"What Is In Their Genetics to Make Them So Good?"
Season Survivor: Honduras
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Episode Number 13/14
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This is the 13th and penultimate episode of Survivor: Honduras

Previously on Survivor...

After Susan's blindside, Nakunta was at the end of their rope. Their last hope was with Matt. They hoped that he would realize that he was not going to make it to the end with his current allies. At the reward challenge, Kat won and chose Taylor and John to accompany her to the reward challenge. It was the second time that those three went on a reward together. Alison used that to try and sway Matt to turn on John and join her. He said he would think it over. At the immunity challenge, John lost again and that opened the door for Alison to try and take him out. She tried to talk to Matt again, but he said he hadn't chose yet. While talking with his alliance, John noticed Matt's hesitation. He took that to note as they planned on taking out Tina. At tribal, Alison tried to get Matt to vote John by her answers, but in the end Matt stayed loyal. Tina was eliminated and left only two Nakunta members left.

Six are left. Who will be eliminated next?


Reward Challenge: Mud Slinging
The castaways will compete alongside their loved ones. The castaway will throw a mud-covered ball to their loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets from a pedestal. The first pair to knock down all five wins reward.
Reward: The winner's loved one and two others will spend the rest of the day and night with them at camp.
Winner: John (Kat, Taylor)

Immunity Challenge: I Hold On
The castaways will stand on a log, placed at the end of the platform with their arms behind them grabbing onto a handle. At certain times, Jeff will turn a crank, which uncoils the rope, which lowers the castaways and sends them closer to the water. When the castaways fall into the water, they're out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: John


Night 33

The final six walked back into camp. Matt was stressed and decided to stay away from everybody. Alison and Connie walked off to be alone. After they found a spot to talk, Alison said, "Well girl, it has been fun."

"You sound like you've given up," Connie replied.

"I haven't given up. I'm being realistic. We are outnumbered. We have been out gunned. We have been outmaneuvered. It's over Connie. We did what we could do and that's all we have asked of ourselves. I don't know about you, but I'm going to get some sleep. It's kind of nice not having to stress over what's going to happen next," Alison said. She walked off and left Connie alone near the tribe flag.

I know Alison hasn't given up, but it's is strange to see her be this defeated. She had so much fire in her belly to make it to the end and to overthrow the rival alliance, but in the end I guess it wasn't meant to be. It does suck knowing that we won't see the end. It all comes down to who they want to send home first.

–Connie Tran

John, Kat and Taylor stood near the beach. John said, "It's time."

"We need to take the final step so we cannot be dethroned," Kat agreed.

Taylor was silent. She stood there as she took in the whole night. She merely nodded in agreement with the other two.

John said, "We need to do what needs to be done. For tonight, go get some rest. One of us has a challenge to win tomorrow."

Day 34

Mud Slinging

"Come on in, guys!" Jeff called the six remaining survivors and they walked into the challenge arena. He continued when they were on the mat. He said, "Are you ready to get today's reward challenge?"

"Yes," Alison said quietly.

"For today's challenge, you will paired up with a loved one," Jeff smiled. Every castaway rejoiced except for John. All that came over him was a smile as he stared right ahead. Jeff said, "Matt, here's your wife Erica."

Matt's wife ran out and the two of them embraced for a couple of minutes before they walked over to the mat. Jeff said, "How about you, Connie? Here is your fiancé Mark."

The two of them ran to each other and hugged before going back to the mat. Jeff called out the others one by one. Kat's father Steven was there for her. Alison's husband Jackson was there for her. Taylor's older brother Daniel was there as her loved one. When Jeff got to John, he saw that John seemed calm compared to the others. He asked, "What about you John? You don't seem happy about seeing a loved one here."

John replied, "I am. I just don't show it as much as everyone else. I guess I can contain myself too much."

Jeff didn't go on. He brought out John's little sister Joey and when everyone one was on the mat and ready, Jeff said, "Okay for today's challenge, each one of you will compete alongside your loved ones. You will throw a mud-covered ball to your loved one, who must attempt to knock over five targets on five different pedestals. The first pair to knock down all five wins reward. I know that you want to know what you are playing for. The winner of today's challenge will have their loved one stay for the rest of the day and the night. They will then leave right before the next immunity challenge tomorrow. I don't even need to ask. This is worth playing for. We'll draw for positions and begin."

Several minutes passed and the teams were set up. Jeff gave the signal and everyone was off. The survivors threw to their loved ones, and their loved ones threw the balls at the targets. It took some getting used to with the weight of the balls depending on how much much was on there.

