"Where For Art Thou Romeo?"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 3/13
Date Uploaded December 16, 2012
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Where For Art Thou Romeo? is the third episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

At Ishrin, Adam knew he was on the outs, and relyed on his friend Sydney to help carry him through the coming days. To Adam's luck, a divide within a once solid alliance was beginning to show. The alliance of 4 was still conflicted over who should be their 5th member, Monica and Brett backed Christina, while Adam and Colton were Sydney and Spencer's choices. At Wahid Penny was still on the outs of both alliances. In an attempt to weasel her way in she tried to forge a relationship with John, but it backfired when he blew up at her for trying to weasel her way in. The conflict between the two only further increased tensions between the tribe & Penny, but also gave John's alliances doubts about him. At the immunity challenge Wahid was victorious, sending Ishrin to their 2nd tribal council. Sydney was the swing vote between the two sides. In the end, Sydney decided to get rid of Colton, but what she hadn't anticipated was Colton's shocking reveal to the rest of the tribe. 14 Castaways Remain, Who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
One tribe member would guide their blindfolded tribemates to gather fifteen pieces to a puzzle cube that are scattered across the beach. Once all pieces are collected, the whole tribe must finish their puzzle. First tribe to finish would win reward.
Reward: Three egg-laying hens and a rooster.
Winner: Wahid

Immunity Challenge: Sea Stars
One person would serve as the caller and guide the other tribe members to assemble a floating sea puzzle. The colors on each side of the puzzle must touch the same color. The puzzle should form five sea flowers, the first tribe to correctly assemble all five puzzles win immunity.
Winner: Wahid


Day 7

Adam Gentry and Sydney Wheeler lay in the shelter still sound asleep. They sat on opposite sides of the shelter, Colton's last words had affected the tribe to a great extent, including the sleeping arrangments.

Of course both Adam and Sydney knew that Colton had been lying, it had been his chance to get revenge on the people that executed his eviction, that's the way Colton would go out, but still the paranoia of the game made both castaways feel it was best that the two seperate themselves from eachother for a while, to avoid being targetted by their fellow tribemates.

But the damage had already been done. Outside of the shelter, the reamining four tribe mates Brett, Christina, Monica, and Spencer were discussing the ramifications of last night's Tribal Council.

"I'm sorry, but after last night there's absolutely no way that I can trust her, no way," Monica Padilla said bluntly. Afterall, Monica had brought Sydney into this alliance, even formed another deal with her just yesterday, and she was willing to plot and scheme behind her back so that Sydney's eye candy could get further than her. That was not going to fly, oh no, Monica Padilla was over that alliance by now.

Last time, I stuck with one group till the end, and it cost me. So, if I feel like Sydney is willing to lie to me to get further, than she has to go now

–Monica Padilla

Christina Cha quickly nodded, similar to Kim and Alicia in Survivor: One World, she liked to follow suit with the leaders, which were clearly Brett and Monica at this point. Aside from that though, this is just what Christina had been waiting for. Finally, she was out of the limelight, which is just what she wanted, especially right now.

I knew that if I could get past these first few votes, I could fade into the background and just coast to the end, which is exactly what I intend on doing

–Christina Cha

Spencer, out of everyone though was the most conflicted. He knew Colton was a schemer and could have been lying, but still every sign pointed to the two dating. Sydney was unwilling to get rid of Adam, she had told Spencer it was ok for the two of them to align with Adam, hadn't she? Perhaps his hunches that Sydney wasn't as loyal as he thought were true afterall. His stomach turned. If Sydney wasn't really his ally, then who was?

In all my days playing survivor, I've never felt as alone as I do now. My best friend and ally has completly lied to me, and everyone else has been plotting against me, just great.

–Spencer Duhm

Brett remained quiet. He didn't like all this drama. Yes, Sydney had lied, but would they have trusted her had she told them this information? Probably not, he understood the logic behind Sydney's decision. If what Colton said was actually true anyway. Besides, he'd given Sydney his word that she would be in the final 4, and this seemed like an excuse to get rid of a threat befor the end.

"I gave Sydney my word to the 4," Brett said to the team. "I'm not gonna go back on my word, so if we're gonna lose someone, it has to be Adam."

"Brett, she completly lied to us, yet you wanna stick with someone who's clearly up to no good, I'm sorry but I think she needs to go now," Monica sai retalliating Brett's point.

