"You Align With Me, I Vote You Out Later"
Season Survivor: Guadeloupe
Author User:Dskmd
Episode Number 10/14
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 You Align With Me, I Vote You Out Later is the tenth episode of Survivor: Guadeloupe.

Previously on Survivor...

After the elimination of Beth last Tribal Council, the merged tribe was evidently having two alliances- Regan's alliance with Dallas, Brenden, and Harvey, and Rodger's alliance, consisting of everyone else.

Ida found a Hidden Immunity Idol. Adam considered switching sides, because he thought Regan would find another immunity idol. Adam told Taylor and Luke, who he believed were his closest allies in the game, that he considered switching sides and he wanted the two of them to join him. However, Taylor went over to Holly, telling her that Adam was considering flipping.

After Luke won immunity on Day 27, Regan knew she'd have to play her idol. What she didn't know was that Holly and Taylor had plotted for Adam's elimination, for they were scared that he'd jump ship to Regan's alliance. Regan played her idol at Tribal Council, plotting to get rid of Rodger, but she only negated Adam's vote, as the rest of the rival alliance voted for Adam. In a 6-4-0 vote, Adam was eliminated from the game as the second member of the Jury.

Ten are left, who will be voted out next?


Challenge: When It Rains, It Pours

Players will be standing barefoot on a small wooden perch, while one of their hands will be chained to an overhead bucket of water. If the contestant moved enough, the bucket will drop water, dousing the player, eliminating him or her. Last person standing wins immunity.

Winner: Dallas


Night 27

After getting back to camp after the Adam vote, Regan was not pleased.

I wasted my idol on ONE VOTE! One. Now unless I go on an immunity run, or find an idol, I'm going home.


 While Regan was fuming, Brenden was off thinking about plans of his own. He had been playing a decently strategic game on the inside... although nobody was aware of the fact yet. 

Nobody suspects me of doing anything... Strategic. They think I'm stupid. But I'm not stupid. That's been a cover. I have a brain, and I'm gonna use it to shake things up around here.


 But Brenden was about to do something to make everyone realize that he was playing the game.

He began by talking to Taylor. Brenden had assumed that Taylor would be very easy to manipulate. After all, she was the only person around younger than him, and therefore probably the easiest to manipulate. 

Quote1I know we're on different alliances, but I'd like to make that change.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Are you going to, like, switch sides or something?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1I'm not sure. It might be beneficial to me later if I flip. It could be the two of us to the end.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Since when are you interested in going to the Final Three with me?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Since a while, actually. I'd rather have you with me instead of against me.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1So, let's get this straight: YOU want to jump ship and go to the end with ME?Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Yep. That basically covers it.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Well, I'm here to say that you have yourself a deal. Congrats on coming to your senses and ditching Regan.Quote2- Taylor

 But, did Taylor actually believe Brenden? Not for one minute. 

I don't think Brenden's interested in going to the end with me. For all I know, Brenden could be making similar deals behind my back to everyone else! But I'll make him think that I believe him. In reality, however, I'm one step ahead of him.


Later, Brenden spoke with Rodger and Holly next. He assumed that Holly and Rodger would tell Abbie and Ida what they had heard from him.

Quote1What would you say if I told you that I wanted to jump ship over to you guys?Quote2- Brenden
Quote1I would invite you on, but warn you that I'm not open to making endgame deals. Why? Are you saying you want out of Regan's alliance?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Yup. I've finally realized that Regan can only survive for so long. I mean, she's outnumbered.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Well, do you know if Regan has an idol?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Honestly, I have no idea, but I'll ask Harvey.Quote2- Brenden
I'm making a risky move right now, trying to get my new alliance information from my old alliance, but hopefully it'll pay off for me in the end. It's almost like I'm playing both sides or something, because I have no idea which deal I intend to keep.


Day 28

Survivor Auction

As the Survivors went to the Survivor Auction, each with $500 in US Currency tucked in their pockets, there were many thoughts going through their minds. 

This is the challenge that pretty much everyone's waiting for. I'm not sure if I want to focus on just stuffing myself silly, or getting advantages like immunity idol clues.


The Auction is a chance for everyone to get their energy level back up. I'm going to get as much as I can so I kick some serious you-know-what in the challenge.


