"Wiggle Room"
Season Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School
Author User:SimBrotherCo
Episode Number 11/13
Date Uploaded February 18, 2013
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Wiggle Room is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Arabia - Old School vs. New School.

Previously on Survivor...

With Varner gone, Gervase and Brandon had to fend for themselves. While Gervase decided to remain cool, calm, and collected, Brandon went on the offensive, bashing his fromer allies that had betrayed his friend. Meanwhile, within the alliance of five, sub-alliances were already forming. Spencer and Monica made a final three deal with Kelly, while Penny used her extra money at the survivor auction to align with Gervase. However, both sides of the alliance began to have doubts about the other, Spencer's close friendship with Kelly made Deena worried, while Deena's constant paranoia began to grate on Monica. At the Immunity Challenge, Deena won her second individual immunity in a row. At Tribal Council, Brandon paid the ultimate price for his actions by being voted out. 6 Castaways are left, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Face Off
Answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For every correct answer, a player is allowed to chop one of three ropes. Last person standing wins.
Reward: A trip to a Survivor-themed ice cream parlor
Winner: Spencer

Immunity Challenge : Bone to Pick
The castaways have one hand tied behind their back, and they have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. First castaway to assemble their puzzle wins Immunity.
Winner: Deena


Day 31

Gervase Peterson layed still in the shelter. Everyone else had been up for several hours going about their morning routines while Gervase lay there.

He'd been up early many mornings and staying up late worrying about the game recently, so today he was going to celebrate the fact the he was still here by laying about in the shelter today.

Last night, I wasn't sure what was gonna go down, but Penny came through and I'm still here. So I'm gonna just keep doing what I've been doing.

–Gervase Peterson

Gervase turned around and looked out into the campsite while he sat comofortebly from the shelter as he did so.

He saw Deena chopping down firewood to use for the day while Kelly and Monica gossiped whist cooking breakfast for the group. Penny and Spencer were sitting by the fire talking. Not strategy talk it seemed like, just normal everyday stuff.

Penny looked up from her conversation with Spencer a few times and shot him a wink.

Gervase nodded to let Penny know they were still tight.

Kelly and Monica then pulled the pot off the fire for breakfast to be served. The others soon gathered around the fire for their morning portion of rice, while Gervase rolled back into the shelter to get some more shut eye.

When he awoke a short time after, Penny Ramsey crawled into the shelter to join him.

"Hey there," Penny said with a faint smile.

"Hey what's up?" Gervase asked.

"Just checkin in on ya, Kelly was thinkin' you'd died," Penny said giggling.

"Well I guess you'll have to give her the bad news," Gervase said grinning.

Penny laughed. Gervase had definitely been a lot more personable since Varner left. Everyone had noticed that.

"We still good?" Gervase asked.

"Yup," Penny said. "I was thinking we'd try to get the Wahid tribe back together, take out the Ishrin two, I dunno if anyone could beat them in the end."

"I'm all for that, but there's no way Kelly's gonna vote out her boy," Gervase said pointing his head toward Spencer.

"Think she'd vote for Monica?" Penny asked curiously.

"Hard to say, Kelly doesn't vote out her friends, I'll tell you that much," Gervase said bluntly.

"Well I'm Kelly's friend." Penny said.

"You were, until she found better friends..." Gervase said non-chalantly.

"We, we're gonna have to do our damndest," Penny said optomistically.

"Cool beans, get back to me," Gervase said walking out of the shelter, towards a bowl of rice the girl's had left for him.

Penny's plan is to keep Wahid together. The problem is she thinks Kelly is gonna vote out her best friend just for them, and I know first hand what happens when you ask Kelly to do something she doesn't wanna do.

–Gervase Peterson

I'm not saying Kelly's going to be super happy about this plan. But ther'es very little wiggle room now, that she'll have to realize her friends are just too threatening to take to the end.

–Penny Ramsey

However, Penny's plan was going to be a lot more difficult, because while she was solidifying her deal with Gervase. Spencer and Monica were solidifying a deal of their own.

Monica, Spencer, & Kelly, water canteens & jugs in hand had set out into the Arabian woods to the water hole to refill their bodies and their minds.

"So, if everything goes according to plan, than Gervase will be the next to go," Monica said once they had gotten far enough into the woods that nobody could overhear them.

