"Wheeling and Dealing"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 8/13
Date Uploaded February 14, 2013
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Wheeling and Dealing is the eigth episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

With the merge looming, the tribes began to prepare for the future. At Ishrin, Brett was determined to keep his tribe united going into the merge. Although, Monica had already began to think of it as an individual game once the merge came. At Wahid, Deena and Penny were on the outs after the last tribal council, and a worried Varner wanted to make sure the Wahid tribe would stick together. On Day 20, the tribes recieved news of a merge, they called themselves Fekruna after the female turtle. At the new merged tribe all four ex-Ishrin members tried to weasel way into the Wahid tribe. Deena and Monica formed an instant bond, as did Kelly and Spencer. Although, Spencer's best friend Sydney made Kelly wary. While the other three were bonding with Wahid, Brett struggeled to find his niche within this new tribe. Penny then befriended him so she could turn on her old tribemates. At the Immunity Challenge, the other castaways were dreanched as Deena won the first individual immunity. Back at Fekruna the Ishrin tribe scrambeled to convince Penny and Deena to turn on their tribe, however when the votes came in the ex-Wahid members stuck together and Brett was voted out. 9 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Out on a Limb
A web course with 16 legs, each leg had a medallion with the castaways number on it. First castaway to get back to the center of the course with all of ther 16 medallions wins. If they fall of the course once, they are automaticaly out from the challenge.
A Barbeque Feast 

Immunity Challenge : Kamikaze
Each Contestant has three colored tiles with their name on it, one by one they will throw coconuts at these tiles in an attempt to break their tiles. The first castaway to have all of their tiles broken by them or other contestants wins.
Winner: Penny


Day 22

The hustling and bustling at the new Fekruna tribe had been crazier than ever before. With the size of the camp nearly doubeling in the last three days much more needed to be done, and everyone was pitching in. The rations were going to get smaller, the shelter was already a tighter fit, and the game had already been taken to the next level. Deena and Penny as usual walked about looking for things to do to improve the camp life, others pitched in, even Gervase and Varner had volunteered to go on a water run this morning.

I know I'm walkin' on eggshells with Deena after choosin to get rid of Brett last night, so if I have to get a little work done to keep her happy I will.

–Jeff Varner

The two grabbed the jugs and canteens and began walking along the shore until they reached the wilderness path that would lead them up to their water supply. In their 22 days on Survivor they'd visited the water hole only a handful of times, they weren't even sure of the exact location, but today that was fine, because he and Gervase needed to begin to prioritize with the Wahid tribe in control going into the most crucial days of the game.

"So, if we can just get past these next two votes than we're gettin to the end scotch free baby," Varner said with his classic grin.

"It's still me, you, and Brandon to the end right?" Gervase asked.

Varner nodded. Gervase smiled, letting out a small cackle, while Varner had his reservations about the next few days, Gervase was positive that things were going to be alright.

These fools have had every opportunity to get rid of us, and everytime they pass it up, I just don't think it's gonna be any different these next few days.

–Gervase Peterson

"We gotta keep our eyes on Smelly Kelly though," Varner said to Gervase.

"She still schmoozing up to that Spencer kid?" Gervase asked.

"Always, trying to get some kinda leverage I guess. Poor Girl, thinks she's gotta chance at taking this game from us," Varner said cackeling.

"Man don't be hating on Smelly Kelly like that, we all know she's the biggest mastermind here, blindsiding Gina Crews, getting close with the tribe that's gonna be extinct in a few days, don't mess with that one," Gervase said facitiously.

"What do you say we rain on Smelly Kelly's parade next tribal council and get rid of her homeboy?" Varner suggested.

"Is she gonna go for that?" Gervase asked concerend.

"We already have five, so unless she wnats to cut her journey here short," Varner said with a grin.

"The longer Sydney's here, the longer Kelly's with us," Gervase said imitating Varner's grin.