Christina quickly agreed. Afterall, they had no use for a liar like Sydney in their group right.

"What do you think Spencer?" Christina asked curiously.

"Well..." Spencer said, but quickly he was cut off.

"Good morning everyone," Sydney said with a smile. Oh how desperately she hoped that if she just walked out this morning with a smile on her face that everything would be ok, but Sydney was about to find out dreams don't always come true.


Sydney looked around the campsite, trying to make eye contact with someone, but nobody would reciprocate a look from those sweet puppy dogs eyes. As far as everyone was concerned she was a cold blodded schemer.

She sat down on a log next to her old cast mate Spencer Duhm. He looked in the opposite direction, staring out into space. He couldn't look Sydney in the eyes, not now. She had lied to him, he already had his doubts that she was playing him, but now he knew for sure that she was, so he wasn't going to give her the time of day not now.

A tear streamed down Sydney's cheek. Her best friend wouldn't even look at her, her alliance wouldn't even speak to her. The awkward silence from the rest of the tribe affirmed her belief that they were talking about her. Sydney wanted to play the game, she wanted to make a move, that's why she had to take out Colton, the biggest schemer of all, but he'd left her trapped. Was this game even worth it? She thought. It was day 7 and she already had broken friendships, and nothing else to show for it.

"Where for art thou Romeo?" Christina Cha asked snarkily. The social media correspondant Christina was ready to get the scoop on Survivor's secret romance.

Sydney stood up, pushed back her tears and began to talk. "Look, you guys know that Colton was lying. That's who he is, he's a bitter loser, and he wanted to stir the pot. I just met Adam a week ago like the rest of you guys." The tears quickly returned to her angelesque face. She looked around seeking approval from her tribe mates, but none was to be found.

"That's bull****" Monica said bluntly. "Colton was already out of the game, he had nothing to gain by telling us that."

I just don't know what to do anymore. My tribe won't talk to me, let alone look at me for something I didn't even do. I just don't know if this game was even worth playing.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Hey sweetheart, ever head of this thing called revenge?" Adam Gentry shouted.

Christina rolled her eyes. The two still weren't very fond of eachother.

"So what are you love birds planning on doing today?" Christina said with even more attitude.

"Look, why don't you shut up and go be useless somewhere else princess? There's no way your going to win. Remember that group of girls from a year ago? They not only dragged you in challenges, but through the entire freaking game honey, so before you come at me, maybe you should remember what a pathetic player you are." Adam shouted.

Christina seemed unphased, at this point she'd become immune to his blowups.

Adam began to storm off into the woods, he was fed up with Christina and Monica acting like they ran the show. Spencer and Brett always sat back trying not to take the heat for anything, and his poor friend Sydney, who had tried to play the damn game had gotten the bad end of everyone else.

"Maybe you should go check on him," Monica suggested.

Sydney forced a grin and nodded. She knew this was Monica's way of getting rid of her, but she didn't seem to mind now.They were going to discuss this eventually, she turned around and began chasing after Adam into the woods.

"Where are you hididng Gentry?" Sydney shouted.

"Somewhere secret, just like our love for eachother honey pie," Adam said facitiously.

"Come on out here lover boy!" Sydney said.

Adam emerged from a more crowded part of the forrest, and flashed his sweet California grin. "Miss me, honey?"

"Well we've been so intimate for the past six months that just being away from you for those precious moments just killed me inside," Sydney said, unable to hold back her laughter while saying this.

"I have a feeling we should kiss." Adam said, only half joking.

"I have a feeling I should vote you now." Sydney replied.

The two laughed. They spent the rest of the day alone in the woods, unaware, and unconcerned about what was going back at camp.

People are going to scheme and plot whether you're there or not. It's the fun times you have that make the experience worthwhile even if you do get voted out.

–Sydney Wheeler

"Brandon, come here," Kelly Goldsmith whispered.

"Sup, ho?" Brandon said.

"I told you don't call me ho," Kelly said irritated.

"Sup?" Brandon said.

Kelly rolled her eyes, typical Brandon, never very serious about the strategic aspect of the game.

"You, me, Gervase, Varner - final 4, how's that sound?" Kelly asked.

"Cool," Brandon said.

