"Whose Throat is Getting Slit Tonight?"
Season Survivor: Japan - Civil War
Author User:UltimateGambit
Episode Number 11/14
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This is the 11th episode of Survivor: Japan - Civil War

Previously On Survivor...

When the castaways returned to camp, Kyle confronted Bryce about his betrayal of the Ashikaga alliance, knowing that he had voted for either Hannah or Landon. Donna, who had wanted to get rid of Landon, asked who had changed their vote to Hannah. Chuck admitted he had done it, and despite his attempts to explain himself, Donna threatened to vote him out if he went against her plans again. Landon, observing this, decided to focus on pitting them against each other.

Chuck's team won the reward challenge the next day. Reyna, who was on Chuck's team, claimed that the reward, helping to deliver school supplies, toys, etc. to a local village, had changed her as a person, and that she would do more community service upon returning to America.

Back at camp, Landon approached Donna with an offer to help vote out Bryce next, followed by Chuck. His "sacrificial lamb" deal was not immediately accepted by Donna, who still wanted him gone because he was considered to be a bigger strategic threat than both Bryce and Chuck. Meanwhile, Kyle questioned Phoebe and Shannon about why they had flipped on the Ashikaga alliance, and also asked them about potentially getting rid of Donna next. Phoebe and Shannon agreed that Donna needed to be the next to go, and the former was surprised that Kyle still didn't know that they had a hidden immunity idol.

The next morning, Reyna's flirtations with Bryce concerned Landon, who instantly deemed her a bigger threat than he initially thought. Meanwhile, Kyle revealed his plans to vote out Donna to Chuck, offering to make him the new daimyo if the coup succeeded. Although he was wary of Kyle's motives, Chuck was still tempted by the offer. Patrick began asking everyone who they wanted gone next, stating in a confessional that he no longer wanted to be part of an alliance, and instead wanted to play a more mercenary strategic game. However, when Donna told him that she wanted Landon gone, he decided to stick with her "if only this time".

Landon's sacrificial lamb deal fell through the next day when Bryce won immunity. He and Kyle discussed whether to vote out Donna, a strategic threat who was weak in challenges, or Chuck, a physical threat with a weak strategic game. They could not instantly agree on what to do, so they decided to figure out what everyone else was planning. Bryce and Reyna decided to target Chuck for being a physical threat. Reyna revealed in a confessional that she planned to bring him to the end, partly because he had poor chances of winning the vote at the final tribal council. Phoebe and Shannon reaffirmed their intentions to get rid of Donna. Chuck, Donna, and Patrick all agreed to vote out Landon, but Chuck was still contemplating Kyle's offer.

At tribal council, an argument broke out when Kyle said that Bryce wasn't a team player. When Donna said that the Ashikaga alliance wouldn't be able to stand due to Kyle and Bryce's feud, Landon claimed that the Kamakura alliance couldn't stick together, either, due to Chuck and Donna's conflicting agendas. He also openly tried to turn Chuck against his alliance. In the end, the prospect of becoming the daimyo won Chuck over, and Donna was blindsided in a 6-3-2 vote. Nine are left. Who will be voted out next?


Immunity Challenge: In the first round, each castaway must move a bag of puzzle pieces through a rope woven around a wooden beam. The first six to accomplish this move on to the second round, where they must move another bag through a series of hurdles situated above and below the water. The first three to accomplish this move on to the final round, where they must solve a puzzle. The first castaway to finish the puzzle wins immunity.


Night 27

The remaining nine castaways return to camp.

Chuck: You're all welcome.

Shannon: So you flipped on Donna?

Chuck: Yeah. I never liked her. She was a threat, anyway, so she had to go.

It's looking less and less like Ashikaga versus Kamakura by the day. Now, it looks much more like whatever allies you can cobble together versus whatever allies your target can cobble together. And there may or may not be a third party.


Kyle quickly pulls Chuck aside.

Chuck: So I'm the new daimyo? I made myself look bad to the others from Kamakura, so you owe me.

Kyle: You're the new daimyo. We and Landon are the only ones who know about this deal, and it's going to stay that way.

Chuck: Alright, that's manageable.

I had to keep my end of the bargain with Chuck. Landon's almost certainly going to want him gone at some point in the near future, so I feel kinda bad about essentially setting Chuck up to fail. But hey, my word is bond.


Back in the shelter, Phoebe and Shannon speak in hushed tones.