Spencer is the biggest physical threat, the nicest guy here, and he's got the best ties with our alliance. If we get rid of Spencer I don't think anything will be standing in our way of winning.

–Jeff Varner

The two laughed for a while, then slowly retreived the water from the watering hole and began walking back to camp, where little did they know, someone would be waiting for them.

Back at camp, the hard working Wahid's had been moving back and forth all day, and stuck in the middle of it all were the three remaining Ishrin members. Monica, Spencer, and Sydney sat on a long by the fire staring deeply into its embers, watching the wood burn away much like the days they had left in the game. Their leader was gone, their promises from the ex-Wahid members unfuffilled, and nobody knew where to go from there.

"Well this sucks," Sydney said bluntly.

"That's the understatement of the century Syd," Spencer responded aloofly.

We came into this new tribe really thinking the tides were going to turn, and last night's Tribal Council was just a huge wake up call that we're still on the outside looking in, and it's gonna be a long way to the top for all 3 of us.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Spencer, do you think Kelly would be willing to flip, maybe she could bring Brandon along with her? then we'd have five to their four," Sydney suggested.

"I can try, but she was really hesitant to flip last time, so I don't know," Spencer said almost shrugging the situation off as he spoke.

"These people aren't dumb, they're not going to sabotage their own games for a shot at taking the three "underdogs" to the top, they wanna win too," Monica chimed in cynically.

"She's right," Spencer said, looking at Sydney.

"Well if that's true then I say we need to go down fighting. We've worked too hard and fought for way too long to just call it quits here. We have a 1 in 9 shot at one million dollars, how many times in our life is that going to happen?" Sydney said before being cut off by Monica.

"This is my second 1 in 9 shot at a million dollars," Monica said giggeling.

"And I don't think you want to let that slip past you again," Sydney retallliated.

"No m'am," Spencer said flashing his old grin back at Sydney.

"So screw the odds, screw what people are supposed to do, people have done dumber things in this game than align with the three of us, haven't they? So lets swallow our pride, check our fears at the door and let's either make things happen or go down fighting," Sydney said finishing her pep talk. She looked to the others for some sort of approval.

Spencer started clapping and Monica soon joined in, their applause getting louder and louder. Sydney began to blush as the cheers kept going.

"Thank you, thank you," Sydney said laughing, taking a bow for her wonderful performance," she soon sat down and began conversing with her fellow tribemates again.

I was a bit down in the dumps this morning about everything going on, but Sydney gave us just what we needed this morning. This is our second chance, and we have to make the most of it, we've beat the odds so far, haven't we?

–Spencer Duhm

Out in the distance Kelly Goldsmith had been watching the three's interaction, she was too far to hear what they had to say, but she had her suspicions.

Sydney was standing up and moving all around the camp, so at first I thought it was a strip tease, but then I was like, Oh Sh*t I think she's actually trying to strategize. I knew she shoudl've gone last night.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly walked off looking for someone to vent to about this, she saw Deena and Penny in a thick forrest area in the distance and thought she'd approach them for some kind of back up on this.

"Well hey there Kelly," Penny said with a warm smile.

"How ya holdin' up this morning Kiddo?" Deena asked.

"The sooner those three get out of here the better I'll be," Kelly said motioning towards the Ishrin three.

"Spencer do something to ya?" Penny said curiously.

"No, he and Sydney are just glued at the hip, that's all," Kelly said annoyed.

Deena nodded.

"It's like, part of me wants to take those guys down, but I know if we let her get any further, I know she's gonna win the whole thing," Kelly said observantly.

Penny smiled, she felt the same way about Sydney. Sydney was everything Penny had been trying to be without even trying. The sweet southern belle, that everyone liked and trusted. Penny didn't nessecarily hate the girl, but she certainly felt threatened by her. She was showing up on her terf, and doing a better job than she had done in the past three weeks, and that was reason enough for Penny to go along with it.

Sydney is my biggest competition. We're cut from the same cloth I guess you can say, so the sooner I get her out of here the easier it'll be for me to work my magic.