"And from there it should be easy for the three of us to get to the end," Spencer said grinning. "You're still on board, aren't you Kelly?" Spencer asked reassuringly.

"Oh hell yes," Kelly said beaming from ear to ear.

I love how everyone on my old tribe thought I was just a pawn to further their own game, but as of right now I'm going to be the last one standing from my tribe.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"Deena & Penny still think I'm with them though, so you want me just to keep playing that up?" Kelly asked.

Monica shot a nervous look to Spencer who reciprocated the same expression. Though after a few seconds Spencer nodded.

"Yeah, definitely," Monica said shakily.

"What's the giant pause for?" Kelly said suspiciously.

"Well we thought Deena and Penny said they were with us..." Monica said grimacing.

"So, if Gervase wins immunity tommorrow who are they voting for?" Kelly said growing more and more nervous.

"Deena specifically said we were gonna vote for you," Monica affirmed.

"Well I was under the impression they were gonna vote for you," Kelly responded just as confidently as Monica.

"Penny and Deena made a final four deal with us," Spencer said backing Monica up.

"And she's been freaking out the past few days that Spencer wouldn't vote for you when the time came," Monica chimed in.

"When was that?" Kelly asked, the pit in her stomach growing.

"Like, yesterday," Spencer said sympathetically.

So, there's definitely been some double dealing going on, because the two people who nobody wanted to work with are now aligned with pretty much everyone.

–Kelly Goldsmith

When the three of them arrived at the water well the conversation stopped as to refill the water canteens.

Kelly sat by the well reflecting on what she'd just heard, a lot of double dealing had gone down, and she was going to have to make a decision at some point.

When they finished gathering the water they began to make their way back toward camp, just as silent as it was at the well until Kelly said,

"Well, if they're double dealing we're gonna have to stick together," Kelly said.

"That's been the plan all along," Spencer said smiling.

Kelly told Monica and I that she was totally with us. I guess it really is a testament to how far honesty and friendship can take somebody in this game.

–Spencer Duhm

We definitely used Deena and Penny's tactics against them today. They were playing both sides, which Spencer and I assumed, and they got caught, and now we're gonna make sure they pay for it.

–Monica Padilla

The three walked back into camp passing the water off to Deena who would boil it after she finished sprucing up the Fekruna camp.

Kelly, in desperate need of a chance to clear her mind, walked down to the beach to lay out and absorb everything she had heard from Spencer and Monica this morning.

With Kelly down by the beach, and Gervase.....somewhere else.

That left the four so-called "allies" alone at camp to have an awkward, but nessecary conversation about the upcoming votes.

"So, how's Kelly?" Deena said in her fake high pitched voice. Looking directly at Spencer when she said it.

"She's been pretty chill ever since Varner and Brandon left," Spencer said smiling. "She's totally accomplished what she's set out here to do."

"And she's fine with voting out Gervase?" Penny asked sweetly.

"She seemed pretty happy about it to me," Spencer said.

Penny shot a nervous look to Deena.

"So Gervase, then Kelly?" Monica asked, seeking conformation.

"Absolutely," Deena said.

Monica turned to Spencer and rolled her eyes.

The load of bs that each of us are feeding the other is absolutely crazy. It's ridiculous that we're sitting here just pretending the others don't know we're working against them.

–Monica Padilla

"Spencer, are you comofrtable voting out Kelly is Gervase were to win immunity?" Deena asked as sweetly as she could without sounding too fake.

"I mean, I'd really hate to do it to her, you know, I really would, but I gave you guys my word, and so I guess I'll have to make do," Spencer said somberly.

"You're doing the right thing," Penny said patting Spencer on the shoulder.

The good thing about working up my reputation as a really honest guy is that when it comes time for me to lie, people are gonna believe me a lot more than they believe other people.

–Spencer Duhm

"Well we're gonna go lay down for a bit, we'll catch up with you guys later," Monica said smiling.

"Alright, good talk," Deena said sitting down to begin boiling the water.

When Monica and Spencer had layed down in the shelter Deena whispered to Penny, "What a load of crap."

Penny nodded.

"They're totally working her," Deena said nodding toward Kelly. "I'm just scared she's gonna start coming after us," Deena said concerned.