Shannon: I don't trust Kyle.

Phoebe: I don't trust him either. There's only one reason he could have wanted a word with Chuck in private, and that's strategy. You think he's playing both sides?

Shannon: It's probable. Maybe he made a deal with Chuck earlier. Like if he helped to vote out Donna, Chuck would become the next daimyo.

Phoebe: We'll see what happens at the reward challenges. That's when we announced the new daimyo when we voted out Lawrence and Patton.

It was bad enough that we couldn't trust Landon or Bryce, but now we can't trust Kyle, either. We're running out of people we can trust. I don't even know if there are any left.


Day 28


The next morning, Reyna and Emma go to collect tree mail.

Reyna: So are you and Landon tight?

Emma: Yeah, I think so. I'm not positive that I trust Kyle, though. I'm not sure I want to go to the end with the two of them. Landon's closer to Kyle, so I'll have to get rid of one of them sooner or later.

Reyna: Who do you want going to the end with you?

Emma: I don't know. I gotta bring one of those two with me to the end. I've betrayed enough alliances as it is. But I kinda want you coming with me to the end.

Right now Landon thinks I'm totally on board with him, but I need to keep my options open. He could be a jury threat if he keeps playing the game without backstabbing too many people. I need to be sitting next to a coattail rider and another person who's either very deceptive or very unlikeable in order to win.


Reyna: I have a final three deal with Bryce right now. If you want to join, you can.

Emma: That's something I'll definitely have to consider.

Emma's my friend, but she's also a person you want sitting next to you at the end because not many people are going to vote for her. I think she's been too much of a turncoat throughout this game to win. If I can get her and Bryce, who isn't exactly Mr. Popular around camp, to the end, I'll laugh my way to the bank.


The girls return with envelopes filled with five hundred U.S. Dollars, believing that they are about to participate in the Survivor auction. Eagerly, the castaways depart for the forest clearing where some of the challenges are held.

I feel that I need to further prove that I'm not riding Landon's coattails, so the minute I see something like a clue to a hidden idol or an advantage in the next immunity challenge, you better bet I'll pounce. If the others want to blow their money on food, that's fine with me.


Survivor Auction

Jeff greets the castaways as they enter the forest challenge area, where an auction is arranged. The castaways take their seats. Before the auction begins, Kyle informs Jeff that Chuck is the new daimyo of the Kasai tribe. Jeff reminds them of the rules of the Survivor auction before officially starting the auction. The items available are, in order:

  • A bottle of sake (Bought by Chuck for $20, with nobody else really knowing what sake is. Chuck is surprised that Kyle, a bartender, does not know what it is.)
  • California rolls (Bought by Landon for $60.)
  • Apple pie (Bought by Phoebe for $160, after a brief bidding war with Emma. Phoebe is allowed to share it with one other castaway and, unsurprisingly, chooses Shannon.)
  • A choice between nachos with a margarita and a mystery item (Bought by Reyna for $180 after a bidding war with Kyle, who just wants the mystery item since he believes it could be something strategic. Reyna chooses the mystery item, which, to her dismay, turns out to be octopus and soy sauce.)
  • A shower (Bought by Reyna for $320 after a fierce bidding war with the other women of the tribe.)
  • A cheeseburger with fries and a soft drink (Bought by Bryce for $300 after attempts by Patrick and Shannon to buy it. Bryce admits that he usually doesn't eat such food, but is making an exception due to mostly starving over the past four weeks.)
  • Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and a glass of wine (Bought by Phoebe for $340 at the last minute before it would have gone to Chuck for $300.)
  • A note to be read at tribal council (Bought by Emma for $500 after a short, but intense, bidding war with Kyle. Right after Kyle bids $400, Emma jumps right to $500.)


The tribe returns to camp, some people with full bellies, and others just as hungry as before the auction. Phoebe and Shannon go to the well to discuss strategy.

It was so nice getting all that food at the auction. It was a nice break from the game. But now it's over and Emma has a note to read at tribal council. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll have a drastic effect on the next vote. I need to plan around that.


Phoebe: What do you think that note could say?

Shannon: It could be anything. Maybe we'll end up voting out two people next time. Maybe she'll get to vote twice as well.

Phoebe: It didn't look like an immunity idol of any sort, so she could still be vulnerable.

Shannon: You think we should get rid of her next?