–Penny Ramsey

"Well, I'm most certainly willing to vote out Sydney if y'all are," Penny said sweetly.

"I am as well," Deena said. "I'll check in with you girls later, I'm gonna go take some of these berries back to camp."

Deena began walking back towards camp, leaving Kelly and Penny to discuss the prospects of their plan.

"Are you dead-set on getting her out like I am?" Kelly asked Penny seriously.

"Dead-set." Penny said coldly.

"Good, cause you know those boys are gonna do anything they can to stop us from making it happen," Kelly said frustrated.

"If they don't then why don't we just say we're gonna vote one of them out then?" Penny asked. "Not like they can't stop us from doin' just that," Penny grinned.

"I don't know how it's taken us this long to beat Varner at his own game," Kelly said smiling. Now was the time they were going to have there way, and Varner would have to deal with it.

This has been a dream date for Varner thus far. He's gotten everything he wanted, and had to do very little to get it. Well the fun stops here, because now us girls aren't willing to give Varner what he wants anymore. It's a selfish game.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Back at camp, Deena had been sorting through an array of berries when she got up to take a break and began walking towards the Ishrin three.

Last night Penny & I sold out the Ishrin four to stick with our original tribe so instead of having them awkwardly approach me, I thought I'd go explain to them what went down.

–Deena Bennett

"Good afternoon guys," Deena said sitting down next to Monica. "Mind if I rest here for a bit?" she asked.

"By all means, please do," Sydney said sweetly.

"Thanks," Deena said smiling. Damn, that girl is charming Deena thought.

"So what's going on?" Monica asked.

"Look, I just wanted to apologize to you guys about last night, it really wasn't what we had intended to happen," Deena said earnestly.

"What changed things? if you don't mind me asking," Spencer said curiously.

"I talked it over with Penny and we realized, it's strictly a numbers game, as much as I think Varner deserved to go our much more than Brett last night, I couldn't put myself in a worse position than the one I'm in already, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to work with you all in the future," Deena said, looking directly at Monica when she said the last part.

"We figured that's why," Sydney said with a smile. "No worries, thanks Deena,"

"No Problem," Deena said standing up. "Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to get back to work."

I didn't like going against those three, they're good people, but unfortunately nice isn't going to get me to side with you. It's an individual game, and I have to do what's best for me.

–Deena Bennett

Monica remained quiet. Of course she knew that the numbers game had stopped Deena from voting with them, and obviously Penny was going to follow suit. Those two were in it together, and they were always going to be, and Monica was likely to be long gone before that happened.

So I'm sitting here and I realize trying to get Deena and Penny to flip is pointless. Deena just said it's a numbers game, and the numbers are never going to be in our favor so, if I'm going to get further than I'm gonna have to shake things up.

–Monica Padilla

"What to do, what to do," Sydney said trying to think of an idea.

" up to something?" Spencer asked eagerly.

It was typical Monica, when she was thinking she got quiet, she became observant, and there was just that twinkle in her eye that she was up to something.

"I'll fill you guys in later, trust me the less you know right now the better," Monica said grinning. She walked down the beach and layed down waiting to begin executing her plan.

Monica is always scheming, and that's what we need right now, but what worries me is Monica's plans don't include Sydney or myself.

–Spencer Duhm

However, Monica's plans would have to wait because it was time for the reward challenge.

Set up on the island was a huge rope course with sixteen different obstacles, at each one was a medallion with a number 1-9 on it. The first person to navigate the rope course and return to the center with all sixteen medallions in hand would win a barbeque feast.

All 9 players took their positions in the center of the course.


All 9 survivors bolted in different dirrections. Different courses took a different amount of time to get to the medallions. Penny got off to an early lead getting many of the shorter obstacles. Spencer ,Brandon, Deena and Monica were not far behind though.

