"What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"
Season Survivor: Culture Clash
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 2/15
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This is the second episode of Survivor: Culture Clash.

Previously on Survivor


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
Each tribe will select three people to be stationed at a post. Two members from the opposing tribe will try to physically remove them from their posts, drag them through the sand and over the finish line. First tribe to get all three opposing tribe members across their finish line wins.
Reward: Tribal Immunity, plus a kerosene lamp, rope, blankets, pillows, a mosquito net and a tarp
Winner: Habagat


Night 3

The Habagat tribe returns to camp, after voting out Charlie. The tribe chastises Lana for selfishly using her clue without even informing them that she found it. Lana explains that she only found the clue by accident few minutes before they left for Tribal Council, and it would be very inappropriate to tell them about the clue at the time. As a compromise, Lana empties her bag, telling her tribe she still doesn't have the idol, and is willing to share the clue to them. Dominic believes the story, but Cap has reservations. Lana reads the clue aloud in front of them, even to Wyatt, Moira, Emily and Simon, who are not members of their alliance.

Though there is nothing fishy about Lana fessing up, just the idea that she tried to keep the clue for her personal gain me don't want to trust her anymore. Regardless, she doesn't have the idol and it's still at large. I have to find it before she or anybody does.


I was in a very tricky situation last night. Charlie outed me for having the clue, and it freaked me out. I had no other choice but to share the clue to the whole tribe so they won't vote me out. My options is, stick with my original alliance, hoping thy will still trust me, or make a new one with the other tribe. I didn't come here to play second. I'm going for blood and at the same time.


Late at night, after waiting for his whole tribe to sleep, Cap makes a makeshift torch out of their extra firewood. He then rips his bandanna and douses it with kerosene. The clue implies that the idol is on the ground, prompting Cap to think it is still hidden somehow. He then searches inside tree roots. After one hour of searching, Cap finally finds the idol.

With this around my back pocket, Lana's gonna be eating at the palm of my hand!


At Amihan, Jorge again cuddles the women the wrong way. Out of anger, Elle pushes Jorge out of the shelter, to Jorge's frustration. The other men defend the women because Jorge was one step away from groping the women's private parts. Jorge says he doesn't mean to offend them, but Elle wants him out of the shelter for the whole night. Beatrix, who usually butts with Elle, surprisingly agrees, saying none of the women would want to get close with him.

Jorge is a closet pervert. He is not aware on how he comes across. He is clearly rubbing the women the wrong way, and he still acts like he didn't do anything wrong. I know Spanish men are romantic and gentlemanly, but Jorge is an exemption. It's not about culture. It's just Jorge being a "whore-hey".


I don't know what is up with the women. I don't see why cuddling is wrong. I do it all the time.


Day 4

At Amihan, Elle happens to wake up early (around 6am). Seizing the opportunity, but with no clue to help her, Elle haphazardly searches the jungle for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Upon noticing that Beatrix is about to get up, Elle rushes back to the shelter, until she notices something suspicious: a rock inside a tree hole. Elle takes the rock away, which actually hid the Hidden Immunity Idol. Elated to have power over her rival, Elle starts to think of plans to take Beatrix out of the game.

Beatrix will be a mere nuisance for me. Only one Canadian stays alive.


Vernita talks to Beatrix about whether or not enforce a tie should they lose the Immunity Challenge. Beatrix' best choice is to convince Jorge, whom Elle dislikes, but is part of her alliance. Meanwhile, Jorge and Elle converse in the shelter. Jorge apologizes to Elle for his episodes of perversion. Elle half-heartedly forgives him, under the notion that Beatrix already has a five person alliance.

As much as Jorge is a Grade A pervert, I need him in my alliance. Once Beatrix is done for, the million dollars is mine for the taking!

–Elle, with a cackling, evil laugh

Meanwhile, at Habagat, Lana continues her search for the idol, not knowing her attempt is now going to be fruitless, as Cap already have it. Cap wakes up and sees Lana going back to the woods again. The boating expert assumes Lana is still looking for the idol. Cap giggles as he goes back to sleep.

