"You're Giving Me a Headache"
Season Survivor: Tarutao
Author IAmNothing712
Episode Number 4/14
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This is the fourth episode of Survivor: Tarutao.

Previously on Survivor


Reward Challenge: Snare the Drum
Both tribes will each have a total of three drums, one in each circle. After Jeff's "go" signal, one member from both tribes will race to flip their team’s drums in each circle, so that the side with their symbol is upright. Meanwhile, the member of the other team will also be trying to flip their drums’ symbols up simultaneously and they will work against the other time by turning their symbols down. The first team to get all three of their drums face-up at the same time, scores a point for their team. First tribe to win five points wins reward.
Reward: Three items that the tribes picked from the Survivor Catalog that was given to the tribes via tree mail prior to the challenge. Jarakay chose comfort (pillows, blankets and mosquito net), cooking set (cookware and spatula) and coffee. Naak chose cookware, lunch (sandwiches, chips and soda) and fish bait.
Winner: Naak

Immunity Challenge: Biking Class
Tribe members must pedal a 7-seater stationary tandem bike for as long as they can to maintain a torch suspended by a pulley-and-rope system. If they slow down, the torch will go closer and closer to the water, extinguishing it eventually if it completely goes down. First tribe to lose drop their torch in the water would lose the challenge.
Winner: Jarakay


Night 9

The Naak tribe goes back to camp, and is welcomed by the Jarakay tribe. Raven tells the other tribe Alexandra got voted out. As the tribes prepare to sleep, Helena tells Colin, Aries and Donny that she is planning to vote out Cam, but not before "stealing" his idol from him.

Cam is so going home next, but he still has the idol. If Naak goes to the merge with bad numbers, we need the idol to save our butts. I have to convince Cam that I'm with him.


Day 10

Cam is approached by Helena, stating that they have to stick together, now that the women alliance is outnumbered.

Quote1Cam, I need to talk to you.Quote2- Helena
Quote1I was about to talk to you too.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Let's stick together. We don't have the numbers now.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Let's win challenges first. I want to use the idol in the opportune time.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Raven and I will still remain loyal to you.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Very well. We have to vote Colin out. He's just too likable to stay longer. We have enough manpower so I think we can afford to lose him.Quote2- Cam
Quote1We'll talk about this later.Quote2- Helena

As the tribes do their morning rituals, Raven sits by the beach, looking very worried. Being away from her son for two months now has left Raven very emotional. After collecting firewood, Aries and Colin see Raven and console her.

This game is tougher than I thought. I miss my son deeply. All I think about is my 3-year old baby, and how is he doing without me. I want to play this game as cutthroat as possible, but I just can't right now, because I'm going through the motions.


At Jarakay, Giovanni opens up a conversation about his travels around the world. The discussion starts lively at first, but as the day goes on, Giovanni starts to grate his tribemates by not stopping telling his stories.

Giovanni's stories remind me of my mom telling me stories to put me to sleep. The guy just won't stop talking.


At night, Jarakay discusses sex. While most of the tribe are enjoying the conversation, Paul is unable to divulge his sex life, saying he would keep it a secret.

That conversation threw me off-guard. Like, I don't even talk sex with my friends. my bedroom secrets are mine and mine alone.


Paul needs to tone down a bit. He's like the tribe's resident emo guy who keeps everything to himself. He better open up, or nobody's gonna vote for him at the end.


Day 11

Morning at the One World beach, the tribes receive Tree Mail, containing a "Survivor Catalog," giving the tribes an option of what items to get if they win the challenge. Jarakay chooses a comfort set (pillows, blankets and a mosquito net, cookware (to replace their broken clay pots Megan broke last night) and fish bait. Naak chooses the same comfort kit, lunch (sandwiches, chips and soda) and fish bait. The message also implies that the challenge would be a physical showdown.

Minutes before the challenge, Giovanni pulls Brody aside, asking him to exploit Megan's weak physical ability by letting her compete. Giovanni explains that, if Brody chooses to sit Megan out at the Reward Challenge, not only her already-poor standing in the tribe will grow worse, their hypothetical loss would be the perfect reason to send her home, since she is forced to compete at the next Immunity Challenge. Unknown to them, Colin was behind them, listening to every word they say.

Jarakay right now is really bent on voting Megan out. We have to use that as an advantage. We have to convince Megan to join us instead. But in order for that to happen, she has to reach the merge first.