"Don't worry, I'll have a chat with her, she hasn't had any problems with us this far, has she?" Penny said optomistically.

"No, but lord knows what that girl is really thinking," Deena said shaking her head.

Our conversation with Monica and Spencer pretty much confirmed that one of them is going to have to go next. They're far too dangerous to keep around much longer, and they've been shamelessly wooing Kelly.

–Deena Bennett

Meanwhile, on the other side of camp, Spencer and Monica were having a similar conversation.

"Spencer she's totally freaking out," Monica said trying to hold back her laughter.

"She seriously thinks I'm like Kelly's keeper or something, it's so weird," Spencer said letting out a small laugh.

"She takes everything way too seriously," Monica said watching as Penny and Deena boiled water.

"I know, no wonder nobody wanted to work with them at Wahid," Spencer agreed.

"We just have to make sure Kelly knows she's tight with us," Monica said smiling.

"I got that under control, the two of us are tight," Spencer said confidently.

It seems as if the vote is going to come down to Kelly this week. And it just so happens Kelly is my strongest ally. How's that for making the right alliances, with the right people?

–Spencer Duhm

Gervase than wandered back into camp, holding an oversized plaster mask over his face. The mask resembeled that of Jeff Probst, on the back of which was the treemail for this next challenge.

"Oh my gosh," Deena said. "This challenge again,"

The six players arrived to their next challenge where they were each handed a questionare, that would poll their opinions on their fellow tribe members. After all the questionaires were collected, the results would be tallied and the next segment of the challenge would commence. Then they would be asked the same questions they were polled on, only they should answer what they thought the majroity of the tribe said. Whoever got it right could take a whack at someone's rope. 3 chops on someone's rope and a life like plaster face of them would be destroyed. Last player with at least one rope standing wins a reward to a local Arabian Ice Cream Parlor where they will enjoy all the ice cream they can eat, and the show the local ice cream vendors like to put on.

Once the questionaires were tallied up the game was ready to begin:

First Question, "Who would you trust with your life?"

Deena- Penny

Gervase- Spencer

Kelly- Spencer

Monica- Spencer

Penny- Deena

Spencer -Spencer

"Gervase, Kelly, Monica, and Spencer all got it right."

Gervase was up first and took a chop at Monica.

Monica, Spencer, and Kelly then collectively took Gervase out of the game.

"One round in and Gervase is already out of it," Jeff declared.

Next question, "Who uses sex appeal as a weapon?"

Deena - Monica

Kelly - Penny

Monica - Penny

Penny - Monica

Spencer - Penny

"There was actually a tie between Penny and Monica for the right answer, everyone gets a chop," Jeff declared.

Deena walked over and took a chop at Kelly.

Kelly then gave Deena some payback.

Monica then followed suit with Kelly, striking Deena's second.

While Penny went and delivered the final blow to Monica.

Spencer then went and did the same to Deena.

"And with that," Jeff announced. "We're already down to three."

Question three, "Who never shuts up?"

Kelly - Penny

Penny - Penny

Spencer - Penny

"Everyone got it right, go at it," Jeff announced.

Kelly took a shot at Penny. Penny decided to mix it up and hit Spencer. While Spencer stayed tight with his friend Kelly and hit Penny's second rope.

Question 4, "Who thinks they're running this game?"

Kelly - Deena

Penny - Monica

Spencer - Deena

"Deena, was the correct answer. Kelly and Spencer each get a hit," Probst called out.

Kelly went and delivered the final blow to Penny, while Spencer had no choice but to hit Kelly.

"Here's where we're at," Probst said, "Kelly has one hit left, Spencer has two, so if Spencer gets this question right, he wins reward."

Question five, "Who does not deserve to be an All-Star?"

Kelly - Penny

Spencer - Gervase

"The correct answer was, Penny. Kelly gets it right, we're all tied up once again," Probst declared.

"Alright, if either one of you gets this right, and the other one doesn't than we have a winner," Probst reaffirmed. "Who could survive the shortest time on their own?"

Kelly - Gervase

Spencer - Kelly

"The correct answer was....Kelly,"


"Spencer, an afternoon alone would be no fun, pick someone to come with you," Probst said.

"Kelly," Spencer said smiling.

Kelly ran over and gave Spencer a huge hug.

"As for the rest of you, I got nothing for ya, head back to camp," Probst said dismissing the other castaways.

Excitement was rushing through Kelly Goldsmith & Spencer Duhm's veins as they walked along the Arabian shore where they found a path that led them to a quaint Arabian Ice Cream parlor.

There they saw the local vendor who had them pick as many flavors as they'd like and then the performance began. Two other Ice Cream vendors popped out each of them having the cone appear and disappear out of their hands before Kelly or Spencer could grab it. Then Spencer realized one of the vendors was far too farmiliar.

"Oh my God, It's Ice Cream Scooper Erik!" Spencer cried out.

I've been a huge Survivor nerd since I was little, so when I saw Erik Reichenbach serving me Ice Cream, I was fangirling like crazy, Kelly was totally judging me the whole time.

–Spencer Duhm

I'm not sure whether Spencer was more excited to have Ice Cream or the fact that Erik was serving it to him, I definitely caught him oogeling and ogeling a few times.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Once their performance was over Erik finally handed the two their ice cream and wished them well, and departed.

Kelly and Spencer took a seat on a small picnic bench to chat while they enjoyed their ice cream.

"So I bet Deena is totally freaking out back at camp," Kelly laughed.

"She took a couple of harsh blows today," Spencer said agreeing with her.

"She's going to be ten times more paranoid now than she was earlier, I could tell they were trying to talk to me all day," Kelly said rolling her eyes.

"We're cool though?" Spencer said.

"I'm 100% with you guys now, although your new love for Erik has me a little bit concerned," Kelly said sarcastically.

"Hey, you know you'll always be my number one," Spencer said with a wink.

"Bulls***" Kelly screamed.

The two laughed and enjoyed their ice cream, not knowing or caring what the other four were doing back at camp.

Spedning the afternoon with Spencer just reaffirmed who I wanted to be with at the end of this game. I trust him way more than I ever did anyone on the ex-Wahid tribe.

–Kelly Goldsmith

The best alliances out here are the ones with people you form genuine relationships with. Kelly and I always have a good time, hich is why we trust eachother more than other people here.

–Spencer Duhm

Day 32

Like every other morning Deena Bennett and Penny Ramsey were the first two awake. Although, before getting to the daily grind, they decided to go for a walk down the beach.

Their suspisions about Spencer and Monica were confirmed yesterday during the reward challenge when Spencer not only targetted them, but chose Kelly to go with him on the reward.

Penny had assred me that Kelly was with us, but the Kelly I saw at the challenge yesterday didn't seem like someone who was totally with us.

–Deena Bennett

"On a scale of one to ten how confident are you that Penny's gonna vote with us tommorrow?" Deena asked bluntly.

"Well yesterday I felt like a 7 or 8, but after yesterday I'm thinking more like a 5," Penny said grimacing.

"If she's gonna vote with us, we're gonna have to give her all the information she needs to make a decision," Deena said confidently.

"Well I suppose we can try an exploit Monica and Spencer's friendship, and try and see if Kelly's willing to be a little selfish," Penny said grinning.

"It's all we have at this point," Deena said. "Wake Gervase up, see if he has any advice."

Penny walked over to the shelter, gently shaking Gervase until he awoke. "Deena wants you to help convince Kelly to go with the plan we talked about yesterday," Penny whispered.

"I think I'm gonna sleep instead," Gervase said turning over.

"C'mon Gervase, we just need ya," Penny urged.

Gervase reluctantly got up out of bed and followed Penny to where eena was resting at the beach.

"Good morning," Deena said perkily.

"It's hardly even morning," Gervase moaned.

"She wants to know how can get Kelly to vote out Monica," Penny said.

"Look, I told Penny already, she does what she wants. If Kelly doesn't wanna vote someone out, there's no convincing her to do it," Gervase said irritated.

These chicks just don't understand that you can't convince someone to vote against people they're tight with. They can do what they want though, I'm just gonna keep chilling.

–Gervase Peterson

Gervase walked back into the shelter where he fell back to sleep.

Frustrated, Penny and Deena walked back to camp to begin preparing brunch for the rest of the tribe, but mostly waiting for Kelly to awake.

The sooner we get a sense of where Kelly's standing. The sooner we can either further our plans or start devising a new one.

