"What the...?"
Season Survivor: Ghost Island
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 2/13
Episode Chronology
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What the...? is the second episode of Survivor: Ghost Island.

Previously on Survivor...

Eighteen new castaways were abandoned on a deserted island, with no idea what was going on. Samantha was the first to realize a sign stating the eighteen had to get to an island by any mean necessary. All eighteen began a race to the nearby island, forming each one of the tribes. Samantha, Alec, Hilbert, Liam, Bridget, and Kenni made up the Totolo tribe. Jake, Cindy, Colin, Melissa, Yvette, and Wesley made up the Marau tribe. The last six, Ashleigh, Danny, Rebeckah, Frank, Shaniqua, and Xane, were asked to leave the beach. Eventually these six became aware of the twist of the season. They became the Kalou tribe and were staying at Ghost Island, which gave them immunity for twelve days, but needed to participate in reward challenges.

At the Kalou and Totolo camps, conflict sparked, but was quickly resolved. The Marau tribe was a very cohesive unit, on the other hand. However at the immunity challenge, the cooperative Marau lost against the dysfunctional Totolo. At tribal council, the tribe felt Cindy was to blame for their loss, and voted her out unanimously. Seventeen remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Shut Your Trap
Tribe members will take turns memorizing a pattern of various objects. All three active members will have a chance to see the pattern. Once the pattern is memorized by one of the competitors, they must pull a lever that will lower the curtain for both teams. The active members must run to a bin of similar objects, and arrange them into the same pattern as the one from before. The first team to organize the objects correctly and run to their team's mat will receive one point. Three points are required to win. If all three players answered incorrectly, they will have to repeat until one of them scores.
Reward: Fishing Gear for first two tribes
Winners in order of finish: Kalou and Totolo

Immunity Challenge: I Pick, U Chews
Head-to-head eating contest. Eat the item served to you quicker than your opponent to score a point. First to three wins.
Winner: Totolo


Night 3

Returning from tribal council, the Marau tribe walks silently into camp. They quickly begin a fire before sleeping.

Returning from tribal council, the tribe was eerily silent. I'm not sure if it was a good sign or not, but I kinda regret voting Cindy off. Hopefully Wesley is next.


The tribe gets some rest for the next day.

Day 4

The next day, as his tribe is sleeping, Liam searches for the idol.

I really want to find this idol. If I don't find it my tribe will vote me out quickly when the don't need me any more.


His search is unsuccessful, and returns to camp, with Samantha and Hilbert already up. He explains he got up early and simply went for a walk.

I'm not sure what's with Liam. He's been disappearing for a while and returns with something to say. He may be looking for the idol, but he would've probably found it by now.


Later, Marau and Totolo are summoned to the challenge area for their first reward challenge. Totolo arrives first, followed by Marau.

Quote1Totolo, getting a good look at the new Marau tribe. Cindy was voted out at the last tribal council. First, I'd like to say, you aren't the only ones in this challenge today. Come on in, guys!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1What the...?Quote2- Bridget
Quote1That can't be.Quote2- Samantha

The Kalou tribe walks up next to the Totolo and Marau tribes. Everyone is in general shock.

Quote1Welcome the Kalou tribe, the twist of this season. There's a reas-Quote2- Jeff
Quote1What the hell, they were eliminated Day 1 Probst! They can't come back from being eliminated! That's unfair!Quote2- Samantha
Quote1As I was saying, the Kalou tribe is made up from the six that left the beach. I never said eliminated. They're staying at a place called Ghost Island. This gives them exemption from immunity challenge from Day 3 to Day 12. What will happen after Day 12 will be revealed in time. Now for today's challenge, Tribe members will take turns memorizing a pattern of various objects. All three active members will have a chance to see the pattern. Once the pattern is memorized by one of the competitors, they must pull a lever that will lower the curtain for both teams. The active members must run to a bin of similar objects, and arrange them into the same pattern as the one from before. The first team to organize the objects correctly and run to their team's mat will receive one point. Three points are required to win. If all three players answered incorrectly, they will have to repeat until one of them scores. For the first two tribes to finish, they'll receive fishing gear. Totolo and Kalou, you both have one extra person, someone has to sit out.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Frank.Quote2- Shaniqua
Quote1I will, Jeff.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Alec and Frank take a seat on the bench, and then we'll start.Quote2- Jeff

The first three out are Samantha, Ashleigh, and Wesley. The first pattern is fairly simple; a tiki idol, a skull, and a coconut. Samantha pulls the lever and all three rush to the recreation station. Samantha and Ashleigh finish first and race to the mat. Samantha is first, earning Totolo its first point.