The two tribes then meet Jeff Probst for their Reward Challenge. Because of the erratic numbers between men and women from both tribes, will have to sit tribe members, producing three men and two women to compete for the challenge. Jarakay will have to sit out three women, while Naak has to sit out two men.

At Naak, Helena decides to sit out Cam and Morrison. At Jarakay, choosing who to sit out becomes a controversy. Thinking that Giovanni's idea was a good way of moving forward, Brody decides to bench Naomi, Lauren and Asami, despite Megan's pleadings to let her sit out instead. Brody explains that he opted to sit her out for the Reward Challenge so she can sit out at the next Immunity Challenge. Megan feels that there was some politicking that happened before the challenge.

The way I see it, Giovanni definitely put a bug on Brody's ear. Brody would have sat me out, because he knows I am not a physical person. If they vote me out, they should do it immediately because I am wearing red once we merge. Once we merge, I want Giovanni's head on a plate.


The challenge ends up a blow-out for Jarakay, with Naak winning all five rounds.

Challenge Summary
Match-up Winner Notes
  • Close match
  • When Aries is about to flip the third Naak drum, Brody attacks him, shoving him.
  • Aries flips the third Jarakay drum to its wrong side and tosses it far away from the circle.
  • Paul races around to flip up his blue drums, but he forgets to flip over a one of Colin's. This gives Colin an opportunity to catch up.
  • Donny is faster than Giovanni and gets his two red drums face up before Giovanni gets his
  • Giovanni tries to throw Donny's third drum, but it lands on the correct side.
  • Megan laughs at Giovanni "fail" performance.
  • Raven drags Megan to the sand.
  • Carrying a helpless Megan, Raven flips Naak's red drums.
  • Megan manages to release herself from Raven's hold but it is too late.
  • Close match
  • Gabriella tries cheat by untying Helena's bikini top, but Helena came to the challenge prepared by asking Raven to tie her top thrice.
Giovanni tried to make me a big fool out there. But guess what, he was a failure too.


The tribes go back to the One World beach. While the rest of the Naak tribe are busy celebrating their victory over their lunch reward, Raven goes to the furthest end of the beach, and starts to become emotional once again. Helena deduces that Raven is just being homesick.

I can't even believe I had that much fight in me. At the challenge, the only thing in my mind was my son and nothing else.


Day by day, Raven is becoming more and more reclusive. She is not as jovial as before. If she cannot pull it together, and if we lose, she has to go. In a way, it is a great idea to vote her out, to give me more time to make Cam give me the idol.


At Jarakay, Giovanni tells Brody that sitting out Megan was his best move. Brody on the other hand starts to have doubts whether isolating Megan further will benefit him anything.

Giovanni's abrasiveness irritate the tribe, badly. But his crusade against Megan ain't gonna cut it for me. The reason why I kept Megan is because we need the strength that we need for the upcoming Immunity Challenge, not because Giovanni told me to. Besides, if keeping Megan over Giovanni would guarantee me her Jury vote, I'd be glad to keep her longer than Giovanni.


Day 12

At Jarakay, Giovanni makes fun of Megan, implying anorexic undertones. Gabriella replies that anorexia is a sensitive topic to women. Megan shrugs it off, calling Giovanni "dumb" and "ignorant." Working as a food technologist, Megan knows she is not anorexic, but naturally this thin. Giovanni retaliates by telling her that Brody only made her compete so she would suck, giving them a better reason to vote her out. Brody tells Giovanni to stop, explaining that sitting out Megan was a choice to further the tribe's chances at the next Immunity Challenges, not for Giovanni's reason. Not believing either Giovanni or Brody, Megan walks out from camp. What the tribe does not know, Megan's walk-out is only her crutch to give her an opportunity to find the still-elusive Jarakay Hidden Immunity Idol.

Giovanni's obnoxious. I can't live with him one more day. I just hope I find the idol.


While walking through the woods, Megan finds a roll of burlap inside a tree hole. She realizes that it is the Hidden Immunity Idol. With the idol hidden dangerously close to the Naak campsite, Megan sprints away and hides the idol in her shoe sole, similar to what Kendra Higgins did in Survivor: Burma. Megan returns to camp afterwards. Lauren suspects that Megan tried to find the idol.

Finding this idol will be my first step to revenge.


At Naak, Colin opens the day by telling jokes to his tribemates to cheer up the still-depressed Raven. Cam who is still asleep then, shouts at Colin, telling him to shut up, even warning him that he will use his idol against him at the next Tribal Council. Not fond of Cam either, Colin taunts him to use his idol because he is next, before inviting the tribe decide to go to the beach and bathe.