The great thing about the Auction is that it could make or break a person's game. If you get an idol clue in your hands, or an advantage in a challenge, then that could turn your fate around in a minute. More importantly, it's my chance to save myself for another few days.


 Once they arrived at where the auction would be taking place, they sat down at the benches set out for them.

Jeff quickly explained the Auction's few rules: No sharing your money or food, bidding had to be in $20 increments, and the auction would end without warning. With that, the auction quickly began. Jeff began by bringing out a large plate with three chocolate chip cookies on it. 

Quote1A plate with warm chocolate chip cookies. Anyone interested? Bidding begins now.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$60Quote2- Taylor
Quote1$80Quote2- Rodger
Quote1$100Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$120. I want those cookies!Quote2- Taylor
Quote1Going once... Going twice... SOLD, to Taylor, for $120.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Taylor quickly grabbed her cookies and began stuffing her face. While she enjoyed her food, Jeff revealed the next item. This was where it got interesting. 

Quote1Next item... The power to cast an extra vote at the next Tribal Council.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$200.Quote2- Regan
Quote1$220.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$240.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1$260.Quote2- Regan
Quote1$300Quote2- Dallas
Quote1$320.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1$340.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Going once, going twice... Sold, to Regan.Quote2- Jeff Probst
I figured that an extra vote wouldn't hurt our alliance if it got into Regan's hands. I mean, Brenden's on our side now, and plus, we outnumber them anyway.


 Jeff pulled out a bottle of shampoo, gesturing towards a wooden shower nearby.

Quote1Next item, a shower. No offense, but everybody needs this one.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$20.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$40.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$60.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$80.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$100.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$120.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$160.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$180.Quote2- Luke
Quote1I'm gonna keep bidding until I have no money left, Luke. $200.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1$220.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$240.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Going once, going twice... Sold, to Abbie, for $240.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Yes! Come on, Luke, don't you want this at least a little bit? There's shampoo in here!Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Don't mock me, I let you win that one!Quote2- Luke

 As Abbie enjoyed her shower, Jeff pulled out the next item, a note in a bottle. 

Quote1This note contains an advantage for the next immunity challenge.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$100.Quote2- Holly
Quote1$120.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1$140.Quote2- Holly
Quote1You know, I'm just going to skip all the way up to $500.Quote2- Dallas
Quote1Dallas, throwing all of his money on an advantage in the next challenge. Sold, to Dallas.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Jeff, grinning, pulled out the next item. This was a covered item. 

Quote1OK, this item will remain covered. Any takers?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$60.Quote2- Regan
Quote1$80.Quote2- Ida
Quote1$100.Quote2- Regan
Quote1$120.Quote2- Ida
Quote1Going once, twice... Sold, to Ida, for $120.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Ida grabbed her prize, and it is revealed to be a pitcher of dirty river water. 

I'm not a huge fan of the auction anymore!


 The next item is also covered. 

Quote1This next item will also remain covered.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1$20.Quote2- Holly
Quote1$40.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$60.Quote2- Holly
Quote1$80.Quote2- Luke
Quote1$100.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Going once, twice, SOLD to Holly.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Holly's prize is revealed to be another note in a bottle. Jeff tells her to read it out loud. 

You can now eliminate anybody of your choosing, and take all of their money. The catch is, you can only eliminate someone if they haven't bought an item yet.

–Holly (Reading the note)

I heard Holly reading that, and I was thinking "Damn!" We could have eliminated Regan right then and there if I hadn't let her get the extra vote prize.


 Jeff asked Holly who she would eliminate, and Harvey was eliminated. After Harvey handed Holly his money and left, Jeff banged the gavel on the table, announcing that the auction was over.

Contestant Item(s) Bought
TaylorSurvivorGuadeloupe Taylor
  • Cookies ($120)
RodgerSurvivorGuadeloupe Rodger
  • Nothing
AbbieSurvivorGuadeloupe Abbie
  • A shower ($240)
DallasSurvivorGuadeloupe Dallas
  • An advantage at the next immunity challenge ($500)
SurvivorGuadeloupeRegan Regan
  • An extra vote at the next Tribal Council ($340)
LukeSurvivorGuadeloupe Luke
  • Nothing
IdaSurvivorGuadeloupe Ida
  • A pitcher of dirty river water ($120) (Mystery Prize)
HollySurvivorGuadeloupe Holly
  • The power to eliminate anyone from the game, taking all of their money. (Holly chose to eliminate Harvey, taking all of his money) (Mystery Prize)
BrendenSurvivorGuadeloupe Brenden
  • Nothing
HarveySurvivorGuadeloupe Harvey
  • Nothing (He was eliminated by Holly, who took all of his money)

Day 29

Regan and Dallas had their backs against the wall, and they were both aware of the fact. However, while Regan was thinking about ways to save the whole alliance, Dallas was thinking about what to do if Regan's plans failed.