After Fifteen Minutes the count was as follows:

Penny - 10

Monica - 9

Spencer - 9

Deena - 8

Brandon - 7

Gervase - 6

Varner - 5

Sydney - 5

Kelly - 4

Penny's run soon came to an end, as she fell off the winding bridge and was disqualified from the competition leaving Spencer and Monica with the lead. Instead of going their own course Monica decided to pursue Spencer in hopes of keeping up with him. This had slowly turned into a two person race. Each of them secured their 15th medallion Spencer leading Monica by several paces, each of them had one last obsticle, one different obsticle. Spencer the swinging ropes, and Monica the rope bridge. Spencer swung from side to side as fast as he could while Monica quickly sprinted across the rope bridge, Jeff heard one of them quickly making their way to the center. Monica appeared out of the corner and jumped into the center platform, all sixteen medallions in hand.


"Ah, I won my first individual challenge!" Monica said jumping up and down, she was grinning from ear to ear. After not winning much all season, this was going to be a sweet treat.

"Monica, a barbeque for one would be nice, but two is always better than one, pick a friend to go with you," Jeff said to her.

"Deena," Monica said with a grin on her face.

"Alright then, Deena and Monica you guys can come this way, as for the rest of you, I got nothing for ya, head back to camp, I'll see you tommorrow," Jeff said to the rest of the Fekruna tribe.

Monica and Deena walked down a small path where a red and whtie checkered picnic table was waiting with everything they could have ever wanted. Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot dogs, all the fixings along with them.

"Oh my god this looks so good," Monica said excited.

"Well thank you for choosing me, I really asn't expecting this," Deena said surprised.

"No problem," Monica said smiling.

I chose Deena for this reward, I like to think of it as her last supper. This is her last chance to make a deal with me, otherwise I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands.

–Monica Padilla

Monica sunk her teeth into a juicy steak, while Deena was loading up her first hamburger.

"So what did you mean about striking a deal with me later down the road?" Monica asked.

"Well, I think all three of you are great, but I have to be realistic, you have to have known that all of you weren't going to go to the end, but if you, me, Penny, and Kelly stick together, I think we could make a big impact on the game," Deena said.

"And Kelly is solid with you guys?" Monica said suspiciously.

"Solid." Deena affirmed.

"Cause I'm pretty sure she's pretty tight with Spencer..." Monica said unsure of Deena's plan.

"Well unfortunately, I think Spencer's going to have to be the next person to go," Deena said.

Monica looked down. She'd been saying this was an individual game for so long, but the prospect of hearing one of her allies and friends being voted off tugged at her heart strings a little bit.

"There's no other way that he doesn't get voted out?" Monica asked.

"Nah, It's him or Sydney that's going next I'm afraid, we gotta break up those pairs," Deena said.

"Like me and Brett," Monica said bluntly.

Deena nodded.

Monica went back to eating, chit chatting here and there with Deena, but she'd heard all that she needed to hear, and she was going to take action.

As much as I want to play an individual game, playing an individual game just makes me a puppet in the Wahid theatre show, Deena blew her chances with the Ishrin three, so I guess we're gonna see what happens now.

–Monica Padilla

The two returned to camp to find their entire tribe asleep, they hopped into the shelter and dozed off to prepare for the big day ahead of them.

Day 23

Monica Padilla woke up the next morning with a full belly and new outlook on the game. Yesterday had been very revealing. She'd learned that Deena and Penny seemed to have no interest in working with them anymore, and if she wanted a chance to get to the end on her own accord than she'd have to take matters into her own hands. So she sat on the beach quietly watching the day go by as Penny and Deena roamed around doing their chores, while Kelly, Brandon, Sydney, and Spencer lay asleep in the shelter, but they weren't important right now, who Monica needed to talk to was none other than Jeff Varner.

I wanna stay. And I want my gang to stay, so in order to do that I need to find someone who's willing to rock the boat, and nobody does it better than that son of a bitch Varner.

–Monica Padilla

"Hey there goregous," Varner said as he saw Monica laying on the beach with his typical snarky grin.