Phoebe: It wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. She'll be our plan B in case Bryce wins immunity tonight.

Phoebe and I are trying to come up with a gameplan that'll work around whatever special power that note will give Emma. Needless to say, that's not easy when you don't even know what advantage the note gives.


At this time, Chuck joins Phoebe and Shannon.

Chuck: Hey, do you two have a final three alliance in place?

Phoebe: No, it's just us. But we need a majority.

Shannon: So you're in.

Chuck: Great! Wait, wasn't Bryce in your alliance a few days ago? When we voted out Hannah?

Phoebe: He can't be trusted, so we need to get rid of him soon. Right now, we need some combination of Emma, Reyna, and Patrick to ensure that we get the majority at the next tribal council.

Now that the tribal alliances are collapsing in on themselves, I need to get in a new one. With Phoebe and Shannon on my side, that's three people, plus my extra vote. I think that the next logical step would be to try to recruit Bryce and Reyna in a package deal, then get rid of Bryce when we can afford to lose one of our own. *pauses* Wow, Dave's taught me a lot about this game.


Meanwhile, Landon, Kyle, and Emma collect firewood.

Landon: Do you have any idea what that note might say, Emma?

Emma: None whatsoever. All I know is that it most likely benefits us at the next tribal council.

I'm disappointed that I lost out on the note at the auction. And frankly, I just don't trust Emma that much. I mean, she betrayed the Kamakura alliance, so how can I know she won't betray me, too?


Kyle: Do you guys still think we need to get rid of Bryce?

Landon: Absolutely. I have no quarrel with him on a personal level, but he's unpredictable and he's a challenge threat. That makes him way too dangerous to be kept around.

Emma: But what if he wins immunity again? Then who do we target?

Landon: I think Chuck, since he's the next biggest physical threat.

Kyle: Chuck? Don't you think that our plan B should be somebody more strategic? Like Phoebe? Besides, the more competition Bryce has in challenges, the easier it will be to get rid of him.

Emma gives Kyle a distrustful look.

Landon: Let's just see what happens, guys. We might not even need a plan B.

I'm a little surprised that Kyle isn't really on board with getting rid of Chuck. I don't think Phoebe's enough of a threat to warrant being voted out sooner than Chuck or Bryce. Even worse: Emma doesn't seem to trust Kyle. I really hope my alliance isn't collapsing in on itself.


Day 29


In the afternoon, Bryce and Reyna go for a swim.

Reyna: I made a final three offer to Emma yesterday.

Bryce: What did she say?

Reyna: She said she would be open to it.

Bryce: Are you sure we should bring her to the end? I mean, I get that she's your friend, but she's a threat in challenges. I'm afraid that the minute somebody else wins immunity, I'm going home. I've pretty much dug my own grave.

Reyna: You haven't dug your own grave, Bryce. We can still get a majority alliance, get rid of Kyle and Landon, and go to the end. We just need a third person to form the core of that alliance.

My back's against the wall right now. I'm like Jonathan Penner after the merge on Philippines. But hey, I've got an ally, and she wants to start makin' moves and forming alliances, so maybe I ain't out of the runnin' just yet.


Bryce: Who do you think we could get to join this alliance?

Reyna: I don't know. Do you think maybe Patrick would be on board with it?

Bryce: I don't really trust him, but we don't have very many options at the moment.

Patrick, who Bryce and Reyna did not know had been eavesdropping on their conversation, joins them in the water.

Patrick: Maybe you don't need to get a majority alliance.

Reyna: Oh, hey there Patrick. Why do you say that?

Patrick: The other two alliances need more votes. If you join them permanently, you'll be on the outs as soon as you're no longer needed. If you don't join them, there's a chance they'll need you longer. You could eke your way into the final three that way.

I've changed my mind about not wanting to be in an alliance. I think that if I form a final three alliance with Bryce, who I doubt more than a couple of jurors would vote for, and Reyna, who hasn't exactly been a power player, I can win. I haven't really been a strong strategic player so far; nobody I've voted for went home the night I voted for them. But I think the jury will respect my getting to the end, along with my social game, despite constantly being on the outs.


Bryce: Who do we vote for?

Patrick: We'll figure out who everyone else is targeting, and go along with them as long as it isn't one of us.

Reyna: And if neither side is targeting us, we vote for the bigger threat.

Bryce: Alright, that sounds like a plan. So final three?

Patrick: Final three, baby.