If I had to, I'd vote out Regan and Brenden in a heartbeat. It wouldn't be that upsetting for me. My motto in the game is, "You align with me, I vote you out later." I did that with Ruby, I did that with Ryan and I did that with Beth. Screwing Regan over shouldn't be that different. Except I don't want to vote out Regan. I want someone more despicable than me in the Final Three. But if I'm in danger, I'll push Regan in front of my elimination.


 Of course, Dallas hoped it wouldn't come to that, but if it did, he'd be willing to vote for Regan. He hoped it wouldn't come to that. Meanwhile, Brenden was discussing the end of the game with Rodger, Luke, Holly, and Abbie. Now that Brenden was beginning to play more strategically, Brenden had realized that the more deals he had, the better. He already had a deal with Taylor, but Brenden wanted a back-up plan, in case the deal with Taylor didn't work out.

Quote1Listen, guys. I think us five should go to the Final Five together. We could get Regan and Dallas out first, then Ida, then Taylor.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1But Ida is...Quote2- Rodger
Quote1A huge threat to win this thing. We know you guys are kinda close, but if you take Ida with you to the end, you've got no chance in h*** to win this game.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1He's right. Same with Taylor. Ida's played a great game, and Taylor's well-liked by just about everyone. If they make it to the end, you don't stand a chance, Rodger.Quote2- Luke
Quote1So... Vote off Regan, then Dallas, then Ida, then Taylor... And it's us Final Five?Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Yeah. So what do you guys think?Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Honestly, I'm not sure. I'd have to think it over.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Same here. I like you guys, but I don't want to commit to anything yet.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Fine by me. Rodger, Luke, you guys in?Quote2- Brenden
Quote1I'm in. I have no loyalties to anyone else but you guys.Quote2- Luke
Quote1I guess I'm in too. But when it comes down to when Ida has to be eliminated, can we tell her? I think she at least deserves that.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Of course.Quote2- Brenden

 Brenden currently believed he had an endgame deal with Taylor, and a ride to at least the Final Five with Luke and Rodger. Abbie and Holly weren't totally solid on the deal, but why would they say no? He also had a Final Three deal with Dallas and Regan, if all else failed. Ida was the one person in this game that Brenden had absolutely no use for.

Ida's the only person who I don't have some sort of connection with on the tribe. I don't want her out because she's a threat, I want her out because she's not guaranteed to keep ME around.


Immunity Challenge (Day 30)

Luke returned the immunity necklace to Jeff, and Jeff explained the rules of the immunity challenge. Then, he looked at Dallas. 

Quote1Dallas, at the Auction, you received an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Open the bottle and read the note.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1"Instead of beginning now, you will join your comrades one hour in. If everyone else has already been eliminated, you will automatically win immunity."Quote2- Dallas (reading the note)
Quote1OK. Dallas, take a spot on the bench, everyone else, let's get started.Quote2- Jeff Probst

 Once everyone got situated, the challenge began.

30 Minutes

At the thirty minute mark, the wind began to pick up. Taylor, who had already been struggling for quite some time, quickly decided that she could not hold on any longer. She dropped out of the challenge. Everyone else looked like they were doing fine.

1 Hour

Dallas, per to instruction, began the challenge. Now, both Abbie and Holly decided to give up. Regan, Ida, Rodger, Brenden, Luke, and Dallas were the only ones left in the challenge. Regan was looking slightly unsteady, but everyone else was holding out fine.

2 Hours

After trying to hold on, Regan dropped out of the challenge, though she was not happy.

I'm so (bleep)ing screwed unless I can think of a way to save myself. Dallas won't give up his immunity necklace if he wins, he knows that once I go, he's next.


Immediately after Regan stepped down, Rodger quickly followed. He had only stayed in the challenge to ensure that Regan didn't win it. Rodger would not let Regan dupe the Anti-Sweethearts once more.

