Winston Grant
Winston Grant
Contestant Profile
Birth Date August 29, 1982 (1982-08-29) (age 35)
Hometown Green Bay, WI
Occupation Baseball Coach

Survivor: Caucasus

Tribes Rioni
Placement 16/20
Challenges Won 4
Votes Against 7
Days Lasted 14

Winston Grant was a contestant on Survivor: Caucasus.


Baseball Coach from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Winston Grant believes in "survival of the fittest". Back at home, he'd cut people from the team who'd he believed weren't qualified, but this earned his team many victories and he was even given many awards for this coaching method. Winston hopes on using this on his tribe to ensure success in the game.

Survivor: Caucasus

Confident in entering the game, Winston would be placed on the red Rioni tribe. Despite being in a tribe that suffered from internal conflict at first, Winston later figured out Heather Villegas and Aaron McCarthy's secret alliance, and forced himself in, threatening to expose them to the rest of the tribe.

I may have forced my way into their little alliance, but I have a feeling that we'll do just fine, especially since we're the only ones that know of the fake hidden immunity idols.


Winston would later take responsibility for the elimination of Max Fisher as he rallied votes against her for his poor challenge performance and weak work ethic. The whole tribe eventually agreed and voted him out unanimously.

After his tribe lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 7, Winston's alliance made use of the fake Hidden Immunity Idol twist by giving one of the fake idols to Agatha Christenson in order to gain her's and Martin Bowell's votes. The five then blindside rival alliance leader, Hazel Quezada in a 5-4 vote. After coming back from the vote, Winston gets surprised when he sees his two alliance partners kissing.

So we were just having a good time, and then Aaron snatches Heather and plants one on her lips. I was all like "WOAH!" and Heather seemed like she have about to slap him upside the head, but instead invites him under her covers! What kind of alliance did I get myself into?


In finding out that both tribes would attend Tribal Council on Day 13 and after Yessica Chang offered her vote to his alliance, albeit she was lying, Winston's alliance decided to split the votes between Gerardo Guzman and Rachel Hudson because they thought that one of them would play an idol at Tribal Council. They also decided not to tell Agatha and Martin about the split vote as to not make Agatha suspicious as she thought that she had the real idol. Later that night, Yessica went back on her word and voted for Winston, causing a 3-3 tie between him and Gerardo. Shocked and hurt that they were not told the plan, Agatha and Martin switched sides, voting out Winston at the revote.

Voting History

Winston's Voting History
Voted Against
1 Rioni Tribe Immune
2 Max -
3 Hazel -
4 Rioni Tribe Immune
5 Gerardo Yessica, Rachel, Gerardo;
Martin, Yessica,
Agatha, Rachel1
Voted Off, Day 14

^1 In She Can't Blame It On The Alcohol, the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Winston and Gerardo, forcing a revote, where the only ones eligible for elimination were Winston and Gerardo. At the revote, Winston received enough votes to get eliminated.


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  • Winston's Luxury Item was a Whistle.
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