–Deena Bennett

Soon enough, their tensions were eased when Kelly Goldsmith emerged out of the shelter before her Ishrin allies, and took a seat on a log in front of the fire.

She let out a large yawn, and began to stretch to help awake from her deep sleep.

"Hey girlie," Penny said smiling.

"Hey Penny, hey Deena," Kelly said perkily.

"How was your trip yesterday kiddo?" Deena asked.

"Oh, I think Spencer enjoyed it much more than I did, that Ice Cream Scooper Erik guy showed up," Kelly said giggling.

"I'm mighty jealous of both of y'all," Penny said grinning.

"He try and cut a deal with you?" Deena asked suspiciously.

"Not really, I mean we talked about how nice camp would be when Gervase left, but we have more of a friendship than an alliance," Kelly said.

"So, if the vote changed to Monica, before Gervase, you'd be cool with that?" Deena asked curiously.

"Is the vote changing to Monica?" Kelly asked.

"That's the plan," Penny said, "That is if you're ok with it." Penny added reassuringly.

"But...why?" Kelly asked confused.

"Just wanna make sure that the two Ishrin's can't slip all the way to the end," Deena said. "It's simply a safety measure."

"Wouldn't it make more sense to eliminate the biggest immunity threat...Gervase?" Kelly asked skeptically.

"I'm sure we can beat Gervase in at least one challenge," Deena said optomistically.

"If you insist," Kelly said turning away to roll her eyes.

I know Deena's plan is to get rid of Monica so they can get rid of Spencer with out me. Gervase is a pawn! I'm a pawn! We're all just pawns she can use to get herself further, and I'm getting tired of it.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"You down?" Penny asked.

"I need to think about it for a little bit, but I'm definitely considering it," Kelly said dismissing herself from the conversation.

I know Kelly has her reservatious about gettin' rid of Spencer's best friend, but it's in our best interest as well as hers.

–Penny Ramsey

Kelly walked down the beach where she'd saw Gervase chilling by himself. This was her opportunity to catch up with him.

"Hey there," Kelly said sweetly.

"Awww Aren't you just the sweetest thing to come visit me on my way out of the game," Gervase said laughing.

"Cut the s*** Gervase," Kelly said smirking.

"Oh they told you then," Gervase said surprised.

"You know about this?" Kelly said curiously.

"Yup, they were real scared bout you not wanting to get rid of ya boy's friend," Gervase said.

"Why are you telling me this?" Kelly asked curiously.

"Just trying to make friends," Gervase said smiling.

"I'm not gonna be your friend," Kelly said sarcastically.

"Fine, then I was lying," Gervase said raising an eyebrow.

"I hate you," Kelly said.

"Get to steppin' Smelly Kelly," Gervase said laughing.

My...encounter, with Gervase was very revealing. Apparently he knew about this plan before I did....I thought we hated Gervase aroun here.

–Kelly Goldsmith

Did I say too much?

–Gervase Peterson

Monica and Spencer walked to treemail this afternoon, preparing for a big challenge. If one of them could win this challenge, there'd be a lot more security about where Deena and Penny's votes were coming.

"It would be really great if I could win this one, because there's no way that Kelly would ever vote for you, she'd be solid with us," Monica said eagerly.

"Hey, I'm pulling for you every step of the way," Spencer smiled.

Winning today's immunity challenge is crucial for me. I know Deena & Penny are going to be gunning for me, so a winning today would just be a huge relief.

–Monica Padilla

"So she was cool with voting with us yesterday?" Monica asked.

"Oh she was more than willing," Spencer said laughing.

"She really hates authority," Monica said giggling along with him.

"Well the Wahid tribe has to be the biggest group of a-holes in Survivor history," Spencer said grinning.

"True that," Monica said.

I think the reason Kelly's faced so much adversity on Wahid is the people there are like ten to twenty years older than her. I mean she's all about playing the game, but she doesn't want to think about it every minute of the day. It's an experience, not a punishment.

–Spencer Duhm

The two arrived at tree mail and brought it back to deliver news of their next challenge.

Once there they were explained the rules.