The next three are Kenni, Dani, and Colin. The second pattern is aslo simple; a skull, a bottle, and a white feather. Colin pulls the lever, and all three run to the recreation station. Danny and Colin are both done at the same time, and run back to the mat. Kenni is right behind the two. Dani and Colin land on the mat at the exact same time. They are so close time-wise and a review is made. The review didn't settle it, and both are rewarded a point, tying all three tribes.

The next three are Liam, Rebeckah, and Jake. The third pattern add two more items. The pattern is; a skull, a palm leaf, a brown and white striped feather, a white feather, and a tiki idol. Liam quickly pulls the lever, leaving the other two contestants in confusion. All three make their way to the recreation station. Liam is quick to finish against his confused competitors, and runs to the mat with no competition. Totolo now leads 2-1-1.

The fourth round is Hilbert, Xane, and Yvette. The fourth pattern is; a brown feather, a bottle, a tiki idol, a skull, and another skull. All three study the pattern. Xane pulls the lever, and all three race to the recreation station. All three work on the pattern. Xane and Yvette finish quickly. Both race back to the mat. They finish in dead heat like Danny and Colin, but Yvette swapped the tiki idol and the skull, only earning Xane a point. The score is now 2-2-1.

The fifth round is Bridget, Shaniqua, and Melissa. Unlike the previous rounds, the first two to finish earn a point. If Melissa earns a point, a tiebreaker for second will commence. The fifth pattern as increased by two items. The pattern is; a coconut, a brown feather, a brown/white striped feather, a palm leaf, a skull, a bottle, and another coconut. The three study the pattern. After a moment, Shaniqua pulls the lever, and all three women run to the recreation table. They all take their time, and Shaniqua is finished first, and rushes to the mat, earning Kalou reward. Bridget and Melissa are still working. Bridget finishes and run back to the mat. Melissa finishes a second after and runs to the Marau mat. However, Bridget arrives first, with Totolo receiving reward.

Quote1Kalou and Totolo win reward! Congratulations here's your fishing gear.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Thank you.Quote2- Danny
Quote1Marau, I have nothing for you, and you can all head back out.Quote2- Jeff

The three tribes return to camp.

Son of a (bleep) bitch! We lost again, and this time because of Melissa. If we lose the next challenge, she's dead meat.


Returning to camp, Jake began accusing Melissa for their loss.

Quote1Melissa, you were the one who brought us down at the challenge, you're dead!Quote2- Jake
Quote1Look who's calling the kettle black. You barely even tried!Quote2- Melissa
Quote1I barely got a chance to study it before the scrawny kid pulled down the curtain!Quote2- Jake
Quote1Seriously, Jake, it's just a reward challenge, it's not the end of the world.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1I'd watch it missy.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Whatever, (bleep) you. I'm done with you.Quote2- Melissa

How dare that douche blaming me. I did what I could at the challenge. Jake is done.


Day 5

The next day, the Totolo tribe enjoys a fish feast with the fish Hilbert and Alec caught for them. After eating, Samantha pulls Alec and Hilbert aside to speak with them.

Quote1Guys I need to ask you something.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1What is it?Quote2- Alec
Quote1An alliance, I feel we're the strongest three and we should go to the finals.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Okay, I'm in.Quote2- Hilbert
Quote1I'll only join on one condition, you don't go over the edge like you did before.Quote2- Alec
Quote1Alright fine.Quote2- Samantha
Quote1Good, you have yourself an ally.Quote2- Alec

Hilbert I can easily control. It's Alec I'm worried about. I need to keep him in his place. And I know how.


The Kalou tribe feasts on fish as well caught by Danny, Xane, and Rebeckah. The tribe is peaceful, with Frank and Danny appearingly burying the hatchet.

Frank appears to have stop hating that I'm a transvestite, but I've noticed that whenever I'm near him, he looks like he's nauseous. Hopefully he doesn't explode with hate.


Since I called Danny a he-she, the tribe has began to hate me. This isn't a first time that people hated me over something. I just have to bite my tongue and take it in little by little.


At Marau, Melissa uses a make-shift spear to fish. She is successful and catches five fish. Melissa returns to camp with the fish.

Quote1Guys, we have food.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1What is it, more fruit?Quote2- Jake
Quote1Nope, fish.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Nice job Melissa.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Thanks, Colin.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1Well you're cooking it.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Says the professional chef. You just feel emasculated because I can hunt?Quote2- Melissa
Quote1I'm gonna end this before it ends, Jake just cook the damn food, so we can get through another day.Quote2- Yvette
Quote1Fine.Quote2- Jake

Jake begins to cook the fish for the five hungry Maraus.

Jake obviously has some anger problems. He looked red when I showed up with the finish. But another note, I've speared fish since I was 9. I've lived in the bayou for my entire life. Hell I even got lost on purpose to survive on my own. I know I'm strong.