The three of them bump fists.

A new life in this game literally fell into my lap. Now Patrick's in a final three alliance with me and Reyna, and he's even proposed a new strategy which sounds really good. Now I just need to get rid of either Chuck, Emma, and Landon. The only question now is, "In what order?"


Day 30

Immunity Challenge

The castaways enter the beach challenge area, where they are greeted by Jeff and the sight of a three-stage challenge course. Jeff takes the immunity necklace back from Bryce. After he declares it back up for grabs, Jeff explains the challenge to the castaways, reminding them that whoever wins has a one in eight shot at winning the game. Everyone else will be vulnerable at tribal council that night.

In the first round, Landon gets off to an early lead while Reyna struggles almost right out of the gate. Bryce and Emma are both quick to catch up to Landon, while Kyle, Patrick, and Phoebe take up the middle. Reyna, Chuck, and Shannon hold up the rear.

Emma narrowly beats out Bryce for first place, with Landon coming in third. Kyle starts to fall behind and Chuck quickly passes him and Patrick. Phoebe narrowly beats him out for fourth place, and Patrick finishes sixth. Kyle, Reyna, and Shannon are eliminated from the challenge.

In the second round, Patrick jumps out to an early lead and never relinquishes it, easily finishing first. The naturally athletic Bryce finishes second. Shannon holds up the rear, all but falling out of the second round, while Chuck, Emma, and Landon fight for third place. Landon, however, gets stuck on the final underwater hurdle, losing precious time as Chuck and Emma surge ahead. In a photo finish, Emma narrowly beats out Chuck for the last spot in the final round.

The third round remains closely contested throughout, with Bryce, who is in between Patrick and Emma, frequently checking to see what the other two are doing. Noticing this, Emma begins to deliberately assemble the puzzle incorrectly in an effort to throw Bryce off. However, Bryce catches on to this scheme and solves the puzzle just a couple of pieces ahead of Patrick. Jeff inspects the puzzle to make sure it is correct, and declares that it is correct and that Bryce has won immunity for the second time in a row.

Bryce celebrates loudly, knowing that he had probably dodged a bullet by winning immunity again. Landon looks on, irritated that his plan to eliminate Bryce got delayed. Jeff places the immunity necklace around Bryce's neck, reminding him that he now has a one in eight shot at winning the game. He reminds the remaining castaways that they have tribal council that night before sending everyone back to camp.


The rest of the tribe congratulates Bryce on his second consecutive immunity challenge win when they return to camp. However, Landon is quick to pull aside Kyle and Emma.

Operation get rid of Bryce got delayed again, so now we need to figure out who's the next biggest threat. I have a good idea of who that is, but it's entirely possible that Kyle and Emma will have a better idea.


Landon: I still think it's gotta be Chuck tonight. He'll have to do since Bryce is still safe.

Kyle: I disagree. We need to get rid of another strategic threat, like Phoebe. The more physical threats we keep around, the easier it will be to beat Bryce.

Emma: I think I have to agree with Landon on this one. As soon as Bryce goes home, Chuck becomes our next biggest threat. Besides, people generally seem to like him, so we'll need to get rid of him before he can go on an immunity streak.

I'm starting to grow concerned about Kyle's hesitance to go along with the plan. Hopefully that note can work as a failsafe in case he decides to do his own thing, because I don't really trust him.


Emma seeks out Bryce and Reyna, attempting to recruit them as extra votes in case her suspicions about Kyle turn out to be correct.

Emma: You guys thinking about getting rid of Chuck?

Bryce: Yeah, he's pretty high on our hit list. You want to get rid of him now?

Emma: Now's as good a time as any. He's a physical threat, and he's been a roll of the dice strategically since Dave got voted out. Too dangerous to be kept around much longer.

Reyna: Yeah, we'll help you get rid of Chuck.

I'm not entirely sure I want to get rid of Chuck yet. Emma almost beat me at the last challenge, and she's younger and more athletic than Chuck, who's just really strong. I think that Emma could be more of a challenge threat than Chuck, so I want to get rid of her sooner rather than later.


Bryce goes to find Chuck to discuss the prospect of voting out Emma. He finds him strategizing with Phoebe and Shannon, who don't hesitate to let him join the discussion.

Bryce: Hey, I just wanted to know where your all's heads are at. You thinkin' Emma?