Kelly and Brandon high fived and laughed at the dorky gesture they'd just made. Though Kelly was concerned aobut how Brandon was less concerned about the game than she was, she knew that was just the way he is. They'd been friends ever since their juror days on Survivor: Africa, and they intended to make it to the end together.

We have an alliance in place, and if all goes according to plan, Brandon and I are gonna take it to the top.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly is like my pimp out here, she gets me in all the alliances, and I just reep the benefits.

–Brandon Quinton

Meanwhile, Jeff was relaying the alliance back to Gervase. Although unbeknownst to Kelly, Gervase was much more aware of what was going on than she thought.

"So you made the deal with her?" Gervase asked.

"Hell yeah I did, and she bought it hook, line, and sinker," Jeff said flashing one of his snarky grins.

"She's gonna get played like a fool just like she did in Africa," Gervase said unable to contain his laugther. He began clapping while laughing unable to contain himself from their most recent scheme.

If you thought I wasn't the same ol' lyin' backstinbbin' two timin' scumbag I was last time, then I don't know what y'all are doin here baby.

–Jeff Varner

I love that I have all these deals, but I have to do absolutely nothing to get them. Varner does all the work, and I get to cash in.

–Gervase Peterson

At Wahid, the morning was off to a relaxing start. Penny Ramsey lay in the water, trying to soak in a few enjoyable moments of the day before the games would have to begin. For the past week now she had been on the chopping block, the only thing saving her was Wahid's early challenge run, but she knew that wasn't enough to keep her in the game. If she wanted to stay alive, she'd have to play a little bit differently.

I've tried being the flirt, I've tried being the southern belle, and I've tried being the pity case, maybe it's time I just be quiet.

– Penny Ramsey

That's exactly what Penny intended to do. Perhaps being a little less vocal, a little less of a kissup, and a lot more of a team player was exactly what she needed to get ahead.

In the distance she saw Gina and Deena meeting along the shore to hold their morning meeting. Penny had attended it just the other day. It was mostly all survival talk. Who was going to do what, who's slacking, who should go hunting today, and who should try and spruce up the shelter later, that kind of thing. However, there was more on Deena Bennett's mind today than just the nesseceties.

"You know, it's just John doesn't seem to care as much about the actual work as he does ordering us around, you know what I mean?"

Gina nodded her head.

Of course she'd noticed that John wasn't as hard of a worker as he made himself out to be. Sure he would help with the cooking, when Brandon didn't feel like it (which was almost all the time) and he'd do this and that, but it waqs obvious that Deena and Gina were the real work horses behind the tribe.

"Yet he's the one that's bossing everyone around," Deena spat in disgust. She hated being told what to do, especially by a man who she believed she was inferior to. Nothing disgusted her more, absolutely nothing.

"And then what he did to Penny yesterday, you know I"m starting to think this really isn't a good idea Gina." Deena said concerned.

Gina's countenance changed from happy, to concerned. "Are you sure Miss Penny wasn't just making that whole thing up? She seems like quite the hustler to me. Gina said observantly.

"Noted," Deena said. That was her new way of letting someone knew she understood where they were coming from, right before she completly refuted what she just said.

"Of course we have to consider that, but Penny's lies are just so transparent that I don't think she could pull this off nearly as well as she is, I mean look at her over there."

Deena motioned towards Penny who had laid her head in the cold ocean water, oblivious to the converstaion going on about a hundred feet away from her. "She needs us more than we need her."

"You're not suggesting that we.." Gina said, before she noticed Deena was already nodding.

Gina grimaced.

I just don't feel comofrtable keeping someone like Penny around over a leader like John. He doesn't do as much as Miss Deena & I, but he tries.

–Gina Crews

"I'm not saying we need to do anything right now, I just think we need to keep our eyes wide open," Deena proposed.

"Alright then Miss Deena," Gina said with a smile.

But Deena had no intention on changing her mind, which is why she called Penny over.

"Mornin y'all," Penny said flashing her big Texas grin.

"Hi Miss Penny," Deena said as sweetly as she possibly could without sounding too fake.

"How are ya?" Deena asked.

"Oh just fine, thank you both." Penny replied.

"Penny?" Deena said raising an eyebrow. "What do you think of John?"

Penny paused, just be quiet Penny thought, but something else inside her said this was her time to make a move. To stop playing for 8th place, and get playing.

"Well, I don't think he works nearly as hard as the rest of us." Penny said trying to come off as sweetly as possible.