Day 6

The next day, Totolo and Marau are summoned to the challenge area for their next immunity challenge. Both tribes arrive and Jeff explains the challenge.

Quote1For today's challenge, it's a simple head-to-head eating contest. Eat the item served to you quicker than your opponent to score a point. First to three wins. Totolo you have one extra member, you must sit someone out. That person can't be Alec.Quote2- Jeff.
Quote1Bridget will sit out.Quote2- Kenni
Quote1Bridget, take a seat on the bench, and then we'll start.Quote2- Jeff

The first round is Alec vs. Melissa. Their food item is an octopus tentacle. Both take a bite of it. Alec looks grossed out, but Melissa calmly eats it. In a minute, Melissa is first to finish, earning Marau its first point.

The second round is Samantha vs. Yvette. Their food item is a bowl of fish eyes. Both women are grossed out by the dish. Samantha and Yvette suck it up and eat. As they eat, Yvette can no longer take the taste, and spits out the dish. Samantha finishes within that minute, earning Totolo a point.

The third round is Kenni vs. Wesley. Their food item is a roasted starfish on a stick. Unlike the others, Wesley and Kenni have no reaction and begin to eat. Kenni ferociously eats, while Wesley is slow and steady. Within a few minutes Kenni finishes, earning Totolo their second point.

The fourth round is Hilbert vs. Colin. Their food item is sea water infused with vodka. Both men pick up the shot glasses and drink. Hilbert chugs it down like a college frat boy, winning immunity for Totolo.

Quote1Totolo wins immunity!Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Goddammit!Quote2- Jake
Quote1Totolo you are safe for three more days, Marau I have nothing for you but a date tonight at tribal council.Quote2- Jeff

The Totolo tribe is given back the immunity idol and both tribes had back to camp.

God (bleep) dammit! That's our third (bleep) loss. This tribe is useless. *angrily screams*


Melissa, Colin, Yvette, and Wesley all agree on voting out Jake tonight. Jake rants to the others about their third loss.

At sunset, Marau heads off to tribal council. At tribal council, they put their torches behind them and take a seat.

Quote1Marau welcome to your second consecutive tribal council. Melissa, can you tell me why your tribe can't win. Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Honestly, I really have no idea. In all three challenges, we were close to winning, but fizzled afterward.Quote2- Melissa
Quote1That's legitimate. So Jake, you had a meltdown after the immunity challenge, why?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Easy, we're 3-0 in challenges something needs to be done.Quote2- Jake
Quote1So who do you think should leave.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Melissa, she's the weakest link of the tribe.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yvette, you're shaking your head. Who do think is leaving?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Jake. He's had major outbursts after both challenges this week, if we lose again there is no telling what he can do.Quote2- Yvette
Quote1But, Jeff their are pros and cons to both. Jake, while anger-prone, is also the chef of the tribe, while Melissa is strong in challenges and camp, she's drop dead gorgeous and could easily win.Quote2- Wesley

Quote1So Colin on one hand, one provides energy to the tribe, and the other hand, you have a strength to the tribe, who would you choose?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1The one con that will hurt this tribe, that's how.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Alright, it is time to vote, Colin you're up.Quote2- Jeff

One by one, everyone votes. After the votes have been cast, Jeff goes and retrieves the urn.

Quote1If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it. Alright once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Jake. Jake. Second person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island......

.....Jake. Jake, please bring up your torch.Quote2- Jeff

Quote1Go to hell all of you.Quote2- Jake
Quote1Jake, the tribe has spoken.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Good luck (bleep).Quote2- Jeff
Quote1You voted out a short-tempered cook for a strong beauty. Don't let that bring you back here.Quote2- Jeff

Marau leaves the tribal council area and returns to camp.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
Jake (4 votes)
Colin, Melissa, Wesley, & Yvette
Melissa (1 vote)
Jake BW
Jake Chen

Voting Confessionals

Jake, I think you'll hinder this tribe further, good-bye.


Melissa, you can jump in that fire, or leave, which ever is more convenient for you.


Jake, you are very much like Jo from two seasons ago, and I don't like repeats, it gets old quick.


At least it ain't me, and let the Lord guide you to a better light.


Jake, you can make bland rice have an orgasm in my mouth-. Uh, honey if you see this, don't let it offend you. Anyway, you're food may be good, but your attitude is bad.


Final Words

Those idiots don't realize they've just lost their provider. Without me Marau will self-destruct. (bleep) you all.


Still In the Running

Kalou Marau Totolo
Cindy BW
Jake BW

Next Time on Survivor...

  • With six days of immunity left, the Kalou tribe begin to plan in case they get sent to tribal council.
  • The Totolo launches a mass manhunt for their idol.
  • Marau strives for their first win.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: One World episode, One World Is Out the Window.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenge from Survivor: Fiji episode, This Is Not Survival... It's a Thrival.
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