"Woke Up From My Dream"
Season Survivor: Hainan
Author kenkwho
Episode Number 7/14
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Woke Up From My Dream is the seventh episode of Survivor: Hainan.

Previously on Survivor

Both Lei Gong and Yu Shen were hoping to lose a challenge, a survivor first. Lei Gong recognized both Ingrid and Fion would become flippers and desperate to get rid of them. Yu Shen also proved Oak untrustworthy. Yu Shen successfully threw the challenge before Lei Gong could and vote off Oak in an unanimous vote. Fourteen are left, who would be voted out tonight?


Combined Reward/Redemption Duel: When It Rains, It Pours
One arm above their head with their wrist tethered to a bucket of water on top of a platform. The castaway who could stand there the longest without tipping the bucket would win reward for their tribes/all inhabitants. The first inhabitant out is also eliminated.
Reward: The winning person can take one item from the pair of representative that lost both of their members first.
Winner: Elisa (Took Lei Gong's fishing gear)
Immunity Challenge: Intoxicated
The four representative must drink up 4 gallon of water. Then they would use bamboo sticks and the empty bucket to construct a small boat. First tribe to sail to boat to a floating platform wins immunity.
Winners: Yu Shen


Night 17

At Yu Shen Camp,

Right now I am still pretty confident with this group of six. I mean, it's down to 11 now and merge should be right away and four is definitely not a majority. Yet I'm sure this group of four is tight. At least this would comfort me a little.


Day 18

At Lei Gong Camp,

This is one of the milestones,

Go the the duel not alone.
Bring all your belongings,
and get ready for a swing.

–Tree Mail

Quote1Could this mean a merge?Quote2- Albert
Quote1I hope so! Day 18, 21 to go!Quote2- Bobby
Everyone was cheering, so was I. This could be my chance to take over the came. Being at the bottom for 18 days is not cool, and I'm so ready to do something epic.


On Redemption Island,
Elisa was reading the tree mail, and the three inhabitants also sensed a merge was coming. They packed all their stuff and headed to the Arena.

I'm so ready for this. I brought along my idol, and I'm so ready to make some big moves


Jeff introduced all people to the Arena, the Lei Gong 7 on a side, the Yu Shen 4 on the other. However, when the tribes were notified that they were not merged, they were in shocked. However, the challenge continued. Lei Gong sent Dash and Fion, while Yu Shen sent Lucas and Keith.

Castaway Time lasted
Oak 14 minutes
Penny 16 minutes
Dash 45 minutes
Fion 50 minutes
Keith 1 hour 50 minutes
Lucas 1 hour 55 minutes
Elisa 1 hour 56 minutes
Oak timm gray

Jeff announced that immunity challenge was coming soon, and another person would be sent to Redemption Island via voting. At last, Elisa picked Lei Gong's fishing gear. Fion helped carry the gear to Elisa, while Elisa whispered and tucked Fion something.

It was the moment when the idol I've been holding to paid out. I tried to give it to Fion, hoped that she would be aligned with me when the merge really happens. Hopefully I can survive, instead of being sent back to redemption immediately.


Now I have the idol, I no longer need to worry the core alliance of five within the tribe throwing the challenge. Now I got two votes in my hands, Ingrid and I. Beep beep, It's blindside time.


Day 19

At Immunity Challenge,
Jeff introduced the challenge to both tribes. Since Lei Gong decided to throw the challenge without Fion noticing, they sat out Dash, Gabriel and Johnathan, three strong guys in the tribe. When the challenge began, all players started drinking. However, soon after Tifanie finished her water, she cut herself with a bamboo stick when she went ahead building the boat. Though she was not bleeding very much, she could not move fast and walk probably. Even if Lei Gong had been slowing down, Tifanie still paid for the lost of Yu Shen. Yu Shen eventually lost the challenge, as Albert and Bobby crossed the finishing line unwillingly.
At Yu Shen camp,
style="width: 55px; background-color:#A31616; white-space:nowrap;" | Losing this immunity challenge, I woke up from my dream - Someone is about to be voted out from this strong alliance of four. Am I safe? No! Keith and Lucas are like brothers protecting each other. At this point, I have to give up my original ally. Sorry Nancy, looks like it's you or me tonight.
Nancy and Tifanie talked to Keith and Lucas in separate conversation. Nancy stated to Keith and Lucas that it was her that saved Lucas from the tribal council where Oak played the idol. Tifanie, besides, convinced Keith that she had not done much in the game and worth bringing to the merge, as his chess piece.
At the tribal council,
Jeff asked who felt paranoid and thought they are going home tonight. All four tribe members raised their hands yet only Tifanie and Nancy brought their bags. Jeff asked why didn't Keith and Lucas brought their bags. Keith stated that he knew a blindside must happen when it came down to a tight alliance voting out one of their own. Lucas agreed, stating that he wouldn't be surprised if he got voted out tonight as he was going to be a physical threat when the tribes merge.
Without further question, Jeff asked the the tribes to vote.

Voting Confessionals

Sorry. You helped me, and I should have helped you this time.


Good Luck.


Still in the Running

Lei Gong
Albert lee
Bobby nelson
Catherine reynolds gray
Dash mash
Elisa rester gray
Fion fish
Gabriel gaps
Hope holmium nickle gray
Ingrid hong
Johnathan mott
Yu Shen
Keith dawson
Lucas williams
Michelle mi chen gray
Nancy dorris
Oak timm gray
Penny smith gray
Qwerty filex gray
Rebecca thomas gray
Steven dye gray
Tifanie case gray

Author's Note

  • Once again, I'll complete the episode very soon.
  • Main pages, contestant pages and any other relevant pages will be updated after the completion of this episode.