"What're you up to today oh great one?" Monica said cynically.

"Meh, I feel like watching Deena do a lot of work again today, afterall it's worked the past 23 days hasn't it?" Varner laughed at his own joke. "You up to no good missy?"

"If I was would you wanna hear about it?" Monica asked with an evil grin.

"Always," Varner said immediately.

"I"m gonna fill you in on all the little things that have been happening behind your back for the last few days," Monica said.

"And what do you want in return?" Varner said.

"I think we can arrange that after you hear what you need to hear," Monica said.

Monica then told the story of how Penny had been getting close to Brett and how Penny and Deena had promised the Ishrin four up and down that they were going to vote with them to blindside Varner at the next tribal council, and then all of a sudden Deena had doubts but Penny had said there was no way she was ever going to vote alongside Wahid.

Varner sat and listened to Monica's story, which infact, reaffirmed a lot of his hunches about what those two girls were up to.

Monica then went into further detail about Deena and Penny's plan that they'd disscussed at the reward challenge the other day.

"Well aren't you just packed with information?" Varner said once she had finished.

"I've been saving it for a rainy day," Monica said grinning.

"So what do you think I should do?" Varner asked.

"I say you cut Penny loose, she's the one that's really holding Kelly and Deena together. Get rid of her and they're completly isolated from one another," Monica said.

"And what's in it for you Princess?" Varner said snarkily.

"Three more days and a whole lot more chaos," Monica said perkily.

"I think we can arrange that," Varner said cackeling flashing one of his cheesy grins at Monica.

The two hugged and shook hands to conssumate their deal and Monica headed up the beach. She'd wait until later to infrom them about the deal she'd just struck.

The odds were against me yesterday, but like Sydney said when you're feeling down and out of the game you just have to keep wheeling and dealing and soon enough you'll get a deal you were looking for.

–Monica Padilla

Monica's information was useful, and her idea is reasonable, but she should know by now that I'm not one to keep my promises. Deena and I have that in common.

–Jeff Varner

Gervase and Brandon soon met up with Varner to talk about what had just happened with Monica. After recounting the events to them all, he wanted to hear their opinions.

"Damn, that girl's got mad skills," Gervase said.

"I honestly didn't even know that she was still here," Brandon said.

"Y'all she's very much still here," Varner said laughing.

"Well I for one would love nothing more than to vote out Penny," Brandon said instantly.

"We all would," Varner said. "But that's really not a great move for us."

"Who are the chicks going after anyways?" Gervase asked.

"Brandon is gonna get down and dirty and find out from the ladies today," Varner chuckled.

"Brandon gettin down and dirty with the ladies, that's a new one," Gervase said clapping his hands and laughing.

After recovering from the laughter the conversation continued.

"We're not actually gonna give those bitches what they want, right?" Brandon said concerned.

"We haven't done it this far, why start now?" Gervase said facitiously.

"Make sure to talk to Smelly Kelly, she'll tell you what's goin down, the other two won't tell you s***" Varner told Brandon.

"We are some serious power players for three broke dudes," Gervase said laughing.

"I ain't poor Gervase, I'm practically a millionare," Varner said. And he meant it, he could practically smell the money at this point.

I'm definitely the center of attention this week, and I'm loving the limelight, I've evolved into quite the power player this time around.

–Jeff Varner

Brandon Quinton was a man on a mission this afternoon, his goal to find out who the girl's were targetting, his other goal, get an answer out of Kelly with as little bitchiness as possible, the latter being the harder of the two accomplishments.

"Oh where oh where has my little ho gone? Oh where oh where can she be? With her..." Brandon sang.

"It's bad enough that you call me ho, now you're turnining it into song?" Kelly said cynically.

"I was just trying to serenade you my love," Brandon said sarcastically.

"Well it was beautiful darling," Kelly said grinning.

"So what's the low down?" Brandon asked her.

"You know who I want out," Kelly said.