Deena nodded, while Gina shook her head in frustration.

"It really isn't personal, ya know? I'm still not particularly fond of him, but I'm trying to be the least bias I can be."

Gina rolled her eyes.

Miss Penny is very intellegent, she knows what to say when it counts, but unfortunately I've already played with people like her so I can see right through it.

–Gina Crews

"I think the chicks need to stick together, who's to say we can't run this tribe?" Deena said smirking.

Penny nodded, even Gina reluctantly agreed.

"I don't wanna make any official deals or anything now, I think it's very early in the game still, but I'm willing to consider it." Gina said.

Deena nodded.

Gina is a team player. She cares about the team, and that's awesome, but it becomes difficult when you wanna start making moves and you have someone thinking about who's gonna go get the water.

–Deena Bennett

"Well, I'm going to go get some fire wood, I think we're running low," Gina said as sweetly as could be," She smiled sweetly and began walking toward the Arabian wilderness.

"So you're completly on board with this?" Deena asked Penny.

"Let's do this," Penny said extending her hand to shake Deena's.

The two women shook hands, and went their seperate ways to attend to the chores of the day.

John Caroll was preparing the tribe's lunch, although he had been quite distracted by the women's conversation down by the shore. John knew that long conversations in survivor usually meant that there was strategy going on.

"What's going on down there?" John asked Gervase.

"I don't know man, It's Penny though, there can't be that much going on," Gervase replied.

John Caroll shrugged, his achillies heel was always his paranoia, and being the victim of one of the first power shift in Survivor history didn't ease his concerns at all.

"Still, you know..."

"Relax brother, ain't nobody here trying to get rid of you, just trust me, besides man, we got treemail, let's go check it out," Gervase said.

I'm like the Oprah of this tribe man. Everyone's coming to me with all their problems and I'm givin them reassurance like it's money.

–Gervase Peterson

The two turned around and began to head for treemail, but what John missed was the crucial handshake between Deena and Penny.

At the reward challenge. 15 puzzle pieces had been scattered throughout the beach. Each tribe mate would be blindfolded, and have to be led by a caller who would instruct them as to where the pieces were. The winner would get three egg-laying roosters

Because Wahid had two extra members Gina & Brandon agreed to sit out.

Both tribes strategized on who their caller should be.

"I wanna be the caller," John said.

"Of course you should be buddy," Deena said with one of her fake grins. Penny held back her laughter, and with that Wahid had chosen their caller.

At Ishrin the decision was a little more difficult.

"What we should do," Adam said, "is pick our weakest member, and make them be the caller, so Christina, if you would please..."

"Why don't you do it Adam? Since you have such a big mouth," Christina said sarcastically.

"I agree," Monica said.

"Of course you do," Adam said, "We all just love to agree with eachother around here."

"Just shut up, and take your spot," Monica said, over the conversation.

Survivors Ready? GO!

Both tribes got a solid 5 pieces. Many of them were reltively close to the mat anyways.

Adam instrcuted his team to move methodically, the tribe would gather the pieces closest, then the ones further away.

Meanwhile, John instructed the men on his team to go retrieve the further pieces, while having the women gather the ones closer to the mat.

"Gervase, Varner, go straight until I tell you to stop, you're going to the tip of the shore so it won't be for a while, I will instruct you when you should look out for the big pieces." John called out.

"A little to the left Christina," Adam called out.

Soon Christina Cha stumbeled over the large puzzle piece and hit her face off the ground.

Christina struggeled getting up so she stayed on her knees trying to recover.

"Christina, get your ass up off the ground, and start dragging that puzzle piece back, before we all have to drag you...again!" Adam yelled.

Christina slowly got up and began slowly dragging the puzzle piece to the mat, but she was nowhere close.

Adam threw his hands up in the air in rage. "Brett please go drag that useless bitch and her puzzle piece to the mat, just come towards my extremly pissed off voice."

Sure enough Christina's blunder had caused her tribe some setbacks

"Wahid only needs one more piece until they can start the puzzle, Ishrin still has three more," Jeff Probst announced.

Jeff and Gervase brought back the final piece for Wahid. They removed their blindfolds and began working on the puzzle.

Adam observed how the Wahid tribe was assembling their 3-D puzzle. Adam knew if the Ishrin tribe had any shot of winning he would have to observe how the Wahid tribe was putting together their puzzle.

