"You're Just a Vote To Them"
Season Survivor: The Sahara
Author Sinjoh
Episode Number 10/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Since When Does It Rain Out Here?
Next This Is Far From Over
You're Just a Vote To Them is the tenth episode of Survivor: The Sahara.

Previously on Survivor...

The two tribes merged as one, and old allies became new enemies. Aleskan and Katniss joined the alliance of Judas, Hibiki, Roberta, Dawn, Bianca, and Montana. Jeremy and Gwendolyn became quick outsiders, with neither suspecting one of them would be going. At the immunity challenge, Aleskan outlasted everyone and temptation. Later, at tribal council, Jeremy was blindsided by a vote of 8-2, for being under-the-radar. Nine remain, who will be voted out tonight?


Reward Challenge: Fire and Water
Castaways will have a very high seesaw-contraption with two small drums, one on each side (the first side has a small hole at the bottom, while the their drum was hollowed in the middle). They must create a large fire in the hollowed drum, while filling the other drum with water (the logic is to keep the fire going while filling the water can to rise the fire can). First person to ignite the fuse on top of their seesaw wins.
Reward: Steak Dinner
Winner: Gwendolyn (brought Roberta with her)

Immunity Challenge: Flip Out
The Survivors are to keep moving across a giant puzzle board. The contestants will take turns flipping over a puzzle piece and stepping on it. Once a piece is turned over, they can never step back onto it. Once a contestant is out of moves, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity.
Winner: Aleskan


Night 24

After returning to camp, mixed reactions about Jeremy being voted out.

Well my closest ally was voted out, something I wasn't expecting to see. Now I have to get someone else on my side. Maybe Roberta.


Well we got Gwendolyn's ally out, in a way Jeremy was a threat, but not one at the same time. Is that weird?


After starting a fire, the nine remaining castaways fell asleep.

Day 25

The next day, the final nine received treemail for their first individual reward. The nine arrive to the challenge area, eager for the reward. Jeff then explains the challenge:

Jeff: "You'll have a very high seesaw-contraption with two small drums, one on each side. You must create a large fire in the hollowed drum, while filling the other drum with water. First person to ignite the fuse on top of their seesaw wins. Wanna know what you're playing for?"

Castaways: "Yeah."

Jeff: "The winner will get to go enjoy a steak dinner with the person of their choice. We'll draw for spots."

After the selections, Jeff begins the challenge. Everyone begins to work on their fires. Aleskan, Judas, Dawn, Roberta, and Gwendolyn quickly get their fires started and begin to pour water into their buckets to raise her fire. Hibiki, Katniss, and Bianca quickly get their fires going. Montana struggles to get her fire going. Aleskan begins to pour water into the bucket quickly. The other seven go more slowly. Before Aleskan's fire hits the fuse, it goes out, forcing him to restart his fire. Meanwhile, Montana continues to struggle to start her fire. Gwendolyn, Hibiki, and Katniss are slightly ahead of the others with igniting their fuses. Aleskan gets his fire going again and Montana is still struggling with her fire. Gwendolyn gets a slight lead over Katniss and Hibiki. Aleskan gets caught up with the others. Montana finally gets her fire going. Eventually Gwendolyn gets her fuse ignited, winning.

Jeff: "Gwendolyn wins reward. Now Gwendolyn, first decide who's going to Exile Island."

Gwendolyn: "Uh, Montana."

Jeff: "Now, who's going with you on the reward?"

Gwendolyn: "Roberta."

Jeff: "Montana, head out to exile, Gwendolyn and Roberta your ride to the reward will be here soon. The rest of you, I have nothing for you, you made head on out."

After returning to camp, the remaining members of the Alliance begin to talk.

Dawn: "So, it's Gwendolyn, as long as she doesn't win immunity, right?"

Aleskan: "Yes Dawn, Gwendolyn's out next."

Hibiki: "We just gotta make sure one of us wins it though."