"Still?" Brandon asked.

"Brandon, she's so f***ing good at this game," Kelly said exasperated.

"She's been here for five days, and I've never heard her talk an ounce of strategy with anyone, aren't you worried about someone like Spencer using you?" Brandon said concerned.

"You asked for who I'm going after, and I'm just telling you who I want out," Kelly said.

"Alright girlfriend, you do your thang," Brandon said walking away.

"Wait!" Kelly said, pulling on Brandon's shirt so he wouldn't move away.

"Yes?" Brandon said smirking.

"Are you guys going after Spencer?" Kelly said concerned.

Brandon gave a big smirk, and walk away.

A huge knot grew in Kelly's stomach, Brandon had given her a pretty clear sign that Spencer was on the chopping block, and she began to worry.

Kelly's going to be all worried about Spencer now, which will make it easier to do...whatever we tell her to do later out of desperation to save her friend.

–Brandon Quinton

Spencer has been someone I've been getting closer with everyday out here, I don't know how much wiggle room I'm going to have with my alliance so, I have to give him a heads up like now.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Sure enough Brandon's plan worked perfectly, because Kelly was on a mad scavenger hunt for Spencer Duhm.

"Spencer!" Kelly called out.

"Hey you, what's going on?" Spencer said.

"Remember when we told eachother that we'd let the other one know when they were in trouble?" Kelly Goldsmith said nervously.

"Are you telling me that I'm in trouble?" Spencer said becoming paranoid.

Kelly nodded.

"I figured as much," Spencer said somberly.

"I'm doing all that I can to turn it around, but I don't have much to go off of, is there any chance you could vote out Sydney or Monica?" Kelly asked hopefully.

"I can't do that to Syd...I'm sorry." Spencer said.

"and Monica?" Kelly asked.

"I just can't turn on my girls, I couldn't turn on you either....I'm sorry..." Spencer said upset.

"You better kickass in that challenge then Spence, otherwise nobody's gonna think you're an All-Star," Kelly said giggeling.

"Easy for you to say Miss "my season was a billion years ago,"" Spencer said taking a jab at Kelly.

"You'll regret that when I'm writing your name down buddy," Kelly said.

"Bring your A-Game, I"m ready for anything," Spencer said.

"Awesome!" Sydney interjected. "Cause we got treemail,"

After an eyeroll from Kelly and some air punches from Spencer, Sydney read the treemail and they were on their way to the next challenge.

The challenge was simple in concept. Each person was given three colored tiles with their name on it. One by one each person would toss a coconut attempting to break one of their tiles. The first person to have all three of their tiles broken by them or someone else will win immunity.

Brandon was up first, he tossed a coconut, the coconut missed far to the right even hitting off a tree and bouncing  to the ground. Brandon grimaced and returned to his spot embaressed.

Kelly and Penny tried to stifle their laughter at his horrendous throw, however theres were not much better.

Gervase was next to throw, he hit one of his own racking up the first point of the game.

Spencer followed suit.

Sydney missed just to the left, hitting one of Penny's tiles.

Deena tried to hit a tile in the corner and just missed the board.

Monica missed completly, and Varner racked up his first point.

At the end ofthe first round Gervase, Varner, Penny, & Spencer had each racked up one point.

In the next round Brandon scored his first point.

Kelly missed knocking out Monica's first tile.

Penny managed to get her second tile as did Spencer.

Gervase missed knocking out Deena's first tile.

Deena then matched Gervase's effort with a second tile of her own.

Sydney hit her tile but lacked the umph to break it.

Varner hit his second tile as well.

The third round was  going to be crucial.

Brandon, Kelly, and Penny all missed their shots.

Now it was time for Spencer, this was his chance, his last tile was surrounded by other people who each had knocked out two piles. If he shot to the left, Gervase wins, if he missed to the right, Penny wins if he misses upward Deena wins, and if he misses downward Varner wins. All pressure was on him.

Spencer threw his coconut.