Eventually the Ishrin tribe got all their pieces and began copying what the Wahid's had already completed. Little did they know however, both tribes had assembled part of the puzzle incorrectly.

Minutes went by until someone said.

"Oh my god, the solid color is supposed to be on the inside, this is wrong we gotta fix this now!" Kelly Goldsmith shouted.

Sure enough she was right, quickly Wahid scrambeled to change up their pieces, and accomplished their task once again.


The Wahid tribe jumped up and down in excitement, placing Kelly on top of the 3-D Puzzle, or what they liked to call "her throne."

and upset and defeated Ishrin tribe walked back to camp. Adam spat in disgust at his tribe's pathetic performance once again.

Day 8


The sound of the rooster woke John Caroll at the crack of dawn. He grabbed a handful of rooster feed that the Wahid tribe had won along with the chickens and walked toward the make-shift pen they had assembled yesterday. He spread the feed out for the hens and rooster to graze on.

Once the chickens moved out of their little nest, he saw a medium sized oval laying in one of the nests.

"No way," John said, absolutely astounded at the chicken's present he recieved this morning.

Deena Bennett soon awoke and walked over toward him.

"Oh My God," Deena said in shock, "That's a nice sized egg too,"

The two walked over to the camp fire and set the egg on the frying pan to begin to cook. They wouldn't eat the egg until the entire tribe saw what they had earned at yesterday's challenge. The two took their seats on opposite logs and began to compare notes.

"So what was going on down at the beach yesterday?" John asked curiously.

"Oh you know Penny, trying to throw you under the bus once again," Deena said in her casual voice.

"Seriously?" John asked.

"Yeah, she's still pissed about the whole blow up thing from a few days ago I suppose," Deena lied.

"Unbelievable," John said shaking his head.

"Yeah, I hear ya," Deena said "you did awesome in the challenge yesterday though, this is all thanks to you buddy," Deena said buttering him up.

"Nah, it was a group effort, besides Kelly solved the puzzle," John said turning bright red. He'd never admit it, but he knew he was pretty much responsible for the Wahid victory yesterday.

The rest of the tribe began to awake, which ended the conversation, but John shared his thoughts in his confessional.

Yesterday I was feeling a little on edge, but I feel like the challenge yesterday and the egg this morning has secured my position in the tribe for now.

–John Caroll

The whole tribe was eccstatic to see an egg. They fried the egg to a crisp, and shared it amongst the eight of them. Spirits were high in the Wahid camp this morning, and nothing was going to change that.

I was considering getting rid of John, but now that he's in such good graces with the tribe, I don't think it's going to work out unfortunately.

–Deena Bennett

Penny Ramsey, however, was unaware of Deena's new attitude towards the deal they had made yesterday, and was ready to begin pursuing the deal.

She found Kelly Goldsmith, the one person she thought would most likely be on board with joining the alliance.

"Hi there," Penny said with a smile.

"Oh...hey, what's up?" Kelly said. She turned toward Brandon and rolled her eyes. She motioned for him to come over here, but Brandon refused, he meerly laughed at her for getting stuck with Penny today.

"We were wondering if you wanted to help us take out John," Penny said.

"I'm assuming we is more than just you..." Kelly said, only half joking.

"Yep, not just me, An all female alliance, Deena, Gina, and I were talking about it yesterday, and we wanna know if you're in." Penny said.

"Sure, why not?" Kelly said half heartidly.

"Great, see ya" Penny said with a smile, then turning to walk away. She wasn't sure if Kelly was actually on board, but she agreed to go along with it, and that had to count for something. Right?

Kelly was unsure about the plan though, she knew Penny was up for trouble, but were Deena and Gina really considering this? This could easily just be another one of Penny's plays but this one seemed a bit different.

If this plan is real, and not just some figment of Penny's imagination, then I think Wahid's gonna get a whole lot crazier than everyone thinks its gonna be.

–Kelly Goldsmith

At Isrhin the mood was not as happy as it was at Wahid.

Adam Gentry walked along the shore kicking rocks and sand as far as he possibly could. He was outraged at yesterdays challenge loss. If only his tribe listented to him. If only they didn't keep such weak players around so that they could get ahead strategically, which was what was hurting them physically.

This tribe just sucks. Plain and simple. They don't know how to perform well in challenges, they're just a bunch of knuckleheads that call themselves a "tribe."

–Adam Gentry

Adam sat by himself on a rock, looking out at the crystal blue water, chewing on a stick that he amagened was a juicy drumstick from a chicken they would've won yesterday had they listened to him. He felt drained, all his efforts in challenges, all of his attempts to mesh with the tribe were all for nothing. If they lost tommorrow either him or Sydney would be voted out for "lying" about their so-called relationship.

I came out here to win, and I'm giving everything 100% but it's like I just keep getting smacked down again and sucks.

–Adam Gentry

While Adam was off on his own, Sydney was trying to ingratiate herself with the tribe once agian. Her first order of buisness was to catch up with her friend, and number one ally, Spencer.

"Hey there, you got a sec?" Sydney asked nervously.

Spencer hesitated before responding. It was still awkward between the two of them, but he reluctantly gave in, he should at least let his friend talk.

"What's up?" Spencer asked.

"I just wanted to say, I really didn't know Adam until you did, I promise. Look we've been friends forever, and I came into this game ready to go to the end with you, and that's what I intend to do," Sydney said.

"t's just hard to believe, you guys are really close, you know?" Spencer pointed out.

"We are really close...we just clicked, but Spencer, I came here to play a game, not fall in love. That's why I'm standing here talking to you instead of bitching about yesterday's challenge with him."

"You weren't doing that yesterday," Spencer said skeptically.

"You all were talking about voting me off, in front of me, I wasn't gonna sit through that," Sydney said defensively.

Spencer shrugged. The two had a long hug, tears beginning to stream down both friends' faces. The game had taken a brutal strain on their relationship.

"Look, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I hope we can still be friends after this, no promises about the game though," Spencer said.

"I understand," Sydney said empithetically, "but Spence, even if you can get me three more days, you know how much that would mean to me."

Spencer nodded.

The two hugged once again, and went to check treemail.

I want to believe Sydney so bad, but my gut is telling me I shouldn't be.

–Spencer Duhm

The two had caught the attention of Monica Padilla, however.

"She's trying to ingratiate herself into the tribe again," Monica said concerned. "I really think we need to get rid of her should we lose the next challenge."

"I'm not voting for her, I gave her my word," Brett said calmly.

"We're going to have plenty of opportunities to get rid of Adam, this may be our only chance to get rid of Sydney, and we need to take advantage of it," Monica persisted.

Christina nodded in agreement.

"But Christina...wouldn't it be nice to not have Adam here anymore?"

Christina nodded in agreement once again.

"But...Sydney's not much better you know, besides she's useless in challenges compared to Adam." Monica said once again.

"How bout you settle it, Chris," Brett suggested.

"Oh...I doesn't matter to me, I'll just vote with the majority," Christina said sweetly.

Monica rolled her eyes, typical Christina, never wanting to decide anything.

I don't care if Adam goes home, I don't care if Sydney goes home, As long as Christina doesn't go home. I'm fine.

–Christina Cha

"We got treemail you guys," Spencer said.

The immunity challenge today was a floating sea puzzle. One member would stand on a platform and help their tribemates manuever the puzzle so that it formed 5 flowers. The colors on each puzzle piece must touch a piece with the same color. The first tribe to put together all five flowers would win immunity. Each team was given a few minutes to strategize.

At Ishrin, Sydney steped up to the plate.

"You guys, I know my neck is on the line, so I'd like to be the caller, if that's ok," Sydney said.

"Better you than Christina," Adam said bluntly.

Spencer smiled and nodded, and with that Sydney was going to have her last stand.

At Wahid the debate was a little more gruesome.

"Well since it worked out last time I think I should be the caller," John said.

"But, I"m the one that solved the puzzle..." Kelly said honestly.

"But you're sitting out." John said arrogantly.

"Look I know I'm no challenge goddess, but I can solve pretty much any puzzle you give me, so I really think that I should be the one solving it," Kelly said growing frustrated.

John shooed her off, and a very angry Kelly sat next to Penny on the bench waiting for the challenge to begin.

"I'm so pissed off right now," Kelly said.

"We'll find out in due time just how dumb he really is," Penny reassured her.


Sydney and John both started barking out orders to the tribe.

John tried to visualize each flower by itself then would focus on how to bring the whole thing together, while Sydney was more concerned by the the colors of each square.

The Wahid gang was touch, and easily able to move the pieces around, while Christina had some difficulty. At one point Adam had her sit on the edge, so she wouldn't interfere with the puzzle making process.

By now John had gotten Wahid's first flower and half the second while Sydney had gotten the first row of pieces complete.

The challenge went by at an equal pace, half an hour into it Wahid had 3 flowers, while Ishrin only had parts of most of them, but they had secured one entire flower.

Sydney, who panicked began looking over at the Wahid tribe to see how they were putting together their puzzle. She noticed a difference between theres and hers, their first flower was a different shape, all the flowers were supposed to be the same.

Quickly she called out, "You guys, one of those pieces over there isn't right, we gotta switch it out with one that looks like a more round petal, they aren't pointed you guys.

Adam quickly began transfering pieces, hindering the process, while Wahid put together their fourth flower.

"Alright, Deena, Jeff, you guys just gotta switch around those last few pieces and we got it!"

Sydney grimaced as she watched her rival tribe asemble the last of their puzzle.


A tired and defeated Ishrin tribe swam back to shore, Adam looked to Sydney and said, "Get Ready, cause Tommorrow is gonna be one crazy day."

Day 9

"See, I told you it wasn't going to be as bad as you thought it was going to be," John Caroll said to Kelly Goldsmith about the challenge win yesterday.

"You're right John, you're perfectly capable of solving a puzzle. Congratulations." Kelly said in a playfully cynicall tone.

The two hugged and laughed. Today was going to be an easy day. Everyone was safe at Wahid for the third time in a row.

One more Immunity Win, and an Old School contestant is gonna walk away with a million bucks!

–John Caroll

John walked away and Kelly rolled her eyes. The fakeness was too much to handle at this point. John had pretty much degraded her at  the challenge. Yes they'd won and it'd all worked out, but that wasn't the point. The point was John refused to listen to her, and wouldn't even apologize for humiliating her, and Kelly took these things personally.

Like, ok, you solved the puzzle. Congratulations, you've finally done something successful in your survivor career.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Kelly glanced at Penny, and Penny glanced right back.

They both exchanged a playfull eyeroll at John's latest antics. The two had bonded quite well during the challenge the other day. They'd become friends by a mutual enemy, and when the time was right, both would attack.

However, the day was young, and there was little to do. Wahid wasn't going to tribal council tonight, or hopefully, any time soon.

Ishrin longed for one day that could be as peaceful as Wahid's, but today would not be that day, because paranoia was everywhere. The Adam and Sydney rumor had been the focal point of the tribe for days. And after arguments, blow ups, disagreements, and so much more perhaps after tonight there would finally be some peace in the tribe.

Sydney and Adam went to talk to Brett the first time they could. Brett had been the one vocalizing that he wouldn't vote for Sydney, and that was as good of a place to start as any.

"Hey there Brett," Sydney said sweetly.

"Hey, how are you guys doing?" Brett said concerned.

"Not to bad man, just trying to stay alive," Adam said.

"I hear ya, but I have to let you guys know that my vote is going toward you tonight Adam, nothing personal, just made promises here with everyone else." Brett said.

"I respect that man, it's it really worth losing this game for?" Adam asked confused.

"I'm just thankful I got to play twice, so however far I go is just a blessing to me," Brett stated.

"Brett, I really appriciate you sticking to you word," Sydney said softly.

"I know you got into this mess cause of Colton, and I'm gonna make sure you don't pay for it."

"Alright, well thank you very much," Sydney said with a smile.

Her and Adam walked away trying to find someone else to strategize with.

"This is perfect!" Adam said.

"It is?" Sydney said.

"Yes, cause if Brett votes for Me, and Monica and Christina vote for you, and then you, me, and Spencer all vote for Christina, we could still be in this game tommorrow," Adam explained.

Sydney's eyes widened. A smile grew on her face. There was a chance for both Romeo and Juliet to see the sunlight? Perhaps this game wasn't over like she thought it was.

"I'll talk to Spencer and we'll see," Sydney said. "Just go pretend like you know that your time is ending shortly, alright?"

This is our Hail Mary! This move could turn the entire game around if we play our cards right.

–Adam Gentry

Spencer Duhm was laying in the shelter. He had gotten out of bed all afternoon, the decision of whether or not he would have to vote out his best friend was killing him inside. He didn't want to do it, but if she was lying like Monica and Christina insisted he was, then, maybe he should.