John threw to his sister and she threw it at the targets but it only grazed one and didn't knock it over. For Alison's team, Jackson knocked over the first target. He was followed by Steven for Kat and Mark for Connie. After half a dozen throws, Joey finally knocked over one target for John. Joey told him, "I have it now."

"Good," John said as he threw another ball at Joey.

Erica knocked one down for Matt and Daniel knocked one down for Taylor evening the playing field for a few seconds before Steven took out Kat's second target. Joey threw the ball she had and smashed the second target for John's team. Daniel picked up the pace and knocked over Taylor's second target as well. Erica threw but missed her target by a hair. Joey threw another ball and took out John's third target and gave him a small lead. The lead was short lived as Daniel scored another one for Taylor. Jackson finally knocked over the second target for Alison, but she was behind as both Joey and Daniel knocked over the fourth targets for both John and Taylor. Steven threw his ball and knocked over Kat's third target as he tried to catch up with both Daniel and Joey. Daniel threw a ball, but it grazed the target and merely moved it. Joey took the shot and was more successful. Her ball smacked right into John's target.

"Joey wins reward for John!" Jeff called out.

Joey ran and jumped at John. He caught her and set her down on the ground next to him. As the others moved towards them, Alison asked herself, "What is in their genetics to make them so good?"

Once everyone was settled, Jeff said, "Congratulations John, your loved one can stay with you. Now you can choose someone else to join you. Who will it be?"

"They put up a fight out there and nearly took it. I've got to give it Taylor," John said.

"Very well. Taylor, Daniel, you two can come join John and Joey over here," Jeff said, "If you could choose one other person, who would it be?"

John smirked, "Jeff, you don't need to ask that. You should know by now. It's going to be Kat."

"Kat, Steven, join the others over here. As for the rest of you, say goodbye to your loved ones," Jeff said. Jackson, Erica, and Mark left the arena and everyone else made their way back to camp.

I asked it out their in the field. I will ask it again now. What is in their genetics to make them so good? First I thought John was a freak, but if his sister is like that in challenges to. They must be superhumans from the future, robots or even aliens. It's insane. I may be insane and over thinking this situation, but that family has some crazy good genetics for athleticism.

–Alison Jacobs


Day 34

I Hold On

The six remaining castaways walked into the the immunity challenge arena. After they lined up, Jeff said, "Are you ready to get to today's immunity challenge? First things first. Kat, I'll take that back."

Kat walked over to Jeff and he took the immunity necklace off. He said, "Immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will stand on a log, placed at the end of the platform with your arms behind you grabbing onto a rope. At certain times, I will turn a crank, which uncoils the rope and lowers you closer to the water. When you fall into the water, you are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity. Are you ready? We'll draw for spots and get set up."

The six castaways were on the log and ready to start the challenge. Jeff told them that the challenge was on. All six people were unmoving until Jeff cranked the first crank and lowered them toward the water. Still one moved. Minutes passed and Jeff cranked it again. This time, Matt started to feel some pain in his arms. After several attempts to recover, Matt dropped out of the challenge.

"Matt is now out of this challenge. You all have a one in five shot at winning immunity," Jeff said. He cranked the crank and the castaways were lowered. Connie's shoulder started to cramp and she decided it wasn't worth it and jumped out of the challenge. Alison's arms were starting to hurt as were Taylor's arms. The two of them started to shift, but were able to recover. John and Kat were as statues, but that didn't mean they couldn't feel the pain. John's arms were hurting and Kat's hands were cramping up, but both of them didn't show any sign that they were having troubles. Jeff cranked it again. Alison and Taylor couldn't take it anymore and fell out of the challenge.

"Alison and Taylor drop out at the same time. That leaves only Kat and John left in this challenge. The only two people who have won multiple immunities this game. Who will claim it back. John hasn't had it in two tribals, and Kat hasn't lost it since she first won it. Who will it go to now?" Jeff commentated as he lowered them again.

John's height was becoming a factor. He was larger and had a harder time holding himself up. He and Kat were nearly parallel with the water. His arms were stretched and in pain. He didn't know how much longer he was going to hold on for. As for Kat, her size wasn't an issue for her, but her grip was. Her hands were cramping and starting to go numb. If that happened, she would not be able to hold herself up. The two of them stayed there for several minutes until Kat said, "I can't."

Kat fell out of the challenge and gave John another immunity win. After she made it onto the platform with the benches on it, Kat started rubbing her aching hands. John climbed up after her and joined the side were Jeff was. Jeff put the necklace around John's neck and said, "Once again John is safe from tonight's vote. As for the rest of you, one of you will be going home tonight. I'll see you there."