Phoebe: Yeah, we're thinking Emma. She's the next biggest physical threat outside the alliance.

Bryce: So that's five votes since Chuck's the daimyo, right?

Shannon: Yep, five votes.

Bryce: I can probably get Reyna to vote along with us, so I think we'll get the majority. I'll go talk to her.

Chuck: You do that.

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it seems almost too convenient that Chuck, Phoebe, and Shannon were already plannin' to vote for Emma. Maybe they weren't. I mean, I'm not really in their alliance anymore, so they could have been lyin' to me. *exhales* I don't know whether to vote for Chuck or Emma now, to be honest. I want to vote for the person who's actually going home.


Chuck goes to the canoe, wanting to go fishing, but notices Landon already there.

Chuck: How tight is Emma with you and Kyle?

Landon: I dunno, man. I mean, she's pretty loyal, but I'm not sure if it'd be the wisest decision to take her to the end. Why?

Chuck: We need another vote in case somebody flips.

Landon: Let me think that over. People in my alliance have different ideas about who to vote for. I think we're actually leaning toward Phoebe.

Chuck: Alright.

Hopefully I've played my cards right and Emma goes home. But Landon's not completely sold, and there's no guarantee that Reyna will be on board. We may have to do some fire challenge tiebreaker.


Right now, people seem to think that it's either going to be Chuck, Emma, or maybe Phoebe, and none of them know it. The million dollar question is: Whose throat is getting slit tonight? We're about to find out.


Landon then goes to find Bryce and Reyna.

Landon: How would one of you like to become the next daimyo?

Bryce: No thanks, man. I've got a big enough target on my back as it is.

Reyna: All we have to do is help to vote for Chuck?

Landon: Yeah.

Reyna: Then I accept.

Landon smiles and leaves, while Bryce quickly questions Reyna about the decision.

Bryce: Are you crazy?

Reyna: We need every vote we can get, so no, I'm not crazy. We'll just need to get one more vote on our side, then it'll be smooth sailing to the final four. No problem!

Landon just approached me out of the blue shortly before tribal and offers to make one of us the daimyo. Since we'll need every vote we can get, I was quick to accept. I'll do anything to get an edge right now, so hopefully Chuck goes home.


The castaways collect their torches and depart for tribal council at sunset.

Tribal Council

The remaining castaways take their seats at tribal council, greeted by Jeff.

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury. Dave. Hannah. And Donna, voted out at last night's tribal council.

Donna hardly acknowledges the castaways as she enters the tribal council area and takes her seat on the jury bench, next to Dave.

Jeff Probst: Patrick, now that Donna is out of the picture, would you say that it's still Ashikaga vs. Kamakura?

Patrick: Absolutely not, Jeff. Everybody has their own agenda. Now, it seems like there are three alliances of three.

The jurors raise their eyebrows at this revelation, surprised at the unexpected turn the game has taken since their eliminations.

Jeff Probst: And what are these alliances?

Patrick: I know Landon, Kyle, and Emma have one. Me, Reyna, and Bryce have a final three deal in place. And then that leaves everyone else.

Jeff Probst: Kyle, is this true?

Kyle: I'm not aware of any alliance Chuck has with Phoebe and Shannon if that's what you're asking. I don't think very many of these alliances will last long at all. Either a ringleader will be voted out, or people will flip, which has happened a lot since the merge. It's a cutthroat game, Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Bryce, you must feel very fortunate to have that immunity necklace around your neck.

Bryce: Oh absolutely, Jeff. It seems that everybody wants me gone. Most of these people don't seem to like me for some reason.

Landon: It's not at all that we don't like you, Bryce. We just think you're a threat. So if anything, it's a compliment that we want you gone for that reason. But you're safe for at least another day, so don't worry right now.

Jeff pauses before concluding his grilling session.

Jeff Probst: Before we get to the vote, Emma, you bought a note at the auction to be read at tribal council. Now is the time to read it.

Emma unties the twine around the note, which she then unrolls and reads aloud.

Emma: You must now send one person back to camp. That person will not vote, but cannot be voted out.

Jeff Probst: Alright Emma, who do you choose?

Emma takes a minute to contemplate her decision.

Emma:*sighs* Oh god...This isn't a very easy decision to make...Kyle.

Everybody looks shocked that Emma would prevent one of her own allies from voting.

Jeff Probst: Alright Kyle, grab your torch and head back to camp. You are excused from tonight's vote.