"Sydney?" Spencer said.

"Yeah Spence?" Sydney replied.

"Swear to me that you're not dating Adam," Spencer said seriously.

"I swear on everything Spencer, I"m not dating him, you know I wouldn't do that if I wasn't." Sydney replied.

"Alright, cause I think that threesome over there is gonna be splitting their votes. So if you insist that you're with me..."

"I totally am," Sydney reassured him before he could even finish his statement.

"Then we're back in buisness," Spencer said.

If Sydney really trusts me, like I think she does. Then, maybe, just maybe, things could change.

–Spencer Duhm

The Dream Team is Back, Tocantins all the way!

–Sydney Wheeler

Sydney described the plan to Spencer. He nodded and pondered the idea while she spoke. Blindsiding Christina was ballsy, and it could easily piss off the entire alliance, but what a great move it would be, it'd be shocking, simply shocking.

"There's a lot of moving parts to that though..." Spencer said concerned.

"But it's bound to happen, right?" Sydney said.

"Look...they could easily just all vote for Adam if they even get a hint that could happen. Brett might even switch his vote to you," Spencer pointed out.

Sydney's face went pale.

"We can try though, I'll give it my best effort," Spencer said.

The two hugged once again, and Sydney Wheeler felt a little more safer as the day went on. Perhaps, this wasn't doomsday for her. Colton wasn't going to bring her down in his blaze of glory, this as her chance to fight back.

It's funny, three days ago I thought I was done, but there's a chance tonight that I could be running this game.

–Sydney Wheeler

Spencer walked over to Monica, Brett, and Christina, who had been having the same conversation over the past three days about what they should do about the vote.

"Look, they could pull something if we don't stick together!" Monica said. "And I'm not changing my vote,"

Spencer looked down into his lap grinning as she said this.

"Christina, Spencer, pick a side,"

"Adam," Spencer said

"Sydney," Christina refuted.

"Great we're deadlocked again," Monica said rolling her eyes.

The indecisivness is killing me. Nobody is willing to budge, and we're going to go in their like a bunch of morons and spend more time at tribal than we have to.

–Monica Padilla

"Do we want a three way tie?" Monica asked.

"Someone will have to cave eventually," Spencer shrugged, till' then I'm out."

Brett followed him.

"Dude, I can't get rid of Sydney, I really can't, not now." Spencer said honestly.

"I'm with you, but you know where I stand," Brett said.

"Doesn't mean we can't plan around that," Spencer said with a grin.

Spencer's a cool guy. He sticks by his word, just as I do, It's good to have someone who has the same philosophy about the game around.

–Brett Clouser

Get your survivor history books out, cause tonight something is gonna go down that nobody is gonna see coming.

–Spencer Duhm

Sydney quickly hurried toward Spencer before tribal council.

"Everything alright?" she said.

"Yeah, just one thing," Spencer said. He whispered something in her ear, so faint the cameras couldn't even pick it up.

"I'm in," Sydney said.

Spencer nodded and walked away.

Adam walked over to confrim the plan was still on.

"We stil good?" Adam asked concerned.

"The game is on, Gentry" Sydney said with a smile.

At tribal council everyone walked in expecting to be safe, but a blindside was on the way. Jeff read the votes.

First vote..

Sydney, that was Monica's

Adam, that was from Brett as promised.

Christina, that was from Adam, as predicted.

Next vote....

Sydney, thats two votes Sydney.

Sydney began to shake. She didn't want this to end, she'd expected two, but just one more vote would send her packing.

Next vote...


Jaw's dropped.

Two votes Sydney, Two Votes Adam, One Vote Christina, One vote left.

Was a Three Way Tie Coming? Whose vote hadn't been read? Did anyone have a clue what was going to happen.

Third Person Voted Out of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs New School.


Adam looked from Spencer to Sydney and shook his head.

"Wow, guys, just wow"

Sydney blew him a kiss, but he turned away without looking at her. She'd stabbed him in the back to get ahead, and what's worse was she wouldn't even give him a heads up.

The Starcrossed lovers had finally been seperated.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3


Adam (3 Votes)
Brett, Spencer, & Sydney
Sydney (2 Votes)
Christina & Monica
Christina (1 Vote)
Adam Gentry

Still In the Running

John Caroll