Lana is still hoping that the idol is still at large. Hilarious. Her biggest mistake was letting her conscience get the best of her. Morals and conscience are almost invalid in this game. Tsk, tsk.


Back at Amihan, while the whole tribe is busy doing camp chores, Vernita is still asleep. Vernita rises up in time for breakfast, and she is the first to grab a cup of rice, annoying her tribemates.

Vernita is a sweetheart, but she is lazy as a drug addict on sleep medication. Had she not been a part of our alliance, I would've asked Bea to take her out.


I think I am in a good position. I am in a good alliance and I get along with everybody. I can't wait to vote Elle out.


Day 5

The tribes receive Tree Mail, which implies that their next Immunity Challenge is another physical confrontation. Amihan and Habagat is welcomed by Jeff Probst to their second Immunity Challenge. After briefing them about its mechanics, Jeff allowed the castaways to strategize. With Habagat lacking a female, Amihan is to sit out one of their women. Vernita and Joleen are the two clear choices due to their small body frames, but Vernita steps up, stating her desire to compete and claims she can take any of the women. Though doubtful of Vernita's abilities, they let her compete and sit Joleen out. The challenge matchups are:

  • Cap and Wyatt vs. Jorge.
  • Lana and Cataleya vs. Vernita.
  • Emily and Simon vs. Tommy.
  • Jordan and Lawrence vs. Dominic.
  • Budd and Rosita vs. Kaito.
  • Beatrix and Elle vs. Moira.
  • Amihan's sitout: Joleen.

Cap and Wyatt struggle to remove Jorge from the post, whilst Jordan and Lawrence successfully removes Dominic from his post. Dominic valiantly hold his own, but Lawrence blocks his way. Lawrence pins him down while Jordan pulls them both. Dominic tries to run back again, but Lawrence grabs him by his left foot. Lawrence and Dominic then pulls Dominic's left foot to the finish mat, earning Amihan their first point and prompting Bud and Rosita to attack Kaito. While Cap still tries to remove Jorge from the post, Wyatt finds his tickle spots (namely, his waist and knees). This catches Jorge off-guard to the point he can no longer endure the tickling, and was promptly removed from the post. Jorge pins Wyatt, but Cap goes to his rescue by grabbing his right leg. Wyatt then pulls Jorge's other leg and the two drag Jorge to the finish mat, winning Habagat's first point. Cataleya and Lana head out for Habagat to go remove Vernita. Vernita, who claims to be athletic, is easily removed from her post, and starts running away from Lana and Cataleya. Elle shouts at Vernita to go back to her post. Lana pins her down. Vernita rolls and pins Lana back. Lana claims she is being choked, catching Vernita off-guard, prompting her to let go. Using it as an opportunity, Lana and Cataleya easily drag Vernita to the finish line, winning Habagat's second point. Meanwhile, Rosita holds Kaito's arms rendering them useless, while Budd carries the helpless Kaito like a sand bag to the finish mat, winning Amihan's second point. Emily and Simon struggle to remove Tommy from the post, Elle and Beatrix easily remove Moira from the post, but are unable to drag her because she pins the two women down. Meanwhile, Simon manages to remove Tommy's legs from the post, while Moira copies Wyatt's strategy by tickling Tommy's apparent strongest tickle spot which is his neck. Tommy, though removed from the post, gives Emily and Simon a hard time, buying Beatrix and Elle time to try dragging Moira. Moira, who still pins the two women, removes their bikini tops and throws them at a distance. The already topless Elle and Beatrix are not affected and still try to drag Moira. Moments later, Beatrix finally removes herself from Moira and pulls her by the feet. Simon and Emily also surge toward the finish mat. In the end, Simon drops the already tired Tommy on the finish mat, winning the challenge for the Habagat tribe, sending the Amihan tribe to Tribal Council. Back at camp, Elle calls a tribe meeting as to what went wrong at the challenge. Beatrix explains that the tribes are equally strong, just that Habagat got the job done faster. Vernita becomes emotional because she let herself be caught off-guard by Lana. Joleen hugs her to cheer her up.