The castaways have one hand tied behind their back, and they have to start off by making a hook with 3 pieces in order to hook a bag of puzzle pieces. They will then take the pieces and begin working on the lower portion of a fish skeleton. They must repeat this process for the middle and upper portions. First castaway to assemble their puzzle wins Immunity.


At once all six castaways began assembling their hooks.

First Spencer, followed quickly by Deena.

Penny and Gervase quickly followed suit while Monica and Kelly struggled to stay in it.

They quickly began gathering pieces. Spencer set his pieces down to collect them all first while Deena started to assemble each piece before moving on to the next to avoid bending down and putting them up at the end of the challenge. Gervase began following Spencer's lead, while Penny took Deenas. Eventually Kelly and Monica had just got into the competition and made quick work of the few puzzle pieces they'd gathered.

It'd soon become a four way race between Spencer, Deena, Gervase, and Penny.

Spencer and Gervase had begun assembling their puzzle while Deena and Penny started putting together the puzzle piece by piece.

Penny was soon falling out of it, unable to put the pieces in place in time. Gervase also struggled getting his pieces in. Once again it'd come down to Deena and Spencer.

Both were pieces away from putting their puzzle together when one person nudged several pieces out of place giving the other the edge.


Spencer had fallen just short of yet another immunity challenge.

Day 33

Spencer Duhm and Monica Padilla had woken up earlier than usual to go for a walk along the Arabian Shore. Yesterday had been a tough blow to both of them. Monica lost a challenge she felt she desperately needed, and Spencer had fallen short of yet another immunity challenge.

It's frustrating, cause I've been so close in so many of these challenges and I've come short every time. I've never lost like that my entire life.

–Spencer Duhm

I knew my neck was on the line yesterday, and I just couln't get my act together, it sucks but hopefully my strategic game is gonna take me a lot further than my physical game.

–Monica Padilla

"Of all the people that  could've won it had to be Deena," Monica said frustrated.

"She's kicking everyone's ass in these challenges, it's ridiculous," Spencer said.

"I mean, good for her, but the second she loses she's gotta go," Monica said urgently.

"Unfortunately, that won't be tonight," Spencer said gloomily.

"So what do you think? Gervase or Penny?" Monica asked.

"I think we should let Kelly decide," Spencer said grinning.

"Good call," Monica said letting out an evil giggle.

Kelly's biggest problem with the big bad wolves on Wahid is they never give her a say. They assume she'll just do what they want. So we're gonna let Kelly be queen for a day.

–Spencer Duhm

The two continued their walk waiting for their chance to talk to Kelly.

Back at camp the four ex-Wahid's had assembeled around the campfire, ready to hash out a plan for the next tribal council.

Now's the time for everything to come together for one more vote, and then the gloves are gonna come off.

–Penny Ramsey

"So y'all are still good with gettin' rid of Monica?" Penny asked.

"Most definitely," Deena said nodding.

"Hell yeah baby," Gervase chanted.

"Kelly?" Deena asked, starring her down like a hawk.

"I guess so," Kelly said.

"Final four y'all, this is what it's all about," Penny reminded them.

"Let's get these new kids outta here, they don't know nothin bout surviving out here," Gervase said clapping.

Penny and Deena laughed, while Kelly reamined distant.

"What's wrong Kel?" Penny asked sympathetically.

"Nothing, I'm just feeling guilty," Kelly said honestly.

"Don't be," Penny said smiling. "This is a game, you gotta take out your biggest competition if you wanna win."

"Right," Kelly nodded. "Let's do this then,"

People said Kelly wasn't gonna turn on them. But I think like all of us she's realized this is a million dollar game. If you're worried more about friends than than the money, you're not going to last very long.

–Penny Ramsey

I can't really say I'm confident in how I'm voting tonight. I wanted Deena to go but now she's immune so Monica's just as much of an option as anyone else is.

–Kelly Goldsmith

"I'm gonna go chill by the beach," Kelly said.

"Alright, have fun," Deena said perkily.

As Kelly walked down to the beach the three of them watched as she walked down and layed in the sand soaking her feat in the ocean as she reclined.

They then returned to the conversation they were having before hand.

"Y'all know she's not voting for Monica right?" Gervase asked skeptically.

"I think she'll come around, she's not here to make friends," Deena said confidently.

"Kelly's never flat out lied to us before anyway," Penny said backing Deena up.