"That's it," Jeff Probst cried out.


Penny let out a surprise scream from the platform. She ran down and had Probst put the necklace on her.

"My Lord y'all I was not expecting this," She said smiling.

Spencer had missed. He was still vulnerable, and still going to have to fight his way to the top.

Day 24

Spencer Duhm, Monica Padilla, and Sydney Wheeler sat at the edge of the shelter the next day. Eviction day was looming and all three of them had nothing to show for it, but dissapointment.

"So I guess I should probably tell you what my plan is...or was anyways," Monica said gloomily.

She described the plan to them at length and then waited to hear there response.

"Woah, you really went to town there," Spencer said taken back.

"Yeah but then Penny had to win immunity," Monica said defeated.

"More like I won it for her," Spencer said upset.

"Well why can't we just go for Deena then? She's a bigger threat anyways," Sydney suggested.

"That's true, all you're hard work could still go to good use Mon," Spencer said smiling.

"Sydney's right, let's stop messing around and start seriously getting into this game, I'm gonna go get Varner you guys get ready for some serious schmoozing," Monica said upbeat.

I'm happy I can be here to lift my teams spirits. This game is so stressful and confusing sometimes you just need to dig deep and really make people believe in themselves and once you get there I know the three of us can turn the game around today.

–Sydney Wheeler

Monica soon brought Varner, who was joined alongside Gervase to discuss the prospects of getting rid of Deena tonight.

"We wanna talk about voting out Deena," Monica said cutting to the chase.

"Damn girl," Gervase said.

"Look dude, she's been wheeling and dealing like crazy to get rid of you guys, keeping her here could be the worst thing you could possibly do. She'll cut your throat in a second," Spencer pointed out.

"Look we were cool with getting rid of Penny cause she was annoying the hell out of everybody, but getting rid of Deena is risky," Gervase said.

"You're still gonna have your four and we'll have our three. Get rid of Deena and we'll finish the deed by getting rid of Penny next time," Monica said.

"Y'all aren't gonna use Penny to get rid of little ol' me?" Varner said. "Cause that'd be a dirty little trick from you youngins."

"We'd owe you so much if you did this Jeff and Gervase, I can give you my word that if I'm here tommorrow my vote on Day 27 will go to Penny," Sydney said.

"Me too," Spencer said. "I won't even tell Kelly, I know she's too close with Deena to let that happen."

"Me three," Monica said, fingers crossed.

"We have a deal then," Varner said.

Watching these kids fight for their life is cute, so cute I may do what they want since they asked nicely.

–Jeff Varner

Kelly and Penny were on their own mission today. The bs of getting rid of Spencer was going to stop. They wanted Sydney out of the game and they were going to get the job done.

"Good morning Varner," Penny said sweetly.

"...Oh if it isn't my two favorite girls," Varner said with his signature grin.

"Cut the crap Varner, we're not voting out  Spencer," Kelly said.

"What if I spare your little friend Smelly Kelly? Will you stop stinking up my vibe?" Varner said laughing to himself.

"Are you saying we're not voting out Spencer?" Kelly said taken back.

"Of course not, why would you ever think that?" Varner said sweetly.

"Brandon," Kelly muttered under her breath.

"So then, if Brandon isn't gonna be voted out, does that mean we're getting rid of Sydney?" She said smiling.

"No." Gervase said laughing.

"Wait, are you saying we're voting out Monica?" Kelly said confused.

"Well we just didn't want you to get rid of your boyfriend Kells," Varner said.

Varner is being...nice. This is weird, and probably not a real situation.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly went to get Brandon and Deena so Varner could give them the low down about what's going on.

"So, Monica told me that Deena told her that Penny told the rest of Ishrin..." Varner began.

"Varner, if this is some twisted joke, I'm going to go tell everyone to vote for you," Kelly said only half kidding.

"Smelly Kelly just let me finish," Varner said.