I've noticed with Hibiki and Dawn, they seem to not be so keen with strategy, which makes them perfect to manipulate, but I'm not sure if I can get them to vote with be and Kat, because they've been with the others longer.


After Aleskan leaves the shelter to go to the latrine.

Judas: "Anyone else want Aleskan out ASAP?"

Everyone, including Katniss raise their hands.

Bianca: "It's because he's a challenge threat, right?"

Judas: "Yes."

I want Aleskan out, because he's a major challenge threat, but he still a leader. Worse of all, he's the perfect kind of leader, like Tom Westman from Palau. I (bleep) hate him.


My reason for wanting Aleskan out, it's because he's a threat to anyone winning. And if you don't see that, you're (bleep) blind.


Meanwhile, at Gwendolyn and Roberta's steak dinner.

Gwendolyn: "So, Roberta do you have any kids, you seem like the motherly type."

Roberta: "Yeah, I have seven."

Gwendolyn: "That's a lot of children."

Roberta: "Well, Shane and Shana are twins, Nicki and Joesph are Irish twins. Oh, so are Angie and Ashley. Glenn is the youngest, only eighteen months old."

Gwendolyn: "Um, Roberta, can you do me a favor?"

Roberta: "Yeah, what?"

Gwendolyn: "Could you get some people to help me get out Bianca?"

Roberta: "What?"

Gwendolyn: "You heard me."

Roberta: "You mother(bleep) bitch. You brought me here to get me to vote with (bleep) you? You are a manipulative bitch. I'm not going to help you. I have allies. You can go (bleep) yourself."

Before Gwendolyn could respond, Roberta throws her partially eaten steak at Gwendolyn.

Roberta: "(bleep) you."

Gwendolyn: "You're just a vote to them, Roberta!"

I can't believe that bitch brought me here so she could get me to side with her! If I sided with that bitch, it's like the kiss of death! Hell no, I'm not working with that bitch!


Day 26

The next day at Exile Island, Montana relaxes in the shelter.

Well I have a day to myself, and since I have the idol, I don't need to look out there. With this idol, I'm probably going going to idol a popular person to the jury, but who?


Back at camp, Roberta told the others what happened at the steak dinner.

I can't believe Gwendolyn tried to persuade Roberta to get some of us to vote with her. That was such a stupid move. That woman is going down hard!


Day 27

The next day, everyone received treemail instructing them to go to the challenge area. They arrived to the challenge area and Montana rejoined them. Jeff then explained the challenge:

Jeff: "You are to keep moving across a giant puzzle board. You'll take turns flipping over a puzzle piece and stepping on it. Once a piece is turned over, you can never step back onto it. Once a contestant is out of moves, they are out of the challenge. Last person standing wins immunity."

Everyon begins on their starting square. They are instructed to move. A few moves later, Gwendolyn is boxed in and runs out of moves eliminating her. Later, Bianca and Dawn run out of moves. Everybody is trying to avoid each other during the challenge. After a few more moves, Hibiki runs out of spaces, leaving Judas, Aleskan, and Katniss for immunity. A move later, Katniss runs out of moves eliminating her. Judas and Aleskan continue the challenge. After a few minutes, Judas runs out of spaces, Aleskan winning another immunity.

Jeff: "Aleskan, win immunity! Aleskan you now have a one-in-eight shot of winning the game. For the rest of you, someone will be voted out tonight. You may head on out."

Later at camp, the Alliance talks in the shelter.

Montana: "We're still going on Gwendolyn right?"

Roberta: "That bitch is (bleep)' gone!"

Montana: "What the hell is with her?"

Aleskan: "At the steak dinner, Gwen tried to get her to get some of us to vote with her to get...."

Bianca: " out."

Montana: "That is a bull(bleep)."

Later, Qattara goes to tribal council and everyone puts their torches behind them and takes a seat.