Colin is the poster child of my pet peeves. I hate him so much. I want him gone, pronto!


I didn't mind Cam at all. The only reason he's still here is because of his idol. But we don't want to flush that idol. Why bother look for it again? Helena has to work him fast.


The tribes convene for the next Immunity Challenge. The tribes continue to pedal their bike for 40 minutes without casualties. By the 41st minute, several survivors bail out, leaving Brody and Aries. Though he tries to cover the pain up, Aries bails out due to a sprain, dropping Naak's torch, winning Jarakay immunity.

Once again burdened to vote someone off, the Naak tribe returns to the One World beach dejected.

Quote1Do you think Cam know's we're fooling him the whole time?Quote2- Colin
Quote1No. I know he's not.Quote2- Helena
Quote1How about we split the vote?Quote2- Colin
Quote1Perhaps, but with who?Quote2- Donny
Quote1Raven. Her head's not in the game. She misses her son so much. By the way, Helena, how's your plan on asking Cam his idol?Quote2- Colin
Quote1I'm still trying. I am looking for a way to make Cam not use it.Quote2- Helena
Quote1That's it! We'll vote Raven tonight, then when it comes down to you and Cam, make Cam believe that you need it more than him, and he needs you so the girls will stay together!Quote2- Donny
Quote1Brilliant!Quote2- Colin

Helena goes back to Cam, asking him if he will use it tonight.

Quote1You'll use it tonight?Quote2- Helena
Quote1Not tonight though. We need me, you, Raven, the Jarakay girls, and Aries! I can't use the idol this early!Quote2- Cam
Quote1I suggest don't. Raven's not in the game right now. Trust me, me and Aries are so gonna protect you tonight.Quote2- Helena
Quote1So, are you on board in voting for Colin?Quote2- Cam
Quote1Yes.Quote2- Helena

At Tribal Council, Jeff interrogates the tribe.

Quote1Are you guys getting along?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Colin and I never got along from Day 1.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Why is that?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1He's too happy and annoying!Quote2- Cam
Quote1Guess what, nobody likes you on this island! You're lazy at camp, worthless in challenges, and now you have the audacity to threaten me?Quote2- Colin
Quote1I don't...Quote2- Cam
Quote1Stop! I'm still talking. The only reason you're still here is because of that damn idol you're parading the entire time. We're few more Tribals before the merge. If we continue to not get along, we will continue to lose, and we will enter the merge with bad numbers! All this time you've been obnoxious and crabby.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Because I am, especially the likes of you. And by the way, I'm using it tonight.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Whatever.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Wait, Colin, you're saying that Cam had the idol.Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Yes I do have it.Quote2- Cam (shows idol)
Quote1Maybe it's because you lived life differently?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I lived in a well off life, so I don't act like he do.Quote2- Cam
Quote1Guess what, smart-ass, I lived a well-off life like you do, but I left home and started working to prove to myself that I am self-sufficient. At least I have a real job. So, being a socialite earns you money? All you do is drink, dine, and whine!Quote2- Colin
Quote1That's not true!Quote2- Cam
Quote1How being a socialite earns you a living?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1I show people how great life could be.Quote2- Cam
Quote1You're delusional. You know what? Let's just stop this. It's not making any sense.Quote2- Colin
Quote1Raven, seeing how Colin and Cam interact, how hard it is to coexist with people who, in real life, you might not probably meet?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1It's so hard. It's hard to be away from the people that you love, and all around you see backstabbers, liars and manipulators. Like, I miss my son so much, I can't get my head in this game as much as I wanted to. It's so hard...Quote2- Raven (sobs)
Quote1What happened?Quote2- Jeff
Quote1Raven openly told us she missed her son so much.Quote2- Helena
Quote1Sorry for being off-topic.Quote2- Raven
Quote1Don't be, girl.Quote2- Cam
Quote1It's alright.Quote2- Aries

In the end, Raven's homesickness costs her the game, voting her out, 6-1-1.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
Raven (5 votes)
Aries, Colin, Donny, Helena, & Morrison
Cam (1 vote)
Colin (1 vote)
Raven Phelps

Voting Confessionals

You're giving me a headache. Hope it's you tonight.


Final Words

Next Time on Survivor

Author's Notes

  • This episode's Reward Challenge is lifted from Survivor: Philippines, while the Immunity Challenge is a variation of Survivor: The Cursed Idol's final Immunity Challenge.

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