Kyle complies, whispering to Emma that she owes him an explanation after the vote. Once Kyle is out of sight, Jeff reminds the castaways that they cannot vote for Bryce or Kyle, sending Reyna up to vote first. One by one, the castaways, minus Kyle, cast their votes.

Now that I've ensured that Kyle won't screw up our plans, you can enjoy your stay in the loser's lounge.

–Emma (voting for Chuck)

Emma, you're a physical threat and you're bye!

–Chuck (voting for Emma)

Bryce is seen taking a while to choose who to vote for, and his vote is not revealed. When Bryce returns, Jeff goes to collect the voting urn, returning a minute later.

Jeff Probst: If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

Nobody takes up Jeff on the offer.

Jeff Probst: Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes.

...First vote...Emma.

...Second vote: Emma. Two votes Emma.

Emma nods somberly, expecting the worst.

Jeff Probst: Chuck. Two votes Emma, one vote Chuck.

Jeff Probst: Chuck. We are tied. Two votes Emma, two votes Chuck.

Chuck looks visibly surprised at how the vote is going.

Jeff Probst: Emma. Three votes Emma, two votes Chuck.

...Chuck. We are tied. Three votes Emma, three votes Chuck.

...Chuck. Four votes Chuck, three votes Emma.

...Emma. We are tied. Four votes Chuck, four votes Emma, one vote left.

Jeff retrieves the final vote, waiting to read it aloud to build suspense.

Jeff Probst: Eleventh person voted out, and the fourth member of our jury...

....Chuck. That's five votes. That's enough. Please bring me your torch.

Chuck somewhat angrily picks up his torch and brings it to Jeff.

Jeff Probst: Chuck, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Chuck's torch, officially eliminating him from the game.

Jeff Probst: It's time for you to go.

Chuck departs without a word to the remaining castaways.

Jeff Probst: In the game of Survivor, you can't get comfortable. Grab your stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

The remaining seven castaways present pick up their torches and leave the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
(5 votes)
Bryce1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
Bryce, Emma, Landon, Patrick, Reyna
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
(4 votes)
JoJo1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
Chuck (2), Phoebe, Shannon

Voting Confessionals

This ain't an easy decision, but I feel that the less competition I have in challenges, the better.

–Bryce (voting for Chuck)

Emma, you're a physical threat and you're bye!

–Chuck (voting for Emma)

Now that I've ensured that Kyle won't screw up our plans, you can enjoy your stay in the loser's lounge.

–Emma (voting for Chuck)

I lied when I said my alliance was leaning toward voting out Phoebe. We wanted to get rid of Bryce, but you'll have to do this time around.

–Landon (voting for Chuck)

My alliance wants you gone, so I'm going along with them. Gotta prove that they can trust me. Sorry, man.

–Patrick (voting for Chuck)

Nothing personal. Just strategy.

–Phoebe (voting for Emma)

Hope you enjoyed being the daimyo. Now it's my turn.

–Reyna (voting for Chuck)

Maybe it'd be wiser to get rid of Landon now, but you've won immunity before and he hasn't, so...Yeah.

–Shannon (voting for Emma)

Final Words

Well, what can I say? I placed my trust in people who were untrustworthy, and I paid for it. Quite literally, since I just missed out on a million bucks. I'm pretty mad at Landon, though, since he lied to me about leaning toward voting out Phoebe. I'm not too keen on voting for him if he makes it to the end.


Still in the Running

Beth voted out
1552875 191318257730736 617767526 a
Jasmine Voted Out
1558661 191898041006091 1013420313 a
1552812 191904904338738 119571436 a
Lawrence Voted Out
Patton voted Out
1483885 192237787638783 1752064159 a
1552812 191904904338738 1195371436 a
Dave Voted Out
1481921 193180334211195 775306311 a
1079141 193180400877855 183251063 a
John Voted Out
Katie Crockett
Lisa Voted Out
1481851 193195394209689 1958035701 a
1490968 193201437542418 1894003788 a
Tyler Voted Out

Next Time on Survivor...

Landon looks to put his endgame into motion.

After this vote, I should have a clear path to the million dollars.


However, Shannon has other ideas.

He's clearly the best strategic player out here other than maybe Phoebe, so I have to get rid of him before it's too late.


And can Bryce keep his immunity streak alive?

Author's Notes

The title of this episode was spoken by Landon.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage.