one that is going to slow down out tribe in the game. Benny is old. Benny is weak. Benny should go. Those bitches. That's all I can say.

–Paul Springer

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

  • John tries to put himself in a position of power on the Mocorón tribe.
  • On Nakunta, Jessica and Alison try to forge a potentially powerful alliace
  • And will Nakunta get its first win of the game?


  • In the Beach Balls challenge, John and Jessica both scored a record five points in the challenge.