That was one of the most painful things I've done out here. My hands are still killing me. If they weren't a problem, I know that I could have beaten John, but it's okay. Alison or Connie didn't win the challenge so it's all good.

–Kat Morris


The six returned back to camp and John approached Alison. He said, "I know you have no right to tell me, but I want to ask you who are you voting for tonight?"

Alison knew she couldn't cause any harm to her gameplay by telling him because of her position in the game. She said, "It doesn't matter, but Connie and I were going to vote for Matt."

"Really? You wanted to have him as an ally last time and now you are voting for him," John said.

"Yeah, but he told us through the last vote that he is with you no matter what position he'll end up. That's a very foolish thing to do in this game," Alison said.

"Yes it is," John said, "I was just curious. Thanks."

John left and Alison gave him a weird look. Connie came up from behind Alison and asked, "What was that about?"

"I don't know. He wanted to know who were are voting for," Alison said.

"What did you tell him?" asked Connie.

"I told him the truth, that we are voting for Matt," Alison said.

John approached Taylor, Matt and Kat. He said, "They're voting for you, Matt."

"Why? They wanted me last time. Why change now?" asked Matt.

"They think that you can't be swayed to them," John said.

"If they are going to do that, I won't be," Matt said, "So who are we voting for?"

"I do think that it is Alison's time to go," John said.

"So it's Alison then?" asked Taylor.

"Yes," John said.

They all agreed and broke apart. Matt left to go the beach and Taylor went back to the shelter. John and Kat stayed together. Kat asked, "Are we sure Taylor will go with us. She knew voting for Susan was the right thing, but voting against Matt is not something she wants to do."

"It's fine. Alison and Connie are voting Matt as well so that means Matt will get the majority," John said.

"How do you know that they told the truth?" asked Kat.

"Because they have nothing to lose," John said, "People who have nothing to lose don't care."

"I hope you're right," Kat said.

So the plan is Matt is going home tonight. The thing is only John, Taylor and I know this. The others have no idea. When this plan succeeds, I can let out a sigh of relief knowing that I am going to make it to the end of this game.

–Kat Morris

Tribal Council


Voting Confessionals

Sorry man, but there can only be three in the end. That deal was made between myself, Kat, and Taylor. We're taking you out now so we don't run the risk of you winning final immunity and screwing our plans up.

–John Sayers

We have to vote for someone. We just chose you.

–Connie Tran

Chances are it's me tonight. So this is nothing personal. I can't vote for myself.

–Alison Jacobs

You are a Nakunta. It is simple as that.

–Matt Easterly

Sorry, man.

–Kat Morris

I don't know what to say.

–Taylor Johannson


Jeff went and returned with the urn. He said, "The person with highest number of votes will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: Matt. Second vote: Matt. Third vote: Alison."

Alison started to get her things ready. She knew she was going to be going home. On the jury, Jessica and Tina shook their heads. Jeff continued with the votes, "Fourth vote: Matt."

Everyone's attention was now on Jeff. Alison's just froze. The jury looked shocked. Matt turned to look at John and Kat behind him and Taylor next to him. He asked, "Why?"

"The thirteenth person voted off Survivor: Honduras and the sixth member of our jury: Matt. That's four votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch," Jeff said.

Alison's face was pure shock. Connie was relieved. The jury didn't know what to think. John and Kat were happy, but Taylor looked sick. Matt took his torch and went up to Jeff. Jeff said, "Matt, the tribe has spoken."

Matt took off down the trail and Jeff turned back to the final five. He said, "From the reaction of almost everyone here, that was another blindside. You are now the final five. You are four days away from the end. You guys have a good night and head out."

Tribal Council 13:
Matthew Easterly
Matt (5 votes)
Allison JacobsConnie TranJohn SayersKat MorrisTaylor Johannson
Alison, Connie, John, Kat, Taylor
Allison Jacobs
Alison (1 Vote)
Matthew Easterly
Matthew Easterly
Matt Easterly

Final Words

I don't even know what to say. I didn't see that one coming at all. It's all part of John's game I guess. I should have listened to Nakunta last time and I wouldn't have been voted off at this point in the game.

–Matt Easterly

Still in the Running

Adam Bennett
Conner Young
Danni McDearmon
Jase Allen
John Sayers
Kat Morris
Matthew Easterly
Susan Szczeblewski
Taylor Johannson
Allison Jacobs
Benny Vaquera
Carson Peterson
Connie Tran
Jessica Waters
Max Chou
Paul Springer
Tina Langley
Vince Strachan

Next Time on Survivor...

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