3 Hours

Quickly, one by one, people started to give up. Brenden was the first one to bow out, wishing the other competitors good luck as he did so. Then, Ida stepped down right after him. It was now down to Luke and Dallas. Ultimately, Dallas's advantage paid off, and he won immunity.

Pommier Once the Pommier tribe got back to their camp, Brenden realized something.

I promised Rodger that we wouldn't vote off Ida until there were seven or six people left, but now I'm thinking we should just get rid of her now. Ida's strong enough and smart enough and manipulative enough to turn the vote against me whenever she wants to. I need her out now, when she least expects it.


 Brenden spoke with Holly and Abbie first, trying to solidify them in on the plan.

Quote1Listen, Ida could seriously go all the way if we don't get her out now.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Yeah, but we'll vote her out later. Right now we need to focus on getting rid of the She-Devil, AKA Regan.Quote2- Holly
Quote1But we can get rid of Regan any time! She's just barely clinging for dear life here. Ida, on the other hand, is a strong competitor. If she makes it to the end, there's no chance that anyone sitting next to her would ever win.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1He's got a point...Quote2- Abbie
Quote1But I feel bad about voting out Ida. She's our ally, and shouldn't we be saving allies before we save enemies?Quote2- Holly
Quote1Sometimes, you just need to cut someone loose. If Ida gets any farther, she's winning the game, no question.Quote2- Abbie
Quote1Well...Quote2- Holly
Quote1Listen, Holly. If you vote for Regan tonight, you can go ahead and do that. But it'll screw up your game completely. Because after Ida's gone, and Regan's gone, then you'll be gone. Nobody will be able to trust you if you don't vote for Ida.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Can't we at least tell her that she's going?Quote2- Holly
Quote1No. If Ida's told she's going home, it'll just create more drama.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Fine, I'll do it. But I don't like it.Quote2- Holly
Quote1None of us do, Holly. It's tough to vote her out, but it'll benefit us in the long run.Quote2- Abbie
Brenden comes up to me, and he's dead-set on voting Ida out, and I'm like, What just happened? We had agreed that Regan would finally go home, and then all of a sudden it's Ida's name coming up!


Next, Brenden spoke with Taylor and Luke about the plan. Both of them reluctantly agreed to vote for Ida. Brenden spoke to Regan and Dallas. Regan jumped at the chance to eliminate her former ally. 

It's payback time for Ida! She revealed to Rodger and Joel about my idol pre-merge, and now she's getting the blindside she deserves! Now, children, you must learn a lesson here: Don't mess with the She-Devil of Guadeloupe.


 Finally, Brenden went to persuade Rodger to vote off Ida, which he knew would be difficult. 

Quote1Hey, I just wanna firm up the voting plans with you.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1Yeah, Regan's going.Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Well, I have a different idea. We need to get Ida out.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1What?! No! You said Ida wouldn't go until much later!Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Look. Ida's a stronger competitor. We need to get rid of her because she's a threat.Quote2- Brenden
Quote1But look at what Regan is doing to our sanity! We can get rid of Ida later!Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Listen to me. I already have everyone else on my side willing to blindside Ida. If you refuse to cooperate, then nobody's gonna trust you to cooperate in the future. If you wanna stay loyal to her, that's all fine and good. But think selfishly for a moment, Rodger. What will further YOU in the game?Quote2- Brenden
Ida's been my closest ally since Joel left. I don't want to get rid of her, but if I vote with her, what'll that do? If Brenden truly has everyone voting Ida, then it'll just be us two against everyone else.


Tribal Council

The Jury sat in the Jury box, Harvey amongst them. Harvey shot a quick wink at Regan, Dallas, and Brenden before Jeff began his questioning.

Quote1Holly, why did you choose to eliminate Harvey at the auction?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1He was the only one who I had any desire to eliminate. I couldn't vote out Regan or Dallas, so I went with the next biggest threat from the rival alliance.Quote2- Holly
Quote1Regan, does that concern you? From what I can tell, the odds are against you, considering you've gotten at least one vote each Tribal Council you've been to.Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1Definitely I'm concerned. You always have to be a little wary of other people, but I'm like REALLY concerned for my safety right now, considering that everyone thinks I'm a female dog.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Regan, we don't THINK you're a (bleep), we KNOW you're a (bleep).Quote2- Rodger
Quote1Well, Rodger, I could say the same thing about you, but I won't because I have better manners than a gorilla.Quote2- Regan
Quote1Guys, let's keep it civil here. Luke, is there any particular reason why Regan was cast on the outside?Quote2- Jeff Probst
Quote1To be honest, Jeff, nobody really likes her. She's very strategic, but she's also very nasty.Quote2- Luke
Quote1OK, it's time to vote. Taylor, you're up first.Quote2- Jeff Probst

Once everyone voted, Jeff went up to tally the votes.