After Varner had recounted Monica's plan, the revised plan and everything including the fact that Spencer had agreed not to fill Kelly in on any of the details of the plan he sat back and watched the chaos ensue.

Once again, I'm reminded I can't trust anyone. I thought Spencer was my friend, but apparently I'm only good until he can find someone better, what an ass.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"That's unbelievable," Deena said.

"She's a little go getter that one," Gervase said.

"Was anyone else just completly taken off gaurd by this?" Brandon said shocked.

"Meh, her bark is worse than her bite," Deena said.

"Well we caught her, anyone opposed to getting rid of her?" Varner asked.


"Alright then, it looks like we all finally agree about something," Varner smiled.

Monica's a smart girl, and I'm a smart man, which is why I'm sending the smart chickidee bye byes.

–Jeff Varner

Monica had drug me along and played me like a fiddle, she did a good job I'll give her that, but now she's gonna pay the price for it.

–Deena Bennett

Varner and Gervase then walked over to talk with the Ishrin three, ease their comfort. Make them feel good for what little time they had left, but it was more strategic than anything else.

Elsewhere Brandon and Kelly were talking about what scumbags the Ishrin's were while Penny and Deena were off on the other side of camp planning on how they were going to do damage control once Monica was gone. The game had definitely been turned on his head today.

"So you guys are really voting with us?" Sydney said excited.

"Sure thing Sunshine," Varner said with a grin that almost looked sincere.

"See, I told you guys that if we just kept fighting we could stick around longer," Sydney said smiling.

"You were right Syd, nice work." Spencer said hugging his best friend.

"Aww isn't she just the glue that holds this sweet little family together?" Varner said mocking Spencer.

"Get your laughs in now fellas," Spencer said.

"Oh we're gonna be laughing all the way to the bank," Gervase said.

"Money," Varner sang in an off key voice.

Monica smiled watching it all go down, everything seemed too good to be true, and little did she was.

My plan is about to start taking shape. Soon enough me and my crew are going to be running this game.

–Monica Padilla

Everyone was getting ready for Tribal Council, when Varner whispered something to Gervase.

"Scandelous dude, scandelous," Gervase said.

Varner walked over to one of the other groups, all that was heard was a faint whisper.

"Slight change in plans...."

At Tribal Council Everyone was on pins and needles, the game was going to change, and everyone thought it was going to sway in their favor.

The votes came in and now it was time for the big reveal.

First vote...

"Deena," that was Spencer's vote.

"Monica," Penny's vote was next.

Deena," That was Sydney's vote.

"Deena," Monica's vote came after.

3 votes Deena. 1 vote Monica.

"Monica," that was Deena's vote.

Next vote...


Next vote...


3 Votes Deena. 2 Votes Monica. 2 Votes Sydney.

"huh?" Monica said.

Deena and Penny looked at eachother shocked.

Sydney and Spencer's mouth hunge wide open.

Next vote...


Spencer put his head in his lap, this was not happening right now.

Monica and Sydney held hands, gripping the other one tight.

Tonight had been so crazy, so out of control they had no idea what was going to happen next, all they knew was one of them was going to leave, their plans had been ruined.

8th Person Voted Out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School....


"No!" Spencer screamed out.

Tears began to stream down Monica's face.

"You guys, it's ok," Sydney said smiling.

She hugged Monica goodbye, and then moved to Spencer.

"Thanks for looking after me out here big brother," she said.

"I'm gonna miss you so much," Spencer said holding his best friend tight.

"Win this for me Spencer, you can do it, don't get discouraged, just fight back," she whispered into his ear.

She grabbed her torch and walked over to Jeff.

"Sydney...the tribe has spoken."

And with that the heart of Ishrin was gone, but their two best players were still there, and now they weren't going to play nice.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8

Sydney (4 Votes)
Brandon, Gervase, Jeff, Kelly
Deena (3 Votes)
 Monica, Spencer, Sydney
Monica (2 Votes)
Deena, Penny
Sydney Wheeler

Still In the Running