"Who's to say she won't start lying now?" Gervase said laughing.

"Oh Gervase," Penny said rolling her eyes and smiling.

These chicks are definitely getting drunk off power. They think everyone wants to be with them. They were so worried about everything a few days ago, but now they're completly fearless. Power is a drug kids, let that be a life lesson.

–Gervase Peterson

Meanwhile, down at the beach Spencer had come to greet his friend Kelly.

"Hey princess," Spencer said giggling.

"What's going on?" Kelly asked.

"What if I told you, you could single handidly decide who goes home today?" Spencer asked curiously.

"What if I told you, you were full of bs?" Kelly said snarkily.

"I would say you're lying because that's exactly what I intend to do," Spencer responded.

"I'm so blessed to be given this opportunity," Kelly said unable to hold back her laughter.

"You're a lucky girl Goldsmith," Spencer said smirking.

"Cut to the chase Spence, what's going on?" Kelly asked.

"Gervase or Penny, your choice," Spencer said bluntly.

"You want me to choose who we vote out?" Kelly asked confused.

"Mhm," Spencer said smiling.

"Way to get the blood on my hands boy genius," Kelly said snarkily.

"I"m just the dumb frat boy from Florida, I need the assistance of an older-but not tooo too old woman to make this decision for me," Spencer said giggling.

"I could always align with the old hags and get rid of you tonight," Kelly threatened jokingly.

"You see, you say that, but you've yet to follow through," Spencer teased.

"It's all apart of my master plan you see," Kelly said laughing.

"Ok well just tell me who's going home tonight, and we'll save my blindside for another day, ok?" Spencer said sweetly.

"Fine," Kelly responded.

I'm definitely the lady of the hour this evening. I really get to decide who goes home. It's kind of liberating to crush people's dreams like this, but at the same time I know people are going to be bitching at me tommorrow.

–Kelly Goldsmith

When everyone arrived at Tribal Council all eyes were on Kelly when the votes were about to be read.

First vote...

"Monica," That had been Deena's

"Monica," Penny, as usual followed suit.

"Penny," Spencer had obeyed Kelly's wishes, he just hoped Kelly would follow Kelly's wishes as well.

"Penny," Monica's vote came afterwards.

"Monica," Gervase had stuck with the Wahid girls despite his reservations.

The mood tensened. Kelly's decision was going to be made right here, right now, one group would be out and one group would be in, it was definitely a tense moment.

Last vote,


Kelly had forced a tie.

Shock fell over Penny's face.

Monica breathed a sigh of relief that she was still in the game.

Both women were then offered a chance to give one final plea. If the votes remained deadlocked after this, they would draw rocks.

"Well y'all, it's been a real long journey for me since this game began. I've been outcasted by my own tribe only to struggle to weasel my way back in. Even though I'm a little taken back to be sittin' here with this tiebreaker right now, I'll hold no ill feelings toward y'all if you decide to keep me here. I think it's best we all remember that there are people here who are far too threatening to keep around. There are some dangerous players who appear awfully sweet," Penny said.

Monica was next.

"Well guys, I'm gonna keep it breif. I'm absolutely the worst challenge competitior in Survivor history, and I've been on one of the suckiest tribes ever, if you kept someone like Penny here over someone like me, you deserve to lose," Monica said in the most self depricating way possible.

Everyone then casted there votes..and it was time to do it all over again.

First vote...

"Penny," Spencer had stayed true to his friend.

"Monica," Deena had done the same for Penny.

"Penny," Kelly had stuck to her guns.

Last Vote,

"Eleventh Person Voted Out and the fourth member of our jury,"


"What?" Penny said astonished looking from Deena to Gervase.

"I made new friends," Gervase said with a smile and a wink.

A shocked Penny grabbed her torch and walked over to Jeff.

"Penny, the tribe has spoken."

In the past three days alliances had shifted quite a bit, and they'd shifted yet again.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11
First Vote (Tie)
Revote (Monica & Penny
ineligible to vote)
Voter Voted
Penny (3 votes)
Kelly, Monica, Spencer
Penny (3 votes)
Gervase, Kelly, Spencer
Monica (3 votes)
Deena, Gervase, Penny
Monica (1 vote)
Penny Ramsey

Still In the Running