Jeff: "Let's bring in the members of our jury, Lilly-Bo and Jeremy, voted out at the lat tribal council."

Lilly-Bo walks in. Jeremy walks in behinde her wearing a blue dress shirt, black tie, and khakis.

Jeff: "Aleskan, why was Jeremy voted out last time?"

Aleskan: "He was a threat, but not one at the same time."

Jeff: "Katniss, can you explain that?"

Katniss: "Well he wasn't a challenge threat, but he was someone who would have flown to the end."

Jeff: "Judas, did Jeremy leaving camp affect the tribe?"

Judas: "Somewhat. Gwendolyn's only ally was Jeremy, so it affected her the most."

Jeff: "Gwendolyn, what did you do?"

Gwendolyn: "Well I tried to get new allies."

Roberta: "And the bitch tried to use the steak dinner to persuade me to get some people to help her get Bianca out."

Jeff: "That was informative. Bianca, do you feel vulnerable?"

Bianca: "Somewhat, as the Exile Island idol hasn't reared its ugly head yet."

Jeff: "Montana, you've been to Exile three time, did you find the idol?"

Montana: "Unfortunately not."

Jeff: "Dawn, I have to ask, what happened to the idol given to you guys at the feast?"

Dawn: "We decided that it would be out of play and it would go to the winner of the season."

Jeff: "Hibiki, why did you decide on that?"

Hibiki: "We all felt it would of torn the tribe apart if we left it as is."

Jeff: "Aleskan, are you going to give up your immunity?"

Aleskan: "No."

Jeff: "You cannot vote for Aleskan, Dawn you're up."

One by one the castaways vote. After they finish voting Jeff goes and gets the urn.

Jeff: "If anyone has a hidden immunity idol, you may play it now. Alright, once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. First vote, Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn. Next vote.......Bianca. Gwendolyn leads 3-1. Gwen. Twelfth person voted out of Suvivor: The Sahara and the third member of the jury.........Gwendolyn. Gwen, please bring up your torch."

Gwendolyn grabs his torch and brings it up to Jeff.

Jeff: "Gwendolyn, the tribe has spoken."

Gwendolyn storms out of the tribal council area.

Jeff: "Well it appears that you've eigh stuck together, but now this is when it's going to get interesting. You may head out."

The new Qattara gets up and leaves the tribal council area.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12:
Gwendolyn (8 votes)
Aleskan, Bianca, Dawn, Hibiki, Judas, Katniss, Montana, & Roberta
Bianca (1 vote)
Gwendolyn BW
Gwendolyn Davin

Voting Confessionals

Well, your time is up.


Bye, Gwen. It was nice to know you, while you were nice.


Please don't take this personally, Gwen.


If I can't get you out, I'll ruin your perfect game.


Gwen, you can't manipulate people who are close.


(bleep) you for doing what you did to Roberta at the steak dinner.


I wonder what would've happened if VJ, Drayden, and Lilly-Bo didn't warn us about you.


Well it appears that you're the bitch.


Bye you mother(bleep) bitch.


Final Words

Whatever, these people are losers, I just don't want to see Bianca in the finals, she's like the most popular person here.


Still In the Running

Devin BW
Drayden BW
Felicity BW
Giselle BW
Ira BW
Kurt BW
Lilly-Bo BW
Grimsley BW
Gwendolyn BW
Jeremy BW

Next Time On Survivor...

  • The Alliance is forced to turn on each other.
  • The castaways will go from eight to six.
  • A blindside gets rid of a threat.

Author's Notes

  • The reward challenge is the same challenge used in Survivor: Australian Outback episode, Let's Make A Deal.
  • The immunity challenge is the same challenged used in Suvivor: Borneo episode, Old And New Bonds and Survivor: Redemption Island episode, Ticking Time Bomb.
  • For those who don't know what Irish twins are, it's a term to describe two people born with the same mother within twelve months of each other.
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