Ida was suspecting nothing. She had no idea that she was in danger of going home.

Brenden was hoping and praying that his plan worked, that Ida went home and then he could control the game.

Both Holly and Rodger felt incredibly guilty about what they had done/

And Regan? Regan was doing a happy dance inside.

Jeff asked if anyone had a Hidden Immunity Idol to play, and nobody stood up.

First vote: Regan. Ida. Ida. Ida. Ida. Twelfth person voted out and the fourth member of the Jury is... Ida.

–Jeff Probst

 After hearing her name twice, Ida felt fine. Regan and Dallas had probably voted for her, she had assumed. But then, when the third vote came up, Ida had slowly realized that Regan wasn't the one getting the boot tonight. Still in shock, Ida slowly turned to Rodger, open-mouthed. When Rodger couldn't look her in the eye, that's when Ida knew. Everyone had been involved in this. She had gotten no warning from Rodger, who she had thought was her friend. Rodger tried to give Ida a hug on her way out, but Ida just brushed by him.

As Jeff extinguished her torch, Ida reached into her bag, pulled out the Hidden Immunity Idol, showed it to her shocked tribe-mates, and tossed it in the fire. She stared at them for a moment, looking Rodger in the eye. Then Regan. Then Holly. Then, her gaze lingered on Brenden, who simply smiled and gave her a wave.

Tossing her hair behind her, Ida finally left.

Tribal Council 11:


Regan (1 vote)



Ida (9 votes)


Dallas, Abbie, Rodger, Taylor
Luke, Regan, Regan's Extra Vote, Brenden, Holly

Ida GS

Voting Confessionals

Voting for you, Ida, is really hard to do, because you've done nothing wrong. You've played the game well. Unfortunately, that's why you need to go.


I've been waiting to cast this vote for quite some time now. Hasta la vista, b***h.


I'm feeling EXTREMELY guilty tonight. Ida, you're a wonderful person who doesn't deserve to go like this, but you're also a threat.


Ida, over this time I've grown so much closer to you. This is the hardest vote I'll ever have to cast, because you always felt like family to me.


This totally and utterly sucks, but I have to further myself in the game.


Oh, Ida. I'm enjoying this vote most of all so far.


You're the only one who I'm not really aligned with on the tribe. And you're a social, mental, and physical threat. You gotta go.


Ida, I hate the idea of writing your name down to eliminate you, but it's my only chance at survival right now. Thanks for being my friend throughout this, I appreciate it.


I never got to know you, so as long as Regan stays and you go, who cares who you are?


Final Words

I'm completely and utterly shocked, at Rodger and Holly especially. I thought that the two of them were my closest allies and friends in the game, and then they didn't even give me a simple warning. That would've been nice. I feel absolutely betrayed right now, but if the point of this blindside was to really surprise me, then whoever orchestrated it did a damn good job, because I never saw it coming.


Still in the Running

Louie GS
Harvey GS
Chloe GS
Ida GS
Joel GS
Adam GS
Ryan GS
Izzy GS
Beth GS
Lydia GS
Conner GS
Ruby GS

Next Time on Survivor...

Rodger regrets what he did to Ida, and vows to take out Brenden.

Right after I cast that vote for Ida, I regretted it. Now, I've decided to not let Brenden control the vote like that. He's the one who's gonna get blindsided next. I don't care if I have a Final Five deal with him, I want him gone.


Luke becomes wary of Holly.

Holly is sweet and innocent looking, but I think that Holly is hiding something. She's a very good manipulator. She turned the whole alliance against Adam at the mere suggestion, and she's got brains. Everyone loves her, but I don't trust her.


And the battle to find the idol is underway.

The idol was just revealed to have been in Ida's possession, and now everyone's going insane! People are running around like chickens with their heads cut off searching for that thing.


Author's Notes