Worker Bees
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Founder Adam Lancaster
Members Remained Loyal:
Adam Lancaster (Day 1-22)
Luke Hale (Day 1-22)
Izzy DeLuca (Day 1-15)
Ryan McShane (Day 1-18)
Beth Charleston(Day 1-9)
Lydia Anderson(Day 1-9)
Dallas Kennings (Day 12-19)
Day Formed Day 1
Youngsters Alliance
Conner Winston
Bananier Outsiders
Lowest Placing Member Izzy DeLuca (15/20)
Highest Placing Member Luke Hale (5/20)

Worker Bees is an alliance from Survivor: Guadeloupe. This alliance was formed on Day One by Adam Lancaster. It was named because the members of the alliance were the only people in the tribe who worked on the shelter. It quickly became the majority alliance of Bananier.


The Formation

The tribe noticed that the younger members on Bananier were getting close, so the remaining members of the tribe (excluding Conner) made an alliance in retaliation so the younger members wouldn't be controlling the game.

The alliance got into a split when Beth Charleston and Lydia Anderson voted for Ruby Myers instead of the original target, Conner Winston. Charleston and Anderson left the alliance soon after.

On Day 12, with a double Tribal Council on the horizon, Luke attempted to convince Dallas to switch his vote from Izzy to Ruby. Dallas, believing it would better his position in the game, sided with the Worker Bees as he voted off Ruby, his former ally.

With Dallas as an official member of the alliance, it looked like the Worker Bees would control the game. But on Day 15, Taylor played a Hidden Immunity Idol, sending Izzy, who was Luke's right-hand woman, home.

After the mutiny, Ryan was sent home, after Dallas switched his vote from Abbie to Ryan. The alliance fell apart after that, leaving Luke and Adam as their only members. Both men were spared when Lydia asked the tribe to vote for her to leave the game. When the merge came, both men jumped ship to Goyaves.