I have no idea if the alliance will still honor me as a member after that pathetic performance at the challenge. Regardless, I will still vote Elle out.


Vernita talks to Beatrix at the water hole, asking her if voting Elle out is still the plan. Beatrix assures her that the five of them are tight no matter what, though Beatrix is worried that the vote might end up a tie because Elle's alliance has five members. Beatrix tells Vernita that Budd is still trying to convince Jorge to flip, using Elle's dislike of him as a reason.

While collecting firewood, Budd starts game talk with Jorge, asking him if he is open to join their alliance, explaining to him that Elle has no reason to keep him once all of Beatrix's allies are gone. Jorge weighs in the pros and cons of aligning on either alliance.

I am thinking that, if Elle doesn't like me, there is no reason for me to join her, but at the same time, I have no allegiances with Beatrix. I could be the possible swing vote, or they could just vote me out for not siding with anyone.


Meanwhile, Elle, Tommy and Jordan discuss who to vote for. Elle is torn between Jorge, the strongest, but the most ungentlemanly of the tribe, and Vernita, who performed terribly at the challenge. Tommy points out that despite Elle not getting along with Jorge, she must consider that their first Tribal Council is an important vote, for it will determine who is the majority alliance. As a compromise, Elle promises to be more civil towards Jorge.

I do hate Jorge as much as I hate Beatrix, but I guess, when there is five members each on both alliances, you really have no choice but to side with people you might dislike. My best move is to keep Beatrix for later because she is undeniably strong at challenges. Once the merge comes, off with her head. Right now, we need manpower, and Vernita was utterly useless at that challenge, and we could have won had Joleen competed.


Minutes before Tribal Council, Elle goes to Jorge, and tells him she promises to be less abrasive towards him, and to further entice him, Elle shows Jorge her idol, stating she will protect him at all costs.

I am a boss in my everyday life, and I don't stick up to people's asses just to convince them to do my whims, but in this case, I have to.


At Tribal Council, Jeff asks about the friendships and possible rivalries that have been built during the past five days. Budd explains that there are two five-person alliances and an idol could make a difference. Lawrence adds that Elle and Beatrix have an ongoing rivalry since they left the truck on Day 1. Elle says she is a born leader and has good qualities, prompting Beatrix to respond bluntly. Beatrix explains that a born leader does not discriminate anyone, but Elle has been hostile towards her, mainly because she is also a Canadian like her. Elle snaps back, saying that nobody steps in to lead the tribe so she took it, and nobody complained. Beatrix tells her nobody reacted because everybody was being passive on purpose for her to dig her own grave. Vernita butts in, saying that she blames her for the loss at the challenge, yet Beatrix did all the work during their round. Elle spitefully snaps back at Vernita, telling her she didn't do good at the challenge either, and she could beat her at any challenge. Vernita hides back her tears, telling herself "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

The Amihan tribe votes, and it turns out, Jorge sides with Elle, enforcing a 5-5 tie between Vernita and Elle. But before Jeff reads the votes, Elle, who now is aware of how she came across to her tribe, uses her Hidden Immunity Idol to ensure her safety. Her usage of the idol negated all five votes against her, leaving only the votes from her alliance. These five votes are all for Vernita, sending her home.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Beatrix, Budd, Lawrence, Rosita, & Vernita
(votes not counted)
Vernita (5 votes)
Elle, Joleen, Jordan, Jorge, and Tommy
Vernita Siad

Voting Confessionals

I hope Jorge's gullible enough to vote with me.


Please go home, judgmental, shortsighted bitch.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

  • A DIY Reward Challenge with a twist...
  • Will Beatrix be able to recover after Elle secured the majority? Meanwhile, Jorge and Elle go at it again.
  • Habagat's dysfunction and disunity go from bad to worst. A power struggle between Cap and Simon will just make things worse.

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